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Zima Red

Zima Red

By Andrew Steinwold
Exploring Virtual Worlds And All Things NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
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Dan Nissanoff - Game of Silks: Bringing Thoroughbred Horse Racing To Web3 - Zima Red ep 131
My guest today is Dan Nissanoff who is the founder of Game of Silks, aka Silks. Silks is a fantasy thoroughbred horse racing game that allows you to buy, trade, breed and race virtual horses that mirror the actual performance of real horses. Dan and I discuss: The Kentucky Derby The billion dollar horse racing industry The fantasy sports industry How Silks economy mirrors the IRL world Taking care of your virtual horse Silks avatars as the gateway into the Silks metaverse And so much more Hope you enjoy this stellar conversation with Dan.
July 21, 2022
Nick Kokonas - Trader, Michelin Restaurateur, Tech Founder With A $400m Exit - Zima Red 130
My guest today is Nick Kokonas. Nick is a modern day Renaissance man: formerly a successful trader, he is the founder of multiple Michelin star restaurants and also a tech founder, having recently sold his startup for $400m. On this episode we discuss: His incredible success as a trader Creating multiple Michelin star restaurants Starting a tech company Selling his company to Squarespace His thoughts on crypto How NFTs will change the world And so much more This is one you do not want to miss. Please enjoy my conversation with Nick
July 19, 2022
Foobar - Web3 Polymath: Investing, Building, Learning, Teaching - Zima Red ep 129
My guest today is Foobar. Foobar is a polymath and involved with all aspects of web3. Building, investing, learning, teaching, he has an incredible mind that has thoughtful views that we explore thoroughly on this episode. We discuss: Building games Machine learning and NFTs Investing and building in web3 How non-fungible and fungible tokens are merging The psychology around investing in web3 Thoughts on the current bear market The collapse of terra & luna What he is currently building His newsletter And much more Please enjoy this incredible conversation with Foobar.
July 17, 2022
Jiran - Playing The Great Crypto Game: Investing, Building & Exploring Web3 - Zima Red ep 128
My guest today is Jiran. Jiran is an active trader, investor and explorer of all things web3. On this episode we chat: How web3 is currently all one giant metagame How tribalism impacts NFT prices The blockchain as the ultimate information & investing tool NFTs as historical artifcats On-Chain analysis - what it is and how to use it Why understanding people generates the most alpha And so much more Pleas enjoy my conversation with Jiran
July 12, 2022
Tim Schuermer - Gallop: The Ultimate Tool for NFT Data - Zima Red ep 127
My guest today is Tim Schuermer who is a co-founder of Gallop. Gallop has created a set of developer tools that expand the utility of NFTs. These tools are built for all developers, creators and investors, active in the NFT space. On this episode we discuss: The current state of NFT data Why aggregating data for NFTs is so difficult Why a product like Gallop needs to exist How NFT data can be used to create advanced financial products The multifaceted utility of NFTs How we early we are in the financial NFT revolution And so much more Please enjoy my conversation with Tim
June 29, 2022
Charles & Zunk - Nifty Island: Game World Empowering Creators & Gamers - Zima Red ep 126
My guests today are Charles & Zunk the co-founders of Nifty Island. Nifty Island is an open, social game world powered by web3. On this episode we chat: Their progress since the last time they were on the podcast 1 year ago Why gaming is essential for virtual worlds Remixing NFTs and other assets Importance of User generated content What role curation and building play in Nifty Island Why giving users objectives is key for virtual world adoption And so much more Please enjoy my conversation with Charles & Zunk
June 27, 2022
Kevin Beauregard - Atmos: Bringing Sports Into The Metaverse - Zima Red ep 125
My guest today is Kevin Beauregard. Kevin is the founder of Atmos which an upcoming game universe that combines sports, lore, and crypto-economics to create engaging and competitive virtual experience On this episode we chat: Being a crypto founder in 2013 Attempting to build a fantasy NFT basketball game in 2019 Sports as the ultimate trojan horse to crypto mass adoption Balancing skill-base gameplay with crypto economics Creating a competitive game combined with virtual world Atmos initial core game loops of Mining - FGabricating - Racing And so much more I had a blast on this one so I hope you enjoy my conversation with Kevin
June 15, 2022
Max Weber - Chainmonsters: The Next Gen Web3 Pokemon? - Zima Red ep 124
My guest today is Max Weber. Max is the founder of Chainmonsters which is a free-to-play monster taming MMO-RPG with a player-driven economy. On this episode we discuss: Falling in love with game design from an early age Prototyping an NFT game in January 2018 Self funding development and kickstarter Building on the Flow blockchain Creating a social interaction through PVP, collecting and crafting The core game loops of chainmonsters And why I call Chainmonsters a hybrid between Pokemon, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing Please enjoy my conversation with Max
June 09, 2022
Mack Flavelle - Creating CryptoKitties & Pushing NFTs Forward - Zima Red ep 123
My guest today is Mack Flavelle. Mack is the founder of Big Head Club which is an NFT production studio. Mack was also on the Axiom Zen team which was the company that created CryptoKitties and the company that eventually became Dapper Labs. Our conversation has it all, we discuss: How the ERC721 standard was created The ideation and launch of CryptoKitties The creation of Dapper Labs His NFT production studio Big Head Club How the Oni Ronin NFTs are pushing the boundaries The issues with the NFT space Why he is not a huge fan of Play-to-Earn And so much more An awesome conversation with someone who is not afraid to speak their mind! Please enjoy my conversation with Mack
June 01, 2022
David & Chris - Lit: Decentralized Access Control For The Internet - Zima Red ep 122
My guests today are David & Chris who are the founders of Lit Protocol. Lit is a decentralized, identity-based encryption and access control protocol. What that means is that they are an access control protocol for the internet. On this episode we chat: Why access control is hugely important Why access control needs to be decentralized On-chain identity as a means of access The nearly limitless use cases for Lit What its like being a founder in web3 Why now is the perfect time for web3 to go mainstream And even, how to use Lit Protocol to use your Tesla Hope you enjoy this stellar conversation with David & Chris
May 27, 2022
Ado & Yas - Galaxy Fight Club: Metaverse Super Smash Bros - Zima Red ep 121
My guests today are Ado and Yas who are building Galaxy Fight Club, which is a web3-native, cross-IP PvP game. You can think of it like Super Smash Bros for the metaverse. We discuss: The Galaxy Fight Club meta How to balance skill-based gameplay with NFTs Why integrating 3rd party IP is so important Building game logic on or off-chain Earning NFTs through FUN gameplay Play-to-Earn with NFTs instead of tokens And much more Please enjoy my conversation with Ado and Yas
May 25, 2022
Michael Sanders - Skyweaver and Sequence: The Future of Web3 Gaming - Zima Red ep 120
My guest today is Michael Sanders. Michael is a cofounder of Horizon which is the company behind the game Skyweaver. Skyweaver is free-to-play trading card game that is enhanced by web3 Michael and I chat: Why trading card games are perfect for web3 The skyweaver meta How create sustainable player-owned economies Why implementing non-blockchain based digital items is essential for onboarding the masses Why esports and web3 will be huge How Horizon is building out broader web3 infrastructure - like a wallet and NFT trading protocol And so much more Please enjoy my conversation with Michael
May 09, 2022
Yury Lifshits - SuperDAO: The “Shopify” for DAOs - Zima Red ep 119
My guest today is Yury Liftshits. Yury is the founder of SuperDAO which is a platform for creating DAOs and DAO-related infrastructure. Essentially SuperDAO wants to become the one-stop-shop for all things launching, operating and expanding DAOs. This episode is crash course in the present and future of DAOs. Yury and I discuss How Yury worked on DAO and web3 based technology before bitcoin existed Which ways DAOs are better than companies and which ways they are not The major painpoints around DAOs How DAOs can co-exist with government regulation How investing is a new form of social connection and tribalism And why we are at the very beginnings of the DAO revolution Please enjoy my conversation with Yury
April 27, 2022
Baek Kim - Hashed: Growing from $700k to $4 billion in Assets Under Management: Zima Red ep 118
My guest today is Baek Kim. Baek is a general partner at the web3 investment firm, Hashed. If you want a crash course in how to operate one of the top investment firms in web3, then you have to dive into this episode. We chat: How they grew Hashed from $700k to $4b in assets under management Why the best strategy in crypto is buy and hold Building a web3 venture studio Why they are so excited about web3 gaming Why being a multifaceted investment fund is the only way to manage the ever evolving web3 markets The inventive ways they add value to their portfolio companies And so much more Please enjoy my conversation with Baek
April 25, 2022
Paul Kohlhaas - DeSci: The Future of Decentralized Science - Zima Red ep 117
My guest today is Paul Kohlhaas who is the founder of Molocule as well as a member of VitaDAO and PsyDAO. Molecule is a decentralized biotech protocol that is democratizing biopharma research and development This one is going to blow your mind. We chat: How drug development current works The monopolistic nature of drug development The Open Source pharma movement Longevity research DAOs Psychedelics medicine DAOs How the Molecule team is building the future of Decentrlzied Science This episode offers a rare sneak peek into the future of medicine Please enjoy my conversation with Paul
April 14, 2022
Winston Robson - WeMeta: Virtual Worlds Analytics Platform - Zima Red ep 116
My guest today is Winston Robson who is the flounder of WeMeta. WeMeta is a virtual land marketplace that has a deep focus on data and analytics. Winston and I chat about: How data science can be used for NFT alpha How virtual worlds will survive and thrive on engagement How discoverability drives value How NFTs are access points that enable open-ended functionality How early we are and what potential these platforms have A deep dive into the virtual worlds we will soon be inhabiting. Please enjoy my conversation with Winston.
April 11, 2022
Greg Isenberg - Late Checkout: The Berkshire Hathaway Of Community-Based Products - Zima Red ep 115
My guest today is Greg Isenberg who is the founder of Late Checkout which is a product studio, design agency and fund. On this episode you hear us chat about: Gregs background founding and selling multiple companies Why community-based businesses are the best Why people connect with IP, brands and characters How to build a great product Why design is ultra important in web3 How Late Checkout is the Berkshire Hathaway of community-based products And more An awesome conversation that spans multiple different categories & topics Please enjoy my conversation with Greg
April 08, 2022
Dilip Das - High Frequency Trader Turned Web3 Builder - Zima Red ep 114
My guest today is Dillip Das who is a former high frequency trader who is now building something new in web3. On this episode we chat about: Dilips insane background playing poker, being a high frequency trader, working with Jed McCaleb at Stellar (For those who dont know, Jed is founder of Mt Gox and Ripple) Market structure and how to generate an edge Algorithmic NFT trading How web3 games will have to battle against advanced bots How NFTs are the “real estate” of the metaverse The potential for NFT lending markets For all those that want to learn about market structure, alpha, HFT and more Please enjoy my conversation with Dilip
April 06, 2022
Eric Golden - Transitioning From Billion Dollar TradFi Investments to Web3 - Zima Red ep 113
My guest today is Eric Golden. Eric was at Fidelity for 16 years and has recently jumped full-time into web3 - Eric has a wealth of experience from Fidelity - starting as an intern, working up to portfolio manager, and even being able to launch his own busines within Fidelity which became a huge success. Eric is also the host of the amazing podcast web3 breakdowns which is part of Patrick O'Shaughnessy media network Colossus. On this episode we dive into: How he fell down the web3 rabbithole How he grew his Fidelity business from $0 dollars to having $18b under management The traditional asset manger business and how it works Hosting the web3 breakdowns podcast Why crypto is so alpha rich How the crypto markets experiences full boom and bust cycles in condensed timelines US securities laws and how they can co-exist And so much more If you want to learn from an expert in asset management and how web3 will change the future of finance, then this is the episode for you Please enjoy my conversation with Eric
April 04, 2022
Conor & David - Metastreet: The Billion Dollar NFT Credit Market Opportunity - Zima Red ep 111
My guest today are Conor and David from Metastreet Metastreet is a liquidity routing and scaling protocol for NFT credit markets - said in plain english, Metastreet is the most active participant on all NFT lending markets by making the terms transparent & simple On this episode we dive into: All types of credit markets including real estate and art The NFT lending markets and how they represent a massive untapped market How Metastreet functions Why gamification is the future of work How DAOs can become utilities And why in physical world, oil is king, in web2, data is king, and in web3 liquidity is king Crash course in NFT lending coming at ya. Hope you enjoy this conversation with Conor & David
March 28, 2022
David & Jay - Hume: Why Virtual Influencers Are The Future Of Entertainment - Zima Red ep 110
My guests today are David and Jay from Hume. Hume is metastar entertainment studio - which is a studio that creates virtual artists, influencers and celebrities. On this episode we dive into How the traditional music industry is broken How web3 can empower the creators and artists Their first metastar Angel baby Their go-to-market strategy The ramifications of open IP If you want to peer into the future of entertainment then you cant miss this one Please enjoy my conversation with David and Jay
March 23, 2022
Cagyjan - Gamer, Builder, Investor, Content Creator - Zima Red ep 109
My guest today is Caygayn aka Cagy. Cagy is web3 gaming focused content creator, best known for his hot takes on Twitter and his awesome YouTube channel. What makes Cagy unique is his boundless energy, authenticity and ability to really understand and communicate the nuisances of the gaming ecosystem. As expected, our conversation is filled with hot takes and alpha leaks. Cagy does not beat around the bush so better sit back and grab your popcorn for this episode Another reason I loved speaking with Cagy is that I get to learn about his content creation strategies and figure out how to improve my own skills At the end of the day, Cagy is a grinder. Someone who found something they are very passionate about and just works like crazy to achieve their goals. And with that, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Cagy.
