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Inside the Bullseye

Inside the Bullseye

By Amy Pflugshaupt
What's in my meat? Can I feed GMOs to my kids? How was that animal raised? All great questions! Your host, Amy Pflugshaupt, spent 15 years as a broadcast journalist. Now, this farmgirl is helping you feel connected to all of those products you bring into your home every day that originated on the farm and understand why farmers do what they do. This one-of-a-kind podcast is designed especially for you, the consumer. You have questions - ASK! Trust us, this isn't your grandfather's way of farming.
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"Around the Farm Table" with Inga Witscher Ep. 23
Inga Witscher is fourth-generation farmer who is also the host of the PBS show, “Around the Farm Table.” This is a show that introduces you to the people who are growing your food. Inga then takes it back to her farm kitchen and show you how to prepare these farm fresh ingredients for your family. Here’s the twist in all of this -- she didn’t always want to be a farmer. In this conversation, she shares what brought her back to the farm and inspired her to launch the PBS series that brings consumers, just like you, a little closer to where all of those items you bring into your home every day originated. She swaps farm life stories with Inside the Bullseye’s host, Amy Pflugshaupt, she gives you a sneak peek of Season 8 of “Around the Farm Table,” and shares a great story about how the hardest part of farming is getting up early to “put the makeup on her Jersey cows’ eyes.” (It’s a great laugh you wont want to miss). Inga was recently awarded the 2021 Storyteller Award from Slow Food USA. Slow Food USA’s vision is to create a world where all people can enjoy food that is good for them, good for the people who grow it and good for the planet. She was on of 20 to receive this honor across 10 categories. All of us here at Inside the Bullseye are excited our last episode to end 2021 is with Inga. We certainly hope you enjoy it! . . To see full episodes of the PBS Series, “Around the Farm Table,” click here ( Inga also can make an appearance at your next gathering and sharing a cooking demonstration. To learn more email today: . . This is our final episode of Season 1 of Inside the Bullseye. We are so honored that you have made us a small part of your week. We love having the opportunity to bring you a little closer to the farm. We will be taking some time in January to prepare for Season 2. So, if you have a question you want our team to answer, ASK! Email us at Or send us a message on social media: @insidethebullseye (Facebook and Instagram). We can’t wait to get back to the conversation in February 2022, but until then you can catch up on the 2 dozen episode that are streaming now. You can also catch some great video clips, behind the scenes of some of our interviews and learn great nuggets of information that will connect you to the farm. Thank you for an amazing first season! We can’t wait to catch up with you in February 2022!
December 30, 2021
Beef for EVERY Price Point – Ep. 22
Sticker shock is something we’re all experiencing at the grocery store. According to the Consumer Price Index all grocery items are up any where from 3% to 15% - with beef seeing the largest increase from last year with a 20% jump in prices. There are several things driving up the cost, including demand. Angie Horkan from the Wisconsin Beef Council digs into to a few of the factors driving this increase. She also offers some great budget-friendly ideas so you can still put a delicious, flavorful beef dish on your holiday table. If you can’t afford prime rib or a tenderloin, she has some great “swap” options and ideas on how to prepare it. Also, if you’d like to pair a nice wine or beer with your holiday feast, she offers some great ideas as well. . . You can learn more about economical cuts of beef, recipes, pairings and more by visiting ( . . Cooking prime rib? Check out this link ( for recommend oven temps, cook time and internal temperatures for the size of roast you have. Also, there’s a great tutorial on how to carve it. REMEMBER – it’s important to let your roast rest so you don’t loose all the juices. Angie shares some great tips in this episode of Inside the Bullseye! . . For more great holiday ideas, be sure to follow along with the conversation at @insidethebullseye on both Facebook and Instagram. . . From all of us at Inside the Bullseye and ABS Global, we hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!! Thanks for making us a small part of your week!!
December 23, 2021
Benefits of Buying a REAL Christmas Tree Ep. 21
Scotch Pine, Frasier Fir, Balsam Fir, Blue Spruce – Whatever kind of evergreen you bring into your home, there’s a lot of work that goes into it.  There’s also a lot of great benefits to buying a REAL Christmas tree. We get to the root of it all with the help of the reigning Alice in Dairyland, Julia Nunes. . . What to see what Amy’s Christmas tree looks like?  Click here or visit @InsidetheBullseye on Facebook and Instagram. . . With more than 20 episodes now available, be sure to get caught up while you’re traveling this holiday season. Then, let us know what you think! Which episodes were your favorite? What do you want to learn more about? Send us a DM on social media or email us at We’d LOVE to hear from you!
