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WOMAN - Conversations for the Curious.

WOMAN - Conversations for the Curious.

By Amy Crawford
Explore fascinating topics and perspectives that encompass life as a woman. Join Amy Crawford and special guests for couch-side juicy conversations you'd have (or love to have) with a bestie. We promise straight shooting chat, humour and even a little pillow talk. Feeling curious? Let's go..
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34: The Importance of Setting and Identifying Healthy Boundaries
When we think about boundaries, we often think about them as simply getting good at saying no, but they really are so much more than this.  Boundaries are about understanding what we’re responsible for and what we are not responsible for.  Boundaries are about taking care of ourselves and protecting our emotional space. In today’s podcast I share three steps for identifying and setting healthy boundaries.
October 21, 2021
33: Every one of us needs an Advanced Care Plan. This is why. With Melissa Couch
Melissa Couch is a Clinical nurse consultant, an advanced care planning officer and is degree qualified in palliative care. Melissa shares the importance of planning for a medical or end of life scenario. She speaks about 'survivors guilt', the guilt of those left behind who had no idea how their loved ones wished to spend their last days, who made decisions based on presumption. She speaks about the importance of mandating a substitute decision maker now, and making sure they understand your wishes. It might feel confronting, but I highly recommend a listen.
October 14, 2021
32: Peezing your pants? Dr Kathryn Johns is here to help
Dr Kathryn Johns is the founder of not one but two Melbourne based clinics, Eastern Osteopathy and The Fertile Project. She is also one of very few osteopaths in Australia with extensive training in physiotherapy, internal assessment and pelvic floor and health conditions.
October 07, 2021
31: Feeling irritated, moody and fatigued? Maybe it’s not in your head. With Dr Miranda Myles
Yep, we are talking hormones. If you’ve been to the doctor with any of these symptoms and been told all your results are within normal range and "it might be in your head…" this episode is for you. Dr Miranda Myles is a naturopath, acupuncturist, homeopath, herbalist and nutritional medicine lecturer - and she has a way of bringing clarity and validation to a pretty confusing and oft muddy topic. 
September 30, 2021
30: Feeling overwhelmed? Use this simple tool
I explore how we can manage our overwhelm on the podcast with a super simple tool you can use every day. I promise, as long as you actually do it, it’s very effective!
September 23, 2021
29: Setting kids free from worry and fear, with EFT
Discover the power of EFT tapping for kids. This episode is dedicated to all the kids out there who aren’t currently feeling up to doing the things they love to do, like going to school or camp, riding a horse, spending time with friends, jumping on the school bus or going to restaurants with their families. It’s also dedicated to kids who have significant fears over specific things like needles, going to bed in the dark, being without mum, vomit, germs, horses and dogs. 
September 02, 2021
28: Why A Money Mindset Is Good For Your Emotional Wellbeing with Melissa Browne
Melissa Browne, otherwise known as @moremoneyforshoes, is an author, runs online courses, has a podcast and works as a finance coach. I’m thrilled Mel is joining me today because her ultimate objective is to reduce people's financial overwhelm and help us find clarity around why we behave the way we do with our finances.
August 26, 2021
27: Feeling numb? Us too - with Tamica Wilder
Tamica Wilder is a Melbourne-based sex coach, multi-qualified therapist and the author of Wild Honey. Tamica is hugely passionate about teaching women how to return to the language of their body. I invited her to chat with me about a physical and emotional numbness creeping in due to ongoing lockdowns. You feel it too?
August 19, 2021
26: How To Break The Self-Sabotage Cycle
Today I feel called to chat about self-sabotage. Not only because it’s a hot topic in my therapy practice, but also because at the time of recording this episode I’m in the middle of a 30-day clean-up-my-act challenge. And it’s been interesting to witness my own behaviour amidst spontaneous and extended lockdowns in Melbourne. Interestingly for me, a jar of peanut butter rears its head quite readily at such a time!
August 12, 2021
25: Why Even The Best Relationships Are Not The Answer To Finding Happiness
I wanted to share a personal ramble today, from the perspective of someone who has spent many adult years single. For some of this time, I wrongly believed that if I could just FIND THE ONE, surely my happiness would come and all my problems would go away. Surely if you FIND THE ONE life will just get easy, better, sunnier…
August 05, 2021
24: Grey Area Drinking & The Path To Sobriety with Sarah Rusbatch
Sarah Rusbatch is a certified health and wellness coach, a credited Grey Area Drinking Coach and a passionate ambassador for supporting women change their relationship with alcohol for good. I’m so happy Sarah is here to discuss ‘grey area drinking’ – and the path to sobriety.