March 21, 2022
Peter Ing - Guilds Are The Small Businesses Of The Metaverse - Zima Red ep 108
Peter Ing - Zima Red ep 108 My guest today is Peter Ing. Peter is the founder of Blockchain Space which is a platform and tool that allows play-to-earn guilds scale and operate efficiently. Do be more specific blockchain space is used by guilds to help with Onboarding Community management Player performance Payroll Benchmarks Data feeds And more. A true SaaS solution for the modern day web3 startup. Hearing Peters background of Finance, Fintech and startups, its like he was born to build Blockchain Space. Our conversation is not only a lesson in all things web3 gaming and play-to-earn but also a deep dive into all the painpoints that guilds face. Although many would consider web3 gaming a small market today, there is little doubt that this will become a multi-billion dollar market as gaming acts as the gateway into the wider crypto ecosystem. Please enjoy my conversation with Peter
March 16, 2022
Beryl Li - The Evolution of Play-To-Earn - Zima Red ep 107
My guest today is Beryl Li. Beryl is a co-founder of Yield Guild Games, aka YGG. YGG was the very first play-to-earn gaming guild and has achieved huge success. Today, guilds are ubiquitous across the metaverse but hearing from Beryl how YGG started and where they are headed is extremely exciting. It is also amazing to hear Beryl’s stellar background from working at the successful Philippines-based crypto startup, to working with major banks and financial institutions like BlackRock. It this type of background and experience that is needed to operate and scale YGG to be the number 1 leader in the P2E ecosystem. Please enjoy my conversation with Beryl.
March 14, 2022
Bernadine Bröcker Wieder - On The Forefront of Art & Tech - Zima Red ep 106
My guest today is Bernadine Brocker Wieder. Bernadine is the founder of Vastari & Vastari Labs. Vastari is focused on helping the traditional art world showcase art globally via museums, exhibitions and more. Vastari Labs is the web3 focused arm that acts as the bridge between the traditional art world and the metaverse. Bernadine has deep experience in the art world and has always been looking toward how to utilize technology to improve art since day 1. During our conversation we cover Bernadine's impressive background, the current state of the global art market, how NFTs are impacting the art world and even topics like how art is valued. For everyone that wants to learn about the intersection of art and technology, this is the episode for you. Please enjoy my conversation with Bernadine
February 27, 2022
Andy8052 - Fractionalize Your NFTs With Fractional - Zima Red ep 105
My guest today is Andy. Andy is the founder of Fractional which is a platform that allows users to buy, sell and mint, fractions of NFTs. Andy is a part of the MakerDAO mafia and a total legend. He has been super active in the cryptosphere since his initial entry and has been nonstop building ever since He is also considered someone that has great takes on twitter and gives it to ya straight. His authenticity combined with his crypto-knowledge is what makes this conversation such a a great one. If you are looking to learn about the markets, how to build a company or how to fractionalize your NFTs, then you have come to the right place Please enjoy my conversation with Andy
February 25, 2022
Alex Svanevik - Nansen: NFT Alpha Via On-Chain Data - Zima Red ep 104
My guest today is Alex Svaneik. Alex is the founder of Nansen which is a blockchain analytics platform that allows users to have deep insights into on-chain data. We go through Alex’s impressive background and the reason he started Nansen. It is super interesting to hear Alex’s entrepreneurial journey from ideation to execution What was also surprising is how important on-chain data really is - a fact that dawns on me during our conversation. There is an incredible amount of insight and analysis that can be performed on on-chain data in order to generate returns, something I know all of you are deeply interested in. While speaking with Alex you can tell that Nansen is going to be a monster. Especially because they recently announced that they raised a huge $75m round and are quickly approaching unicorn status. Please enjoy my conversation with Alex
February 21, 2022
Josie, Ben & Chris - CyberBrokers: Foundations Of A New Universe - Zima Red ep 103
My guests today are Josie, Ben and Chris. This is a special episode because not only is Josie my wife, but she is also creating a project called Cyberbrokers, which is a series of 10,001 fully on-chain art collectibles. CyberBrokers serve as the foundation for an entire ecosystem that is going to be part story, part game and part experience. It is incredible to hear the team's story as not only are they all OGs, but they have created this elaborate backstory that explains the lore of the CyberBrokers universe and really brings the project to life. It is also exciting to see how they are pushing the technical boundaries of NFTs by putting assets with exceptionally high-level of detail, on-chain. It is always amazing speaking with teams of this caliber and I look forward to watching what they build going forward Also Josie wanted me to remind everyone that the last day to sign up for the CyberBroker allowlist is Feb 18, midnight. Its open to all and anyone can sign up Please enjoy my conversation with Josie, Ben and Chris.
February 17, 2022
Noah & Ian - Parcel: Building The Platform For Experiences In The Metaverse - Zima Red ep 102
My guests today are Noah & Ian from Parcel. Parcel is the go-to platform for virtual real estate & experiences, think Zillow but for the metaverse. I loved chatting with Noah & Ian, not only to hear about their story but also the manner in which they view virtual real estate. We can think of virtual worlds not like cities, but more like experience platforms. Experiences can be built on every parcel of digital real estate and these platforms will eventually evolve into something like user-owned and governed social media. A much brighter vision than where social media sits today. Hearing Noah & Ian’s entrepreneurial journey is exciting and inspiring - I hope it encourages more to jump in and start building as it is people like Noah & Ian, the builders, who keep driving the space forward. Please enjoy my conversation with Noah & Ian.
February 15, 2022
Ori Levi - Creating The “Binance” Of NFTs - Zima Red ep 101
My guest today is Ori Levi. Ori is the founder of NFTrade which is a decentralized multi-chain NFT marketplace, indexer, and platform. I often call NFTrade the “Binance” of NFTs because they ship lighting fast and they offer a plethora of NFTs from every chain. Hearing how Ori operates and builds NFTrade is inspiring to say the least. Launching mid-last year they have already become the most popular destination for certain chains like Avalanche and offer different products like NFT farming and staking. Ori’s perspective on the market is super insightful and he is seeing the full market picture vs just focused on a singular chain - having insights like that can open some series alpha opportunities. Please enjoy my conversation with Ori
February 07, 2022
Sarah Meyohas - Creating Bitchcoin, NFTs Before NFTs in 2015 - Zima Red ep 100
Today is a special episode because not only do we have one of the most OG artists who created NFTs before NFTs even existed, but it is also the 100th episode of Zima Red! When I started this in 2019 I had no expectations on doing this for over a few months and now, 2 years later, I am looking forward to keeping this up for the next decade. So incredibly happy to be able to talk to the smartest and hardest working people in the NFT world and enable everyone to learn alongside me. Alright enough of that, let's get to Sarah. My guest today is Sarah Meyohas. As mentioned before, Sarah is a legend. A creative with a financial background, she has been on the forefront of art and tech since her college days and in 2015 she created an amazing project called Bitchcoin. With a deep interest in bitcoin she understood that there had to be some sort of mechanism to combine art and the blockchain - today that revelation is obvious but back in 2015 it had never really been done before. Launched on her own blockchain, Bitchcoin was created as an artistic experiment and expression and of art, feminism and finance. What I find extremely fascinating is that Sarah “revived” and ported over roughly  3,300 Bitchcoins to Ethereum in 2021 so they could live forever, as the blockchain she originally created was no longer operating. A unique method to preserve these historical asset that exists entirely in digital form. This conversation had it all - an incredible creative and innovator who shares her deep passion for art, finance and technology. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. Please enjoy my conversation with Sarah.
January 27, 2022
Sillytuna - The OG Who Sold A Punk For $12m AND Can See The Future - Zima Red ep 99
My guest today is Sillytuna. Sillytuna has to be the OG-iest OGs out there. He is a game developer who got involved in bitcoin in 2012 and hasn't looked back since He is the creator and founder of numerous different projects and has done some really exciting things. From starting an NFT card game back in 2016, to his new project called Soulcast, and in 2021 he even sold an alien Cryptopunk for $12m dollars. This episode is like a masterclass in the history of crypto, NFTs, crypto gaming and what the future of this industry holds. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Sillytuna because his past experiences can teach us a lot about what to expect going forward. Before diving in, I will leave you with an exciting quote “We’ve got decades to go. We are the internet in 1994.” With that, please enjoy my conversation with Sillytuna
January 18, 2022
Will Weinraub - Building Cryptoys, The Disney Of The Metaverse - Zima Red ep 98
My guest today is Will Weinraub. Will is the founder of On-Chain studios which is creating Cryptoys. Cryptoys is an exciting NFT toy platform, that is creating interactive NFTs, play-to-earn experiences and much more. This was an amazing conversation, Will has deep experience as a founder, tinkerer and builder - having started and sold multiple businesses His first foray as an entrepreneur was at 13 years old making a wrestling fan website for a solid $100 bucks. Fast forward some years, Will created another startup called LiveNinja which was then acquired by a telecom company That is just a small sneak peek into our conversation but we dive into a ton of different topics like how to start your own business, the challenges that founders face, and of course Cryptoys which after hearing Will talk about it, I think is going to be huge. If you want to hear some stories from a top founder and about some leaked alpha, then you cant miss this episode Please enjoy my conversation with Will
January 16, 2022
Alex Gausman - Creating The Decentralized NFT Liquidity Protocol & Exchange With NFTX - Zima Red ep 97
My guest today is Alex Gausman. Alex is the founder and lead contributor to NFTX which is NFT liquidity protocol and decentralised NFT exchange Alex dove deep into crypto in 2017 after discovering Ethereum and was attracted to it by the idea it could become this alternative financial system and economy. It wasn't until the summer of 2020, after Alex was exploring and investing in the NFT ecosystem, that he decided to create NFTX because of the clear liquidity issues he was experiencing Initially Created as a protocol to create cryptocurrency that was backed by NFTs, NFTX has evolved from offering NFT index funds to a full blown NFT DEX. It is clear to me that Alex is an amazing builder who is identifying problems in the ecosystem and creating solutions for them. Something that we should all aspire to do Please enjoy my conversation with Alex
January 03, 2022
Jen Kim - Seeking NFT Alpha With NFTBank - Zima Red ep 96
My guest today is Jen Kim. Jen is the Head of Product at NFTBank which is an NFT finance and portfolio management platform. Even though Jen says that she is very new to the crypto/NFT ecosystem she is obviously an insanely fast learner because she knows all about the social and financial ramifications NFTs will have on our future. During our conversation we dive into what NFTBank is capable of today and their future plans. Spoiler alert, NFTBank is just getting started. From creating extremely accurate NFT price prediction tools, to NFT portfolio management, to enabling a near limitless number of financial use-cases, NFTBank is a big deal. If you want to learn about a product we will likely all be using in the near future, then you gotta check out this episode. Please enjoy my conversation with Jen
December 20, 2021
Rich - Are You Ready Player DAO? Master Class in Play-to-Earn - Zima Red ep 95
My guest today is Rich. Rich is the lead at ReadyPlayerDAO which is a large and successful play-to-earn guild. If you want a masterclass in all things Play-to-Earn then you have come to the right episode. Rich is an expert having managed his own Play-to-Earn guild before expanding it into ReadyPlayerDAO. On this episode you will learn all the different methods to generate returns from activities like breeding, battling and even future resource collection from digital land. I expect the Play-to-Earn economy to far surpass the global market for gaming, which is something like $200 billion dollars per year, as Play-to-Earn attracts both gamers and people that want to earn extra income. If you believe in this thesis as well then you can get started on your Play-to-Earn education now Please enjoy my conversation with Rich.
