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Connect The Dots B*tch

Connect The Dots B*tch

By Amy Fiedler
A podcast that delivers you an honest and alternative look inside your mental and emotional struggles. Expect Amy to deep dive on topics such as mainstream mental health, toxic relationships, communication faux pas, pop culture and social norms.
Amy is a Certified Trauma Support Specialist, Holistic Life Coach and Reiki Master Practitioner. If you are searching for understanding of yourself and others in your life, this podcast is for you.
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Babysitting With Amy: PART TWO
Amy shares how she finds a deeper meaning and value in her day to day activities and how that gives her a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. Her wisdom is encompassed in her account of her latest babysitting adventure with her nephew! Tune in for some laughs and aha moments.
June 24, 2022
How Do The Green Flags Protect You?
Amy offers trauma and abuse survivors insight into why green flags will support and protect him in new, healthier relationships and what about them helps build self-trust. She answers the top questions asked like how do you know if somebody who has green flags will suddenly change and show red ones?! She also celebrates herself and her online community for hitting 100K on Instagram!
June 14, 2022
The One for Partners to Trauma Survivors
Amy offers partners, family and friends to trauma and abuse survivors insight into how best to support them in a mature and healthy way. She also speaks directly to trauma survivors clarifying what their responsibility is within relationships after trauma as well! Grab a notebook, this episode delivers tips and takeaways to implement asap!
June 07, 2022
The Blame Is On Who?
Amy recaps her first ever trip to a GoodWill and comedically psychoanalyses what she experienced and observed. She also talks personal accountability in this episode, managing your own emotions before you explode and being committed to your excuses and struggles.
May 31, 2022
Reflecting With Amy
Amy discusses personal growth and outgrowing environments, behaviors and certain relationship dynamics. She chats about some present growth in her own life and reflects on how far she’s come. Tune in to reflect and connect the dots in your own life!
May 24, 2022
Considering The Impact Of Your Actions
Amy is fired up about how strangers don’t consider the impact of their words or actions before unleashing their anger or pain at others on social media. She talks about boundaries we should all have online and why considering the ripple effect of your behavior can be life-altering for you and for others!
May 10, 2022
Unstable Moods
Amy deconstructs how you neglecting your needs regularly can detrimentally impact your mental, emotional and physical state. She teaches you how exactly to reflect and tune into those unmet needs with self-reflective questions and mindfulness in order to create an individualized routine that’ll keep your mood stable, regulated and balanced.
May 03, 2022
Emotional Intimacy
Amy shares about her struggles with receiving unconditional love, self-sabotaging behaviors, the depths of emotional intimacy, and the fears it can bring up for you. Tune in and join her for an honest and intimate conversation.
April 27, 2022
Your Tools For Emotionally Regulating
Amy offers you a breakdown of the practical steps that go into regulating yourself emotionally. She explains how a lack of emotional regulation creates and perpetuates conflict, drama and disconnection with yourself and your relationships.
April 14, 2022
Self-Control + The Hot Potato Theory
Amy explains the value of self-control and where the ability to manage your emotions and responses in a heated or triggered moment are grown from. She offers personal tools she uses and shares her infamous ‘hot potato theory’ to help you understand people who lack self-control!
April 05, 2022
Sweat Lodging With Amy
BONUS EPISODE: Amy shares and reflects on her spiritual experience of visiting a sweat lodge, how she felt, where she struggled and what she learned!
March 31, 2022
Productive Responses
Amy provides you examples of productive, respectful, mature communication responses to controversial, confusing or hurtful statements you might have been on the receiving end of. She explains why people might say these things and how she personally handles those same situations!
March 29, 2022
The Truth About Insecurities
Amy delivers insight into what insecurities are, how they develop and how trauma can impact them. She also shares about her own insecurities, how she works through them and offers you steps to start moving through your own!
March 22, 2022
Preventing Feelings of Guilt + Regret In Conversation
Amy addresses how to cope with over-thinking what you said or want to say in conversation. How to prevent feeling guilty, regretful, or remorseful after you’ve reacted in ways you’re not proud of. And how exactly do boundaries play into this? Episode also includes implementable steps you can take starting today!
March 15, 2022
Confidence AND Insecurities
Amy explains exactly where your insecurities developed from and why comparing yourself to others is a way to avoid feeling your own confidence. She shares her insecurities and how she struggles and offers some practical exercises she uses to help you work on your own!
