Did you move today?

EP 12 Meet Carrie Collins and Move with her!

An episode of Did you move today?

By Andrea M
The "Did you move today?" podcast's mission is to bring movers, doctors, and artists together. Our goal is to promote movement and love for the body. When we think about movement we think about movement inside and outside the body. Why do we do this? Because no matter our race, language, country, and culture we live in a body and because Science and Art cannot be separated.
Did you move today? (english) As-tu bougé aujourd’hui? (french) Já te mexeste hoje? (portuguese) ¿Y vos te moviste ahora? (spanish)
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S2 E15 Meet Steven and Move with Him!
Steven Schroeder is honestly one of the most inspirational humans. He inspired me to start sleeping on a mat and practice non-attachment. Thank you very much Steven! You can find him at Moksha Yoga Chicago.
April 15, 2019
S2 E14 Meet Emily and Move with Her!
Emily is a wellness coach, nutrition fanatic, yoga instructor and believer in you, your heart, and your power! For more about Emily, health and wellness tips, and some positive inspiration with colorful profanity, follow her on social media @intuitivefruit, visit her website at https://www.intuitivefruitcoaching.com for more on her back story and coaching inquiries. You can also e-mail her at emily.healthandfitness@gmail.com
April 12, 2019
S2 E13 My best-friend Carmen! 💛
Here is a tiny episode of my conversation with one my best-friends, Carmen, and I think everyone needs a friend like her. ❤️ “I don’t like the concept of Failure (...)as long as you are going in the right direction you are fine(...).” We had to keep it short because we were having some issues with the signal.
February 11, 2019
S2 E12 Mover
January 23, 2019
S2 EP11 Meet Sonia & Eddie and Move with them!
In this episode Sonia and Eddie talk about love. They both believe that movement is love. For them love could be challenging but also beautiful. Self love is very important but sharing with people is also possible. Thank you to both of you!
December 8, 2018
S2 EP10 A bed?! Yes I have a bed now.
The day that I got rid of my bed. Thank you Steven and Carmen!
December 2, 2018
S2 E9 Meditation
Meditation with Andrea. Take some time to breathe and relax.
November 17, 2018
S2 E8 Meet Melina and Move with Her!
Melina, is a medical school candidate, dancer, yoga instructor. Her personal mission is to facilitate mind, body wellness through movement. Instagram @melialalala @the_pie_project melina@thepieproject.org
November 10, 2018
S2 E7 Recap. Meet Héctor and Move with Him!
This is a recap. of what I’ve learned from Héctor Martinez. He has been practicing breaking since 2001. He is a part of Brazilian Jiujitsu Gracie in San Salvador, El Salvador. He is currently a student of Yoga Therapy and Movement Integration. You don’t want to miss this tiny recap.
November 3, 2018
S2 E6 Meet Hector and Move with Him!
Héctor Martínez. Bailarín de Breaking desde el 2001. Integrante de Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gracie San Salvador. Actualmente estudiante de Yoga Terapia e Integración Emocional en la escuela budista Mahajrya.
October 27, 2018
S2 EP5 Meet MakeIm Kirton and Move with Her!
I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I do what I do because I love helping others meet their goals. Also because I love how fitness is a self awareness journey. Fitness forces you to hold yourself accountable mentally, physically, and spiritually. You can reach out to me on my Instagram @makeim_kesomba.
October 20, 2018
S2 EP4 Meet Carrie Pokorney and Move with her!
Carrie Pokorney is a yoga teacher, energy worker, strange bird, and flower child. She teaches pre / post natal, yin, & restorative yoga, works with Reiki energy, and practices womb healing. She strives to experience life to its fullest and her main goal is a deep belly laugh every single day. You can find her teaching her yin & restorative flowy dream yoga weekly at Shiva Shack in Bucktown Thursday nights at 6:00P.M. @carriepinecone
October 13, 2018
S2 EP3 Meet Meagan Lombaer and Move with Her!
I am a plant based chef and aspiring yoga and meditation teacher. I do these things because I want to see people being fulfilled by what they eat and what they do with their bodies. Eating more plants is one of the best things you can do for your body and the environment. Radlarder.com @radlarder
October 6, 2018
S2 EP2 Meet Shante Cofield. The Movement Maestro. and Move!
A physical therapist, turned entrepreneur, known to most folks as The Movement Maestro. Social Media @themovementmaestro themovementmaestro.com
September 29, 2018
S2 EP 1 Meet DocJenFit and Move with Her!
