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Live Laugh & Love After Loss

Live Laugh & Love After Loss

By Amy Arends
Hello and Welcome to Live Laugh & Love After Loss. I am Amy Arends Certified Oola Life Healing Coach and a Mental Health Advocate. In this podcast I have created a safe space to talk about life after loss of a loved one. To focus on self care and loving yourself. Because having a healthy mind body and soul is crucial for true self happiness. Here we will be open to tell stories and be there for each other. Living Laughing and Loving together everyday. Book a 30 min Discovery Call at- Made4LovebyAmyArends Shop-
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Kris Kendall- When I Die Kit
Kris is young, healthy and believes she has a very long life ahead of her. But having kids, a husband, a business and friends who I want to share specific info with should she die tomorrow. She knew something needs to be in place. After her mother in law passed away unexpectedly in 2018, she really started to evaluate life and death and how she wanted things to be handled after she’s gone. With her background in marketing, writing and corporate philanthropy. She has made it her mission to help others organize their important information for the days and weeks immediately after their passing. With the “When I Die Kit”you too can get your last wishes in writing. To get more information and connect with Kris visit: If you would like to be a guest to tell your story on the podcast or to purchase my chemical free products visit: Peace&Love
February 26, 2021
Kelly Craig
Kelly is Codependency Recovery Coach. Empowering women to shutter there impeding Self sabotage and unleash their inner desires. Specializing in healing Codependency, mindset shifts, and empowerment. She is the Author of Healing a Loved One’s Addiction- Take Back Control of Your Life- Survival Guide for Codependents. Co-Author of Still Beautiful- How to Discover Your Value, Self-Worth & Self-Love Formula by Kelly Falerdeau. Through Kelly’s journey a family addictions. She has learned to use spiritual practices to heal and empower her life. We have heartfelt deep conversation. She opens up to tell her vulnerable stories. To find more information about Kelly visit: No. It has some. This link has everything. To get more information about being a guest in the podcast or to purchase my chemical free products visit:
February 19, 2021
Pam Weaver Baker
Pam Weaver Baker and I discuss how she got through her life challenging moments with essential oils, positive affirmations and finding balance in a daily routine. She is truly a beautiful inspirational person. Please listen, enjoy subscribe and review. You can find more information about Pam Weaver Baker on her Facebook and Instagram. For more information about being a guest to tell your story or would like to purchase my chemical free products visit:
February 12, 2021
Charmagne Garrett
Charmagne and I discuss how essential oils affect brain function, scientific facts, healthy ways of living and natural ways to heal the body. Also why we can’t live without Valor and Joy oil on our body everyday. For more information about being a guest on the podcast, natural healing solutions or to buy my chemical free products visit:
February 5, 2021
Donna Lopez
Donna and I had an amazing conversation about energetic healing through spirit. Donna Lopez is a teacher, medium, author of “Energetic Transmissions through Spirit Photography 2nd Edition” where the unseen became seen. She facilitates energy transmissions with a modality she calls ETS Energetic Transmission Sessions, whereby she moves and transmits energy for the client; moving them beyond their current state, whether physical, mental, or emotional often dissolving issues in real time. She offers a free transmission call each mid-month to anyone in need, has an online store on her website called ETS NOW whereby a client can purchase a variety of pre-recorded energetic transmissions whenever the need arises. She also has a YouTube channel ETS ENERGETIC TRANSMISSION SESSIONS where she shares channeled messages for the monthly, ETS WEEKLIES weekly energy forecasts, and ETS WHISPHERS whereby your specific questions about current events or nature of reality can be addressed. She has shared mediumship, healing since 1992, ordained in 2007, she speaks locally. Her daily life consists of ETS sessions or spiritual readings with clients from all over the world assisting in establishing continuity with the clients’ optimum state of expansion. For more information about Donna Lopez visit If you would like to be a guest, have a story to share, or would like to purchase my chemical free products visit.