December 18, 2021
Ian Lee - Syndicate Protocol: The Investment Protocol To Rule Them All - Zima Red ep 94
My guest today is Ian Lee. Warning this episode might blow your mind. Ian is a co-founder of Syndicate Protocol which is part investment protocol and part social network. You will hear multiple times on this episode as my brain attempts to compute what Ian and the syndicate team are building because it so mind bending and will literally change how investing is done forever Ian and I don't just chat Syndicate protocol but also dive into his thoughts on the crypto & NFT markets, the evolution of web2 to web3, how DAOs are changing the investing world and Ian’s incredible background as a long-time investor and operator If you want to learn all about DAOs and the future of investing, then you cant miss this episode Please enjoy my conversation with Ian
December 16, 2021
Harry Zhang - How To Build A Web3 Startup + On-Chain Credentials With Galaxy - Zima Red ep 93
My guest today is Harry Zhang. Harry is a co-founder and project lead of Galaxy which is a protocol that powers on-chain credentials through NFTs. Speaking to Harry was amazing, he is a true builder having previously started a few companies and even sold a web3 startup called DLive which was essentially like a decentralised YouTube. There is a very short list of people in the entire world who have started a web3 company and sold it so Harry is filled with knowledge that other founders will find very useful. As we dive into Galaxy and the future of credentials, it is very clear that he has a deep understanding of the web3 ecosystem. From being involved from both a community and builder standpoint. If you are looking to learn about the future of work, credentials, and how to build in web3, then you cant miss this episode Please enjoy my conversation with Harry
December 13, 2021
Will Robinson - PhD In Game Design Turned Incubator Lead @ DeFi Alliance - Zima Red ep 92
My guest today is Will Robinson. Will leads the accelerator program at the DeFi Alliance which is part incubator and part investment fund focused on the Defi and web3 gaming ecosystems. This was an amazing conversation, Will has an incredible background with a PhD in game design and worked at a large accounting company as their in-house crypto expert before moving onto his current role at DeFi Alliance. Will’s insight on gaming, user motivation, user behavior, storytelling, and so much more is unrivaled. Any and every one who wants to dive deep into the what makes a game great, has to check out you this episode. Please enjoy my conversation with Will.
December 09, 2021
Justin Trimble - How NFTs & AI Are Changing Culture (And The Power Of Memes!) - Zima Red ep 91
My guest today is Justin Trimble. Justin is creative that has a background in psychology but has been interested in music, art, culture, finance and tech since a very early age. Naturally when he discovered NFTs it was the perfect fit Justin was diving deep into crypto when he discovered cryptopunks and was able to claim for free directly from their website when they first launched. This was an awesome conversation, Justin is exceptionally thoughtful and he oozes authenticity for his love of our ecosystem. He has interesting thoughts on culture, AI and how memes and NFTs are impacting our society Justin a great steward of our community and we are really lucky to have someone with his values, busy building in the metaverse Please enjoy my conversation with Justin
December 01, 2021
Jin - The OG Metaverse Creator & Builder - Zima Red ep 90
My guest today is Jin. Jin is the metaverse OG. He has been involved with creating and exploring metaverse related technologies like VR, AR, cryptography, hacker art, video game modding, and so much more. The coolest thing about all of this? He is actually the person who got me deep down the rabbithole of the metaverse back in February 2019 while at the NFT conference, NFT NYC. He was able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together for me and I vividly remember actually having an Ah Ha moment while listening to him speak. I give so much credit to Jin and those who were early on building towards this world which has the open, fair and decentralized ethos as core components of the metaverse. If you want to hear from the OG of OGs and to the person that inspired me, then you have to check out this episode. Please enjoy my conversation with Jin.
November 28, 2021
Jae Chung - Unicly + JennyDAO - Protocol Builder, DAO Leader - Zima Red ep 89
My guest today is Jae Chung. Jae is a co-founder of Unicly and a founding member of Jenny DAO. Unicly is a protocol that allows you to combine, fractionalize, and trade NFTs all on a single platform. Jenny DAO is an entity that acquires rare and historically significant NFTs and then fractionalizes them on Unicly. Jae is a crypto fanatic and has been diving deep into the ecosystem since 2017. From building, to investing to operating, Jae has been busy creating our web3 future. Hearing Jae’s thoughts and seeing how he operates you can easily tell that Jae is working towards solving the issues that our ecosystem faces and it's awesome to speak with him and hear his story, as its people like Jae that are really pushing this whole space forward. Please enjoy my conversation with Jae
November 15, 2021
Chris - The Most Trusted News Source In NFTs With NFT Plazas - Zima Red ep 88
My guest today is Chris. Chris is a crypto and NFT OG who is the founder of NFT Plazas, a news site that covers all the action in and around the NFT space. I have known Chris for years and although we have never met in person, count him as a friend and someone who is trustworthy. It's funny how the metaverse can do that. I bring this up because it is important to have trusted individuals leading organizations that cover the news in our emergent industry. During our conversation with cover a lot, Chris’s background, how he get involved in the ecosystem, the creation of NFT Plazas and so much more. I always love speaking with those that are not only building in our space but also those that are doing it in a thoughtful manner with the ethos of the open metaverse in mind. Please enjoy my conversation with Chris
November 11, 2021
Jᵾlien Genestoux - Unlocking The Web’s Full Potential With Unlock Protocol - Zima Red ep 87
My guest today is Julien Genestoux. Julien is the founder of Unlock Protocol which is a protocol for memberships built using blockchain technology. This enables memberships to not only be ultra secure but super easy to manage as its all done through a couple clicks through a wallet. Julien was born for web3. He has been coding ever since he was a teen - constantly tinkering and building different software products but always thought there was better architecture for the internet. When he discovered web3 it was game over. We discuss Juliens background, Unlock protocol and how the many of the problems with the internet stem from the fact that it currently has an ad-driven business model. Engagement means more money which means creating outrage is the most profitable strategy. Julien is building a future that creates a new business model that will fix many of the deep rooted issues and create a better internet. Please enjoy my conversation with Julien.
October 25, 2021
Andrew Steinwold X Josie Bellini - Behind The Art + Zima Red Mashup ep 86
Special episode of Zima Red where I combine forces with Josie to create a mashup of both of our shows. Check out the YouTube video below: Andrew Steinwold - Zima Red - Josie Bellini - Bheind The Art - Zima Red newsletter -
October 21, 2021
John Crain - SuperRare: Ushering In The NFT Art Revolution - Zima Red ep 85
My guest today is John Crain. John is a co-founder and CEO of SuperRare Labs which is the entity that created SuperRare - One of the top NFT art platforms in the world. John has an amazing background - he is a self taught coder, dove deep into bitcoin, discovered ethereum, found out about NFTs, had a passion for art and joined ALL of that together, to launch SuperRare in early 2018. We go all throughout the history of SuperRare, the trials and tribulations of being a founder in an emergent industry and the almost absurd conviction it takes to build. It is really inspiring to hear Johns story and it makes you understand the amount of conviction and grit that is needed to create something as successful as SuperRare We also discuss the team's pathway to decentralize the platform from SuperRare to the SuperRare DAO. I dont want to give too much away but hearing the vision where anyone can have input into the evolution of the platform is remarkable. If you love art, NFTs and motivating stories well then you have to check out this episode Please enjoy my conversation with John Crain.
October 19, 2021
Pat Doyle - Degen’ing Into NFTs With DegenData - Zima Red ep 84
My guest today is Pat Doyle. Pat is a co-founder of Pink Swan Trading which a crypto data analytics company - Us in the NFT space, know them as the creators of the DegenData which is a platform for tons of NFT data insights. Pat has a super interesting story - Previously he was in the world of healthcare data science before making the dive into crypto. We also discuss some incredible stories about how data has helped him, and others, make great NFT investment decisions. Another interesting part of our conversation revolves around crypto options. Pat is very knowledgeable about this arena because another one of their company’s products is Genesis Volatility which is an institutional crypto options analytics platform. So if you want to learn how NFT data can impact investing, how crypto options work, and how these worlds are likely to collide, then you cant miss this one Please enjoy my conversation with Pat Doyle
October 17, 2021
Roshun Patel - Mastering The Markets At Genesis - Zima Red ep 83
My guest today is Roshun Patel aka Ro. Ro is a Vice President at Genesis which is lending and trading desk fully dedicated to the crypto sector. Ro joined Genesis in the very early days of its formation and has seen it grow from a tiny couple person operation into the behemoth that it is today We dive deep into crypto lending markets, what they are, how they work and why they are needed. It was incredible chatting with Ro because he is deep into market psychology, trading, lending and how the crypto markets are evolving from both a ground floor and institutional standpoint If you want to dive deep into the inner workings of the crypto markets, then this is your episode for you Please enjoy my conversation with Ro
October 14, 2021
AG - DAOs: The Future of Work - Zima Red ep 82
My guest today is AG. AG is a full-time DAO member at the Index Co-op. Index Co-op is a decentralized autonomous asset manager. Anyone who has listened to my previous episode with Dark Forest will know the power of Index Co-Op but by speaking with AG it opened up even more doors on what is possible with DAOs. After speaking with both Dark Forest and AG I am even more convinced that DAOs will play a huge role in the future of work. I feel like AG was born to be in a DAO, hearing his background from working and living in multiple countries, working in the finance industry and diving deep into crypto, it seems like the stars have aligned with his current work with DAOs. If you want to learn about the future of online cooperation, coordination and work, then you can't miss this episode. Please enjoy my conversation with AG
October 11, 2021
Kijun Seo - Building Nine Chronicles: Open-Source Game Owned & Governed By The Users - Zima Red ep 81
My guest today is Kijun Seo. Kijun is a co-founder of Planetarium which is the company behind the game Nine Chronicles. Nine Chronicles is wild. A completely open-source, decentralized RPG game built on their own blockchain and governed by the users. Kijun has an incredible story and background ranging from a deep interest in art to being a game developer working on multiple types of projects. This unique background definitely had an impact on the formation of Nine Chronicles - because the entire ethos of the platform is to empower users and give them nearly unlimited creative freedom I feel like this episode is a sneak peek into the future of gaming. Not only encouraging users to create their own user-generated content but rewarding them for doing so and leaving it up to the community on whether or not to include that content into the actual gaming experience. An unbelievable concept that would have simply been impossible a few short years ago. If you want a sneak peek in the future then you have to check out this episode Please enjoy my conversation with Kijun
October 03, 2021
Jason Brink - Gala Games: The Gaming Company of the Crypto Revolution - Zima Red ep 80
My guest today is Jason Brink. Jason is the president of blockchain at Gala Games. Gala Games is an incredibly exciting startup that creates different types of blockchain games - from MMO RPGs to small mini-games, Gala does it all. It was founded by former founder of Zynga which is one of the largest gaming companies and founded titles like FarmVille, Words with friends and more. It was awesome to chat with Jason about everything that Gala is doing and building. It is very clear that he is mission driven and not only helping to create an amazing gaming company, but also a company that will likely redefine work as we know it as people start to earn a living through gaming. If you want to dive deep into the next big blockchain gaming company, well then this is the episode for you Please enjoy my conversation with Jason
September 30, 2021
Dark Forest - The Future Of Asset Management: Index Co-Op - Zima Red ep 79
My guest today is Dark Forest. DF is a full-time DAO member at Index Co-Op The Index Co-Op is straight from science fiction as it is a decentralized autonomous asset manager that is governed, maintained and upgraded by its users. DF is a methodologist focused on the Metaverse Index. This product, called MVI is squarely focused on metaverse-related projects in our ecosystem. He is constantly reviewing different projects and will bring them to the DAO so it can vote on whether to add it into the index or pass. Having a financial entity like this that is owned and governed by its users is mindblowing, total departure from the current structure of the traditional financial system Dark Forest also has an awesome newsletter and podcast called Metaportal which dives into a range of defi, NFT and metaverse related topics, highly suggest you check it out. If you want to dive into the future of finance then this is the episode for you. Please enjoy my conversation with Dark Forest.
