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Andy Dunne Podcast

Andy Dunne Podcast

By Andy Dunne
Andy Dunne presents a short series of Podcast about his latest album; DREW #Project7016

* The songs and songwriting explained, the process of pre-production, recording and post production.

* Paul Seymour and his amazing contributions to all aspects of production and Andy's music in general over the last 30+ years.

* The DREW CREW and Working with Conor O'Sullivan at Hidden Studios, Killeens, Cork, Ireland.

* Working with Sheena Crowley and The Island of Music.

* Life after Covid for Andy.

And whatever else comes up.
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6. Meet the Drew Crew (2).
The final podcast in this series, I talk about Brian Morrissey, Chris McCarthy, Fionn Hennessy Hayes and Conor O'Sullivan. Thanks for listening and don't forget to visit my website #ithastobedunne 
June 22, 2021
5. Meet the Drew Crew (1)
In part 5, I speak a little about some of The Drew Crew. A bit of insight in to Sally O'Regan, Paul Dunlea, Paul Seymour and Brendan Clancy. #ithastobedunne #drew #project7016
June 17, 2021
4. If Music Be The Food Of Love... Drive On!
A hole in the ground can be so much better than a hole in the head... #ithastobedunne
June 9, 2021
3. Andy Dunne - Let's Talk About Songs Baybeee!
Third podcast in the series, I start exploring (in brief) the stories behind the songs. Hope you enjoy. Andy. 
June 2, 2021
2. Diggin' a little deeper.
Here, I go into more detail about Pre-Production. Which leads me to Production and Post- Production. CD's, Streaming and all sorts . 
May 24, 2021
1. DREW #PROJECT7016 - From the top.
1st episode in a 6 part Podcast Series exploring Andy Dunne album DREW #project7016 from ambition to completion.
May 19, 2021