March 08, 2022
Red Flags vs Green Flags
Amy discusses the differences between searching for red versus green flags in your relationships. She gets honest about her own struggles with that process and provides some steps you can take to move through your fears and paranoia today!
March 02, 2022
The Root Of The Issue
Amy chats about the process of self-healing, where the majority have mishaps or are misinformed and how to get to the root cause of a trigger. Grab your notebook for this extremely insightful episode mixed with some life updates about Amy’s travels!
February 22, 2022
What Are Your Levels Of Tolerance?
Amy talks tolerance levels and how they can change over time, what causes them to change and how to cope. She discusses enabling behaviors when you aren’t listening to your own boundaries and respecting your own tolerance level. She also shares with you about how her Valentine’s Day went and details her amazing gift giving skills!
February 15, 2022
When You Grow, Your Environments Must Grow Too
Amy shares some deeply personal revelations and changes she’s needing to make thanks to her own growth. She discusses what might need an upgrade in your own life to support your own mental and emotional health and well-being!
February 11, 2022
Emotionally Regulating
Amy talks emotional regulation and all the reasons in which we try to avoid our own emotional discomfort. She shares her personal journey about learning to manage her emotions, where she struggled most and how to begin regulating your own starting right now! If you’re enjoying this podcast, be sure to rate + review Amy on Apple or Spotify!
February 01, 2022
Conflict Resolution
Amy deconstructs mature communication in the midst of resolving conflict, and what you need to know in order to find your way towards a solution. Tune in for some key steps you can apply to your life today!
January 26, 2022
Cryotherapy, Sibling Rivalry + Validating Your Experiences
Amy tries cryotherapy for the first time and shares how her body reacted to the experience. She also discusses the Britney Spears vs Jamie Lynn Spears sibling drama and how two individuals can have differing experiences in the same traumatic or abusive environment. Episode offers an important conversation on validation, supporting your needs and what’s at the root of every argument we have! If you enjoyed this episode and are streaming on Apple or Spotify, please rate + review the podcast.
January 18, 2022
The Good, The Bad, The Discernment of Insta-Therapy
Amy discusses the importance of discernment in choosing the right insta-therapy accounts for your mental and emotional health! What to look for, why and why where you invest your eyes and ears is important to your well-being.
January 11, 2022
You Can’t Unsay it And They Can’t Unhear It
In this episode Amy starts off a new season of the podcast by teaching you why your words matter most when you’re angry, sad, hurt, conflicted or confused. She explains how to speak intentionally and non-violently even when you’re angry; what to say and what not to say or how to set a boundary so you can regulate yourself to communicate effectively!
January 04, 2022
Are You Still Identifying With The Pain?
In this final episode of the year, Amy asks you to consider your next moves! Are you still identifying with your pain and reliving it or have you moved through it? She walks you through understanding the origin of most of your struggles by explaining Adverse Childhood Environments and prompts you to ‘connect the dots’ to determine what is next. Will it be solutions and new growth or continuing to identify with that pain you say you no longer want. If you enjoyed this episode please rate + review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify!
December 28, 2021
What About The Toxic People Who Can’t Admit They’re Toxic
Amy discusses what to do with individuals in your life who are toxic but cannot acknowledge they are. She details the emotional grieving process that occurs when you realize a relationship must shift and how to go about respecting yourself even when they won’t change!
December 14, 2021
Curb Your Excuses
In this episode, Amy helps you understand when and why you’re using excuses for continuing your mistreatment of others or yourself. If you want to learn how to stop making excuses, the variety of excuses people use, what to do instead as well as hear some real life examples from Amy herself, then this is the episode to listen to!
December 08, 2021
Committing To A New Boundary
In this weeks episode, Amy shares a personal story about her ever-evolving boundaries, how to commit to new ones when you’ve grown and what happens when you doubt, compare or question the boundaries those around you set in similar situations.
November 30, 2021
Why You Shouldn’t Be So Quick To Cut It Off
Amy explains why many of you miss the basic steps of communication and boundary setting in relationships and instead react and revert to cutting people out of your life when they do something you don’t like. She maps out in detail what to do, get clear on and why, before taking that step of removing anyone from your life!
November 23, 2021
Setting Boundaries For The Holidays
Amy delivers a highly requested episode on how to navigate negative environments and people during the holidays. She details her recommend coping strategies on what to say and what to do when you have to be around the people you don’t prefer to spend time with!