Jen Esquer is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and movement enthusiast. She has two online programs, The Mobility Method and The Optimal Body, that are improving lives globally. Jen’s vision is to empower others to continue to move and live a pain-free, active lifestyle. website: docjenfit.com @themobilitymethod IG @docjenfit Youtube docjenfit
September 22, 2018
EP 15 Meet Hiral Vyas and Move with Her!
An explorer at heart, a yogi soul full of love and enthusiasm for life. A spiritual seeker, always inquisitive (asking too many questions or seeking too many answers) but and admirer of good things, seeking joys in little things. Yoga gives me freedom, it means real joy to me, and every practice leaves me a little more content (in my skin and mind both). I developed a love for teaching yoga only after experiencing its true magic, myself. Yoga chose me, thats why I feel I should spread and give what I have so that it gets multiplied. Yoga is my journey, it defines a major part of me and its a choice I love to live. @yogainchicago
September 15, 2018
EP 14 Meet Lauren Ritchie and Move with Her!
Lauren Ritchie, creator and host of The Dance Podcast, is a dance educator obsessed with connection and community. After a rough transition from the competitive dance studio into the professional world of dance, Lauren has dedicated her life to sharing knowledge and training that empowers dancers. She is developing mental skills training for dancers by applying her Grad studies, Coaching Accreditation and Yoga certification to the book that will help build powerful dancers, teachers, and humans. Insta: @lauren_m_ritchie @thedancepodcast Online: thedancepodcast.com bdybylauren.com
September 3, 2018
EP 13 Meet Marceia Scruggs and Move with her!
Marceia L. Scruggs is a graduate of both Columbia College Chicago’s Dance and Women’s/Gender Studies departments. Native of Chicago’s South Suburbs, Marceia holds great passion for writing, performance, and sociopolitical storytelling. IG _marceialynne
August 27, 2018
EP 12 Meet Carrie Collins and Move with her!
Chicago based trainer, Carrie Collins has worked for over 11 years to redefine the word Flexibility. Using the revolutionary method, Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, Carrie explains how our muscles interact with each other and the brain to unlock tightness and release tension permanently. Ig: CarrieStretchChi Facebook: StretchChi Website: www.stretchchi.com
August 18, 2018
EP 11 Meet Matthew Uohara and Move with him!
I am a movement coach, and primarily work with professional athletes during their off-season. I am in this field because it allows me to, selfishly, discover more about myself every day. The good and the bad 😉 My social media contact is: @leadersofmovement matthewuohara.com
August 11, 2018
EP 10 Meet Laura Spicuzza and Move with her!
Laura Spicuzza runs Dance to Evolve in Chicago. She has spent her entire life dancing or teaching dance. Her passion is dance to create happiness. Social Media: @dancetoevolvechicago www.dancetoevolve.com
August 5, 2018
EP 9 Meet Carmen García and Move with her!
Originally from Mexico, Carmen is a young filmmaker and entrepreneur who is passionate about cultures from all over the world. She has lived in India, China, US and Mexico and believes that in order to achieve better life conditions and opportunities for everyone around the globe, it is important to create bridges that allow for members of different cultures to bond over their similarities and obtain a comprehensive understanding their differences. She believes that in today's world, understanding these cultural differences is key to generating opportunities for growth, change and ultimately, for the benefit of every party involved. Besides working as a filmmaker, her biggest goal is to create an agency that specializes in creating such bridges. www.mosaico.media
July 28, 2018
EP 8 Meet Melanie Tull and Move with her!
I'm constantly moving, whether in thought, physically, or emotionally. I use yoga and meditation to stay grounded, & to generally remain calm. However I’m a comedian at heart - I love to laugh, with you & about me, likely something I said that made no sense … at first! I’m known to break out in song, about making a smoothie or what my husband is wearing. Meet Mel! https://www.bodhirising.com www.myyl.com/meltull @the_curiousoiler.com @themeltull
July 14, 2018
EP 7 Immigrants 😍
Today’s topic is immigrants. Travel anywhere you want and don’t be afraid of what’s different. Move however you want. WTFlute is technique? Love, Andrea
July 8, 2018
EP 4 Change the routine
June 14, 2018
EP 3 Minimalism: Less or More?
Talking about Minimalism. Fabian and Andrea are super raw. They will be talking about Minimalism.
May 12, 2018
EP 2 Take action and Move!
Andrea talks about making dreams come true by following three pointers.
May 11, 2018
EP 1 Welcome and Move!
Andrea talks about why @andreamoves and the importance to say what you feel without hurting anyone.
May 5, 2018
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