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By Andrea Byrne
Welcome to ‘Making Babies’, a podcast presented by broadcaster Andrea Byrne. Making babies is meant to be full of fun! But it turns out 1 in 6 couples don’t find it so easy. So if you, your partner, your family, your friends or your colleagues need some help navigating the world of fertility, we are here to help you. By hearing from people with a wealth of personal experience and professional expertise, you may not feel so alone. So, let’s talk sex, yes, but also all the other ways of making babies!
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Do you have children?


The mind-body connection? An holistic approach to treatment.
In this episode, newscaster and podcaster Andrea Byrne looks at alternative ways to help and support a fertility journey using practices such as  reflexology, yoga and acupuncture.  How is the mind and body connected and how can we approach treatment holistically to help our whole being.  Many of you will be familiar with the medicalised route of injections, egg collection and, hopefully, transfers.  In this session we look at alternatives to traditional IVF treatment such as reproductive reflexology and we look at possible holistic ways to support your treatment and 'de-stress' with yoga, breathing, meditation, reflexology or acupuncture.  Andrea is joined by Diana Brook from Diana Brook Yoga and Chrissie Bonner from The Reflexology Studio.  Alice Matthews also joins the conversation from Fertility Network UK to provide an impartial overview.
April 9, 2021
This episode is poignant to me because it’s something we looked into.  There are all sorts of reasons couples look at surrogacy and there are also different types of surrogacy.  And this will all be explained! I’ll be chatting to Natalie Gamble from NGA Law who will talk us through the details and legalities of surrogacy arrangements in this country and abroad, Stephen Ashe who is client manager for those who are hoping to find a surrogate to have a baby - who you will hear a lot called intended parents - and he works for the non-profit service Brilliant Beginnings. Other services are available including Surrogacy UK and COTS.  I should say Stephen and his partner started their family with a surrogate, so he really does have first-hand knowledge.  And I’m delighted to say joining the conversation Teresa Cootes - a surrogate mum herself.  So all angles covered here today!
March 13, 2021
Navigating Miscarriage
News presenter Andrea Byrne is joined by Ruth from The Miscarriage Association and a friend of hers, Danielle, who shares her experiences of losing babies to miscarriage several times. We talk about everything from how many women have them;  why people might have them; how hard the process is; what emotions men are going through; and what it means when you do go ahead and try and again.  Have a pen and paper handy as there's a lot of info.  Perhaps also a box of tissues!  I know you'll get so much out of hearing Danielle talk so openly too.
February 3, 2021
Ask the experts: explaining your infertility
This week two fabulous ladies, Kelly and Dionne, join me on the 'Making Babies' podcast alongside Obstetrician Dr Phil Banfield.  Kelly and Dionne talk to me about their experiences of PCOS and endometriosis respectively and how they are nervous about venturing into IVF for the first time.  Dr Phil talks us through the science and answers their questions and yours.  We also explore secondary infertility.  Remember, if you have a question, get in touch: @andreabyrnetv
December 7, 2020
Men Matters
Ep 2: "Men Matters".  Andrea and her husband Lee Byrne (former Wales rugby international) are joined by Kevin Button - also known as 'The Man Cave' and his wife Nicky.  Kevin has is building a fertility support club for men using via his social media, after being diagnosed himself with male infertility and suffering hugely with his mental health.  Even though 50 % of infertility cases are male factor, it just doesn't get talked about very much.  And men supporting their female partners going through treatment tend not to share so much either.  So, let's get talking, normalize the conversation, break that taboo and try to change things with this podcast!  
November 15, 2020
Do you have children?
How do you respond when you are asked if you have children?  What do you do when you are struggling with that christening invite? Is it really a ‘thing’ to be too stressed to fall pregnant?  How can you stay positive during treatment? In this first episode of this podcast, Andrea Byrne is joined by fertility counsellor Wendy Martin and Alice Matthews from Fertility Network UK for a conversation confronting the often unspoken dilemmas that present themselves when ‘making babies’ turns out not to be as easy as it sounds.
October 29, 2020