November 16, 2021
Are They Respectful or Disrespectful?
Amy defines what respect and disrespect are and what the common misconceptions about both look and sound like. She offers ways to deal with disrespectful people and how to navigate being manipulated or gaslit.
November 09, 2021
Letting The Good People In
Amy explains the biggest hurdles she encountered in moving from unhealthy, abusive, traumatizing relationships to healthy, supportive, respectful ones! Grab a notebook, it’s good.
November 02, 2021
Loving Yourself With Amy
Amy shares her personal self-love journey, its trials and errors and why certain popular techniques did NOT work for her! She offers you personal advice on how to find what processes will work for you not only to feel loved by you but also to change your inner narrative and get to the root of the issues!
October 26, 2021
None Of This Is Binary
Amy explores the reason why we look at human beings, their behaviors and their emotions through a black and white filtering system and encourages you to stop. As always, she tells you how and why it’ll benefit you!
October 21, 2021
To Block Or Not: Setting Social Media Boundaries
Amy explains the importance of having boundaries on your social media pages and what those can realistically look like. She shares with you a real life example of her own boundaries and how she decides them, courtesy of JOSHUA! You may want to grab a notebook.
October 12, 2021
Setting Boundaries With Friends
In this episode, Amy walks you through setting boundaries with friends! She shares personal examples and her struggles. She simplifies what boundaries she has, what she communicates to set them and how she upholds and respects those boundaries when they’re overstepped. If you’re struggling with lopsided friendships, individuals who bond over their victimhood or those who have no boundaries themselves — this episode is for you!
October 05, 2021
Stop Wasting Your Energy On The Wrong People
Amy educates on what unhealthy behaviors to look for that will show you whether or not someone is willing to grow and hold themselves accountable. She also tells a story about how she recently handled someone trying to gaslight her and what boundaries you need when you encounter toxic people.
September 28, 2021
Being A Highly Sensitive Person Is A Gift
In this weeks episode Amy tackles the topic of Highly Sensitive People. She shares what a highly sensitive person needs most in their life to function in the healthiest ways! She educates on what being highly sensitive means; where it comes from and the tools you can implement so that it feels like the gift it is. If you enjoyed this episode and others be sure to leave a comment and 5-star review!!
September 21, 2021
Choosing Non-Violent Communication
In this weeks episode Amy teaches you about violent and non-violent communication. She shares why people often revert to violence and what to say to a reactive individual to neutralize the conversation while respecting yourself!
September 14, 2021
You Control The Respect You Receive
Amy is back from her Maine vacation and sharing all her insights from the trip including why taking time off can be a trauma response. She addresses the things that make you feel disrespected and explains why you have complete control over the respect you receive. You don’t want to miss this ending!
September 08, 2021
Anxiously Anxious
Amy addresses all your burning questions about anxiety. From how it’s created to how to reduce it; are you managing it or avoiding it; and how to know when it’s actually a trauma response! This episode is your in depth look into the inner workings of anxiety.
August 31, 2021
Have The Difficult Conversation
Amy explains why tackling the tough conversations is essential to the health and sustainability of your relationships (& yourself). She tells you what transpires when you avoid or suppress what you want to say and how that’s sabotaging a lot of your relationships!
August 25, 2021
Are You Exploiting Them?
Amy addresses the backlash received from a recent Instagram post on what you’re not responsible for in dealing with a people pleaser. She also addresses her horrible sunburn and an unforgettable seagull story from the beach! Tune in for people pleasing guidance as well as some laughs
August 20, 2021
Your Compassion Needs Boundaries
Amy’s heated when it comes to the topic of compassion lately! She’s giving you a successful formula for being a strong and self-protected human who is able to extend kindness in the midst of others pain. She also offers insight into why compassion and empathy is more about YOU not them, tune in!
August 10, 2021
Interviewing with Amy
Amy’s back for an all new Season (4) of Connect The Dots B*tch and she starts off with sharing what she’s been up to since y’all last spoke. She recently interviewed her parents and boyfriend and dishes on the behind the scenes of what she was REALLY thinking, feeling, fearing, reflecting on while it all went down. Join Amy for the start of a brand new season. Hit subscribe & leave her a 5-star review if you’re enjoying the pod!
August 03, 2021
Put Up A Fence Not A Wall!
