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Wake Up Take A Minute

Wake Up Take A Minute

By Andrea Holman
Singer.Songwriter.Storyteller, Andrea Holman brings authentic, relevant, encouraging stories to Embolden you to live in your Purpose!
“Be You-Cause I’m Taken”!
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“Cult to Country” Michael Ricks tells a story of experiencing God & the Banjo changing his life!

Wake Up Take A Minute

Zvisinei Dzapasi Mamutse-Global Legacy- “I Call On You Sis” Empowering Young Women!
Zvisinei Dzapasi Mamutse-Global Legacy! “I Call On You Sis” journal Empowering Young Women! The journal encourages us to have conversations that matter. Zvisinei, creates a Global Legacy in her Mother’s memory; to educate young women about their bodies, while impacting their ability to stay involved in school & social activities during their monthly cycles. The “I Call On You Sis” journal proceeds fund the Vasikana (girl) Project in Zimbabwe & travels globally into Cincinnati, Ohio! Zvisinei is an immigrant from Zimbabwe who currently is a Ph. D. Candidate & practicing Nurse Practitioner. All the women in her family including her six sisters are involved in the healthcare industry working to educate others. The work started by their Mother, has lead to a Global Legacy of Love & Education; Empowering Women around the world! Her Mother’s Legacy work is impacting generations & shifting mindsets! Her daughter’s work is in honor of an empowered women, Mbuya Dzapasi!
December 02, 2019
Kristi Diane Williams-Finding Peace & Tranquility
Kristi Diane Williams is the creator of KristiKollectionsLLC. Her mission is to make sure that every child feels like they have a Purpose and Valued! KristiKollectionsLLC, is a mental wellness brand that specializes in creating products that promote emotional and mental well-being. She is creating branded everyday products for Children, Teens & Adults that will make them feel Unique and Loved. They are available online at “Bed Bath & Beyond”! I obtained my Associate’s Degree in Science Technology from the University of Cincinnati in 1993, my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Xavier University in 2000, and my Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati in 2007. I later received my LSW in 2008. At the age of 42, my soul started searching for "Peace" and "Tranquility". My life up until that point had been anything but. I was sexually abused by a family member at a young age, became fatherless at the age of 12 due to my father leaving my mother and refusing to care for us, had two children before graduating from high school and a total of four children by the time I was 25. As a young single mother of four, I struggled to provide for my children and relied on public assistance. “Peace” and “Tranquility” were definitely not a part of my world. Like I stated above, I was desperately in search of “Peace” and “Tranquility," even though I had no idea what they would look like in my life filled with strife and turmoil. But I began to search and started looking to the sky. That is where I found the “Peace” and “Tranquility” I was searching for. I created artistic photos from the sky and used them to create a “Healing Journal”. My pictures began to open new doors, a new way of thinking and seeing the world around me. They helped me to believe in a higher being and see a higher purpose for my life. KristiKollectionsLLC was created from my heart’s healing to promote mental wellness! A brand that specializes in creating products that engage emotional and mental well-being. My mission is to make sure that every child feels like they have a Purpose and Valued-Changing The Perspective! ​Accomplishments: Kristi’s breathtaking photos have been featured in 2016 HOMEARAMA® luxury home show in the Artisan custom builder home. Her work is also displayed in the green room at the Funny Bone Comedy Club in Liberty Township, Ohio and was featured at the Arthouse Art Show “The Art of Structure.” Kristi received the Award of Excellence from the Manhattan Arts International Exhibition, “The Healing Power of Art 2016.” My mantra: Everyone has a Story! Everyone has a Journey! Everyone has a Purpose!
November 25, 2019
Cindy Smith Author & Abuse Survivor! Empowering Children with Body Safety.
Join me to listen to Cindy L Smith’s journey from abuse survivor to inspirational author & advocate of women & children protection. Her story empowers others to not just survive, but Thrive along this journey of life! Cindy’s newly released Book Isabella’s Treasure Empowers Children with Body Safety. Isabella is a Fairy who lives in the woods! She shares her Treasure Stones with others to teach them how Treasured they are & Empowers them to say “NO”! Cindy is in the process of becoming a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for ProKids and going through Darkness to Light Training, to facilitate and present their child abuse prevention and awareness trainings in our communities. Learn more about Cindy’s empowering book & work!
November 18, 2019
Healing & Recovery in the Wood Water & the Word Sportsman Outreach Ministry.
Back to Nature to Encounter God- Recovery & Outreach Brian Winslow Woods, Water & The Word Sportsman Outreach Ministry. This ministry is designed to reach those choosing to walk paths rather than pavement. We are an environmentally safe ministry that goes green and turns to nature in our efforts to lead others to experience, and have a supernatural encounter with the maker of the heavens and the earth. We've been called to get out of the box & into creation!! Contact Email: ** #encouragement #healing #spiritual #love #outdoors
November 11, 2019
Moms, Have You Found Your People Yet? The Harbor MOPS group is waiting for You!
Moms, Have You Found Your People? The Harbor MOPS group in Wilmington NC, want to help you do just that! What Is MOPS you ask? Mothers of Preschool children, is a place for women to join forces to encourage & empower each other, create enriching relationships & know you’re Not Alone! “MOPS International encourages and equips moms of young children to realize their potential as mothers, women & leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the local church.” Join me to hear how my special guests Mary Kay McLead & Sarah Chamberlain from Harbor MOPS, N.C., found their MOPS Tribe & share it’s Impact with local Moms! They share how You can become involved as well & what a wonderful opportunity it could be for you to join Your Local MOPS! #MOPS #harbormops #wilmingtonncmops
November 04, 2019
“Cult to Country” Michael Ricks tells a story of experiencing God & the Banjo changing his life!
Michael Ricks is a Rising Nashville based country music artist and songwriter! Michael starred in the Bank of America national TV commercial playing banjo and singing Darius Rucker's "Wagon Wheel", as part of the marketing campaign of Ken Burns "Country Music" 16 episode docu series that aired on PBS in Sept 2019. Michael is also an author and shares his story of being a cult survivor in his book from Cult To Country, An Asthmatics Journey to Find More Air. Through his story & as a Cure Pack Artist he raises funds for the Forbes top International Charity Medical Assistance Program, which delivers medications to those in need. If you like Kieth Urban, Hunter Hayes, Rascal Flatts or Dan & Shay you will enjoy his music; which is a blend of banjo driven Country, R&B, & Bluegrass! To learn more about Michael Ricks click below; Website: Social media FB, Instagram, & Twitter @themichaelricks
October 28, 2019
“We’re A Lot Bit Different”! Carolina Beach Community Church
With a church that started in a “BAR”, Pastor Tim Russell shares why their Carolina Beach NC church is Not what you expect when you walk in their doors! Truly everyone is welcomed & no one is judged!
October 21, 2019