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Pit Talk - Hugely informative discussions with the people who make the music business tick.

Pit Talk - Hugely informative discussions with the people who make the music business tick.

By Andy Duerden
Just who are the musicians who perform for us in West End Shows and how did they get there? How do you become a Music Producer and have you ever wondered how important a great Sound Engineer is to the music you listen to every day?
In Season 1 Andy Duerden will be talking to a variety of Music Industry pros who often exist in the background, but who are a crucial part of the Music we listen to, or see performed. They will explain how their careers developed, how they have ridden the highs and lows, and how important it is to diversify and be versatile in this most challenging of professions.
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Mark Elvin : A fascinating insight into the life of a professional musician, covering West End performances, composing and teaching, and the importance of diversifying in your career as a musician
It's Music from the Horse's Mouth as Andy Duerden discusses with Mark Elvin the realities of developing a career and progressing as a musician. Mark, a professional West End Bass player, Tuba player, Composer and Teacher, explains his journey through the world of Music. Together with Andy, a Singer Songwriter, Session Musician and Teacher, Mark refers to the highs and lows of this most challenging of careers and offers solid advice on how to grow, develop and structure a life in Music. A must hear for all young, aspiring musicians and a fascinating listen for anyone who has ever wondered just what happens in the Pit of a West End show or how these top class but largely unknown musicians form such an important part of the Music World that we all know and love. If you'd like to find out more or contact Andy or Mark please visit
March 5, 2019