September 14, 2021
Aleksander / Psycheout - Transforming A Game Into A Digital Nation - Zima Red ep 78
My guest today is Aleksander aka Psycheout. Aleksander is a co-founder of Sky Mavis, which is the development studio that created Axie Infinity, and a former competitive esports gamer. Aleksander story is incredible. He dropped out of one of the top business schools in Norway, did a quick stint working for the norwegian government and then became a full-time competitive gamer becoming one of the top ranked DOTA2 players in the world Aleksander then started to dabble in crypto and that lead into his involvement in cryptokitties where he met his Axie Infinity co-founders on the cryptokitty discord. I swear this episode just writes itself We of course also dive into Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis and the future plans for what they are doing and building. Let me tell you, it's exciting. An amazing conversation and one that I hope  will inspire YOU to go out and create the next big thing Please enjoy my conversation with Aleksander
September 07, 2021
Yan Liberman - $1m into +$100m: Building The Ultimate Crypto-Native Investment Firm - Zima Red ep 77
My guest today is Yan Liberman. Yan is a co-founder at the crypto investment firm, Delphi Digital. Yan’s story is incredible, him and his cofounders started Delphi Digital as a crypto research firm and have grown it into one of the most respected crypto investment funds out there. We discussed Yan’s personal journey into crypto, the founding and expansion of Delphi Digital, his investment strategy, and what the next “hot” market within crypto will be. Hearing Yan’s story is absolutely inspiring. It shows that when you combine unwavering conviction with immense amounts of hard work, you can achieve anything in our growing ecosystem Please enjoy my conversation with Yan Liberman
August 30, 2021
Donnie Dinch - We Are Only 1% Into The NFT Revolution - Zima Red ep 76
My guest today is Donnie Dinch. Donnie was last on the podcast in April 2020 and A LOT has happened since our last chat. For those who have not hear our previous episode, Donnie is the founder of Bitski which is a platform where anyone can easily create, buy and sell NFTs - think Shopfiy for NFTs. The big differentiator is that Bitski makes this process dead easy with all the incredible tech they have built over the years. It is amazing to see the progress and traction Bitski has had since we last spoke. Over 100k signed up users, tons of volume and raised a new round of funding led by top funds I love speaking to Donnie because he is a true builder that has a real passion for our ecosystem. While we dove into what he has been up to at Bitski, the main focus of our conversation was discussing where all this is all headed. He has a front row seat to the action and which allows him to discuss in detail on where we are going. Spoiler alert - we are just at the start and our small space is going to get BIG Please enjoy my conversation with Donnie.
August 24, 2021
Sarutobi Sasuke - Deep Dive Into Axie and Play-to-Earn - Zima Red ep 75
My guest today is Sarutobi Sasuke. Sarutobi is an Axie Infinity expert who leads partnerships at Yield Guild Games and is also an Axie manager at the NFT fund DAO Blackpool. He takes me through a detailed guide on how to play Axie, the different classes, the different mechanics and everything you need to know in order to jump in and start playing. We also discuss play-to-earn and how to operate and manage an Axie scholarship. I loved our conversation because of how Sarutobi is able to take the sometimes confusing world of crypto gaming and explain it in a succinct manner that anyone can understand. One thing that Sarutobi said to me that really stuck was how we are all a part of this RPG that is the NFT/crypto space. By participating on Twitter, OpenSea, Discords, different games and platforms, we are overcoming obstacles, gaining levels, making friends in this real world adventure that is the metaverse. Please enjoy my conversation with Sarutobi Sasuke
August 22, 2021
Jonathan Glick - The Metaverse Evolution - Zima Red Ep 74
My guest today is Jonathan Glick Jonathan is an internet OG who experienced the dawn of the internet while at AOL, helped the New York Times go digital and spent time at an expert network advising people on the internet. Now he is focused on the next evolution of the internet which is as you can guess, the metaverse. Because of his deep experience with internet technologies Jonathan is able to eloquently explain the opportunities, dangerous and details that come with the dawn of the metaverse Jonathan has also been hard at work with the legendary metaverse thought leader, Matthew Ball, on how to create an investment vehicle that allows anyone to get access to the emergent metaverse. If you want to dive deep into the history of the internet and have an edge in this new metaverse world, then this is one you do not want to miss. Please enjoy my conversation with Jonathan Glick
August 18, 2021
Aaron Wright - The DAO Master Class - Zima Red ep 73
My guest today is Aaron Wright. Aaron is a mega OG that has been deeply involved in crypto for years. He is a man with many talents as he is a professor at a law school in New York, played a role in the launch of Ethereum, published a book, sold a company AND is behind many of the major DAOs that we know today including, the LAO, Flamingo, Neptune and many more. Aaron gives us a masterclass on all the operational nuisances of running these new types of entities and tells us what the future holds for this emergent metaverse. If you want to learn all about DAOs, the future of work and ownership, then this is the episode for you. Please enjoy my conversation with Aaron Wright
August 09, 2021
Conlan Rios - Founder of Async Art - Zima Red ep 72
My guest today is Conlan Rios who is the founder of the programmable art platform, Async Art. Conlan and I first met each other inside the virtual world Cryptovoxels. I knew right when I met him that he was going to make big moves because of his intense passion for our space and the fact he was always building interesting things. Async Art is not a pure art platform how we think of them today with images, GIFs and the like - they have recently expanded into another medium creation - music. Now users are able to have a direct impact over the composition of a song they, and everyone else, are listening to. In this episode we dive head first in Async Art and how its a game changer, open vs closed ecosystems and we even discuss the controversial topic of NFTs and emissions (spolier - NFTs are great for the environment) Conlan and the Async team took an extremely powerful idea turned into reality. These are the types of people building the future and I am excited to watch what Conlan the Async team do next. Please enjoy my conversation with Conlan
August 06, 2021
Cloudwhite - Content Creator, Axie OG, Mover & Shaker- Zima Red ep 71
My guest today is Cloudwhite Its difficult to explain Cloudwhite’s background and activities in a simple one liner because he seemingly does it all. He is known for creating incredible content around the NFT ecosystem and especially around the Axie community. He has even made some hilarious YouTube videos where he raps about Axie infinity - highly suggest you check it out. Cloudwhite’s skills do not stop there, he was an early community member in Axie Infinity and has been a part of its meteoric rise. And to top all that off he has created a number of fun community lead projects like TextPunks, one where you have to actually get a real tattoo of an Axie, and even Thicc Pokemon which are, unsurprisingly, pokemon with big butts We get weird and wonderful and this one so I suggest you dive in Please enjoy my conversation with Cloudwhite
August 04, 2021
AJ - Data Scientist Turned NFT Specialist - Zima Red ep 70
My guest today is AJ. He is a former Amazon data scientist who has turned his focus and skills towards NFTs, specifically the fantasy soccer game called Sorare. AJ has dominated Sorare since his entry into the game roughly a year ago and has even joined Blackpool as a manager in the Sorare category. Blackpool is an extremely exciting project that is one of the most active NFT investment DAOs but with a focus on yield generation. It is incredible to hear AJs story, from how he got involved in the NFT space, his investment strategies, his thoughts on Play To Earn and so much more. Please enjoy my conversation with AJ
August 02, 2021
Tom Sachs - NFTs + Rockets = Fun - Zima Red ep 69
My guest today is Tom Sachs. Tom is a world renowned artist that has been experimenting with all forms of art and creation since he was young. Whether it be a painting, sculpture, drawing or NFT, his thirst for designing, destroying and creating never stops Tom and I go deep on this one. We discuss his creative process, the incredible power of mimesis, his partnership with NFT Studios and of course Rockets. Toms upcoming NFT project, Rocket Factory is a gamechanger. Users are able to collect 3 rocket pieces, combine them into a singular NFT and then decide to launch the rocket. Tom will literally go into his workshop, build a small rocket and launch it into the sky. The rocket that was launched will then reflect that it had been launched. Really incredible dynamics combining NFT art with physical world interaction. Always pushing the boundaries, Tom is someone I suggest you keep an eye on. Please enjoy my conversation with Tom Sachs.
July 30, 2021
Barthazian - Collector, Thinker, Trader, Community Member - Zima Red ep 68
My guest today is Barthazian. A mechanical engineer by background with a deep interest in cognitive sciences - we get to some really intriguing concepts in this one. We discussed things like: How our brains are computers and how we will eventually be able to tokenizing memories with products like Neuralink His framework for investing in the NFT sector - especially with his focus on esoteric factors like aesthetics, narrative and contract inspection. How the global cost of living index will impact the NFT sector monetarily and creatively And so more much Barthazian is a very unique individual with extremely interesting perspectives and really happy he let me pick his brain Please enjoy my conversation with Barthazian
July 28, 2021
Leandro - NFT Studios & CryptoMotors and More - Zima Red ep 67
My guest today is Leandro. Leandro was first on the podcast with his cofounder Nahwel back in March of this year. Even though that is a short time ago, everyone knows how quickly our space moves so a lot has happened. Leandro has moved full force on his company NFT Studios which not only builds awesome tools and in-house NFT projects but in addition has a white-glover service for those that want to create NFT projects themselves. We also dove into one of his main projects and obsessions, CryptoMotors which is the first metaverse-native car company ever. It is always a pleasure catching up with Leandro because he has such a can do attitude and builds at a furious pace. Please enjoy my conversation with Leandro
July 26, 2021
Bryce - Axie Gamer, Creator and Community Builder - Zima Red ep 66
My guest today is Bryce. Bryce is an incredible creator, gamer and community builder focused on the Axie Infinity ecosystem. On this episode, Bryce take me on a deep dive into the Axie Infinity universe teaching me about battling, breeding, investing, scholarships and the power of Play To Earn What I loved about our conversation was Bryce’s infectious positivity around the NFT ecosystem and Axie community. His story is not one of overnight success but one of a plain old hard work and iteration until advancing to the next level. One saying Bryce has really stuck with me - “Become the impossible” I think we can all use that motto to help us as we venture into this exciting world of the metaverse. Please enjoy my conversation with Bryce
July 22, 2021
Charles Smith - Building Nifty Island: The Virtual World For All - Zima Red ep 65
My guest today is Charles Smith. Charles is the founder of Nifty Island a new blockchain-based virtual world platform that allows everyone to participate immediately by giving them an island to start creating on. We go deep on this episode - discussing Charles background at the stablecoin protocol  Reserve, how stories drive value, the concept of “Minting new NFT OGs” and how economic empowerment is the key to the metaverse. We also dive into what it is like to be a founder in the most exciting industry in the world. John just announced Nifty Island yesterday so be sure to follow their progress until launch Please enjoy my conversation with Charles Smith
July 14, 2021
John Egan - Deep Dive Into The Metaverse - Zima Red Ep 64
My guest today is John Egan. John is the CEO of the L'Atelier which is a foresight company focused on researching emergent technologies. I first had John on the podcast in June 2020 after L'Atelier released an incredible report on the virtual economy, which of course, heavily featured NFTs. It is always a great time speaking with John because his knowledge on the metaverse is second to none and he thinks deeply about the societal and ethical ramifications of this new world. During our conversation which hit upon the different NFT economic sectors, if you actually need blockchain for our future virtual lives and what even is the metaverse. Another great one you do not want to miss Please enjoy my conversation with John Egan.
