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 EL DESVIO, Many Roads, one Destination

EL DESVIO, Many Roads, one Destination

By Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
Encountering challenges, making decisions, confronting struggles and better understanding the reasons for polarizing positions, are but a part of being engaged in our nation’s ability to discuss and advance towards a more inclusive and fair society. However, there is no set formula to achieve these objectives. El Desvío presents listeners with 30 minutes of thought-provoking discussions on relevant issues we face as a nation.

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EL DESVIO, Many Roads, one Destination

Y ahora que episode?
This timely and enticing episode, Sí se pudo!… And now what? Is focused on shedding light on the importance of civic engagement, the tireless efforts led by some of our nation’s most prominent unions in increasing voter turnout, and the crucial role that Latino voters played this election cycle. This episode also reflects on the importance of keeping our communities civically engaged in order to achieve a more equal and just nation.
November 16, 2020
The Latino Community and BLM
COVID-19 has had on black and brown communities, how the pandemic has shed light on racial and economic inequalities, and the role that these inequities, along with the death of George Floyd, have played in the recent protests that have taken place across the country. We will discuss the role that the Latino community should play in the BLM movement, and in this context discuss the precautions Latinos participating in this movement can take in order to ensure their safety. GUESTS:   Janella Hinds - UFT Vice President Academic High School NYC Central Labor Council Esmeralda Flores - Immigrant Rights and Binational Affairs Advocate ASLU San Diego Hosts: Jose Vargas, LCLAA Executive Director and Andrea Arenas, LCLAA Director of Communications and Policy
August 13, 2020