In this final episode of Season 3, Amy takes listeners burning questions on communicating, setting and upholding BOUNDARIES! This value-packed episode covers the basics of boundary setting, contextual examples, Amy’s real life boundary examples, what respect actually means, PLUS hilarious stories & essential tips for you! Be sure to leave a 5-star review and comment on the platform of your choice if you enjoyed this episode.
July 16, 2021
Emotionally Constipated
Amy takes you on a journey through the mind-body connection and how to release emotional constipation. For those with physical ailments or recurring pain, tune in, you’ll want to hear this message about unmet needs and a life-changing coping tool!
July 09, 2021
Babysitting with Amy
Amy babysits her nephew for his parent’s first night out post baby and things don’t go quite as expected! She learns baby’s boundaries, raps Salt N Pepa, and finds out what works for one won’t work for all. Tune in for Auntie Amy’s rant about baby straight jackets, Mister Toad’s Wild Ride and clarification of how to uphold your boundaries!
June 29, 2021
Anxiety A La Carte
Never failing to have a dull moment, Amy visits her gyno and leaves with hot tips on pelvic exam conversation starters! She then deep dives into an a la carte menu of anxiety and trauma induced anxiety, how anxiety is created, coping tools and much, much more!
June 23, 2021
Is this self-sabotage-y
Amy has become slightly, “sort of” Keto friendly BUT has bumped into some interesting problems (TMI warning)! She chats with you about what can happen when things in life are finally good but you’ve got past trauma triggering you. She also maps out how trauma and self-sabotage works and the key things you must remember to cope.
June 18, 2021
Thriving In The Chaos
Amy reflects on and hilariously details the events of a sudden death she experienced recently. She shares how she navigates chaos with grace, regulates her emotional state, receives support and processes pain in real-time!
June 09, 2021
Nobody Is Inviting Your Inner Judgment
Amy divulges the differences between unleashing your internal judgments versus offering constructive criticism to others. She paints you a clear picture of what respect looks and sounds like and why you need to stop ‘typo flexing’!
June 01, 2021
Like A Pig In Shit
Amy highlights the distinction between gossip, venting and honest conversation. She tells you how easy it is to tell someone’s emotional maturity by listening to how they speak and where you may be needing to set some boundaries in your relationships!
May 26, 2021
Perfectly Out of Control
Amy psychoanalyzes what happens mentally and emotionally when you feel ‘out of control’ and what perfectionism, OCD and anxiety all have in common. Tune in to learn why your environment may be contributing to these types of struggles!
May 18, 2021
Adult Temper Tantrums
Amy delivers you some life-changing advice about deodorant and victim-hood. She explains why personal accountability is essential to growth and how she navigates an extremely challenging relationship in her life with someone stuck in a victim mindset.
May 04, 2021
Things You Silently Observe
Amy tells you about her recent visit to a city, why parallel parking shouldn’t exist and why she’s had to cut back on her law & order watching. She talks about the obnoxious patterns you silently observe in others, who aren’t asking for help, that require a silent boundary over a verbal one!
April 27, 2021
PAUSE At The Yield Sign
Amy shares how she navigates asking for support herself and communicating her needs. She also tells you what needs to happen when giving support to others and how to set boundaries when someone attacks, blames or uses what they’ve done for against you to manipulate you into getting their way.
April 20, 2021
Where’s the boundary line?
Amy discusses the biggest struggles people have setting boundaries & discourages you from offering unsolicited boundary advice to others. She gives her Tupperware lady example & provides you context and personal stories about setting boundaries with neighbors, strangers, friends, ending phone conversations and in making plans. Big boundary episode, tune in!
April 15, 2021
Choosing Confusion or Clear Communication
Amy recaps her Easter holiday with family reflecting on the chaotic and confusing forms of communication, the people pleasing, lack of boundaries, appeasing and neglectful behaviors. Tune in because today she’s not just talking about the elephant in the room; she’s naming it, petting it and riding it too!
April 06, 2021
In the DMs
Amy thinks it’ll be a fun idea to go through her Instagram DMs and respond in a podcast episode! She puts context to a lot of topics such as why over-sharing is a boundary issue and why you need to ask when you’re confused. Other topics covered are parental role reversal, listening to too many experts, clear communication, the questions she hates getting!
March 30, 2021
A Tale of ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’
Amy gets a line of questioning from her old guy neighbor that ‘could be’ in appropriate. She dishes on the whole ‘spontaneity’ pronunciation saga and explains why demanding others change in order to make you more comfortable reflects your inability to regulate and validate yourself!
