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The Celtic Feminine Podcast

The Celtic Feminine Podcast

By Amy Panetta
The Celtic Feminine podcast explores where the streams of Folklore, Ethnomusicology, Celtic Spirituality, and Women’s Studies meet. Often, we will be discussing Celtic Spirituality with a specific emphasis on the Irish cultural landscape.
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Songs for St. Brigid and St. Patrick with Elaine Ní Chiardha
Important Note and Disclaimer: In this episode, we discuss an event that Elaine was planning to carry out, however it had to be canceled due to the current pandemic concerns.  Since this interview was recorded in early March, at the time many protocols were not in place and certain risks were not completely known.  Please be sure to follow the recommendations of your local government on the protocol for appropriate physical distancing, home stay orders, and other safety measures. Please do not take the outdated commentary on the COVID-19 situation in the podcast as an indication to gather in groups if it is against the regulations of your local government.  Please keep an eye on Elaine`s page (link below) for more information on her virtual class and concert offerings! -- On this episode of The Celtic Feminine Podcast, Amy Panetta interviews Elaine Ní Chiardha who is a musician, singer, voiceworker, and shamanic practitioner from Singing the Land.  Elaine is inspired by the healing power and immense beauty of the human voice and spirit, sharing and evolving voicework practices for healing, liberation, empowerment, and fun.  Elaine discusses her music written in dedication to Brigid, as we as Patrick, and their connection with springtime and the earth.  You can find Elaine by going to "Singing the Land" on Facebook and Soundcloud: Singing the Land on Facebook Singing the Land on Soundcloud Intro and Outro Music from the album, "A Year In Ireland" by New Time Ensemble, Used with Permission. You can find out more information about the Music of Brigid Webinar by emailing Amy Panetta at  Thank you!
May 15, 2020
Allison Mondel and The Music, Life, and Legacy of Hildegard von Bingen
In this podcast, Amy Panetta has a conversation with Allison Mondel about the life, music, and legacy of Hildegard von Bingen, a powerful female spiritual figure of the middle ages! Allison Mondel is a highly versatile performing artist and visionary voice coach. She has been lauded by The Washington Post for her "ethereal soprano" and "spare, otherworldly radiance... a performance from across the centuries, full of distant and irresistible beauties.”​ She received her M.M. in Early Music Vocal Performance from the Longy School of Music where she discovered a new love and inspiration: medieval music. Allison has directed Eya since its inception in 2010, crafting programs representative of her artistic vision: to marry art (old and new) with spirituality. She is a notation and performance specialist of the chants of Hildegard von Bingen, and had the honor of singing Hildegard’s music at President Obama’s second Inaugural Prayer Service at Washington National Cathedral. She has offered workshops, classes, and lectures on Hildegard’s unique body of work and other diverse early music repertories throughout the east coast, midwest, and Ireland.  In addition to her medieval performance and scholarship, she has also performed at the Boston Early Music Festival, Washington National Cathedral, Dumbarton Oaks, Irish World Academy at the University of Limerick, American University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Manassas Ballet Theater, and others. Some of her most meaningful work has been in the teaching studio. She has taught singing for over 15 years, including Washington National Cathedral, Georgetown University, and her own private studio. A Transformational Voice Coach, Allison founded Sacred Voice Studios, a holistic teaching and coaching practice which reaches around the world, helping singers transform their relationship with their voice. Links: Sacred Voice Studios - Transformational vocal coaching by Allison Mondel. Intro Music from the album, "A Year In Ireland" by New Time Ensemble, Used with Permission. Outro Music performed by Eya Medieval Ensemble, of which Allison Mondel is the director.  They perform O rubor sanguinis, which is an antiphon to St. Ursula.  Please go here for more information about the Eya Medieval Ensemble.
