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& Then Some

By & Then Some
A podcast from Solomon McCown & Cence featuring conversations with diverse thought leaders across sectors and the media exploring strategic communications, current trends, and how they impact us all.
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& Then Some Special Episode – FAQ Mailbag

& Then Some

Jay Ash on Ice Cream Frappes and Strengthening the Commonwealth
In this episode, Jay Ash, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership, shares how he learned to embrace and appreciate the Twitter community and how he became known for enjoying a nearly daily ice cream frappe while working as a member of the Baker Administration. Most importantly, he illustrates what he and his partners are aiming to achieve through their work at the Mass Competitive Partnership. We hope you enjoy the conversation!
September 27, 2021
& Then Some Special Episode – FAQ Mailbag
For this special episode of the & Then Some podcast, co-hosts TJ Winick and Riva Cheses answer frequently asked questions about communications and Public Relations. They cover a variety of topics including what makes a story newsworthy, best practices for defending your reputation in the media, and how to continually generate positive coverage for your company and executive leadership. We hope you enjoy!
August 18, 2021
Beth Chandler on DE&I and Resiliency in the Workplace
In this episode Beth Chandler, CEO and President of YW Boston, shares how she and her team work to find the right balance between listening and communicating effectively in DE&I education and training while advocating for more diverse perspectives within all organizations. She also shares what she believes to be the most important skills we can build in the next generation of young leaders: resilience and the ability to see the humanity in others. We hope you enjoy the conversation! 
June 24, 2021
Suzanne Abair on Basketball and Corporate Values
In this episode, Suzanne Abair, President and Chief Operating Officer of real estate private equity firm, Northland, and President of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream, shares how communication has played a key role in making Northland an employer of choice as well as in managing numerous multifamily communities across the U.S. during the pandemic. She also explains what she admires most about the WNBA, and how the league’s strong values around equality, diversity, and inclusion are a perfect match for Northland’s culture. We hope you enjoy the discussion!
May 24, 2021
Cameron Sperance on the resilience of the hospitality industry
In this episode we connect with the versatile reporter/author Cameron Sperance who shares his experience covering industries that were hit especially hard by the pandemic—such as hospitality and commercial real estate. He also weighs in on the popular debate over whether the press release is a valuable tool or ancient tactic. We hope you enjoy!
April 7, 2021
Rodrigo Martinez on Designing the Ideal Immunization Experience, Diversity in the Communications Industry and Freediving
In this episode, Rodrigo Martinez, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer for CIC Health, describes how he and his team leveraged good design and strategic communication to ramp up testing and vaccination sites at Gillette Stadium, Fenway Park and the Reggie Lewis Center at Roxbury Community College. Rodrigo also shares his insight into how we as communications professionals can help create a more diverse and inclusive communications/PR  industry, and names a few of his favorite places to free dive. 
March 10, 2021
Arun Rath on creating new forums for communities to connect virtually
In this episode, award-winning radio producer, editor and reporter Arun Rath describes how his production team grappled with their responsibilities covering Trump in the era of “fake news.” He also shares what it’s been like to create and host GBH's “In It Together” as a way to have intimate, fact-based conversations with subject matter experts and community leaders about the pandemic, honor the memory of loved ones lost to COVID-19 and bring the Greater Boston community together during a difficult time.
January 26, 2021
Lisa Hughes on working from home, resilience and Ted Lasso
In this episode, Lisa Hughes, the award-winning WBZ-TV anchor who Boston Magazine previously named one of Boston’s 100 most influential people,  shares her experience reporting the news during a pandemic, and how she’s balanced covering COVID-19 with other significant stories including the 2020 elections, the Black Lives Matter movement, and issues that emerged over the past year. Lisa also shared with us some of the stories that inspired her during this challenging time, and what TV shows are keeping her spirits high while at home. We hope you enjoy!
January 12, 2021
Episode Six: Impactful Ideas for Giving Tuesday 2019
An estimated $380 million was raised in the United States during last year’s annual #GivingTuesday event. The total represents a 45-percent increase year over year. With more than four million individual donations being processed during the day – needless to say, the event is an enormous opportunity for any organization that relies on charitable donations.
November 26, 2019
Episode Five: No News, No Problem
When clients are making news, of course reporters are interested! But how do you keep them interested when there isn’t big, breaking news to promote? On “No news? No problem!” T.J. Winick and Conor Yunits of Solomon McCown discuss their strategies to keep organizations front and center in today’s diverse media landscape.
August 23, 2019
Episode Four: Dumpster Fyre: Lessons in social media marketing from the famously doomed festival
 The release of two rival documentaries from Hulu and Netflix looking into the catastrophic Fyre Festival of 2017 has us thinking about the impact of social media marketing, transparency in customer communications and the authenticity of online news and shared posts. In this episode we will delve into the various elements that contributed to the rise and fall of the festival, and the steps you can take to protect yourself from falling victim to similar manipulative tactics. 
March 22, 2019
Episode Three: Interview with Solomon McCown & Company CEO Helene Solomon
In this episode of & Then Some, we chat with Solomon McCown & Company CEO Helene Solomon. Celebrating sixteen years leading the agency, Helene reflects on how she got her start in the business, the most rewarding part of building a successful PR agency, and her views on the biggest communications challenges facing today's leaders.
February 26, 2019
Episode Two: Interview with Crisis Communications Expert Ashley McCown
From accusations of sexual assault to data breaches and more recently blackface, there are so many ways organizations and leaders can find themselves the focus of reputational crises. We sat down with Solomon McCown President and crisis communications expert Ashley McCown to discuss what skills leaders need to have in times of crisis, how organizations can better prepare themselves, and what inspires her both in and out of the office
February 25, 2019
Episode One: Digital Media Stats & Trends for 2019
The media landscape is evolving faster than ever - from social media, to new publishing platforms, to video-on-demand, public relations and marketing professionals have an increasing number of tools in their toolbox which they can use to reach their target audience. In this episode we will share the latest stats and trends in digital media and how they will shape communications strategies in 2019.
February 11, 2019