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Basic Human Liver Anatomy And Functions.

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Weekly Lectures on human anatomy and physiology. Best for undergraduate students entering any medical and or health profession degree program. Sam your host of the Anatomy & Physiology for Students is a 20 year healthcare educator and hospital clinician. He will give informative and entertaining lectures on all things Anatomy & Physiology. You can also visit our site at
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Basic Human Liver Anatomy And Functions.
In this episode we discuss some basic liver anatomy. It’s function in the human body. Some of the common diseases of the liver. Also how to keep the liver healthy in order to function efficiently in the human body.
January 15, 2019
Anatomy & Physiology for Students Introduction
Introduction to the Anatomy & Physiology for Students podcast. Learn what this podcast is about and how it will help you as a medical or allied health professional student in school. Learn from our lectures and become proficient in the topics we discuss on the podcast.
January 11, 2019
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