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Dr. Cline's Peripatetic School Of Media

Dr. Cline's Peripatetic School Of Media

By Andy Cline
A podcast for my media students and anyone else interested in non-fiction storytelling. I teach classes in journalism and documentary filmmaking. So, yeah, that's what I talk about here.
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Notes on Best Podcasting Practices (JRN478)
A few points about things you should be doing if you want to run a successful podcast. This podcast, however, is not an example of much on this list :-)
February 24, 2022
Documentary Protagonists and Antagonists (MED412)
The human superpower is telling stories. We don't find stories so much as apply narrative structure to ambiguous events. That means we nonfiction filmmakers are assigning the roles of protagonist and antagonist. He's a look at how that works.
February 18, 2022
Rhetoric of Nonfiction Video, Part 1 (MED412)
A general introduction to rhetoric as it applies to making nonfiction video. The point of this is control -- helping you make effective videos or documentary films that move hearts and minds.  Berlin, James A. Writing Instruction in Nineteenth-Century American Colleges. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 1984. _____. Rhetoric and Reality. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 1987. Bitzer, Lloyd F. 1968. "The Rhetorical Situation." Rhetoric: Concepts, Definitions, Boundaries. William A. Covino ed. Boston: Allyn and      Bacon: 1995.
February 05, 2022
What are these "media" in media ethics? (MED581)
An introduction to the idea that power relationships among individuals and organizations play a role in individual choices regarding what we ought and ought not do.
February 03, 2022
Getting Started with Apps and Content (JRN478)
This episode is a quick introduction to apps for audio, photo, and video concentrating of capability, not specific app. Plus, I offer a few content tips for making better photos and video for nonfiction storytelling.
February 02, 2022
The Philosophy of Ethics: Short Version (MED581)
A super-short introduction to the philosophy of ethics and its (eventual) application to mass media professions (including social media).
January 19, 2022
The Documentary Voice (MED412)
A quick look at the four characteristics of the documentary voice that make documentary films different from cinematic fiction.
January 19, 2022
Mobile Journalism, Ep. 1: Introduction
This is the introduction to the Mobile Journalism series of the Dr. Cline's Peripatetic School of Media podcast for the winter/spring 2022 edition. This series examines the smartphone as a journalism production and consumption machine. Much of the material will be useful to anyone creating non-fiction content for mass media and social media. FYI, a brief moment of mild salty language in this episode.
January 01, 2022
Media Ethics, Ep. 1: Introduction
This is the introduction to the Media Ethics series of the Dr. Cline's Peripatetic School of Media podcast for the winter/spring 2022 edition. This series will discuss the philosophy of ethics in the context of making public message for the mass media and social media. FYI, there's a bit of mildly salty language in this episode. Is that ethical? :-) 
January 01, 2022
Documentary Storytelling, Ep. 1: Introduction
This is a general introduction to the Documentary Storytelling series of the winter/spring 2022 edition of the Dr. Cline's Peripatetic School of Media podcast. Here's the list of learning goals for MED412 students. Other audience members may find this information useful, too. Critically read and evaluate the documentary form as journalism, commentary, and entertainment. Critically examine story structure in contemporary documentary film. Develop strategies for understanding the most effective narrative choices for documentary projects. Cogently analyze story structure in documentary film for proposals, critiques, and reviews. Develop a story proposal. What to learn when you Google the films we watch: 1) Who was involved in making the film (and what else have they done), 2) who paid for it 3) what critical reception did it get, 4) what controversies were involved in its making and/or screening, 5) how did the director structure the story and why that way, 6) what is the relationship among the filmmakers, the subjects, and the audience; what are we supposed to do with this film, and 7) what technical/artistic choices are important to understanding the story? Next episode: What is a documentary film? Watch: "Best in Show" by Christopher Guest. Available on several screening services, including HBO Max and YouTube.
December 31, 2021
Introduction to Dr. Cline's Peripatetic School of Media
The winter/spring 2022 edition of Dr. Cline's Peripatetic School of Media offers three educational series: Media Ethics, Documentary Storytelling, and Mobile Journalism. This podcast provides an additional way for students in my classes to engage with me and the material. But this podcast will also be useful to anyone interested in these topics, especially people interested in leveling up their non-fiction media skills. Media Ethics will focus on applying the philosophy of ethics to real issues in the production of mass media and social media messages for the public. Documentary Storytelling will focus on understanding the role of good storytelling in making good non-fiction videos of all kinds, especially documentary films. Mobile Journalism will examine the smartphone as both a consumption machine and a production machine -- lots of nuts-n-bolts for anyone wanting to level up their non-fiction, multimedia game.
December 31, 2021