December 16, 2021
From Cow to Cheese - Here’s the backstory of Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Ep. 20
It only takes hours for fresh milk to be turned into delicious cheese at Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese in Waterloo, WI – yes, literally just a few hours! This 3-generation farm family has a great story to tell. It’s one that’s been featured many times on national platforms like Good Morning America, Nightly News and now Inside the Bullseye. George and Debbie Crave pull back the curtain and give us a look at how this farm is run, the process of making cheese, the “old world” techniques they are still using, the sustainability efforts to preserve the land and something that might be shocking to you – the amount of technology that makes it all happen. . . Learn more about the Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese by clicking here - You can order cheese online from here! . . Don’t forget there’s still time to enter the Wisconsin Cheese Board Awards presented by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. You could win FREE Cheese for a year for you, a friend and a food pantry of your choice. If you missed the previous episode, “You Gouda Brie Kidding! Free Cheese for a Year??? Ep. 19,” be sure to listen for 3 easy ways to build your cheese board and the one tool you should invest in. . . Are you following Inside the Bullseye on social media? Stay up to date on the latest episodes, share your feedback, ask your questions and learn something new that will connect you back to the farm. Inside the Bullseye is on both Facebook and Instagram (@insidethebullseye).
December 09, 2021
You Gouda Brie Kidding! Free Cheese for a Year??? Ep. 19
Want FREE Wisconsin cheese for a year??? In this “gouda” episode, Lizzie Duffey with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin explains how you, a friend and a food pantry of your choice can savor all the goodness - all you have to do is snap a photo! Just note, the deadline for the Wisconsin Cheese Board Awards is Dec. 16, 2021 – so you better listen today! 😊She’s also talking about 3 simple steps to make your cheese board “Instagram-worthy,” the one knife you should invest in for all your cheese needs (trust me – it’s totally worth it and the best part – it’s affordable!), and she connects us back to the farm as we explore how our favorite cheeses are made. . . Learn more about Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin – Buy Wisconsin Cheese online and have it delivered to your door - Enter to win FREE Wisconsin Cheese for a YEAR - . . Lizzie’s Favorite cheese: Uplands Cheese - Rush Creek Reserve - Amy’s Favorite cheese: Carr Balley Cheese – Bread Cheese - . . Want some inspiration for your next cheese board? Visit Inside the Bullseye on Facebook or Instagram for some great photos courtesy of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. Plus – you can see Amy Pflugshaupt – host of Inside the Bullseye - make a few different ones.
December 02, 2021
“Time to get Basted!” Fun Turkey Facts thanks to the National Turkey Federation Ep. 18
Is it the tryptophan that’s making you tired after your Thanksgiving feast? No! You’d be surprised what other food has the same amount of tryptophan and doesn’t get a bad rap like our holiday bird (pay attention at the 20 min mark). Beth Breeding with the National Turkey Federation sets the record straight on some common consumer questions: 1. Are turkeys raised in cages? 2. What’s driving the price increases this year at your local meat counter? 3. Are hormones and steroids used in turkey production? She also shares some great ideas to mix up your traditional turkey recipes for your next dinner party and shares some great insight on why commercial turkeys have white feathers, even though they are depicted in so many images to have brown feathers – think about the turkey emoji on your phone. . . Want to check out some of the great recipes we chatted about or just want to learn more about the turkey you put on your family’s dinner plate: . . Follow the National Turkey Federation on social media: . . Follow Inside the Bullseye on Facebook and Instagram! @InsidetheBullseye
November 25, 2021
BONUS: Turkey Talk
10 minutes – that’s all you need to set the tone for the holidays! We’re talking about the star of our holiday feasts – TURKEY! Fun facts (Do you know why commercial turkeys are bred to have white feathers?), preparing poultry and Amy shares a great recipe to give you the taste of Thanksgiving without having to prepare a whole bird. (It takes 5 mins. to prep and only uses 6 ingredients!) . . “Oh no, it’s Thanksgiving Day and my turkey is still frozen? What do I do???” First of all, don’t panic – here’s what food experts recommend – Click Here. . . Countdown to a Food Safe Thanksgiving – Food Safety Tips for Your Holiday Turkey – . . Want the recipe for the Crockpot Cranberry Turkey?? Check out Inside the Bullseye on Facebook or Instagram – Just search Inside the Bullseye. . . Join us on Thanksgiving – Our Turkey Talk continues! Episode 18 will be streaming Nov. 25, 2021. We’re chatting with the National Turkey Federation talking: - Are turkeys raised in cages? - Are they given hormones or steroids? - What about antibiotics? - The growing demand for turkey – it’s more than just the whole bird - Tips to prepare turkey for your next meal
