In the Effects of The Bible

An episode of Nchored

By Monalisa Chishato
Tune in Every Thursday and receive a God inspired , Bible based brief message to keep you anchored to the Rock. Isaiah 28: 16 #Nchored
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How to Show God You Love Him
Let's talk about how to show God you love him ! You can't buy him flowers or Socks so what can you Do ??
February 14, 2019
5 Heart Postures By David
Join me in discovering the heart postures , especially the ones you can have during a forgiveness Prayer ..
February 7, 2019
Are you praying the wrong way
Join Mona To figure out if you have been praying correctly
January 31, 2019
Be Transformed : By Bible Reading
Foundation Series ! Start your 2019 Right with the right foundation for your relationship with God. This is the last episode on the Bible 😞, we speak on how to be a BibleBot Transformer (autobot-transformers? get it ? No okay just listen to the Episodes 😂)
January 24, 2019
In the Effects of The Bible
Ever wonder how exactly the Bible changes you ? Like how is reading the Good Book going to change you ... Let's get anchored in the effects of the Bible .
January 10, 2019
Basic : Bible
Since it's New year ,I know a lot of you wanna be right with God so let's speak on the BASIC Tools that you need for your New Year New Me vibes . Basic : Bible is Part 1
January 3, 2019
Are You Speaking to me God ?
I ramble about how to filter through the "what God has said" to get to what God has said. Confusing I know ..just take a listen
December 27, 2018
What is your Idol ?
Introooo!!! After Blogging about it ,people had questions so Instead of writing I thought let's just Ramble . I speak on idols and how to ID them in your life .#HostedByMoe
December 20, 2018
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