July 12, 2021
Gabby Dizon - The Future Of Gaming With Yield Guild Games - Zima Red ep 63
My guest today is Gabby Dizon from Yield Guild Games commonly called YGG. YGG is a platform that allows people from anywhere in the world to earn real value from gameplay, an amazing product that is only possible in crypto. Gabby is a long-time game designer, developer and founder who was bitten by the crypto bug years back and dove in head first. Gabby has this incredible ability to see far into the future and execute on his vision. We first spoke to each other sometime in 2019 and part of our discussion was around generating yield inside crypto games so YGG is something that he has been thinking about for a long time. If you want to peer into the future and learn about an emerging billion dollar industry, you cant miss this episode Please enjoy my conversation with Gabby
July 08, 2021
Aftab / DC Investor - Defi, NFTs, Ethereum Community Member - Zima Red ep 62
My guest today is Aftab, also known as, DC Investor. Aftab is an investor, advisor and professional Ethereum community member. Not only does he invest in a whole host of defi and NFT projects on Ethereum but he is also helping with the monumental task of moving Ethereum to ETH2.0. Aftab has incredible foresight into the future of the crypto economy, how NFTs will evolve and grow and of course how this is all merging into what we call the metaverse. An incredible conversation with one of the most respected individuals in the ecosystem. Please enjoy my conversation with Aftab Twitter -
July 02, 2021
Jess Sloss - Creator Revolution: Social Token Incubator Bringing The Next Billion Into Crypto - Zima Red ep 61
My guest today is Jess Sloss. Jess is the founder of Seed Club which is a social token incubator. Seed Club is on the bleeding edge of the social token revolution and after speaking with Jess I understand the massive potential of combining creators with social tokens. Jess is an incredible founder that is focused on the long-term. He knows that social tokens will be a massive market and industry but is openly discovering what are the best methods for creators and fans alike to unlock the full power of social tokens. If you want to learn more about the future of creators, this is one you cant miss. Please enjoy my conversation Twitter - Seed Club -
June 25, 2021
Erick “Snowfro” - OG of OGs Turned Founder of Generative Art Platform - Zima Red ep 60
My guest today is Erick, also referred to as Snowfro. Erick has been around since the very early days of the NFT ecosystem. Way before Cryptokitties, Erick was picking up CryptoPunks back when only a handful of people around the world knew about them. Erick has turned his passion for NFTs into a full blown career as the founder of the generative art platform Artblocks An amazing story teller, it was inspiring to hear all the details from the early days and incredible to see the evolution of the space from Ericks perspective. An awesome conversation you do not want to miss. Please enjoy my conversation with Erick. Twitter - Artblocks - 
June 23, 2021
Ryan Gill - Blueprints For The Open Metaverse - Zima Red ep 59
My guest today is Ryan Gill. Ryan is the co-founder of Crucible which is a protocol for self-sovereign identity. What that means is that Ryan is building a secure, portable digital identity that we will be using in the metaverse and broader internet. During our conversation we touch upon his background, the trillion dollar avatar economy, DAOs and of course, the metaverse. Ryan oozes authenticity in his mission for building Crucible, during our conversation you can tell that the open metaverse and self-sovereign identity is something he is very passionate about and it is something that will be a real game changer when it's launched. Please enjoy my conversation with Ryan Gill. Twitter - Crucible Twitter - Website -
June 21, 2021
Nate Alex - OG NFT Collector Turned Creator And Creator - Zima Red ep 58
My guest today is Nate Alex. Nate is the definition of an NFT OG having been around since the early days of CryptoKitties. Today he is the co-founder of the NFT development studio NFT42 which is incredible because he started out in the space with a mere .1 ETH. Not only a founder, Nate has always been a voracious tinkerer and builder, having created NFT projects like ChainFaces, Squigly WTF and more. It is incredible to hear Nates story as it shows that hard work and dedication really pays off in our rapidly growing industry Please enjoy my conversation with Nate Alex.
June 17, 2021
Brendan Cooper - NFT Lessons - Learned From 60 Years Of Experience - Zima Red ep 57
My guest today is Brendan Cooper. Brendan is the Director of blockchain and NFTs at Panini America. Panini is one of the oldest collectible companies in the world and considered one of the top companies in the space with licenses from the NBA, NFL, FIFA, and more than 300 others. Our conversations not only covers how Panini is thinking about the NFT space but also what their plans are. It is also amazing to hear insights from Brendan about the collectibles industry because much of the learnings from Panini, a 60 year old company, can be applied to our fast growing ecosystem. Please enjoy my conversation with Brendan
June 15, 2021
Gmoney - Investing and Trading In The NFT Markets - Zima Red ep 56
My guest today is Gmoney. Gmoney is an investor, trader and growing voice in the NFT ecosystem. Coming from the world of traditional finance, Gmoney brings a wealth of market knowledge into the emergent asset class of NFTs. Everything from spotting trends early to market psychology has helped him navigate this space extremely effectively We discuss everything markets like the NFT bubble, how big will the bubble get, why NFTs are going mainstream, what the next big wave is. This is an episode you do not want to miss Please enjoy my conversation with Gmoney. 
April 13, 2021
Bitcoin Benny - Building The Crypto-Native Venture Studio - Zima Red ep 55
My guest today is Bitcoin Benny. Benny is the founder of Red Fox Labs and Rfox Games. Like many things in the metaverse, Benny is building a multifaceted ecosystem that builds, invests and incubates companies and projects that connect to the cryptosphere. Benny is filled with information around building tech related products because he has been involved in the industry for a long time. This traditional tech experience combined with his crypto native expertise gives him phenomenal insights into building crypto products for the masses. Whether it be a virtual shopping mall with NFTs or a cryptonative live streaming platform Benny and his team is doing it all. Please enjoy my conversation with Benny.
April 08, 2021
Arif Khan - The Rise Of Intelligent NFTs - Zima Red ep 54
My guest today is Arif Khan. Arif is the founder of Alethea AI which is a platform to create, share and monetize synthetic media. They are creating this synthetic media with the help of AI and GPT3 - What this means is that we are now able to create totally artificial characters and we can have regular conversation with these virtual beings. This conversation was amazing because Arif is able to effectively explain how AI will impact the metaverse and our future. Also it opened up my eyes to the multidimensional nature of NFTs. I generally thought of NFTs as static images, GIFs or video but by adding upgradable intelligence we are creating an entirely new layer of the metaverse. Please enjoy my conversation with Arif
April 06, 2021
Nick Emmons - UpShot: The Protocol To Rule Them All - Zima Red ep 53
My guest today is Nick Emmons. Nick is the founder of the question and answer protocol UpShot. UpShot incentivizes people to answer subjective questions. The implications of a product like this are incredibly profound. UpShot can be used to receive answers on NFT valuations, determine if a piece of news is fake and even help solve issues around decentralized governance. The applications for this type of protocol are literally endless. It was incredible to speak with Nick because he is not only extremely intelligent but looks at solving problems in novel ways. This becomes very apparent throughout the episode as we discuss UpShot and the elegant architecture that he has created. This was an exciting conversation that just scratches the surface of total design space for this type of protocol. Please enjoy my conversation with Nick Emmons.
March 31, 2021
Nadia - Snark.Art Our Gateway To The Future Of Art - Zima Red ep 52
My guest today is Nadia from Snark dot art Snark dot art is part technology studio and part art gallery. They work with artists of all types and act as the bridge into the digital realm. With an amazing team stacked with people from the art and tech world, snark dot art is positioned to be an important player. Nadia has incredible perspective on the art world as she has been immersed in the industry throughout most of her career. We discussed everything from what is the purpose of art, what makes art valuable and even what is art. If you love art and NFTs, then this is one you do not want to miss. Please enjoy my conversation with Nadia.
March 30, 2021
Leandro & Nahuel - Building The NFT Studio - Zima Red ep 51
My guests today are Leandro and Nahuel from the VoxelArchitects, CryptoMotors, Pixelchain and more. These guys are true builders having been creating different NFT projects and companies for the past few years. Voxelarchitects are some of the best builders in the metaverse, Pixelchain is a series of incredible onchain collectible art and Cryptomotors are collectible, interopable vehicles for the metaverse. And this is only part of what they are doing! It was really great to speak to Leandro and Nahuel who are so clearly passionate about the NFT ecosystem and putting their full time and effort into expanding it for all. Please enjoy my conversation with Leandro and Nahuel.
March 02, 2021
Ben Lakoff - Defi NFTs With Charged Particles - Zima Red ep 50
My guest today is Ben Lakoff. Ben is one of the founders of Charged Particles which is a protocol for creating interest-generating NFTs. Ben and I had an awesome and wide ranging conversation - discussing everything from Ben's experience overseas, his own podcast and  how configurable interest works within Charged Particles. I can really tell that Ben is passionate about his work and Charged Particles seems to be a very innovative and exciting protocol. Looking forward to a future where all NFTs can generate their owners income via defi protocols. Please enjoy my conversation with Ben.
February 19, 2021
Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee - Building The Operating System For The Digital Fashion Industry - Zima Red ep 49
My guest today is Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee. Emma-jane is the founder of Digitalax, which is an NFT protocol focused on digital fashion. She is also the founder of Monaville which helps fashion designers create realistic looking digital clothing and materials. Combined she is creating the complete end-to-end infrastructure for the burgeoning digital fashion industry. Emma-jane is extremely well versed in the technology stack that the digital fashion industry will encompass and also the macro picture on how large the digital fashion market will actually become (hint, it's going to be huge). I really enjoyed our conversation because Emma-jane is a natural founder who loves the grind and is building towards our digital future. Keep on eye on Emma-jane as I know she is going to do big things. Please enjoy my conversation with Emma-jane
January 28, 2021
Brian O’Hagan - Sorare: The Future Of Fantasy Sports - Zima Red ep 48
My guest today is Brian O’Hagan, who leads growth at the football (or soccer for us Americans) collectible game Sorare. I had a blast learning all about Brians background and his entrance into the cryptosphere but what was really exciting was learning all about Sorare. If you are in the NFT ecosystem you know Sorare, they have been dominating the top sales charts on OpenSea for many months now and show no signs of slowing down. I admit that I know next to nothing about football so having Brian explain how Sorare works in great detail was perfect. After our conversation I became convinced that Sorare has changed the fantasy sports and collectibles arena for good and I know Sorare is going to be huge. Please enjoy my conversation with Brian.