November 20, 2021
“You want to do the man’s job?” Meet Amber Bristow a 5th generation cranberry farmer Ep. 17
As a kid, Amber Bristow watched as her dad “groomed” her older brother to be the next generation to lead the family’s century old cranberry farm. But, it’s Amber who’s came back on the farm breaking those traditional gender-roles in rural America. She’s a wife, new mom, farmer and she has a following of more than 10,000 on Instagram. She’s an advocate for the agricultural industry on social media where she details what it like working in the marsh, shares farm facts and adds a splash of color with fun recipes and family life. She shares what started out as a small idea has boomed into this massive social media following. . . Follow Amber on Instagram – CranberryChats . . Want to try Amy’s Great-Grandmother’s Cranberry Sauce recipe? Check it out on the Inside the Bullseye social media pages on Friday, Nov. 19 – Facebook and Instagram. If you end up making it – let us know what you think! While you’re there, don’t forget to give the pages a follow! Thanks! . . If you like what you heard, be sure to share this podcast with a friend! And don’t forget, leave us a review wherever you like to listen to podcasts.
November 19, 2021
Pulse Check – Where we’ve been and where we are going Ep. 16
This podcast is designed for YOU, the consumer. It’s time to weigh in and help drive the conversation. In Ep. 16, we take a second to look back, find out what you want to talk about and give a sneak peak as the conversations that are in the works now. Submit your agricultural questions today: 1) Send an email:  INSIDETHEBULLSEYE@GENUSPLC.COM 2) Send a direct message on Facebook or Instagram – just search @InsidetheBullseye (while you’re there be sure to follow us – thanks!) 3) Leave a comment on one of the @insidethebullseye posts 4) Visit Inside the Bullseye on – click here. At the top of the page, there’s a button that’s labeled “message.” Click that and you can leave a one minute voice message asking your agricultural question. If you like what you’ve heard, let us know by leaving a review wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, it would be great if you could share Inside the Bullseye with a friend. Thanks for your support over the past three months! We are excited for many more conversations.
November 12, 2021
A City Girl’s Journey to the Farm: Aliza Eliazarov Ep. 15
A single chicken nestled into the heart of New York City sends this city girl on an adventure out to the country. Aliza Eliazarov is an award-winning author and photographer. Her book, “On the Farm: Heritage and Heralded Animals Breeds in Portraits and Stories” is an elegant book filled with photos and nuggets of information that details her journey. In her words it was “A desperate need to educate myself and connect and get closer to the natural world.” Over the next several years, Eliazarov researched, talked to farmers, and photographed heritage and heralded breeds of animals – capturing images like you’ve never seen livestock before. In Episode 15, she talks about finding that “connection to the farm,” what inspired this portrait-style book and what you can do if you feel that disconnect like she did. Plus, there’s a surprise guest that pops into the conversation at the 30-minute mark – it will no doubt put a smile on your face. . . “On the Farm: Heritage and Heralded Animals Breeds in Portraits and Stories” is available for order on or wherever you like to buy books. . . You can follow Aliza on Instagram: @aliza.eliazarov . . The goal of Inside the Bullseye is to help you feel that connection back to the farm – just as Aliza described. It’s a journey that will look a bit different for everyone. If you have an agricultural questions – ASK! It could be featured in a future episode. Click here to leave a one-minute voice message.  You can also send an email to insidethebullseye@genusplc.comor reach out on social media (Facebook & Instagram = @insidethebullseye).
November 04, 2021
From the Eyes of a Farmer on the Road Ep. 14
How many combines have you passed this fall? I bet it’s at least a couple. Sharing the road – we hear the perspective from the farmer up in that piece of heavy machinery. What they can see or can't see, their concerns and the close calls. Kevin Heeg is a farmer from Marshfield, WI. He was born and raised on the farm and shares his experience driving farm implements on the road and the dangers that many drivers may not realize. This is a continuation of our conversation in Ep. 11, Slow Down and Share the Road. It seems like a simple concept, but it’s on that could save your life. . . Thank you to the National Farm Medicine Center in Marshfield, WI for connecting Inside the Bullseye with Kevin. . . Do you have an agricultural question? Something you’ve always wondered about? Send it to Inside the Bullseye at insidethebullseye@genusplc.comor on social media (Facebook and Instagram). Your question could be answered in our next episode. . . Inside the Bullseye’s goal is to connect you back to the farm and help you understand why farmers do what they do.