March 2, 2020
Dolores Whelan, Author of "Ever Ancient, Ever New" and Organizer of the "Brigid of Faughart" Festival
Note: This podcast interview happened in October of 2017 In this podcast, Amy has a conversation with author, educator, spiritual guide, and festival organizer, Dolores Whelan about her book, "Ever Ancient, Ever New: Celtic Spirituality in the 21st Century," The Brigid of Faughart Festival, and the importance of music in honoring Brigid on her February 1st feast day.  Dolores holds an M.Sc in Biochemistry from Trinity College Dublin  and an MA in Spirituality from Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality California founded by Matthew Fox, a radical Dominican priest.  She studied with a number of figures in the New Cosmology movement, such as Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Matthew Fox, Jean Houston, Joanna Macy and others.  Her studies with Creation Centered Spirituality, as well as Native American Spirituality in California eventually led her on a journey of rediscovery of her own spiritual roots back in Ireland.  In 1986 Dolores founded the “Iomlanu Centre for Healing and Creative Living” in one room in her home in Dundalk where she offered courses which focused on either physical, mental emotional or spiritual aspects of the person. The Iomlanu Centre became a beacon of light during the 1980’s and 1990’s attracted many wonderful teachers and seekers until 1997.  Iomlanu Education now is dedicated to the new work she is bringing into the world through talks, lectures, workshops regarding "education in the pursuit of wisdom and wholeness," as the Irish namesake describes.  The Provide education in the pursuit of wisdom and wholeness, as it's Irish namesake.  As Dolores Whelan's website explains, "Iomlanu Education believes that at this time of unprecedented change and crisis what is most needed are new ways of perceiving reality, new ways of thinking, new ways to understand ourselves ,our role and our relationships within the earth community."   Please get in touch with Dolores through email at: or click here for more contact information.   Links: Dolores Whelan's Webpage - blog, events, lectures, courses and pilgrimages.  Brigid of Faughart Page - detailed schedule and information to celebrate Brigid in Dundalk and Faughart the week of Brigid's feast day on February 1st each year.   To get a copy of her book, Ever Ancient, Ever New: Celtic Spirituality in the 21st Century Intro and Outro Music from the album, "A Year In Ireland" by New Time Ensemble, Used with Permission
January 23, 2019
Mael Brigde, Founder of the "Brigit's Sparkling Flame" Blog and "Daughters of the Flame" Flametending Group, Discusses Her Work
In this podcast, Amy has a conversation with Mael Brigde, about her work and connection with Brigid.  Since 2004, Mael has maintained the longest-running, most prolific blog about Brigid entitled, "Brigit's Sparkling Flame" where she collects a variety of different resources about Brigid, such as in links, books, music, and events. She also has her poetry dedicated to Brigid on her "Stone on the Belly" blog.  She founded "Daughters of the Flame," which is the first non-church-based flame tending group dedicated to Brigid, which interestingly enough lit their first flame on Brigid's Eve, January 31st 1993, the same year that the Brigidine sisters in Kildare Ireland relit Brigid's flame.  Currently, Mael teaches online courses dedicated to Brigid. Links: Brigit's Sparkling Flame Blog Stone on the Belly Blog Daughters of the Flame Mael's Brigid Courses: Journey with Brigit - Goddess of Poetry Stepping into Brigit – Goddess Activation Course Discovering Brigit – Goddess and Saint with Mael Brigde Intro and Outro Music from the album, "A Year In Ireland" by New Time Ensemble, Used with Permission
March 9, 2018
Dr. Sabina Magliocco on her book, “Witching Culture,” music in festival and ritual culture, and the importance of Brigid
Today, Amy is talking with Sabina Magliocco on her book, “Witching Culture” and addresses questions listed in historical order, as well as questions on music in festival and ritual culture, and the importance of the figure, Brigid. Sabina Magliocco, Ph.D., who was a Professor of Anthropology at California State, Northridge at the time of the interview, however currently, she is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia.  Dr. Magliocco grew up in Italy and the United States. She has published on religion, folklore, foodways, festival, witchcraft and Neo-Paganism in Europe and the United States. A recipient of Guggenheim, National Endowment for the Humanities, Fulbright and Hewlett fellowships, and an honorary Fellow of the American Folklore Society, she also serves as editor of Western Folklore. Apologies for the lack of clarity in the audio quality at times.
September 6, 2017
Introduction to The Celtic Feminine Podcast and Paper Reading
Welcome to The Celtic Feminine podcast which explores where the streams of Folklore, Ethnomusicology, Celtic Spirituality, and Women’s Studies meet.  Often, we will be discussing Celtic spirituality with a specific emphasis on the Irish cultural landscape. In my first episode today, I would like to give you more background about me, Amy Panetta, MA, and the research that inspired this podcast.   I also would like to present to you my paper entitled, “The Feminine Face of God: Vocal Music Dedicated to Brigid, The Pre-Christian Celtic Goddess and Saint" which was originally presented at the Celtic Studies of North America Conference on April 30, 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia.
August 14, 2017