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Lettuce Be Friends

Lettuce Be Friends

By Anastasia McAdams
a place to laugh & feel joyful!
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Lettuce Catch Up Little Cuties!
It's been a while! In this episode I catch you all up on what I have been up to. 
July 19, 2021
Lettuce Talk About Positivity!
There are three lines that are said to me frequently:  1. WOW! You smile really hard. 2. WOW! You have a loud laugh! Your laugh echos through the hall! 3. Your enthusiasm is scaring everyone.  And I take each one of these things as a compliment!  Listen in to how I went from being anxious and depressed to simply anxious and hella positive! Happy listening friends!!
May 27, 2021
MY JOURNEY: Body Image, Nutrition, & Fitness
My journey with body image, nutrition, and fitness! From no self-confidence, to an eating disorder, to feeling happy and confident in my skin!
May 5, 2021
Just me, talking to my friends!
Hi guys! Episode 2 is HERE! So take a listen 🙂 In this episode, I had every intention of bringing you some actual quality content…but plans change. Take a listen if you feel like laughing, listening to my random babbling, & just in general enjoy hearing some positivity! Owen even joins me in this episode
April 29, 2021
Welcome to Lettuce Be Friends!
Hi! I'm Anastasia and I have a blog called "Lettuce Attend"! Soooo… I decided to start a podcast. Is it silly? Yes. Do I expect anyone to listen? Heck no. Do I care? Absolutely not. Life is too short to keep letting days go by & your dreams go with them. As the great Shania Twain once said, “Be a winner-be a star, be happy to be who you are”. And if Shania Twain is saying it, you best believe I’m doing it. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and I can’t wait for us to be FRIENDS!
April 29, 2021