July 29, 2021
23: Lifting The Lid On Perimenopause With Dr Amanda Waaldyk
Dr Amanda Waaldyk is the founder and director of Angea Women’s Health Clinic, an integrative Chinese Medicine practice in Melbourne. She’s a registered doctor of Chinese Medicine, a yoga and meditation teacher, an acupuncturist AND an energy healer. As well as a mum to two kids! In light of all Amanda does, I’m so grateful she took the time to chat with me today.
July 22, 2021
22: Purchasing With Purpose For A Wardrobe You Love With Tara Castellan
Tara Castellan is a fashion educator and stylist with many years experience. I’m thrilled Tara is here to discuss why we need to purchase with purpose for a wardrobe we love – and how to do it.
July 15, 2021
21: Why We Need To Find Our Purpose (And How To Do It) With Simone Denny
Simone Denny is a qualified life coach, Mind Detox Practitioner, Mindfulness Facilitator and an Epigenetic Health Coach. I’m thrilled my dear friend is here to discuss why we need to find our purpose – and how to do it.
July 01, 2021
20: Are You Feeling Starved In Your Relationship?
Today I'm talking about what it is to feel starved in a new relationship, an existing relationship or in a very early relationship. Download my Free eBook: 5 Step action plan to attract the relationship you deserve here.
June 24, 2021
19: Top Reasons Why You’re Attracting Emotionally Unavailable Men With Isiah McKimmie
Isiah McKimmie is a couples therapist, sex therapist, sexologist and coach. I’m thrilled Isiah is here to discuss why you might be attracting emotionally unavailable men.
June 17, 2021
18: Managing Hair Loss & Growing A Healthy Mane With Melissa Hobbs
Melissa Hobbs is a qualified naturopath I connected with via Instagram following a post on hair loss. I have long curly hair that I shampoo and condition only twice a week. After running my fingers through, I had quite a substantial amount of hair in my hand. I decided to ask my Instagram community and have been inundated with responses. I simply asked if this was a ‘normal’ amount. A lot of people told me it was normal and a number said No, it wasn't. I’m so excited Mel is here to explore this issue.
June 10, 2021
17: My Battle With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & How It Changed Everything
Today’s chat is around something that is quite personal to me in my wellness journey - the steps took to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The steps I took to reclaim my health will be relevant to anyone on a wellness journey and certainly to anyone who is looking to change or transform their life, or to get unstuck, which is something I hear from many of the clients that I see in my therapy practice.
June 03, 2021
16: Exploring Naked Yoga And Ditching The Vibrator With Rosie Rees
Rosie Rees is a leading sex and relationship coach, founder of crystal sex toy company Yoni Pleasure Palace and creator of the well-known 3-hour women's nude yoga workshop Naked Awakening. I’m so excited Rosie is here to help us explore naked yoga – and why it might be time to ditch the vibrator.
May 27, 2021
15: Mums – Reignite Your Sexuality with Tamica Wilder
Tamica Wilder is a Melbourne-based sex coach, multi-qualified therapist and the author of Wild Honey. Tamica is hugely passionate about teaching mums how to return to the language of their body, giving them full permission to prioritise pleasure and play. I’m so excited Tamica is joining me on the podcast.
May 20, 2021
14: Pleasure Begins With Self-Worth with Euphemia Russell
Euphemia Russel is a somatic pleasure coach, facilitator and author. Euphemia is trained in sex-positive education, sexual violence counselling, somatic coaching, trauma-informed facilitation, and has a background in Community Cultural Development. I’m delighted Euphemia is joining me today to talk about the connection between pleasure and self-worth.
May 13, 2021
13: Power Up With A Monthly Relationship Agreement
Today's episode is for anyone in a relationship. Whether they’re at the beginning of a new relationship or in a well-established, long-term relationship. It’s for those who would love to find ways to connect better and communicate more effectively with their partner...
May 06, 2021
12: Eat Your Way To A Healthier Libido with Jessica Cox
Jessica Cox is a nutritionist, author, mentor and the founder of the JCN clinic in Brisbane. I’m thrilled my friend Jess is joining me in this week’s podcast to talk about eating your way to a healthier libido.
April 29, 2021
11: Navigating Big Changes with Kerry Rowett
Kerry Rowett is a Kinesiologist, Reiki master, author and the founder of Align + Attract. Kerry helps women align their energy towards creating a business – and a life – they love. I’m thrilled my dear friend Kerry is joining me in this week’s podcast to talk about navigating big changes in our lives.