March 23, 2021
Considering Their Feelings
Amy has an important conversation with her mother that inspires today’s episode! She shares with you her thoughts on the importance of considering others feelings while not holding yourself responsible for them, thinking beyond yourself and looking at more than what meets the eye.
March 16, 2021
A Royal Solution
We all know she loves a Brit and in this episode Amy is fired up about the Royals! She gives her expert mental health perspective on the Royal controversy while discussing various larger topics on hand. Topics such as the harmful effects of invalidating & shaming others emotions, the difference between being solution-minded versus problem-focused, control/obedience, conditional love and the importance of mindfulness especially in relationships.
March 10, 2021
Amy meets her new nephew, discusses strangers on the internet bullying her and reflects on good times and reactive times with Cheryl & Jeff! She addresses the key differences in a holistic approach to health versus a medical (pathogenic) approach and why being quick to attack an alternative perspective is harmful. This episode also discusses emotional reactivity and dysregulation. Prepare yourself for Babies, Bullying & the Bionic Duo!
March 03, 2021
Difficult People
Amy shares her perspective on what happens when you leave words unspoken and how it can impact your health. She answers a few listeners questions about power struggles, disrespect, difficult people and triangulation. Tune in for a jam packed episode full of personal stories, self-analysis and for why you need to hide the mugs!
February 27, 2021
Controlling Tendencies
In this weeks episode Cheryl breaks her arm and Amy’s bladder gets extra attention during a 7 1/2 hour phone call. Amy shares how she went from trying to control her parents to respecting their decisions as they begin to age and divulges how to set up mental and emotional boundaries to stop taking on other people’s problems!
February 16, 2021
Attachment Patterns
Amy has a stand-off with the grocery store robot this week while buying lemons that has her on the verge. She’s also divulging a fascinating conversation she had about relationship attachment and the unhealthy ways we gauge how we are liked or cared for. This convo digs into enmeshment, neglect, abandonment and codependency.
February 09, 2021
A High Tolerance For Pain
Amy explains why we shouldn’t fall in love with babies, snow removal etiquette and how she can be a bit of a dick for good reason. She also takes time to map out the importance of mindfulness and helps you better understand why you keep repeating the same patterns that hurt you (in a way you’ll never forget). You might wanna take some notes because this one’s good!
February 02, 2021
Personal Accountability
Amy tackles a wide range of topics in this week’s episode from personal accountability, victim mentality, blame, narcissism and control issues. She leaves you with a lot to think about! Listen in as she shares stories, thoughts, feelings and her professional expertise!
January 26, 2021
America Runs On Emotion
Fresh off an immunity boosting probiotic shot, Amy’s energized and offering up some insight into the emotional transactions we make in our lives. She’s also battling grocery store robots, debating the best car insurance commercials and teaching you how to be fiscally responsible!
January 19, 2021
But Are They Healthy?
Amy isn’t one to easily fall for a facade when hiring someone to support her and today she’s teaching you how to see through the BS! She tackles secondary trauma, manipulation from mental health professionals, abuse of power and lack of integrity in business.
January 12, 2021
Wanna Play Jenga?
This is a holiday recap full of survival tactics ranging from nerf wars to humping hundred dollar bills! Amy reminds you that you can’t control anybody, not even who or what your dog humps but you can mind your business and she tells you just how to do it emotionally while in the midst of chaos.
December 29, 2020
A Very Morbid Christmas
Amy’s prepping for the upcoming holiday by soothing some childhood trauma and talking to her dead dog. She’s not at all festive except for a free dying pink poinsettia her dentist gifted her. Tune in for self reflective banter about her desire to live in a furniture store and pump peoples gas for a living. Come for the laughs of course and leave with guidance on healing parental relationships and coping with traumatic holiday memories.
December 23, 2020
Dating With Amy: PART THREE
Amy briefly unpaused her dating apps to encounter the question of the year from a random fella inspiring this very episode. She discusses drinking photos, bad communication, awful hairlines to receiving pinned locations at weird hours and then being left on ‘seen’. She’s now diving into the world of blind dating with the help of her friends and it’s opened up a whole new can of worms. Tune in for part three of this personal adventure of dating with Amy.
December 15, 2020
She breached her boundary
Amy breached her own boundary today and it’s made for an interesting segment you’ll unfortunately have stuck in your mind all day. She also hits you with her behavioral expertise on why people spend money and how to carry on relationships with difficult people!