October 29, 2021
Shake up your dinner plans with the help of a beef producer who just happens to be a first-generation farmer Ep. 13
Looking to shake up your dinner plans tonight? That chuck roast you have in the fridge doesn’t have to automatically mean pot roast.  Sarah Wells is a first-generation farmer living in Rio, Wisconsin. During our conversation, she shares her secrets for spicing up dinner and how cooking a traditional chuck roast can serve as the base for several different recipes throughout the week. She also talks about ordering custom meat to fill your freezer – what cuts, the price, and when’s the best time to order. Also, how building connections with your local producers at the farmers market can ease a lot of concerns when it comes to all the “buzz words” we find on food labels – like “grass-fed beef” or “organic.” But honestly, what makes this conversation is what her daughter said when it comes to the life cycle of farm animals – she is wise beyond her years answering a question many consumers have (Don't miss it - it's at the 16 min. mark). . . Want to know about Sarah’s story? Click here for a link to . . The conversation continues on Facebook and Instagram – just search Inside the Bullseye. If you like what you heard, please leave us a review and share this episode with a friend.
October 21, 2021
BONUS: Why farmers use artificial insemination
We had so much fun talking with Brady Zuck, a fifth-generation beef producer from Ladysmith, WI, that we wanted to keep the conversation going. In Ep. 12, we touched on the idea that he uses artificial insemination on his farm. In this BONUS episode, he explains why he uses this practice and how it impacts the products you bring into your home. . . To see more of Brady’s story as a producer you can visit the Wisconsin Beef Council’s website. . . If you enjoyed your time listening or learned something new, please share this episode with a friend. If this sparked some questions for you, PLEASE ASK! At Inside the Bullseye, the goal is to help you feel connected to those farmers that allow you to bring all of your favorite items into home.  Submit your questions at insidethebullseye@genusplc.comor send us a message on social media (Facebook & Instagram).
October 15, 2021
Cows: More than meat and milk Ep. 12
Perfume, shaving cream, deodorant, anti-aging cream and even chewing gum – they come from what?!?! Before you step out the door, there are dozens of items you use that can be traced back to cattle – and we’re talking more than just meat and milk. Brady Zuck, a fifth-generation beef producer, takes us on a tour of his family’s cow-calf operation in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. He talks about the magical superpower cattle possess known as “upcycling,” as well as some of those items used by your family that you may be surprised to know that have a connection to cattle herds just like his. The conversation gets pretty candid, but it’s all important as you explore your own personal connections to the farm. . . To see more of Brady’s story as a producer you can visit the Wisconsin Beef Council’s website. . . If you enjoyed your time listening or learned something new, please share this episode with a friend. If this sparked some questions for you, PLEASE ASK! At Inside the Bullseye, the goal is to help you feel connected to those farmers that allow you to bring all of your favorite items into home.  Submit your questions at insidethebullseye@genusplc.comor send us a message on social media (Facebook & Instagram).
October 14, 2021
Slow Down and Share the Road - Ep. 11
Give this episode 60 seconds and you’ll understand why we’re talking about sharing the road with farm implements. The next 30 minutes that follow, Cheryl Skjolaas, a senior outreach specialist with the UW Center for Agricultural Safety and Health breaks down the rules of the road, the two most common types of crashes that happen during harvest season and why all farm equipment isn’t created equally when it comes to safety standards. I was honestly blown away to learn just how long it takes safety features to become standard for farm implements – it’s 5 to 6 times longer than it does for a standard car! . . . If you want to learn more about what’s legal road practices and how you can keep you and your family safe while out on the road this harvest season, Skjolaas share some extra resources here. . . . If you learned something from our conversation, please share it with a friend. Invite them to follow us here and over our social media pages: Inside the Bullseye.