January 29, 2021
Jesse Brisendine
Jesse and I discuss skills and tools on how to move forward after loss. Also how he was able to continue on with his life. He truly inspires everyone around him. Jesse Brisendine, is the creator of "Zero Limits Coaching," is a world renowned expert who works with high achievers and organizations to move beyond their limitations, unlock their greatness, & build their Camelot. Business leaders, Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and educators have utilized Jesse's services to break through limiting beliefs, uncover their unique purpose, build thriving businesses, and live fulfilling lives. Jesse is a big fan of buffets, professional wrestling, and finding the silver lining in any situation. You can find him on a Handful of Hope Podcast For more information about telling your story and being a guest on Live Laugh & Love After Loss or start your chemical lifestyle journey, and purchase my chemical free products visit Get ready to feel inspired and fulfilled. Enjoy the show. Peace&Love 💞
January 22, 2021
Ciana Keller
Ciana and I discuss natural healing techniques, daily practices and how she helped her son cope after the loss of his friend. She is an Oola certified life coach, Young Living Essential Oils gold leader and childbirth educator and birth Doula also homeschooling mentor. I am here to help people make informed decisions and live life with passion and purpose. She’s also an Amazing Wife and Mama of 3 children.
January 15, 2021
Luiza Martin
Luiza is a suicide survivor and a survivor of suicide attempts. She has also created Suicide Loss Awareness Facebook page. In this episode we discuss how she coped after her loss and her acceptance to forgive and move forward.
January 8, 2021
Brenda Adelman
Brenda Adelman is an award-winning actress, a recipient of a Hero of Forgiveness award and has a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology. She’s been interviewed on Fox TV news and NPR. She’s performed her critically acclaimed one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, based on her life story and spoken on how to use your life story to heal, inspire others and make money for over 12,000 people worldwide for audiences as diverse as women prisoners, youth-at-risk, spiritual communities and at theatre festivals. She is a speaker, transformational coach and solo show mentor/director with clients performing their solo-shows and talks on stages in the US, Canada and Europe. Get her free training: I highly recommend this for anyone who is ready. Tell Your Story. Heal Yourself. Create More Wealth here: Peace&Love Thank you
January 2, 2021
Rev. Jenn Cormier
It was truly a pleasure to talk with Rev. Jenn Cormier about healing naturally after loss of a loved one.. She is a Grief Guide and Ceremonial Artist who brings 20 years of experience in the Healing Arts to clients who are moving through life transitions, grief and celebrations. Jenn knows that the grief process is one of the most important healing journeys a person can ever go on. She learned this during a conscious year long journey with grief after the death of her Dad in 2012. This year long 'walk with grief' transformed her life. Ever since, Jenn is committed to the evolution of how we relate to death and walk with our grief. This year Jenn founded a free online community called 'Grief and Grace' where members can connect deeply to their process and to each other as well as receive teachings. She has created a framework called the '7 Grace Gateways' to support people suffering with loss. This practice was developed to consciously connect the emotional experience of loss with the physical body. These powerful practices guide clients back to the present through their bodies. When we can include our body in our grieving process we can move what is stuck and remember our wholeness. When we can see grief as a creative collaborator in our lives we can open the door to find healing, love more fully, and live a more satisfying life. You are invited to join the Online Community to receive your free Guide: "Seven Gateways to Walk your Grief with Grace" If you would like this beautiful guide click the link here: Always remember to Live Laugh & Love
December 18, 2020
Rev. Dr. Natalie Vail
I had the honor and pleasure of speaking to Reverend Doctor Natalie Vail. She has beautiful wisdom and insights on how to heal naturally after loss. She is a double-board certified licensed acupuncturist, ordained Spiritualist minister, herbalist, certified psychic-medium, Reiki Master, Feng Shui consultant, and initiated Shamanic Priestess with more than 30 years of experience as a Healer. She has a private practice in San Diego, California but also works remotely with clients worldwide. Her personal mission is share ancient wisdom and hold sacred space for people to heal their deepest wounds through compassion and courage. For more information visit- Website:
December 10, 2020
Caro Brookings
Caro and I discuss the loss and stigma about suicide. How she overcame the difficult loss of her Mum. To becoming a Suicide Bereavement Coach now. So she can be there to help others who have endured the loss. You can find Caro at:
December 7, 2020
My Story
This is my raw vulnerable self talking about my loss story and journey.
December 4, 2020
Intro to Live Laugh & Love After Loss with Amy Arends
Introduction to the safe place I’ve created to share after loss of a loved one.
December 4, 2020