December 08, 2020
Ironically It Is Still Abusive
The holidays bring Amy much cheer as long as she’s hosting a family dinner where you’re forced into watching mob movies while pistol whipping becomes the soundtrack to your second course. Thanksgiving aside, Amy shares her abusive social media experiences with strangers and digs into the confusion around boundaries, communication and what really constitutes abuse!
December 01, 2020
The Elephant In The Room
If there’s an elephant in the room, count on Amy to point it out, make friends with it and talk to and about it. She’s one for honesty and self-respect but not here for secrets, dishonest relations or repressed emotions and she’ll tell ya why in this episode! Amy also revisits a past relationship from earlier this year and divulges a newfound understanding of herself of what death and grieving does to your perception.
November 22, 2020
The start of season 3 kicks off with Amy performing a ‘prison’ wedding like no other! She schools us on the importance of choosing our words with intention, how to build trust with your kids, why boundaries can often require context and how to find your oven mits to hold your own hot potatoes. If you loved season 1 & 2, leave Amy a 5-star review!
November 16, 2020
Dating With Amy: PART 2
Amy’s closing out her 35th year around the sun with a conclusion to her dating adventures. Tune in for her thoughts on ghosting, coping, communicating, abusive relationships and how Hinge missed out on a golden business opportunity! This is a don’t miss!! Listen to the final episode (36) of Connect The Dots B*tch season 2 and leave Amy a happy birthday 5-star review on Apple.
October 27, 2020
Layered Healing
Amy’s planning a big birthday bash while navigating some emotional scars in the process. Take a listen as she steps into her inflatable jousting arena and tackles her codependent, people pleasing tendencies!
October 20, 2020
A Traumatic Ride: PART 2
From the ICU to the Chapel, Amy completes her traumatic ride explaining how she perceived, navigated and processed her conflicting emotions in real time. Tune in for the conclusion of this traumatic ride...
October 13, 2020
A Traumatic Ride: PART 1
Coming straight out of fight or flight mode, Amy brings you up to speed with the traumatizing events that have occurred recently in her life. From the ER to the ICU to a wedding and baby, this episode has got it all. Buckle up, this is part 1 of 2...stay tuned
October 07, 2020
Dear People Pleaser
Amy’s on neighborhood watch for a neighbor who can’t seem to respect her boundaries. She covers insecure vs direct communication as a recovered people pleaser and why hinting things at her will never end well!
September 22, 2020
Naked Expectations
For the love of free stuff, Amy embraces her nakedness and reflects on sculpting retired strippers in college. Nudity prompts a discussion about boundaries or your lack thereof, how to improve when you’ve only known the excuses not to and how your pain is rather see-through.
September 15, 2020
One to Two Degrees Difference
Amy’s refreshed after her long holiday weekend full of naming lobsters, selling houses, waterpark buzzes and a deeply insightful swim she’ll never forget. Say goodbye to your people pleasing tendencies once you hear this rude awakening!
September 09, 2020
Amy’s Parental Advisory
Amy finds out she’s officially ‘made it’ but is hardly impressed with her impersonators choice in images. She tackles parenting flops, structure vs strictness and hands you important life tips whether you’ve got kids or not!
August 25, 2020
Looking For Validation
Amy’s reflective today and finding connections between all her relationships using basic math principles. She explains why we spotlight things in others and how every relationship we have has a common theme!
August 18, 2020
The Victim Filter
On the brink of an ER trip Amy sits down to crack a few jokes nonetheless. Everything from having hypocritical fears, advocating for yourself, correcting how you use the phrase “I know..” and eliminating self-doubt to change your victim filter.
August 11, 2020
Aligning Your Self-Perception
Amy shares of an interaction with this elderly man that completely changes her day. She tackles self-perception and how it develops while teaching you what alignment with yourself really looks like!
August 04, 2020
Cue The Confidence
Amy tells you why bedazzled capes and astrology has inspired her confidence this week. She addresses your confidence issues, your possible secondary trauma from mental health professionals and what she feels is the one thing people want most above all else at the end of the day. Grab your wine and a notepad, this is a passionate one, amor!
July 30, 2020
Use Every Step On The Staircase
Amy lays into the designer of parking lots while sharing her wisdom from a jersey shore trip mishap. She connects the dots on how to see every event as growth and leaves you with many solid takeaways on self-trust and authenticity!
