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This Is Your Village

This Is Your Village

By Amy Thornton
Getting to know the women of Portico - one woman, one conversation, one story at a time.
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A Word of Encouragement
The one where Amy goes off script, has no one to interview, but offers some encouragement for your hard days, and hard seasons. Think of it as her chance to sit down with you and love you in whatever thing you're going through now that feels lonely and hard. It's humbly offered; hopeful and sincere.  Here are the resources I referenced in the podcast:  The Valley of Vision ( Every Moment Holy ( "The Peace of God" by Jay Stocker (link to our Spotify Worship Mix where you can find it:
December 17, 2021
An Evening Chat with Bre Anna Kronlein
In this long awaited 5th installment of This Is Your Village, discover why Bre gets my gold star for October; why she felt right at home the first time she visited Portico; what interesting (and tasty) hobby she developed during quarantine; and her helpful tip for those new to Charlottesville who are looking to put down roots. She shares her passion for community and comfort food, as well as her gift for hospitality. Really, our whole conversation felt a bit like walking up the front steps of Portico into the warmest of welcomes. You won’t want to miss this!
October 15, 2021
A Visit with Sue Wilcox
The only thing that could have made this Thursday morning visit with Sue Wilcox better would have been sharing a cup of tea together while we chatted! Our visit started in England and jumped all around the globe as she shared her testimony as well as some of her missions experiences. There was talk of tea (including the secret to the perfect cup), bees, fermented food, and wholistic medicine, with Sue’s tremendous sense of humor (plus stickers) tying it all together. You won’t want to miss this!
August 12, 2021
A Morning Chat with Laurel (Lolly) Smith
This week my Wednesday began with a chat with Lolly Smith. Listen as we talk about family, motherhood, art, business, and God's redemptive mercy in all of it. Along the way we unpack some of her experiences with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and PPD (postpartum depression), a bit about what her prayer and quiet time has looked like through the years, as well as a brief but animated foray into what she describes as one of her love languages - books!
July 07, 2021
A Conversation with Ruth Yoder
Join me as I sit down with Ruth Yoder. Discover her great idea for a women’s ministry event (hint: it involves books!), stories from her world travels, as well as her professional tips on overcoming procrastination, plus how she has been encouraged to dive deeper into God’s Word in 2021. You’ll want to tune in for this. I had such fun doing this interview!
June 25, 2021
Hello and Welcome with Janet Lohr
The first woman we meet in our Portico Village is Janet Lohr. Listen in as Janet graciously goes first, introduces herself, and shares a bit about how she has seen God redeem some things for her family from 2020, delves into her daily quiet time structure and rhythms, and just generally speaks out of her wisdom as a "Great" in the Portico family. (In case you missed it, I've named the women over 50 in Portico the "Greats." I think their wisdom and long service in the church bear this title out!)
June 17, 2021