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PorterFlute Pod

PorterFlute Pod

By Amy Porter
Amy Porter brings in special guests, tells stories and gives inspiring tips learned in her life as a classical musician and entrepreneur. Owner of four small businesses, founder of 2 non-profits, designer of her own teaching brand, Amy Porter leads people in multiple ways. Teaching as a Professor, mentoring as a Coach and collaborating with other artists have led her to create innovative thought in others. Porter Productions LLC brings you Amy Porter asking questions only you can answer.
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Storytime 3: Wm. S. Haynes Flutes: "Welcoming Personal Resonance."

PorterFlute Pod

Storytime 3: Wm. S. Haynes Flutes: "Welcoming Personal Resonance."

PorterFlute Pod

Storytime 3: Wm. S. Haynes Flutes: "Welcoming Personal Resonance."
Three words to describe the Wm. S. Haynes Flutes as cited by Master Finisher and Vice President Steven Finley are brilliant: "welcoming personal, resonance." Today my guest is Artist in Residence Gareth McClearnon for Haynes who brings a history and perspective of a 132-year-old American flute company. After my own (only) 36 years of playing one brand of flute, I decided to begin anew,  and perhaps learn something new from an old flute maker. This time,  I chose the flute maker who embraced the traditions of my grand-teacher, George Barrère.
September 23, 2020
Stay Well, Play Well: Healing Hobbies and Humor
I know that feeling of "Burnout" and  "The Last Straw." At that point I look for some natural spaces and a retreat into Mother Nature. Have you tried silence? Do you have a hobby to gain some perspective in your life? Do you use humor to help in your life? I'll bring some questions to ask yourself to the Pod along with some humor. Everyone needs a giggle from time to time. Enjoy a poem from Patti Adams, some quotes from grade school essays on classical music and a problem from the Musician's Math Test. Featuring the First Sonata by Martinu with Christopher Harding, piano.
September 16, 2020
FriendCast 3: My "Tribe" Anne Stevens for Stella & Dot Family of Brands and Erin Masek for Rodan + Fields Skincare
Meet 2 women I would have never met in my circles. Women I met because I was meant to be lifted up. I was meant to do something radical and take on inspiration from outside my industry to get fresh ideas. There was no plan. I just embraced change. - all words spoken by Jessica Herrin, Founder and CEO of Stella & Dot Family of Brands. I'll cover her 5 Traits for an Extraordinary Leader from her book "Find Your Extraordinary." Featuring the music of Nadine Dyskant-Miller "They Move With No One Watching (Dances) for Flute and Piano. Katie Leung, pianist. Mobile, AL.
September 2, 2020
Go Blue Flutes 3: Grad Edition
This week we speak with Jordan Smith getting his Specialist degree in Flute, Ali Dettmer who finished her first year as a Masters student and Ryan Koesterer, a 2020 Masters graduate and a member of the US Army Reserve and the person I dedicated this podcast to when I premiered it in April. He served for the National Guard for 2 months in April and May. Ali played principal flute in Ravel's Daphnis & Chloe and Jordan Smith gets to disemminate history with John Wummer’s library  that we inherited last year. Come in and hear all about it!
August 26, 2020
Business 101: 3. Marketing yourself digitally: website design
Develop a business mindset with your website/store/blog and have it take  root.  Whether the site is for yourself as a soloist, a repository for your work, or you’re trying to sell something in this  business of music, I can lead you to ask the right questions of yourself. Featuring the Sonatine from the album The Wind Music of Henri Dutilleux this is David Gilliland, Lecturer of Collaborative Piano at the University of Rhode Island.
August 19, 2020
Etudes: 3. Pairings - Brownies and Ice Cream (Boehm & 19th C. French rep)
Every Etude Pod, we want to feature a pairing (a solo piece,chamber piece, or orchestral excerpt) that offers difficult passages and talk about which etudes can enhance your playing and keep up your appetite for the style. Dr. Maria Castillo (UT Knoxville) will highlight some etude pairing facts, and has chosen Brownies and Ice Cream to pair up those virtuosic works we love, like Boehm's Grand Polonaise, Cecil Chaminade's Concertino and Hue's Fantaisie. 
August 12, 2020
Performance Therapy 3: Auditions: Behind the Screen. Meet Mimi Tachouet, Elise Shope and Kelly Zimba
Meet Mimi Tachouet, Elise Henry, and Kelly Zimba, all UMICH Bachelor of Music alumni who won jobs as flutists in the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and Toronto Symphony Orchestra. They give their recollections of the nerves, excuses and the letting go that led to the freedom for them to play as beautifully as they could in their specific three minutes of life... the audition behind the screen.
August 5, 2020
Storytime: 2. Planting Seeds: Meet Aaron Dworkin and Kaori Fujii
Hear stories from violinist Prof. Aaron Dworkin, flutist Kaori Fujii and I'll read a story about our favorite Sonata for Flute and Piano by Francis Poulenc from Jean-Pierre Rampal's autobiography "Music My Love." and seeds that were planted for its growth.