July 23, 2020
Know Thyself
Amy’s drinking bad coffee and challenging the idea that ‘actions speak louder than words’, discussing why unhappy people will avoid happy people and sharing her fool-proof method for connecting to your value.
July 15, 2020
No One Is Gonna Do It For You!
Amy speaks on the differences between a healthy communicator and an unhealthy one. She shares her personal beliefs around having a victim mentality and why we are always in exactly the right place no matter what is happening!
July 05, 2020
You Can’t Cookie Cutter Your Healing
Amy tackles the hard hitting issues like what type of therapy is good therapy and how to choose what’s best for you. She divulges the harm of online self-help marketing manipulation, good therapists versus corrupt therapists and how to educate yourself on what is the most healthy support for you.
June 29, 2020
“Opportunities For Growth”
Amy takes you through a series of recently disruptive life events and reframes them into positives. She speaks on excuses, victim mentality and having an empowering mindset while narrating you through this eventful last week of her life!
June 21, 2020
Amy Goes South
Amy returns from a road trip down south with an episode full of excitement, adventure and lessons in being unconditional regardless of the circumstances. She’s refreshed, tanned and ready to teach you how to keep your relationships running smooth by not reacting to things you cannot control outside of you!
May 31, 2020
Cheryl, Jeff & the Evolution of Love
Amy decides it’s time to change your mind about what love really is! She comes bearing the perfect LOL stories of her parents, Cheryl and Jeff. She shares the evolution of her relationships with them and how trauma is healed from a shift in perspective.
May 19, 2020
Daddy Issues
Amy tackles your childhood trauma, shares her own daddy issues and laughs you through the best healing processes. Listen in for what feels like a full on therapy session!
May 12, 2020
Resist The Reaction
Amy shares why her friends are confused by her methods for conflict resolution, introduces you to Angry Amy and teaches you how to diffuse that anger in your own life. She also tells you why she will secretly continue stealing her parents wine!
May 05, 2020
Cut The Co-Dependence!
Amy learns of her dead dog’s visibility to other dogs, frees herself of all future responsibilities and motivates you be more than a victim in this life. Suit up, this episode ain’t for sissies!
April 27, 2020
It’s All A Mindset Shift
Amy offers you some expert mindset advice for your relationships in life. She also shares her (3) favorite things of the week and what NOT to do when you hear someone you know has the coronavirus!
April 20, 2020
Self-Sabotaging Secrets
Amy enlightens you on why you self-sabotage and how to stop doing it. She offers up relationship commentary on 90-Day Fiancé and leaves you with her steps to success!
April 14, 2020
Fifty Shades of Forgiveness
Amy offers listeners a step by step breakdown to a healthy apology and finding forgiveness. Grab your quarantini because she swallows her pride and real-time dishes you a personal example from her own life this morning!
April 06, 2020
You Might Be In Resistance
Amy divulges the differences of healthy versus unhealthy communication and how the ‘RONA is providing us the ultimate personal choice. She’s bored, tiktoking and still schooling you on self-discovery!
March 29, 2020
Your Anxiety Reset
Amy offers you a new perspective on this global COVID 19 health epidemic that’ll reset your anxiety and panic right this moment. Tune in for this brilliant and emotionally intelligent quarantine commentary!
March 22, 2020
Dr. Amy takes on the CoronaVirus!
In full self-quarantine mode, Amy delivers a hysterical monologue backed by real life medical professionals and her personal expertise! This is a don’t miss episode that’ll have you laughing till you ....
March 15, 2020
Dear Dewey
Amy tackles a tragic death head on and comes out swinging with some sentimental wishes and wisdom. This episode is for anyone grieving a loss of any kind (dead or alive) and an ode to her pure, special, unconditional loving bond with her baby Dewey.
March 05, 2020
Dating With Amy
For the first time ever Amy dives into a personal topic she rarely shares! She’s dating and dancing, psychoanalyzing herself and telling you what’s healthy and unhealthy to do. Instead of f*cking with cats, we suggest you listen to this episode and share it with a few!
February 16, 2020
Flexible Enlightenment
In this episode, Amy conquers an apartment fire, grumpy old men, abusive yogis and her flexibilities that aren’t for enlightenment purposes (or are they?). She’s verklempt and demanding! Just how you love her.
