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How Failure Makes You Better 🏂🏂 - Episode 17

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How Failure Makes You Better 🏂🏂 - Episode 17
As a Coloradan, I take full advantage of my proximity to the ski slopes. When I ride, I spend tons of time climbing out of snowdrifts. Why? Because I run at the edge of what I’m able to do. In this week's podcast, I am going to share what snowboarding taught me about failure.  For fresh weekly email content on marketing, join our free Analytive newsletter:
February 4, 2019
How to Share Your Success Authentically 🏆🏆 - Episode 16
Why do we feel so connected to successful people? Most times, it's because they are presenting their journey authentically. In this week's podcast, we will why sharing your human side with your audience will actually strengthen your brand story. For fresh weekly email content on marketing, join our newsletter:
January 23, 2019
How to Match Bait to Critter in Marketing 🦌🦌 - Episode 15
In order to attract critters (leads) to your business, you must offer the right bait (content). In this week's podcast episode, we discuss how to create the ultimate offering that will both attract and be valuable for your potential clients.  For fresh weekly email content on marketing, join our newsletter:
January 15, 2019
How to Market to Your Audience Like a Parade 🥁🥁 - Episode 14
Similar to the dynamic nature of a parade, people are always moving in and out of your market. As a marketer, your audience is not static.  In this week's podcast, we will discuss why is so important to be constantly in-market to continuously captivate your crowd.  For fresh weekly content on marketing, join our newsletter at
January 8, 2019
How to Generate Sales from the Largest Clients in Your Industry 📈📈 - Episode 13
When it comes to lead generation, use a spear, not a net. In this week's episode, we have an exciting announcement as well as FULL audio from our webinar about Analytive's latest initiative, XABM. Listen now and let's start getting your business more value with less waste. Learn more about XABM at
December 3, 2018
How to Blow Your Entire Marketing Budget 💨💨 - Episode 12
The truth is: the quickest way to blow your marketing budget is to be “creative." Your advertising needs to sell. In this week's podcast, we discuss how to avoid the "creative advertising" trap. For fresh weekly email content on marketing, join our newsletter:
November 20, 2018
How to Sweeten Your Offer with Content 🍭🍭 - Episode 11
Learn how to create a killer offer and then sweeten by providing valuable content as part of the offering. It's a low cost, high impact way to create more value for your customers.
October 15, 2018
The Power of Hidden Benefits to Sell 🌚🌚 - Episode 10
The Hidden Benefit may be the number one thing missing in your sales copy. Learn how to leverage The Hidden Benefit for your business. For fresh weekly email content on marketing, join our newsletter:
July 10, 2018
The Secret Conversion Marketers Don’t Want You To Know 🙊🙊- Episode 9
What happens when you actually look at the way some of the top conversion marketers build their own brands? Do their actions line up with their talk? Let's find out.
June 18, 2018
Losing the Fight (Literally) And Still Winning Big 🥊🥊 - Episode 8
For those of you who follow boxing or MMA, you'll remember August 26th, 2017. Connor McGregor took on Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match. Mayweather is the best of this generation when it comes to boxing. McGregor wasn’t even a boxer, he was an MMA fighter. On paper McGregor lost the fight. But for McGregor's career, it changed everything. For fresh weekly email content on marketing, join our newsletter:
June 6, 2018
The Illusion of Precision 🌀🌀 - Episode 7
When we look at marketing data and analytics, it's so easy to focus on the precise numbers and metrics. In this Podcast, we talk about how precision is an illusion and what we should focus on instead.
June 4, 2018
What Bicycle Riding Taught Me About Marketing and Life 🚲 🚲 - Episode 6
I was about five years old when I got my first bike. It was a Christmas present. Like all good Christmas presents, it required a bit of assembly. I remember my dad putting it together and then putting on the training wheels. I loved that bike. There were thee houses on our block, and I used to ride it back and forth for hours at a time. Once I started to understand how to ride, the day came where Dad took off the training wheels. This led to a few crashes and skinned knees, but as I got the hang of it, I learned one of the most important lessons in my life. I just didn’t know it at the time. When you’re riding a bike, it’s not difficult to stay upright as long as you’re moving forward. But staying upright after you stop is almost impossible. Hear past Analytive Podcasts: For fresh weekly email content on marketing, join our newsletter:
April 19, 2018
How Not to Be Boring 😴😴 - Episode 5 - The Analytive Podcast
I hold in my hand a corporate marketers dream piece. It’s a check in the box. It’s enough for someone to say “Look what we created!” and then forget about it the next moment. In a word, it’s boring. But here’s the truth: boring doesn’t attract attention. Boring doesn’t sell. Boring doesn’t make a difference. Boring doesn’t change the world. Boring doesn’t drive engagement. Boring doesn’t build the future. Boring isn’t even read. It’s skimmed, then dropped. Do you have to be over-the-top crazy? No. Do you have to be offensive? No. But do you have to be boring? Absolutely not. In this podcast, we break out five ways you can avoid creating boring content. It's easier than you think.
April 9, 2018
Why Content Matters❗❗ - Episode 4
We all consume content. We listen to podcasts. We watch YouTube. We watch TV. Content marketing isn't just a fad. It is the way you'll get discovered online. In this podcast we talk about why content matters and whether this strategy will change over the next 5-10 years. Listen on itunes: Listen on our website: For fresh weekly email content on marketing, join our newsletter:
April 7, 2018
The Episode Where I Download and Analyze My Own Facebook Data😱 😱 - Episode 3
In this episode, I download all the data Facebook has collected on me over the past 10-15 years. Here's what we discuss: - How much data was correct? - How much data was incorrect? - What data was missing? - Do I trust Facebook's marketing data? If you'd like to download your own data, you can click the link below for instructions on how to do that. Once you do that, I'd love to know how accurate you think your own Facebook data is on you. Download your data:  Hear past Analytive Podcasts: For fresh weekly email content on marketing, join our newsletter:
April 3, 2018
Intro to Blockchain and How It Might Impact Marketing ⛓💸 - Episode 2
Welcome to Episode 2 of the Analytive Podcast! In this episode, we talk about bitcoin, blockchain, and the impact that it could have on the marketing industry. Will blockchain fundamentally change the way we do marketing? Or is it just a bunch of hype? In this episode, we do our best to give answers to those questions.  To get alerted of new emails, join our mailing list by going to
March 30, 2018
How A New Roof and a Flat Tire Taught Me Branding 🏠🚗 - Episode 1
In the first episode of the Analytive Podcast, we discuss how two companies (a roofer and a mechanic) gave me a *very* different brand experience on the same day. And how branding is more than just logos and colors. For fresh weekly email content on marketing, join our newsletter:
March 29, 2018
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