July 29, 2020
Stay Well, Play Well: 2. Everyone's An Athlete. Meet Larry Veasman
Meet my trainer, Larry Veasman. Plus learn about the acronym, SAVERS to help you create a powerful and fulfilling life from the book "The Six Morning Habits of High Performers" by Hal Elrod - with my take on it.
July 22, 2020
FriendCast: 2. Delanie West, Founding Creative Director of BeSuper Creative
Meet Creative Consultant Delanie West, a friend who I can turn to for a good conversation and point of view. Connecting people, naming Black Lives Matter, bringing a black and white female conversation to the Pod. Let's all help heal internalized racism,  celebrate Blackness and stay creative in our shift of culture. We're using the book "How To Be An AntiRacist" by Ibram X. Kendi as a guide.
July 15, 2020
Blue Flutes: 2. Undergrad Edition
We showcase the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance Undergrad Blue Flutes studio experience through the eyes of graduated senior Ayana Terauchi, rising senior Kelli Daugherty and incoming freshmen Alexis, Leo and Adria. Come on in!
July 8, 2020
Business 101: 2. PorterFlute's View of Social Media with Co-Producer Alan J. Tomasetti
Break it down! Come into the classroom of social media for artists with Amy and Alan J. Tomasetti as they discuss the social media journey of Amy Porter to PorterFlute and tips for everyone who wants a platform to express.
July 1, 2020
Etudes: 2. Etudes and the College Journey
It's highly apparent that etudes work for instrumentalists. How can we hear the difference? Commitment is key.
June 24, 2020
Performance Therapy: 2. Creating musical dreams, and meeting realistic goals
Amy Porter provides a framework for you to find your way to meeting your performance goals and seeing your dreams become reality. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do it.
June 17, 2020
Storytime, Who's Got A Good One?: 1. Wissam Boustany and Cheryl Emerson
Guests Wissam Boustany (Lebanon/ UK)  and Cheryl Emerson (USA) reflect on some memories as they relate to PorterFlute. My pod is made up of all the his-tory and her-story and their-story memories so truly, there are awe-inspiring and hair-raising stories in this Pod today. Have fun, and imagine we're sitting around the dinner table.  Clink Forks and Bon Apetit!
June 10, 2020
Stay Well/Play Well: 1. Having Physical, Emotional and Mental Spirit
Amy talks about her journey to her best self at age 55. Hear some tips and stories to motivate your creativity and mindset. The body will go along with you for the journey so don't be afraid to listen to the truth and physicality of being a musician. Move. Now. Even if it's baby steps, just keep moving.
May 27, 2020
Ask Amy: 1. Answering Questions
Podcast #6 - ASK AMY: "How did you become a Haynes Artist (did they ask you, did you go through an audition, what was the process)? What is your normal routine before a performance to calm her nerves? Do you  still get nervous? What etudes does she recommend for players that are 10+ years out of college but want to keep up their skills? How can we create bridges that make studying and experiencing classical music more accessible for peoples of marginalized communities? What are your warm up routines, and does it change depending on the situation you’re in? For those who play in public schools: How do you practice without an instrument (since schools aren’t letting students rent instruments)? Who’s your musical inspirations now (classical and non-classical)? What is the most beautiful piece of music you’ve heard?"
May 20, 2020
FriendCast: 1. Composer Joel Puckett (Peabody Conservatory)
My friend Joel asked to be on my first "FriendCast" Podcast so I said OF COURSE!! Composer Joel Puckett wrote a piece for me called "Shadow of Sirius" for flute, flute choir and Wind Ensemble and it's a top hit in the concerto repertoire for flute players. Listen in as he describes his process and how he hears the flute.
May 13, 2020
Go Blue Flutes: 1. Graduation 2020 and Interview with Justin Sedky
Meet UMICH School of Music Theatre & Dance Graduate and co-producer Justine Sedky in this fourth episode. We interview each other!
May 6, 2020
Business 101: 1. Unlock Your Action
Here is my unique story to share. I am still living my best life despite the hardships that seemed to weigh me down. I took action to work towards specific goals and things became lighter in contrast to what was the illusory thinking, artificial deadlines and unreal negatives. Welcome to my businesses and welcome to who I am - wrapped up in my big spirit - kind of like Snoopy the dog.
April 29, 2020
Etudes: 1. Etudes and the Enneagram
Nine types of personalities in the Enneagram test and there's even a personality test for students!  It take all types to practice etudes. Listen to more than logic behind why they stand the test of time.
April 22, 2020
Performance Therapy: 1. Musical Fear and the Great Unknown
Episode 1 A Renaissance is upon us. The unknown is everything. What fears in music performance can we remove?
April 12, 2020
Porterflute Pod Trailer
Porterflute Pod is launching
April 8, 2020