February 09, 2020
Insecurities Anonymous
One glass of sangria and a mute hostess has Amy diving into the important facets of life. She pops off about poor communication skills, why people hoard, her ‘hot potato’ theory and who IS playing in the Super Bowl?!
February 03, 2020
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe
Amy gets back from high rise living with a new perspective on Peloton bikes, “suicidal” cats and what is the trifecta of life while she also addresses some live breaking news!
January 26, 2020
A Narcissistic Rager
In this episode, Amy schools you on narcissism and social media. Get your pencils ready!! Because she’s on one today!
January 19, 2020
Spidey Senses
Amy rails into the behavior patterns of a slew of reality shows while offering up some guidance on healthy relationships, boundaries and plastic surgery!
January 12, 2020
New Year, New Season, Same Amy
Amy shares how she started her 2020 off and drops some life-changing advice! Tune in to her favorite and funniest episode yet.
January 05, 2020
A Gooood Exfoliation
Amy plans to end her decade with her unpopular beliefs about the purpose of time, New Years failures and resolutions along with her insightful thoughts about appreciating life!
December 30, 2019
I Know The Falalala Laws Sir!
Amy’s holiday spirit is now in full force as she takes a hard stance on Christmas gift giving, breaking the law and why she enjoys her bitchiness.
December 22, 2019
Pedicures & Clean Panties
Amy psychoanalyzes her surgery day with everything from the curb appeal, waiting room upholstery, surgical staff’s body language and a Russian cocktail with a polka dot twist. She’s back, she’s nasally and maybe a bit wittier!
December 16, 2019
This Is A She-Shed Shitshow
It’s the eve of Amy’s surgery and she’s a wine glass and a half deep into her opinions on the medical industry, pill popping and why South African Syngin needs to leave the she-shed. It’s short, it’s sweet and quite a shitshow!
December 12, 2019
Stop, Drop and Roll Emily
It’s a post-Thanksgiving synopsis about cheesy mishaps, cringeworthy behaviors, fire safety, what will land you on her bad side, names Amy hates and a game of slap the bag. Prepare thyself to cry laugh!
December 01, 2019
Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
In this episode, Amy’s insightful yet moody analysis of what makes a good neighbor and why Sesame Street & Mr. Rogers made her uncomfortable will have you deeply meditating on life’s many facets. This is one full of honest conversations and prison talk. Mr. Rogers would never!!
November 24, 2019
Dipshits and Pivots
Fresh off a 7 month neighbor-free hiatus, Amy tackles an introduction to her new neighbor and offers her very strong opinions about Lifetime Movies and personal development mob mentality. An episode full of hard pivots and many dip shits.
November 17, 2019
I Call This Research..
Coming to you live from her New Jersey couch, Amy discusses her 3 AM thoughts on who she’ll bequeath her fortune to, reality show research and why brain cysts and nudity make her unique.
November 14, 2019
Marriage & Dog Sh*t
Amy tackles the hard-hitting topics of dog poop, marriage, religion and stand-up comedy while also reflecting on how she spends her Sundays unwashed and isolated like the healthy Holy person she is. Settle in for a hilarious dive into her personal thoughts!
November 10, 2019
Generalized F*ckery
Amy’s in rare form as she tells the stories of her generalized triggers around robocalls, authority figures, social media privacy invasions & a college plagiarism scandal that changed her life for good! Tune in for a bonus episode full of fuckery and insightful feedback with your favorite human.
November 07, 2019
Boundaries, Brits & Birthdays
Amy recaps her birthday adventures while reflecting on her affinity for British women and boundaries. Strap in for her wisdom-filled stories about inflatable parties, road rage, self-praise and why she never speaks about her love life!
November 03, 2019
Make Outs or Traffic Jams?!
Amy hilariously reflects on childhood games and her fleeting memories while connecting the dots to why edited comedians are exactly like our romantic relationship problems. If you’re listening before noon you may need a cocktail for this one!
October 28, 2019
This Is Really Unfiltered
Amy speaks candidly about her neighborly observations while making hysterical connections to your love life, dating apps, reality show relationships and why insecurities can make you act a fool. Her balls came out big time for this unapologetic extra long episode so tune in!
October 25, 2019
Middle Child Soap
Amy tells a story about a bar of soap while hilariously divulging it’s emotional connection to her middle child syndrome, grocery store observations and why sometimes being emotionally healthy makes you look crazy. Get your ear buds in and buckle up for how she connects these dots!
October 18, 2019