January 25, 2021
Metakovan - The Metaverse Renaissance - Zima Red ep 47
My guest today is Metakovan. Metakovan is the largest NFT collector in the world and recently spent $2.2m dollars on acquiring twenty 1/1 Beeple art pieces. All of his NFT-related endeavors are through an entity called Metapurse which is half NFT fund and half production company. We hit it all in our conversation, his background, his thesis, his goals, we could have talked for hours and hours. I loved how Metakovan discusses his acquisition of the Beeple pieces and his future plans with something called B20 which is going to change the way people experience art. One thing I want people to know is how down to earth Metakovan is. I had the pleasure of meeting Metakovan in person at NFT NYC and we bonded over our shared love of the metaverse and of course, late night Taco Bell. I can honestly say he is one of the kindest people I have ever met. I am really looking forward to the future with Metakovan because he is working hard to inspire many and build incredible things for the entire metaverse. Please enjoy my conversation with Metakovan. Twitter - Newsletter - Metapurse -
January 14, 2021
Kayvon - Empowering Creators with Foundation - Zima Red ep 46
My guest today is Kayvon. Kayvon is the founder of the crypto creator platform Foundation. Foundation is a platform for artists, animators, and creatives of all types to tokenize their work and a marketplace where collectors can see a curated selection of amazing NFTs. It was a pleasure to have Kayvon come on the podcast because we have been friends for over half a year, which as you know in crypto terms is actually like 7 years or something. Our conversations are always inspiring and I always manage to feel like I have learned something after our chats. Kayvon is building something really special with Foundation and truly believes we are in the midsts of a creative revolution. Foundation has already been crushing it but they have a lot of exciting new stuff coming this year so I suggest everyone stay tuned. Please enjoy my conversation with Kayvon. Foundation - Twitter -
January 12, 2021
Alex Russman - Enjin: The One-Stop-Shop For NFTs - Zima Red ep 45
My guest today is Alex Russman, the director of business development at Enjin. Enjin is a multifaceted platform that essentially acts as a one-stop-shop for all things blockchain goods. They not only provide the technology for traditional games, or NFT native games to utilize NFTs but they provide all sorts of other addons like marketplaces, wallets and more. It was amazing to get to speak with Alex because I was able to learn all about the Enjin platform and its capabilities but also because of Alex's very clear passion for the industry. He is knowledgeable about everything from the metaverse, to business side of blockchain gaming and even digital fashion. All in all, a great conversation with an extremely intelligent and thoughtful person helping us build out the metaverse. Please enjoy my conversation with Alex Website - Twitter -
January 04, 2021
Yat Siu - Guiding The NFT Ecosystem With Animoca Brands - Zima Red ep 44
My guest today is Yat Siu. Yat is the founder of Animoca Brands which is a behemoth in the NFT industry. They are investors in Axie Infinity, owners of The Sandbox, F1 Delta Time and much more. Yat is easily one of the smartest people i've ever had the chance to chat with. He has an incredible background from launching the first internet service provider in Hong Kong to creating games with millions of users. One of the many things I loved about our conversation is how Yat fully understands the revolution NFTs represent and is doing his best to accelerate this movement. We are all really fortunate to have someone as well-spoken and driven to help us bring the metaverse to life. Please enjoy my conversation with Yat Twitter - 
December 21, 2020
Swiss Crypto Cat - Building A Crypto Society - Zima Red ep 43
My guest today is Swiss Crypto Cat. Swiss is the creator of La Citadel VR which is a community of crypto enthusiasts that meet in a virtual environment that Swiss designed. Swiss first learned about NFTs in the very early days of their creation. Discovering Rare Pepes on the counterparty blockchain which were around all the way back in late 2016. What I loved about our conversation is that Swiss built La Citadel VR from the ground up and is motivated to spread the good word about bitcoin. His objective is to gather like minded people who can bond over their shared love of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Now that is a goal I can get behind. Please enjoy my conversation with Swiss Crypto Cat Twitter - La Citadel VR -
December 10, 2020
Miles Anthony - The Metaverse Casino Kingpin - Zima Red ep 42
My guest today is Miles from Decentral Games. Miles is a boss, in a literal sense and figuratively as his metaverse name is “Baus”. If you haven't listened to our first episode go back and check it out. We discussed how he was busy building the world's first Community-owned metaverse casino. A few short months later. he has not only built working casinos inside the virtual world of Decentralized but is also launching a governance token in a true play to earn model. Who would have thought that there would be a casino that pays you to play. We dive into everything - The casinos, the social aspect of gameplay, token mechanics and even how it is raising money as a founder in the NFT ecosystem. I love speaking with builders like Miles because they are the ones who can take an idea, and with a lot of action and hard work, can turn them into something real. I really enjoyed this awesome conversation with Miles and I hope you do as well. Website - Twitter - Personal twitter -
December 01, 2020
Jesse & Dan from Aavegotchi - Challenging The NFT Status Quo - Zima Red ep 41
My guests today are Jesse and Dan. They are the founders of a new NFT project called Aavegtochi. These things have it all. To sum it up simply, Aavegotchi’s are: Defi-staked, on-chain, crypto-collectibles with wearables, dynamic rarity, kinship and even their own virtual world to inhabit and build on. It's really refreshing to see an extremely high quality NFT project launch and by a team that has an incredible background. Long story short, some Americans guys moved to china, worked different jobs, one of them became famous and they even started a band. What brought them together throughout all of their adventures was their love of crypto and NFTs. I am really happy to have the opportunity to speak with Jesse and Dan about this awesome project and I hope you enjoy the conversation. Website - Twitter - Discord -
November 30, 2020
Eric Elliott - How The Digital Economy Will Be 10x Larger Than The Physical Economy - Zima Red ep 40
My guest today is Eric Elliot. Eric is an internet OG who has been coding since he was a child and is an extremely deep thinker on all things metaverse. We discuss a lot, from his views on crypto, why the metaverse is inevitable and even how AI will eventually be one of the most common lifeforms within the metaverse. It was awesome getting to chat with Eric because he is not only extremely intelligent, but also, because he has clearly been thinking very deeply about what a digital future will mean for us as people. Its not just goint to transform our jobs and day to day life, but will have a radical impact on our society. Please enjoy my conversation with Eric. Twitter -
November 18, 2020
WhaleShark - How He Made The Worlds Most Successful Social Token - Zima Red ep 39
My guest today is WhaleShark. This is my second episode with WhaleShark, the first being a Hotseat episode which was where I grilled him with questions about his project. He passed that episode with flying colors but we never had the chance to sit down and have a regular conversation. This is that episode. We get to learn about WhaleSharks background, his business interests, thoughts and theses surrounding the NFT ecosystem and of course his social token $WHALE. What I loved about our conversation is that WhaleShark speaks very directly and honestly about what he did to get to where he is today. He discusses the details, strategies and basically entire playbook on how to go from idea to successful project. To sum it up, it's a lot of blood, sweat and tears but WhaleShark proves that anyone can make it if they put in work. Please enjoy my conversation with WhaleShark Twitter - Discord -
November 04, 2020
Colborn Bell - Building The Museum Of Crypto Art - Zima Red ep 38
My guest today is Colborn Bell. Colborn is a cofounder of the Museum of crypto art, commonly called the MoCA. Colborn runs the MoCA with his business partner and friend Pablo. Together they have amassed an incredible collection of crypto art and show no signs of slowing down. Speaking with Colborn really makes me understand the potential and power of blockchain for creators of all types. They are now able to control their own destiny and create with total freedom which is leading to a creators resonance. As well as their investments in the crypto art scene, MoCA is also heavily involved with the virtual world of Somnium Space. Colborns passion for Somnium is contagious and he dives deep into what makes it such an incredible and immersive experience. The MoCA has built an incredible galleries in-world, where people can see amazing pieces of crypto art in full virtual reality. I can't wait to see what creative experiences Colborn and the MoCA team comes up with next. Please enjoy my conversation with Colborn
October 27, 2020
Carlos Gomes - On The ForeFront Of The Social Token Revolution - Zima Red ep 35
My guest today is Carlos Gomes. Carlos is a man of many talents. He works as a software developer at the crypto exchange Huobi, is the founder of social of the token website ForeFront and even launched his own social token called $SWAGG. His background and story is extremely interesting and took him from the Cape Verde islands all the way to China and Silicon Valley. Our conversation focuses on social tokens as Carlos has built an incredible website called forefront which acts as the the one stop shop for all things social tokens. Part coinmarketcap, part news platform and there is even a resource section to learn everything there is about social tokens. We discuss what social tokens are, how they enable creators and communities, and dive deep into his own social token called $SWAGG. It was really great to learn all about this fast growing ecosystem from Carlos because he is not only building in it but also putting his money where his mouth is by launching his own token. Carlos is making big moves and definitely someone that everyone needs to follow. Please enjoy my conversation with Carlos.
October 12, 2020
Piers Kicks - Partner And Head Of Gaming At Delphi Digital - Zima Red ep 34
My guest today Piers Kicks. Piers is a partner at the legendary Delphi Digital, which is part crypto research firm, part consulting firm and to top it all off they recently launched their venture capital arm. If that is not impressive enough Piers also has his own incredible podcast focused solely on the metaverse called Metaverse Musings. Piers and I hit it all in our conversation. His long history of gaming, thoughts on the crypto asset class, and what impacts the metaverse will have on our society. What I loved about our conversation is Piers deep insight and knowledge and all things metaverse. He has been studying this idea for years and it truly shows as we go from speaking about NFTs to the societal ramifications of our digital future. Please enjoy my conversation with Piers Kicks.
September 17, 2020
Matty DCL Blogger - The OG NFT Trader - Zima Red ep 33
My guest today is Matty, also known as DCL Blogger. Matty is one of the most successful NFT traders and earliest NFT content creators in the ecosystem. Our conversation touches upon all of Matty’s best techniques for NFT trading and we also discuss his process for creating NFT content. Matty oozes experience and knows the space like the back of his hand. He knows who is who, what is trading where and the best method to get it. Even though his focus is virtual land, he is knowledgeable about pretty much every type of NFT What I loved about our conversation is how Matty tells it like it is, no sugarcoating and just spitting straight truth. Many people, myself included, tend to hold back in certain instances. Not Matty, he's out here dropping knowledge. That's why he has connected so well with everyone in our community and why he will continue on his path as one of the most successful NFT traders and content creators in our space. Please enjoy my conversation with Matty Twitter - Website - Discord - 
September 11, 2020
Fanny Lakoubay - The Crypto Art Movement - Zima Red ep 32
My guest today is Fanny Lakoubay She is the COO of CADAF - Contemporary & Digital Art Fair, and a curator at the MoCDA: Museum of Contemporary Digital Art. She has involvement with Radical Exchange and ETHlocal. Before going full crypto she worked at the intersection of art and tech for 10 years and also at the legendary art auction house Christies. Luckily for us, she caught the bug and has been in crypto ever since. Fanny has the unique experience and perspective to realize that we are at an incredible moment in art history and throughout our conversation we hit upon all topics related to art, both crypto and traditional. We also discuss Fanny’s involvement with RadicalxChange which is an organization that aims to tackle hard problems that our politician system ignores. I learned so much during our conversation and I am already looking forward to the next one. Please enjoy my conversation with Fanny. Twitter - Website - CADAF - MoCDA - RadicalxChange -
September 01, 2020
Chris Chapman - Internet OG Turned Blockchain Game Designer - Zima Red ep 31
My guest today is Chris Chapman. Chris is an advisor to Blockade Games and deeply involved in the crypto gaming ecosystem. He has an incredible background that starts in the early days of the web before the internet was the internet. We discussed his journey through the era of the web, building platforms for virtual worlds, the blockchain game movement and the metaverse. What I loved about our conversation was hearing about Chris’s amazing experience with internet native technologies and how he has deeply thought about the ramifications of our digital future. Please enjoy my conversation with Chris. Twitter - Website -
August 27, 2020
Stephen & Mads - The Future Of Finance With NFTfi - Zima Red ep 30
My guests today are Stephen and Mads. Stephen is the founder of the newly launched NFT loan platform, NFTfi. Mads is the founder of a tech startup called Bibblio but his nights and weekends are spent in the NFT ecosystem. He is an advisor to NFTfi and has been involved since its inception. We discuss it all, from their backgrounds, to cyber physical systems, token engineering, and bringing DeFi into the NFT space. I loved our conversation because of the diverse topics we touched upon and also because of Stephen and Mads differing skill sets. Stephen has the magical combination of technical and creative while Mads has deep expertise with operating startups and marketing. What I find really exciting is their ultimate objective which is “to bring more liquidity to the NFT markets” NFTfi is starting with loans but I could see it becoming something much bigger. Please enjoy my conversion with Stephen and Mads. Website - Discord - Twitter -
July 08, 2020
Aleks Larsen - How A +$300m Blockchain Venture Fund Operates - ep 29
My guest today is Aleks Larsen, a senior associate at the $300m dollar venture fund, Blockchain Capital. Blockchain Capital is one of the oldest, most reputable and largest venture funds in the crypto space. It was a blast getting to speak with Aleks, thoughtful, eloquent and insatiably curious, Aleks and I touched upon all parts of the NFT ecosystem. I peppered him with questions ranging from his thoughts on the metaverse, the ethos of crypto, and what advice he would give a team pitching Blockchain Capital. Anyone who is looking to form a startup and raise venture capital, I highly suggest you listen to this insightful conversation. Please enjoy my conversation with Aleks.
