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Carter Conversations

Carter Conversations

By Andrew Carter
Thought provoking solution based conversations focused on tapping into and raising the conscious minds of the people. True advocator for spiritual growth, self development, and emotional intelligence. Speaking from a black millennial perspective! Breaking down relevant social, political, ethical issues and topics we as human-beings are challenged and conflicted with on a daily basis. To create a powerful algorithm of understanding, accountability, and change that inspires the Individual to do the work to become the greatest version of Themselves !
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Financial Freedom

Carter Conversations

Financial Freedom
We are back at it for our 4th episode of Carter Conversations I have the king with me James Hicks.  James is a finacial expert that has fifthteen years of experience as he worked as a consultant and manager for mulitple companies in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Within these roles he had been responsible for managing a territorial and district budget totaling up to 100,00 dollars annually.  Mr.hicks has traveled the country facilitating business seminars, national conventions, as well as sales and finance trainings. Today he dropped by to discuss his new company he just launched (Hicks finacial  Asset and Wealth Management company) . We got deep in elaborating financial literacy, the importance of a budget and the poor mentality.  We spoke briefly on economic racial disparities african american faced compared and contrasted to you european people in this country. The biggest point i gained from this conversation is your money is your power and the more you have the better your choices and more leverage you have in your life! Http://    
September 21, 2020
Cant Kill a God! (Black Man)
We are back for Episode Three and i got the Kings back with me Mike and Ricky. This show was definity one of the most transparent episodes yet .We touched on social injustice issues the economic disparities in the black community and police brutality. The change we want to see has to be in our behavior and mindset. We spoke on destorying negative perceptions and changing the Narrative of what a successful black person is.
September 02, 2020
Health & Heesit
We dropped in on Raul Salona the Owner and operator of Heesit gym Located in Deltona, Fl. We disscussed so many diiferent topics in regard's to health and fitness and his journey to create the brand Heesit! We spoke on child obseity, chronic dieases and how life is chnaging dramatically right now in this global pandemic! So get ready for a great thought provoking conversation that will leave you motivated and inspired to be a better you overall!
May 01, 2020
Pandemic Minds Episode 1
This Epsisode i sat down with Mike johnson and Ricky Hawkin two Behavior therapists that work daily in the applied behavior anaylist field. This focuses on breaking down human behavior from observable measures to change negative behavior to a positve behavior. I think understand how we think and function consicously and subconsciously can improve our quality of life. This pandemic crisis going on what better time to talk about human behavior with so much change!
April 01, 2020