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The Signs

The Signs

By The signs
The Signs is a podcast about astrology, the occult and all things esoteric.
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Venus Retrograde 2020

The Signs

Back to basics
Lizzi and Andrea discuss the Signs, Planets, and Houses. Think of this episode as an introduction to astrology. Listen along as we decode each subject and talk about our personal experiences with the birth chart.✨
July 9, 2020
The Challenging House + Quincunxes
Andréa & Lizzi talk about the 6th, 8th and 12th houses and why they are considered the most challenging houses in astrology. We also touch on the minor (not so minor) aspect, the quincunx. Lastly, we cover what’s going on in the sky with the current astrological forecast! @thesignspodcast
June 12, 2020
Annual Profections & Time Lords
Find out what planets and themes are activated in your chart based on annual profections. On your birthday, based on your age, a certain house, sign and planet(s) will give important clues as to what topics you will be dealing with this year.
May 30, 2020
The Dark Side of the Zodiac Signs
It’s roast time. Lizzi and Andréa pair up late night to discuss the less than pleasant side of each sign. All in good fun of course! @thesignspodcast
May 13, 2020
Venus Retrograde 2020
By now most people are familiar with mercury retrograde and it’s effects on communication and technology but did you Venus (along with all other planets) retrogrades as well? Lizzi and Andréa discuss the upcoming Venus in Gemini rx and what that means for you based on where Gemini is in your natal chart! The planet of love, money and beauty asks us to look within and reassess our values ♥️
April 27, 2020
Taurus Season + The 7 Clair’s
Lizzi and Andréa come together to talk about the 7 types of psychic abilities and how to spot them in the natal chart! We also welcome in Taurus season (and the new moon), the most sensual sign of the zodiac. Listen in now and don’t forget to follow us @thesignspodcast
April 20, 2020
Synastry + Love Aspects
Andréa and Lizzi dive into synastry and composite charts; two techniques that are said to show compatibility between two individuals natal charts. Join us and learn about the best aspects to have between two people and what to look out for. @thesignspodcast
April 13, 2020
Unaspected Planets + Full Moon in Libra
Lizzi and Andréa join up to talk about one of their favorite but rare occurrences in a natal chart, unaspected planets! We also discuss the upcoming pink full moon in libra and offer a few easy recipes to create under the moon. Follow @thesignspodcast
April 6, 2020
Saturn in Aquarius + COVID-19
In this episode Andréa and Lizzi discuss what astrology can tell us about COVID-19. We also touch on the topic of Saturn returns and begin our series of teaching you the planetary aspects. The aspect focus in this episode is conjunctions. Enjoy! @thesignspodcast
March 30, 2020
Interview w/ Melisa Owner of The Ninth House.
Lizzi and Andrea sit down with Melisa the owner and creator of the Ninth House here in Tucson, Az. A witchy/metaphysical shop for locals. We discuss tarot and astrology as well as our introduction to the occult’s.
March 23, 2020
The Signs Birth Chart + The Houses
In this episode of The Signs, Andréa and Lizzi break down the meaning of each of the astrological houses. Using The Signs Podcast birth chart we review all 12 houses and give examples of how to apply them to your own chart.
March 15, 2020
Astrology and Dreams
Lizzi and Andrea discuss the links between astrology and dreams as well as how to lucid dream. We also discuss tarot and oracle decks with live readings on the episode. Follow us on IG @thesignspodcast
March 9, 2020
Introduction: Meet The Signs!
Welcome to The Signs! Meet Lizzi and Andrea two Cancer Moons obsessed about Astrology and the occults. Join us as we talk about Divination, Magick, Astrology, Motherhood, and all things Esoteric. Follow us on IG @thesignspodcast
March 2, 2020