July 02, 2020
Nate and Carolin - Tokenizing The World With Mintbase - ep 28
My guests today are Nate and Carolin. They are the founders of the NFT minting platform, Mintbase. Mintbase allows anyone to set up a shop and start minting all types of NFTs, from tickets, to art, game items and now, even music! We discuss everything. Nate's tech background, Carolin’s experience working in the German parliament and of course we dive really deep into Mintbase. What I really loved about our conversion was Nate and Carolin’s sincerity. Just straight facts and without all the hype. Nate and Carolin are really building something special with a core focus on the users. Constant communication and user feedback acts as their north star and guides them on what gets built. They say the single goal of your startup should be to build a product users love and it looks like Mintbase is doing exactly that. Please enjoy my conversation with Nate and Carolin.
June 30, 2020
John Egan - Identifying and Exploring Our Inevitable Virtual Future - ep. 27
My guest today is John Egan. John is the CEO of the foresight company L’atelier. L’atelier, meaning “workshop” in French, is a subsidiary of the French banking giant, BNP Paribas. L’atelier’s job is to identify future market opportunities and conduct deep analysis of these emergent opportunities. And oh boy, do they deliver. The market opportunity that they have identified and decided to dive deepest on, is the virtual economy. They recently produced an incredible research report, which I am not afraid to say is some of the best in the world on this topic. John’s depth of knowledge is staggering. During our conversation, we touched upon almost everything metaverse. Virtual worlds, economics, artificial intelligence, bioaugmentation, and the pros and cons of our inevitable digital reality. Our conversation could have lasted days but alas we had to get back to the metaverse. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. John Twitter - L’atelier - Virtual Economy Report -
June 25, 2020
Jason Bailey - The Convergence Of Art And Tech - ep 26
My guest today is Jason Bailey. Jason is the founder of Artnome which started out as a database that tracks extremely high-value artworks but has since expanded into a multifaceted business, ranging from art curation, art consultation and even a thriving blog focused on the intersection of art and technology. Jason’s background is perfectly suited for our conversation which is centered around the convergence of art and tech that we are all currently experiencing. He went from a successful machine learning startup to launching Artnome and is now widely known within the traditional art world for his technological expertise. During our conversation, we discuss everything art and tech. Generative art, ai art, crypto art, how to value art, and much more. Jason has an incredible ability to explain difficult concepts even to art newbie like myself. I am so fortunate to be able to speak with Jason. Having someone of his caliber interested in the crypto art space is a signal to us all, that we are onto something big. Please enjoy my conversation with Jason. Jason Twitter - Artnome -
June 23, 2020
Edward Thomson - PhD In Astrophysics Turned Decentralization Diehard - ep 25
My guest today is Edward Thomson. Edward has an incredibly interesting background that ranges from traditional finance, to crypto, to even being a Persian rug salesman. This diverse background helped him build multiple skill sets which come in handy for his current job, which is Grants Manager for the Web3 Foundation. The Web3 Foundation is best known for being the group behind the newly launched, Polkadot blockchain. Edwards's interests don't stop there, he has dived deep into decentralized gaming, going so far as to suggest different architectures that could facilitate fully on-chain games today. Falling further down the metaverse rabbit hole we look at esports DAOs and how they will eventually evolve into fully-fledged companies and how the line between what is reality and what is a game will soon become blurred. All in all, an awesome and wide-ranging conversation that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did. Edward Twitter - Web3 Foundation - Edward Personal Website -
June 18, 2020
Brett Shear - Crypto Founder And Art Whale - ep 24
My guest today is Brett Shear, or for those in the NFT community, BlockchainBrett. Brett is a co-founder and COO of Fleek, which is a platform for building websites and applications on IPFS. Our conversations starts with his introduction to crypto, which involves a random encounter with some classmates, his time at Ethereum incubator Consensys, the startup he was a part of while there and of course, Fleek. Along with building crypto products, Brett has an intense passion for the arts, specifically crypto kind of art. Although a huge fan of the artist Coldie, he collects all types of work and NFTs. I love Brett's views on the crypto and NFT ecosystem and I also love that he is not just an enthusiast admiring from the sidelines but he is heads down, busy building a product to further the goals of decentralization. Please enjoy my conversation with Brett. Fleek - Brett Twitter - Fleek Twitter -
June 16, 2020
Anorak - On The Virtual Forefront - ep 23
My guest today is Anorak. Anorak is an investor, user, and all-round believer in the metaverse. Although Anorak's passion is mainly focused on the Decentraland Metaverse he supports the entire NFT ecosystem and is an especially big fan of the game Axie Infinity. We discuss everything from virtual casinos and museums to even token economics and the sociable nature of NFTs. What I loved about our conversation is that Anorak is a true NFT and metaverse die hard, this is not simply a hobby for him but a passion that he looks forward to every day. Be sure to keep watch on Anorak because he is making moves and will continue to be a force for good in the metaverse. Please enjoy my conversation with Anorak. Twitter - YouTube -
June 11, 2020
Max Brody - Universal Creative Income - The Future Of Work - Zima Red ep. 22
My guest today is Max. Max is the founder of Cent which is an Ethereum-powered social network that enables users to earn income from their creativity. Talk about shattering the status quo. Max has that rare trait of philosophical vision mixed with technical expertise. He is able to think about what is wrong with the world and then go out and build a solution to fix it. We go deep on this one, discussing the banality of the modern job and the restructuring of society to allow people to do what they do best: create. I also really loved Max’s way of thinking, from taking me through the amazing amount of detail that goes into a seemingly simple design decision, to his idea that you really are not saying anything if nobody disagrees with you. Overall an amazing conversation that I hope will inspire listeners to take action and go out and build. Please enjoy my conversation with Max
June 03, 2020
Chris Bell - Real Estate Investor Turned Virtual Land Investor - Zima Red ep. 21
My guest today is Chris Bell. A real estate investor and virtual reality devotee who has dived deep into the NFT space. Chris and I discuss everything from physical and virtual real estate, to how to build wealth and even how virtual worlds are naturally evolving into social networks. Chris has a clear passion for the blockchain-based virtual world Somnium Space and I have to say it's quite infectious. His intense excitement for the metaverse is logical considering the incredible capabilities of these platforms today. If we are already on a level where you can easily socialize, trade with them and even do things like watch a virtual sunrise, well then I can't wait for the future potential of these platforms. Please enjoy my conversation with Chris. Chris Bell Twitter -
May 31, 2020
Jake Brukhman - Crypto Investment Manager & Crypto Art Collector - ep 20
My guest today is Jake. Jake is a man of many talents, from art to tech he seems to be exercising both the creative and analytical sides of his brain with regularity. Jake is probably most well known for being the founder and managing partner of CoinFund, an investment firm focused on the blockchain sector. Having been involved with crypto since the early days Jake is exceptionally well versed in all things traditional crypto and he is extremely knowledgeable about the niche of non-fungible tokens. This expertise allows our conversation to dive deep into mainstream crypto-specific subjects and then into the more esoteric NFTs topics. We also talk about Jake’s keen interest in crypto art and how it's democratizing access to both artists and collectors. And of course we chat about the metaverse and how blockchain provides the value, identity, and data layer for the future virtual worlds we will inhabit. It was really great speaking with Jake and I can't wait to see his continued involvement within the NFT space. Please enjoy my conversation with Jake.