April 22, 2021
10: Why You Need To Listen When Your Body Says YES, Even When The World Says NO
Learning to listen to your body when it says Yes – even when the world or those around you say No - is so important, and powerful. Learning to trust in your body and the connection you feel with your body over your mind when it comes to making decisions is what today’s episode is all about. I’m so excited to dive into this today.
April 15, 2021
9: Why Your Period Is Your Superpower with Claire Baker
Claire Baker is a health coach and menstrual cycle awareness teacher. She is the author of 50 Things You Need To Know About Periods. I’m thrilled Claire is joining me in this week’s podcast to talk about how to use your cycle as an empowering gift. She calls your period your ‘superpower’. It’s all about understanding the four seasons of your cycle…
April 08, 2021
8: Plant Medicine For The Modern Woman with Sara Brooke
Sara Brooke is a soul medicine therapist, Reiki master, teacher and ceremonialist. Sara helps women come home to their bodies, and connect their heart and spirit. I’m thrilled Sara is joining me in this week’s podcast to talk about anchoring ourselves in ceremonial practices, working with the elements to ‘come home’ to ourselves - and the earth.
April 01, 2021
7: Please. Don’t Yuck Other People’s Yums
Don’t yuck other people's yums is a statement that was said to me some years ago and profoundly changed my perspective on relationships, sexuality and romance. I know some of you have heard me repeat this before and I feel like it could change many of your perspectives in a really beautiful, positive way, too. I’m so excited to dive into this today.
March 25, 2021
6: Perimenopause or Adrenal Stress? Supporting hormones with Sarah Nankervis
Sarah Nankervis is a nutritionist and naturopath and the founder of Luxton Wellness. Sarah helps women balance their hormones using a holistic approach. I’m so excited Sarah is joining me in this week’s podcast to talk about adrenal stress and why it’s important for women to slow down.
March 23, 2021
5: The Wonders Of Yoni Mapping - with Freya Graf
Freya Graf is a Yoni Mapping Therapist with a passion for holistic health, wellbeing and personal development. Freya has a background in yoni massage, kahuna massage, yoga, tantric bodywork and sexuality, and is one of only 20 women in the world qualified to offer Yoni Mapping Therapy – trained by Bonnie Bliss. I’m thrilled Freya is joining me in this week’s podcast to talk about the wonders of yoni mapping, better connecting with our bodies and how to communicate whatever we desire.
March 18, 2021
4: Tips For A More Positive Online Dating Experience
I've learnt a lot about how to navigate online dating. How to react to different scenarios, how to establish boundaries, and most importantly, how to always keep stock and keep check on how some of my experiences and connections may or may not be impacting my sense of self-worth. So, in today’s episode I’m sharing some of my top tips. 
March 16, 2021
3: What Every Woman Needs in Her Bedside Drawer - with Michelle Temminghoff
Michelle Temminghoff is the founder of Passionfruit, The Sensuality Shop, in Richmond, Melbourne. Not only does Michelle stock the most stunning array of lingerie, but she has a wide range of sex toys, lubes, erotica, and even runs educational workshops. I’m thrilled Michelle is joining me in this week’s episode to talk about what every woman needs in her bedside drawer…
March 10, 2021
2: The Importance of Self-Pleasure During Challenging Times - with Bonnie Bliss.
Bonnie Bliss is a Sematic Sexologist pleasure expert and women's embodiment teacher based in Australia. She has taught thousands of people all over the world in adult sex education, embodiment, sexual wellness, and pleasure. I’m thrilled Bonnie is joining me in this week’s episode to talk about the importance of fostering greater pleasure in our lives and why our nervous systems will love us for it.
March 10, 2021
1: Introducing Woman, Conversations for the Curious
Welcome to the very first episode of Woman, Conversations for the Curious, a podcast I created for women looking to squeeze more juice out of life. I’m Amy Crawford, founder of online wellness hub The Holistic Ingredient, mindset therapist, blogger, whole food lover and more than a little bit passionate about helping you feel comfortable about what it is to be a woman. I created this podcast from a desire to normalise the conversations that really light me up. I don’t want to skirt around juicy topics, I don’t want to hide from them. I seek deep dive natters that empower all of us to invite in more joy, to embrace our sexuality, to feel into the stuff that can challenge us. I want to inspire us all to lean in, to work through the discomfort, to liberate ourselves from long held beliefs that we may not be worthy or deserving of immense joy and pleasure in our lives. And amongst all of this I hope to empower you to ask for what you want, in any every of your life.
March 06, 2021