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Fortuna Living Spirit

Fortuna Living Spirit

By Andrea Ramirez Fortuna Living
Hey there! Welcome to Fortuna Living
I am Andrea, founder of Fortuna Living.

I am a channeler medium and spiritual coach/counselor bringing spirituality and entrepreneurship together. Focus, flow, abundance mentality, and self-care.

Well-being is my highest value, and so, I share my knowledge with the main focus on all-around well-being, from spirit.
Spirit is our essence, who we really are. The source of peace and wisdom.

“To do things right, first you need love, then technique” Antoni Gaudí
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Error 404, Intentions for 2022 not manifested (yet)
Some people are already dropping some of their intentions list for this year because they are not achieving them, hence feeling bad and often panicked about it.
January 31, 2022
No matter what is to come, no matter what there is, keep yourself rooted. Open to the higher consciousness of spirit, connect it with your soul and your heart like a strong, beautiful open flower that shines with the strength of a thousand rays of sunshine. Make your way through Earth knowing the universe supports you. See with the eyes of consciousness the support of life in everything you do
January 21, 2022
Success and Mindfulness, achieving goals holistically
When we are standing on the path towards our goal, we must practice mindfulness every step of the way as if we were walking on a narrow path in a forest, where we can only see the next step we are making.
January 21, 2022
Meditation supplements
Meditation is more than an action or the lack of action, to sit in one space, closing your eyes, and breathing. Meditation is more than waiting for the absence of thought and emotion to touch the void of the infinite spirit and soul that inhabits within the body All those silent, focused moments we experience throughout the day such as moments of gratitude, savoring, and appreciation are also moments of meditation
January 21, 2022
At that moment, when you are in your body, you become present. You are in the here and now. And if you thought that going out running after a shit day was the best choice, maybe your body is telling you, I don’t need to go out running right now. What I need is a bath. I don’t need to go running out right now. What I need is to drink tea and go to bed. But sometimes society, the matrix, all the social convention, everything that we watch on TV, everything that we hear from people from our surroundings points towards “you must be productive.”
January 21, 2022
Sometimes, we react instead of acting on the situation, and the reaction is all we have when we can no longer defend ourselves or explain ourselves. Then all these mechanisms trigger a fight, flight, fawn, or freeze response which is a way to get us out of any situation that we don’t know how to act.
January 21, 2022
Purpose and entrepreneurship
When we put together spirituality and entrepreneurship: we have a purpose; this marriage brings purpose to our life, not only to our business but to our life. When we live out of focus, we think the purpose is having your company on the Forbes list or be the best in the West, to be the most successful, to be the most shark-like to be even hated a little bit because you're so good, that you even break other people just for you to win. Is that purpose?
November 01, 2021
Spirituality and Entrepreneurship
So a lot of what I do, I call spiritual coaching for entrepreneurs because of my own experience, what happened to me. I am a very spiritual person; for me, spirituality is not something that keeps your head in the clouds or that you believe in some power outside of yourself. For me, spirituality is something as simple as being mindful. Take care of your body, your mind, your thoughts, the energy you spend, and the energy you invest in reconnecting with your intuition.
October 31, 2021
Channeled messsage: Sacred geometry and meditation
There is a lot of wisdom in sacred geometry as it holds the patterns of creation in the same way you have designs to confecting clothing and blueprints for constructions. The universe reality has its own rules, and the sacred codes of sacred geometry guard them. Every curve, every line holds a message that decodes to the person observing it. It is truly magical to bring forth creation in your life and soul and give birth in your consciousness to the light and wisdom of these sacred figures. We bring this subject to attention, the presence of these elements and symbols in your reality is becoming prominent. And it is because they have come here to restore the order of everything that has been deviated from its true divine purpose.
October 19, 2021
Channeled Message: Gratitude and Manifesting
Gratefulness is a subject that needs to be addressed. Gratefulness and the transformation of the soul to be ready to receive blessings are hand in hand. A lot is said and talked about gratefulness, but very little is explained about how important the minor details of gratitude are the greatest gifts of soul transformation. When we talk about gratefulness, we notice that there is a lot of attraction for bringing gratitude towards more significant material objects present in life. But how about the little gifts?
October 19, 2021
Channeled Message: Meditation and Healing
With the shifting of the world, everything in your history,  the changing seasons, and the changing circumstances of life, only one thing remains the same: the peace and the quiet of the Spirit in the inner chambers of your soul. Meditation has a strong impact not only on your physical body but your energy body as well. When you meditate, you’re drawing light into your energy body, and like a prism, you filter all that light through the different crystals of your soul, bringing color and light to your electromagnetic field and the eye of your mind.
October 19, 2021
Channeled Message: Solstice
Solstice is a time of the year when the light makes itself manifest in all its many colors. It’s a time for regeneration and rejuvenation. It’s a time for letting go and building up. It’s a beautiful time to weigh in all that you have, all your blessings, all your burdens, all that you carry. All that represents weight in your life. It’s time to take inventory of where you are on your life’s path. It’s time to use that light and bring it in yourself to see without shame, without doubt, what is it in your life that you genuinely need to change? What is it in your life that you truly need to let go? What is it in your life that you need to nurture and become a caretaker? What are the parts of your life that you need to illuminate and love?
