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Broken Not Divided

Broken Not Divided

By Andrew Youssef
This podcast is brought to you by Andrew N A Youssef with Humanity Vivified Blog.
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S1 E3: Unresolved Controversies

Broken Not Divided

S2 E3: Ecumenism: Friend or Foe?
Often times we hear conflicting opinions about ecumenism ranging from it being the heresy of the age to it being the best thing that happened to the Church in the 20th century. Are either statements true? Is there room for Orthodox Christians to participate in the ecumenical movement? Is the ecumenical movement a friend or an enemy? This episode explore this controversial issue aiming to offer a balanced view on the topic. 
March 27, 2022
S2 E2: Vaccine and Mandates: A Theological Perspective
How can we see the vaccine as Orthodox Christians? Is there room for theological discourse (especially with regard to Orthodox bioethics) about its manufacturing and use? How did the Orthodox Church live through mandates in the past? These questions and more are part of this episode. 
February 28, 2022
S2 E1: COVId-19: Wrath or Chance?
This episode explores whether COVID-19 is the wrath of God against the sins of humankind or mere chance. In a way, this episode is a very short summary of my book Father God or Mother Nature: From the Great Flood to COVID-19 which you can purchase here. 
January 30, 2022
S1 E5: Education and Controversies
This episode is an interview between David Aziz and I conversing about the place of education (academic and ecclesial) in cultivating a better understanding of church history, the controversies surrounding it, and the way to move forward. This episode brings season 1 of Broken Not Divided to an end. See you in January 2022. 
June 15, 2021
S1 E3: Unresolved Controversies
This episode explores a classic unresolved controversies, namely the Great Schism between East and West, and the myths surrounding the controversy. In this episode, I explore four myths that we hear about and often believe to be factual and the truth behind them. 
May 14, 2021
Bonus Episode: Divine Eros
For this month, we are pausing on analyzing resolved and unresolved controversies. Instead, Fr. Dcn. Symeon Price and I converse about a controversial topic: Divine Eros. The episode covers a variety of topics such as God's desire for humankind, our expression of eros, and how to talk about sexuality in the Church. In this episode, you will hear the thoughts of saints like John Chrysostom, Maximus the Confessor, Symeon the New Theologian, and Gregory Narek. To listen to the full episode, visit  
April 07, 2021
S1 E2: Resolved Controversies
This episode follows how the Church resolved two of its controversies: the dating of Easter and iconoclasm. Despite the Church having resolved such issues, myths and misconceptions about how the events of history unfolded persist. 
March 13, 2021
S1 E1 What are controversies?
This episode explores where controversies come from and the various types of controversies. Next episode will look at how Church resolved some of these controversies. 
February 15, 2021
Pilot Episode: What is this Podcast about?
This short episode simply answers questions about "Broken Not Divided." It answers questions such as the agenda and structure of the podcast and my background in religious and theological education. Hope you enjoy this introductory episode. 
January 16, 2021