October 07, 2021
What's for dinner? The common mistakes you're making when buying and preparing meat Ep. 10
A chef turned butcher is educating consumers on "all the things" when it comes to meat. From best cuts, non-traditional cuts (yes, we are talking beef tongue and pigs feet -- before you say "ewwwww" you have to hear us out), what's trending, what are economical options and going as far as connecting the consumer to where and how that animal was raised.  Judson and Monique Branch opened a meat and specialty store in Windsor, WI (a small town outside of Madison), called Branch + Daughter in July 2021.  In our conversation, we talk about a huge trend in meat (that's even resulting in people tailgating outside their store to get a bite), secrets of the trade when it comes to prepping and storing, and how tacos are the 'gateway' to expanding our palates and being more sustainable. We even get as deep as to how to live a long and healthy life. To follow the story of Branch + Daughter and to find out more about the local farmers they are partnering with, visit  They are also on social media - just search Branch + Daughter. See inside the store and a look at some of their menu items by checking out Inside the Bullseye on Instagram or Facebook.
September 30, 2021
Keep or Toss?? Settling the debate over food label dates Ep. 9
“Use before,” “Sell by,” “Expires on,” “Best if used by” -- What do they all mean? And if you pass that date printed on the label, do you have to throw it out immediately? These labels may be doing more harm than good as American are throwing out a third of our food. That's about $161 billion worth each year. Joining the conversation is Kevin Smith, a Senior Advisor in the FDA's Office of Food Safety. He explains what these labels mean, how they are determined and what you can do to cut down on food waste in your home. If you learned something - share this with a friend! And give us a shoutout on social media - @InsidetheBullseye Helpful resources from the FDA: FoodKeeper App Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Chart FDA’s Tips to Avoid Food Waste For more great ideas to reduce food waste follow Inside the Bullseye on Facebook and Instagram. 
September 23, 2021
Get lost in a corn maze Ep. 8
If you’re looking to get lost this fall in a corn maze, you are in good company. Agri-tourism is just one of the ways family farms are making ends meet. In this episode, we explore one of the top 10 corn mazes in the country as named by USA Today. What makes the Treinen corn maze so unique – no GPS equipment is used to create it. It’s all staked out by hand. One of the owners of this Lodi, WI farm, Angie Treinen, talks family farm history, physics, and the creative outlet she’s had over the last 21 years designing not just corn mazes – but works of art. Want to follow along with Treinen Farm story? LIKE them on Facebook at @treinenfarm or visit their website: To see the rest of the Top 10 corn mazes as named by USA Today: If you have an agricultural question – ASK!  Email us at or visit us on Facebook and Instagram @InsideTheBullseye
September 16, 2021
A new kind of class pet Ep. 7
Calling all teachers, educators or organization advisors!  Sign-up today for a FREE program that brings the farm to your kids - Adopt a Cow (not to be confused with Adopt a Dairy Cow featured in Ep. 2).  This program is carefully crafted curriculum that allows kids to get to know a local farmer and a calf.  Each class is paired with a newborn calf.  They then receive progress about her growth and exciting updates – including photos of the cow, live chats from the farm, activity sheets and more.  In this episode, we explore the program with Kaila Fitzl a teacher in Loyal, WI and Karen Doster, the director of youth and school programs for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.  This program saw a "boom" in success due to the pandemic.   Want to sign-up your classroom? Visit BEFORE Sept. 15, 2021 to enroll for this school year. See photos from Kaila Fitzl's class by visiting Inside the Bullseye on Facebook and Instagram -- @insidethebullseye If you are a farmer who would like to get involved and use one of your calves in the program, reach out to  If you are in Wisconsin, you can contact Karen Doster at Do you have more questions surrounding the farm to table movement and what farmers do on the farm? ASK! Send a message at Inside The Bullseye or
September 09, 2021
First-of-its-kind, newest breast milk alternative Ep. 6
The first-of-its-kind baby formula made from goats milk is giving families another option to feed their babies while also building a new market for dairy farmers.  Dr. Nikos Linardakis shares how he's leveraging his Greek upbringing and knowledge to work with dairy farmers and create Bêne Baby Toddler Formula.   Bene Baby Formula was a semi-finalist in the Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge -- a national business competition that showcases U.S. startups developing innovative solutions to challenges facing America’s farmers, ranchers and rural communities. The company's mission: "When you shop with us, you are supporting local communities and providing healthy food for your baby. We’re located in the heart of Wisconsin’s dairyland and only source our products from American farmers and manufacturers." Want to learn more about the formula or try it for yourself, Click Here. Follow Bêne Baby Toddler Formula on Instagram at benebaby_formula. Do you have more questions surrounding the farm to table movement and what farmers do on the farm? ASK! Send a message at Inside The Bullseye or