May 26, 2020
WhaleShark - $Whale Social Currency - Hotseat ep. 1
Today I have a very special episode with the legend himself, Whaleshark. This episode is structured differently than most because instead of asking big picture questions about the metaverse or NFTs, I focus solely on asking hard questions about his specific project, the $whale social token. I am calling this the “Hotseat series.” and I am super thankful Whaleshark was willing to let me interrogate him. I hope to turn these types of “hotseat” episodes into an entire series where I can ask founders the tough questions. Again, big thanks to Whaleshark for being such a great sport. Now, please enjoy The Hotseat with Whaleshark. $WHALE whitepaper - $WHALE website - $WHALE Discord - WhaleShark Twitter -
May 09, 2020
Brian Flynn - Thinker, Operator, Builder - Zima Red ep. 19
My guest today is Brian Flynn. Formerly at Dapper Labs Brian is now focusing his attention on building his own product for the crypto ecosystem. Brian has an interesting background that involves professional Esports, a startup that incentives real-world activity with reward points, and a newsletter, called NFTY News. We hit a ton of topics during our conversation, like Brian's journey through crypto and how he got his job at Dapper Labs, the issues with the NFT ecosystem, using crypto to evolve the concept of the marketplace and, of course, we dove deep into how we will achieve a true metaverse. I loved Brian’s point of view because he has such a diverse set of experiences that involve theory through his writings and actual boots on the ground experience building at Dapper Labs. This skillset makes Brian’s opinion very valuable for our ecosystem and I can't wait to see what he builds next. Please enjoy my conversation with Brian. Brian Twitter - Brian Newsletter -
May 05, 2020
Avaer - The Metaverse Is Already Here - Zima Red ep. 18
My guest today is Avaer. Avaer is working on bleeding edge technology called the Webaverse. The Webaverse is essentially infrastructure that enables the metaverse to be experienced everywhere online and using any technology. Think of it like - how you can access websites from your desktop or phone and still have a similar experience. Our conversation is heavily focused on the metaverse but we also discuss different funding methods, from DAOs to venture capital, launching a metaverse technology while literally in the metaverse, and how through collaboration when can expedite the emergence of this technology. Speaking with Avaer, you quickly understand that he is driven by his mission - to aid in the construction of an open and inclusive metaverse. He is always thinking and acting in a collaborative fashion to reach this goal. I know if we can get behind Avaer’s vision then we will be fully immersed in the virtual in no time. Please enjoy my conversation with Avaer. Webaverse Avaer Twitter Discord
April 30, 2020
Donnie Dinch - Crypto Wallets = The New Email - Zima Red ep. 17
My guest today is Donnie, a co-founder of Bitski. Bitski is creating a developer-focused wallet that does all the heavy lifting. It allows devs to focus on building and not have to worry about any of the “crypto” stuff. I, admittedly, often overlook the infrastructure that powers the NFT ecosystem and really enables all of this to happen but after speaking with Donnie I quickly understood the power and potential of Bitski. In order to get the next million users we not only need better user experiences but the developers need better tools, and that's exactly what Donnie is building. We didn't just talk wallets the whole time but also discussed how gaming is evolving towards open-ended structures, why now is the time to build and how we will be able to earn money from the games we play and the assets that we hold. All in all, I loved our conversation and if you are building a game or Dapp that utilizes crypto then Donnie is the guy to talk to. Please enjoy my conversation with Donnie Bitski Website Bitski Twitter Donnie Twitter
April 28, 2020
Toxsam - The Metaverse Architect - Zima Red ep. 16
My guest today is ToxSam, the founder of Polygonal Mind. Polygonal Mind is a creative development studio that focuses on designing structures in virtual worlds. Although his firm has made creations for all types of games from mobile to VR, his passion lies in the metaverse. He is a fierce proponent of the metaverse and his team takes every opportunity they can to build in virtual worlds like Decentraland. We discussed NFTs, design, and creativity. We also dived into how a chance meeting led him down the rabbit hole of non-fungible tokens and how he immediately understood their implications for the broader metaverse ecosystem. I am really looking forward to Polygonal Mind’s continued progress in architecting the virtual worlds that we will soon inhabit. Please enjoy my conversation with ToxSam. Polygonal Mind Website Polygonal Mind Discord Toxsam Twitter
April 21, 2020
Duncan & Griffin - The Next Billion - Zima Red ep. 15
My guests today are brothers, Duncan and Griffin, the co-founders of Nifty Gateway. Nifty Gateway is the world's first centralized NFT exchange that allows people to buy nifties using fiat currency. Started in 2018 and acquired by the Winklevoss twins crypto exchange, Gemini, it's safe to say that Duncan and Griffin are onto something big. They are trying to reduce the barriers to entry so the next million and, eventually billion, people can get onboarded into the nifty ecosystem. It was great speaking with Duncan and Griffin and getting to know everything from their unique go-to-market approach to how they pitch nifties to non-crypto natives. Also, we dive deep into how narrative and proof-of-work impacts the art world. Keep on an eye on these two because they are making big moves and pushing our space forward. Please enjoy my conversation with Duncan and Griffin Nifty Gateway - Duncan Twitter - Griffin Twitter -
April 15, 2020
n0shot - Changing The Paradigm Of Art - Zima Red ep. 14
My guest today is n0shot, co-founder of Async Art.  n0shot and his other co-founders are transforming the art world by enabling artists to create programmable artwork. The artwork launched on their platform can change in real-time and actually react to outside events. Talk about the next evolution of the art game. Speaking with n0shot I got the sense that he is the perfect person to help lead this endeavor. Programmable art requires both analytical and creative skills working in unison and he seems to have them both locked down. Our conversation does not only touch upon the traditional art world but also how digitization is unlocking the boundless creativity of artists to create more immersive experiences. Please enjoy my conversation with n0shot. Async Art - Async Twitter - n0shot Twitter -
April 06, 2020
Joel - NFT Market > Crypto Market - Zima Red ep. 13
My guest today is Joel, co-founder of Metalith and NIFTEX. Joel is building products that are expanding the economic capabilities of NFTs. By focusing on foundational financial infrastructure, Joel intends to set up the NFT market to be larger than the traditional crypto market. Speaking with Joel reminds me a lot of reading Fred Ehrsam’s early blogs. For those who don't know, Fred is the former co-founder of Coinbase. Fred’s blogs from 2016 and 2017 were so far ahead of their time, reading them will make you feel like he had access to a time machine. Joel seems to have that same foresight when it comes to NFTs. Per usual, what I admire most about Joel is that he is a builder, not just thinking of the future and how it will play out but actively shaping it. Please enjoy my conversation with Joel. Metalith NIFTEX Website Joel Twitter Metalith Twitter
March 24, 2020
Sebastien & Nathan - Blockchain Metaverse: The $1 Trillion Dollar Opportunity - Zima Red ep. 12
My guests today are Sebastien and Nathan. They are building the blockchain-based metaverse called The Sandbox. The approach that they are taking towards constructing a fun and fair metaverse is exceptionally well thought out. They are not only focused on today but thinking years down the line, everything from how the users will move around the world to creating free design software for easy content creation. Each step meant to create the best experience for a well-functioning metaverse. With Sebastien’s vast knowledge of the traditional gaming industry and Nathan's crypto-specific expertise, they make a formidable portion of the 30 plus team at The Sandbox. They deeply understand how blockchain changes the dynamic between users and game developers. When users have real skin in the game they become true citizens of the metaverse. With both of them at the helm of The Sandbox, their corner of the metaverse is in good hands. Please enjoy my conversation with Sebastien and Nathan. The Sandbox Website Sebastien Twitter Nathan Twitter Sandbox Twitter
March 23, 2020
Trislit - The Gamers Gamer - Zima Red ep. 11
My guest today is Trilist. Trilist is so deeply involved with the NFT space I don't think a one-line description does him justice. Trislit is like a dictionary on all things non-fungible token. Not only is he one of the kindest and wholesome characters in our ecosystem, he seemingly knows everyone and everything happening within our ever-evolving space. Which as you know, is no easy task. Besides having immense knowledge of the NFTs he is also filled to the absolute gills with different ideas on gameplay, lore, design, community and essentially all aspects on what makes a great game. Speaking with Trilist made me appreciate the detail and nuisance of gaming. He made me realize that having a game or metaverse with the core basics figured out is not enough, to truly have engrossing virtual experiences we need to dive deep on the narrative. For its always the story that really brings experiences to life. Please enjoy my conversation with Trislit. Trislit Twitter
March 11, 2020
James - The Google Of NFTs - Zima Red ep. 10
My guest today is James, a multi-district leader in Decentraland. James is intensely focused on bringing the metaverse to life by leading the festival, university and vegas districts in the virtual world of Decentraland. We dive into different metaverse-native business models and why blockchain-based virtual worlds are more akin to platforms than games. James is filled with different ideas on how to accelerate the emergence of the metaverse and he has the technical chops to back it up. We even discuss the future of the ecosystem and what the Google of NFTs would look like. Please enjoy my conversation with James. Vegas City Twitter Vegas City Discord
February 26, 2020
Baus - Mission-Driven Founder - Zima Red ep. 9
My guest today is Baus, the founder of Decentral Games.   Baus is building The Flamingos, a casino in the virtual world of Decentraland, but if you think that is cool, it gets better.   Not only is he creating a revenue-generating business within the Decentraland metaverse, but while on his mission to create the best user experience for those in his casino, he is actually streamlining interactions with the blockchain so they become almost effortless.   The technologies and techniques that he is developing can radically simplify blockchain applications for the wider world. And that can't come soon enough.   Please enjoy my conversation with Baus. Decentral Games Website Decentral Games Twitter Decentral Games Discord Baus Twitter
February 11, 2020
Artur - Metaverse Maximalist - Zima Red ep. 8
My guest today is Artur, the founder of Somnium Space. Artur is building a virtual reality enabled metaverse with Ethereum-based asset ownership. I loved our conversation because Instead of NFTs, we mainly focused on what our virtual future will look like. Artur is a metaverse maximalist that believes that our society and the entire world will be radically transformed by virtual reality and its associated environments. And that is why he is so focused on building Somnium Space. Like most guests we have on the podcast, Artur is a doer and willing the metaverse into life with his team. I am so fortunate that I am in the right place at the right time, to be able to watch the metaverse form before my eyes. Please enjoy my conversation with Artur. Somnium Space website Somnium Space Twitter Artur Twitter Subscribe to Zima Red for more info on all things NFTs, virtual worlds, and blockchain games.
February 06, 2020
Dan - Show Me The Data -Zima Red ep. 7
My guest today is Dan, a co-founder of Dan is building a platform that focuses on the data surrounding the NFT ecosystem but has plans to turn it into much much more. What I loved about our conversation was Dan's focus on the core fundamental values of the crypto ecosystem: Transparency, security, and self-sovereignty.    For Dan, this is not just another industry he wants to be apart of because of its massive growth potential, this is not even an industry at all for him. This is a movement, this is a revolution to create a more transparent and freer society.  Now that is something I want to be apart of. Please enjoy my conversation with Dan. - Nonfungible Discord - Nonfungbile Twitter - Dan Twitter -
February 03, 2020
Devil - Community, Culture and Creativity - Zima Red ep. 6
My guest today is Devil. An Artist, creative and community builder., A leading authority on all things NFT, Devil is a jack of all trades. If you need an incredible structure built in the metaverse, a beautiful piece of voxel art or someone to shepherd your growing NFT community, Devil is your guy. What I loved about our conversation was the focus on how the NFT space fosters an amazing community of creatives. It seems everywhere we look, new experiments are happening with passionate people who are ushering in the digital renaissance. Please enjoy my conversation with Devil. Devil's Twitter Devil's Metaverse Building Website - Tokensmart Discord
January 22, 2020
Jiho - Advancing The NFT Frontier - Zima Red ep. 5
My guest today is Jiho. The co-founder and head of growth at Axie Infinity. Not one to follow the well-trodden path, Jiho blazes his own trail. Whether he's creating a successful NFT project or integrating DeFi into gameplay mechanics, Jiho sets a furious pace of constant innovation. We covered a multitude of topics during our conversation but the recurring theme was to focus on the fundamentals: Listen to the community, always innovate and create a great experience for the users. Please enjoy my conversation with Jiho. Axie Infinity Website Axie Infinity Starter Guide Jiho Twitter
January 22, 2020
Conlan - Accelerating The Emergence Of The Metaverse - Zima Red ep. 3
Subscribe to Zima Red for info on NFTs, Virtual Worlds and Blockchain Games. My guest today is Conlan. Conlan is a man of action. Whether he is building tools for the non-fungible token ecosystem or entire neighborhoods in the metaverse, Conlan doesn't dream of the future, he builds it.   Our conversation covered a multitude of NFT-related topics but we kept coming back to the Metaverse. His thoughts surrounding its emergence are extremely interesting and inspiring. After speaking with him I know we are on the right track and realize that the Metaverse is arriving much sooner than we expect.  Please enjoy my conversation with Conlan. Conlan Twitter - Scribe - Cent Walkthrough -
January 06, 2020
GoWest - Value Investing In The World of NFTs - Zima Red ep. 2
Subscribe to Zima Red for more info on all things NFTs, virtual worlds, and blockchain games. My guest today is GoWest. A crypto OG, NFT connoisseur and founder of the newsletter NFTY report. GoWest has been involved with crypto since the very, very early days and was one of the first people to get involved with CryptoKitties. He brings a value investor mindset to the world of nonfungibles and explains how he looks for assets with true longevity. It was an honor speaking with GoWest and he gave me great perspective on our ecosystem. When your boots are on the ground, day-to-day, it's hard to see the bigger picture but GoWest does an exceptional job making me zoom out and realize that we are on the frontlines of a massive paradigm shift. Please enjoy and make sure to follow GoWest on his Twitter, Nifty Report.
December 22, 2019
Jim McNelis - Art + Metadata = NFT - Zima Red ep. 1.
Subscribe to Zima Red for info on NFTs, Virtual Worlds and Blockchain Games. My guest today is Jim, you might know him from the CryptoKitties, Cheeze Wizards or a whole host of other NFT discords. Jim takes us through his distinguished professional career and tells us about his journey to crypto and then to the NFT space. We get deep into conversation on all things NFTs but we keep coming back to what makes the core essence of on-fungible tokens, particularly the art and metadata. What I love about this conversation is that Jim is an NFT user turned founder. It gives him unique insight and a user-centric approach to building the best NFT. Please enjoy.  Keep up to date with Jim via his personal Twitter or AvaStars Twitter.
December 19, 2019