October 19, 2021
Channeled Message: Autumn, the sacred threshold
The change from summer into autumn and later into winter is also a process happening in your physical body and energy body. The light and the heat of the summer have brought all these beautiful codes of light and color. And they are imprinted in your energy matrix and your energy field, invigorating it, lighting it up with sparkling beautiful golden light. But this heat and this light are also like a furnace. As the process of purifying gold, every time you go through summer is like a furnace of the soul, but not a negative one! Here you get flooded with light and energy and renewal. Light codes coming from the universe through the sun, permeate your energy body, mind, vision, physical body, skin, muscles, and all your systems.
October 17, 2021
Tarot: History and Personal Evolution
The origin of the Tarot is not clear, nor the language it derives, and what games inspired it. The first written reference to the Tarot dates from 1227 and tells us: “the Italian children are instructed with the knowledge of the virtues with cards called “carticellas.” These cards could be the origin of the famous Tarot de Marseille, and only 17 cards from 1392 exist. Looking at these dates, we see that the Inquisition had an essential role in perpetuating the Tarot as a medium for transmitting truths and knowledge that during that time became “occult” as pagans became heretics.
August 03, 2021
Female power and the energy to transform the world, a spiritual view
When we look for pictures of powerful or empowered women, the usual picture we see is a woman in a suit, running the world with strength and confidence, being a leader and a winner. The same description can be applied to a powerful man though. So, what is an empowered woman from spirit? As a channeler, I decided to ask the Divine and this message came to me: Our greatest gift as women, is bringing beauty into the world. As new age as this might sound for some, stop right now and look all around you. Look at yourself. We thrive in beauty, we surround ourselves with it and as we are many expressions of the same divine energy, we express beauty in many forms.
August 03, 2021
The importance of color in our lives
Have you noticed how your mood changes depending on sunshine or rain, or when there are changes in the season? Do you feel energized or lethargic, happy or sad, depending on the light outside? On a basic level, light and dark affects how we feel and also how our physical bodies work. Our natural wake-sleep cycle, also known as circadian rhythm, changes when we are in winter or summer. Not surprisingly, it can also be affected when we have a color deficiency. Color deficiency usually happens when we spend too much time indoors or under artificial lighting. Some effects are altered intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical state.
August 03, 2021
Programming the water
According to Masaru Emoto’s research, water has memory. Water absorbs and “remembers” the emotions or energy it came in contact with. A practical way to use this method for our daily benefit is...
August 03, 2021
What is a witch? A channeled answer from the Divine
What is a witch? A channeled message. When thinking about writing an article, the question, what is a witch? came to my head. After centuries of history, that word has been the target of devotion and hate, equally. So as a channeler, I decided to ask the Divine: What is a witch, from spirit?
July 24, 2021
What is Hooponopono?
Ho oponopono is an ancient practice rooted in Hawaiian tradition. Ho oponopono means “bring back to perfection” or to correct the wrong. Ho oponopono is a healing technique that helps erase memories or programs that create suffering in our life.
July 24, 2021
What is Reiki?
Reiki is a way of channeling the Universal energy through the hands. This energy is used for healing not only our physical body but our subtle body as well. There are many different types of Reiki practices, but the traditional is known as Usui Reiki, from Japan. Mr. Usui is the person that brought this enlightened knowledge to the world after a very special trip to the mountains.
July 24, 2021
What are the chakras?
Our body is more than we can see or touch. From old traditions and sages, we know that our body also has a subtle part made of energy. Just as our biological body has its energy centers or main organs that facilitate the optimum state of our health, our energy body has energy centers that look after our well-being the same way. The chakras are the energy centers of our body, and they are seven.
July 24, 2021
What is Channeling?
Channeling is an innate ability, much like Reiki, where you channel the energies or Chi of the Universe. In Reiki, you become a cable where the energy goes through, and you are taught a specific protocol, a “tuning” of your energy channel. To be a channeler is the same. You are “tuned” to very specific energy and vibration, where there’s no room for other distractions or interferences to happen, including the ego. In everyday life, listening to our intuition is a form of channeling. That “voice” within comes out as the feeling something is happening, and when we pay attention, most of the time we know exactly what to do. Not only that, most times we listened and acted, it turns out we did the right thing. During times of sadness or sorrow, we feel hope growing from within. Listening to hope´s messages of a better tomorrow is also a form of channeling. Channeling is a process of receiving a signal like a tv, that gets filtered through the person receiving the energy, into messages. When I go into the channel, I enter a light state of trance or mediumship. Once connected, messages are received and expressed in words. Some people can channel and express the messages with art like painting or creating music. This technique can help anybody starting on a spiritual path or someone looking to receive messages that will be spiritually meaningful. Another possibility channeling offers is to connect to the consciousness of loved ones that have already passed the veil. When we do this, we connect to the energetic imprint of the person in this reality. We can also connect to the consciousness of our pets, who already are very much connected to the source, to know more about them and how they feel. With animals, it is especially interesting. They openly share their likes, dislikes, and their needs. In practice, it is similar to what an animal communicator does. We can fine-tune listening to our inner voice by practicing meditation and other mindful activities like yoga or walking and observing nature.
July 24, 2021