September 02, 2021
Online Farmers Market: Bringing the farm to YOU! Ep. 5
"We are one failed corn crop away from mass starvation." -Nick Carter, Co-Founder and CEO MarketWagon In our candid conversation, Carter talks about growing up on his family's farm in Indiana, leaving it behind and then eventually returning and starting an online farmers market.  Market Wagon's goal is to connect you back to where your food comes from and gives local farmers the opportunity to "thrive in their local markets."   He explains why he felt he had to create this link between the farmer and consumer. To learn more about the mission of Market Wagon and if it's available in your area, click here.  Market Wagon is also available on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter. Do you have more questions surrounding the farm to table movement and what farmers do on the farm? ASK! Send a message at Inside The Bullseye or
August 26, 2021
BONUS: Witness life on the farm first-hand
There's no better way to learn than by learning hands-on.  Here's your chance to visit 9 different types of farms and see first-hand what they are doing to protect the environment and still deliver the best products you love to use.  It's all part of Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation's Leaders of the Land: A State Sustainability Series.  Rachel Gerbitz, the Director of Sustainability Communications and Partnerships with Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, explains just some of what these individual farms are doing to be more environmentally-friendly.  Some of these farms send their goods to popular companies like Frito-Lay and Ocean Spray. Sign-up here for the Leaders of the Land Series - a tour of 9 Wisconsin farms.  Check with your local Farm Bureau chapter to see what tours are offered in your area. Do you have more questions surrounding sustainability and what farmers do on the farm? ASK! Send a message at Inside The Bullseye or
August 19, 2021
Sorry, sustainable farming isn't a new idea Ep. 4
Protecting those valuable natural resources all while delivering your favorite products. Sustainable farming isn't a new idea.  Farmers have been doing it for generations and are always coming up with new ways to do it better.  Rachel Gerbitz, the Director of Sustainability Communications and Partnerships with Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, starts the conversation of sustainability on the farm and why consumers should care.  This episode just scratches the surface of this topic that will be a recurring one for Inside the Bullseye. CLICK HERE for a more in depth look at some of the sustainability efforts happening on farms in your community.  Sign-up here for the Leaders of the Land Series - a tour of 9 Wisconsin farms.  You can learn more about this in the BONUS episode. Do you have more questions surrounding sustainability and what farmers do on the farm? ASK! Send a message at Inside The Bullseye or
August 19, 2021
What's in my meat? Ep. 3
It's a common concern among consumers, "Is my meat antibiotic- free?"  Consumers also want to know where and how that animal was raised and what did that animal eat.  Tammy Vaassen, the executive director of the Wisconsin Beef Council, explains all of the regulations in place for farmers who's animals end up in the food chain and on your plate. CLICK HERE for new recipes for beef or learn more about how farmers are producing healthy & nutritional products for you and your family through the Beef Quality Assurance Program. Follow the Wisconsin Beef Council on social media: Facebook and Instagram Do you have more questions surrounding the safety regulations in the meat you service your family? ASK! Send a message at Inside The Bullseye or
August 12, 2021
Adopt a Dairy Cow Ep. 2
Milk! For many of us, it's how we start and end our day.  A cold splash on our cereal or a big glass at night to dunk our favorite cookie for that midnight snack.  However, for the thousands of people battling hunger, it's not always available.  In Ep. 2 of Inside the Bullseye, how adopting a dairy cow not only helps put this item on the table, but encourages philanthropy and supports local farmers.  It's a WIN-WIN-WIN! CLICK HERE to donate, see the cows up for adoption, and learn more on how you can start a similar program. Social Media: @secondharvestsw  email:
August 03, 2021
Watching your favorite sports team - Why you can thank a farmer for that! Ep. 1
What’s in my meat? How was that animal raised? Is pleather better than leather? What are GMOs? Should I feed them to my kids? Whatever your question may be – Ask us! Here at Inside the Bullseye, we want to educate you so you feel confident about those daily decisions and you can rest assured that your family is happy and healthy. Agriculture plays so many different roles in our daily lives.  Some of them are obvious, while others you probably never imagined.  So come with us on this journey – Inside the Bullseye host, Amy Pflugshaupt, is happy to be your tour guide and find you the answers to all of your questions. Inside the Bullseye Launches Aug. 12, 2021!  Join us on Facebook and Instagram starting Aug. 2, 2021.
July 26, 2021