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Bullpen Sessions with Andy Neary

Bullpen Sessions with Andy Neary

By Andy Neary
Winning in sports, business, and life requires a major league mindset. Host Andy Neary teaches the lessons he learned as a professional athlete to help others develop a game plan built for success. As a former professional baseball player, Andy understands what it takes to excel at the highest level. He attributes his success in sports and business to the hours of work he put in when no one was watching. Each week, Andy interviews current and former pro athletes to hear from those who have developed a championship mindset to help them win on and off the field do you can do the same!
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77. Chris Ross: Million-dollar Sales Secrets

Bullpen Sessions with Andy Neary

89. Joel Goldberg: Small Ball Big Results - The Secret To Beating The "Big Boys"
Joel Goldberg is the Kansas City "Royals Live" Host & In-Game Reporter, Host of the Rounding the Bases podcast, Author of Small Ball Big Results, and Founder of the Joel Goldberg Media. In this episode Joel and I dive into the 2015 World Champion Kansas City Royals and their secret to getting big results as a small-market team.  It's more than the players on the field.  It's about establishing a winning culture from the top-down.  The nuggets Joel drops will help any organization win. We also discuss Joel's broadcasting journey, hopping from one small market to the next, to his arrival with the Royals organization in 2008.  Stick around to the end of the conversation as I hit Joel with some rapid fire around the history of the Royals organization. Whether you're an athlete trying to get to the next level but feels like the odds are stacked against you, or an organization who may lack the resources but wants to compete with the "big boys", Joel shares the secrets with you! RESOURCES Follow Joel on Instagram and LinkedIn Learn more about Andre at Grab a copy of Joel's book, Small Ball Big Results HERE Subscribe to the Rounding The Bases podcast today! Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
January 20, 2021
88. Time, Effort, and Money: The 3 Investments For Your Success
A new year means new opportunity and new goals.  I hope you're setting goals that stretch your comfort zone.  However, to blow past them you're going to have to invest.  You're going to have to invest in your own success.  What does that mean?  Well, let me ask you this ... Are you willing to invest the TIME it takes to achieve success? Are you willing to invest the EFFORT it takes to achieve success? Are you willing to invest the MONEY it takes to achieve success? If you want to know what the best in your industry are doing, they're committed to investing in their success by putting their time, effort, and money on the line.  In this week's episode, I share why 2021 is the year you MUST start investing in your own success and how you can take some simple steps to letting the universe know you mean business! RESOURCES LinkedIn: Andy Neary       Instagram: @andy_neary     Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
January 15, 2021
87. Andre Young: The Keys To "Get Great" In Sports, Business, and Life
Andre Young is a speaker, author, and Founder of You Evolving Now, LLC. He's taken his 19 years of experience as a Mental Health Therapist; focused on marital, individual, and group counseling, along with his life-altering experiences as an individual, athlete, employee, and business owner, and has created a movement of Positivity, Personal Growth, Relationship Growth, Healthy Living, and Lifestyle Enhancement; enhancing Work/Life Harmony and Leadership on-site for Companies and Schools! A former college football player, Andre understood what it took to excel on the field as a Linebacker for Kutztown University.  Though he had looks at the NFL and a brief stint in Arena Football, Andre's true calling came as began "Chapter 2" of his life, which is why I'm so excited to have him on the podcast.  Listen in as Andre shows you how to "get great" at anything you do! His voice is motivating and his size is intimidating!  You're going to love the value Andre brings to your life!  Enjoy!  RESOURCES Follow Andre on Instagram and LinkedIn Learn more about Andre at Grab a copy of Andre's most recent book, 7 Ways To Lead HERE Subscribe to the You Evolving Now podcast today! Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
January 12, 2021
86. It's Time To Get Back To The Basics
It's a new year and time to turn the page.  Despite how good, bad, or ugly 2020 was, you must use January to get back to the basics.  It's what all the greats do.  Despite the success, they understand the importance of working on their craft.  John Wooden, the famous UCLA basketball coach, made his teams spend the 1st practices of the season learning how to put their socks and shoes on properly.  No one is too good for the basics.  This week, I share a goal-setting exercise with you to help you get 2021 started with a bang! RESOURCES LinkedIn: Andy Neary       Instagram: @andy_neary     Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
January 8, 2021
85. Richmond Champion - Preparing For The Ride Of Your Life
Richmond Champion is a world ranked bareback rider.   He's a 5-time Wrangler Finals Rodeo Qualifier.  In 2014, he became the first rider to ever win over $1,000,000 at one event.  He currently resides in Stevensville, MT with his wife, Paige Lawrence, a former Canadian Olympic figure skater.   I was fortunate to catch up with Richmond while he was riding at the National Finals Rodeo in Arlington, TX.  The NFR is considered the World Series of rodeo.  We talk about life in the rodeo and what it's like to draw the toughest horse in the sport.  It just so happened he drew "Killer Bee" the day we connected.  We also dive into a rider's preparation before getting on the back of a bucking bronco and the mindset one has right before catapulting out of the chute.  In a sport where one wrong move can be the difference between life and death, having the right mindset is EVERYTHING. It's an amazing conversation and Richmond has a such a great perspective on his sport and life, in general.  I'm excited to share Richmond Champion with you! RESOURCES Follow Richmond on Instagram Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
January 6, 2021
84. New Year. New Opportunities. New Breakthroughs.
Well, here we are!  Welcome 2021!  It's a new year, with new opportunities and new breakthroughs.  So many are happy to kick 2020 to the curb in hopes that 2021 brings a new beginning.  Use this episode as a launching pad to make 2021 the best year you've EVER had.  In this episode I reflect on the year that was and look back at the wins of 2020 ... yes, there were plenty of wins.  Those moments that define who we are.  Those moments we stepped and became a greater version of ourselves.  Yet, that is now in the past. Today is Day 1 of your new journey.  You have a clean page and the pen is in your hands.  This is your chance to write the rest of your life.  In the 2nd half of today's episode I share my thoughts on how I'm investing my time and money this year, mainly on the "4 Ts" ... technology, team, tribe, and teachers.  Listen in and start creating your game plan to up-level your life in all ways. Here we go!  2021 is going to be one epic 365-day ride! RESOURCES LinkedIn: Andy Neary       Instagram: @andy_neary     Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
January 1, 2021
83. When One Door Closes One More Amazing Door Opens
In this week's Bullpen Session, I share my thoughts on the year, and how you can ensure next year is much better.  We're closing the door on 2020 knowing there is a more amazing door about ready to open in 2021!  It's all in your perspective.  What BIG CHANGE do you need to make next year?  Is a change in your address, change of career, or just a change in your attitude?   In this episode, I share how this approach applied to a conversation I had with a former colleague on Friday looking a major move in his career, how it applied to our physical move to Colorado in 2014, and how it will apply to the Bullpen Sessions podcast in 2021!  I'm excited to share the changes with you!  Have a safe and happy Holidays! RESOURCES LinkedIn: Andy Neary       Instagram: @andy_neary     Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
December 22, 2020
82. Let Go Of Your Damn Expectations
Do you have expectation hangover?  Are you sick and tired of your 2020 results not meeting your expectations?  What is really going on?  Well, I'm willing to bet it's your desire to control the outcome that has you frustrated and unhappy.  You want to know the outcome before you take the first step.  It happens to us all.  You have to get back to the basics and focus on the things you can control, mainly your actions.  In this week's Friday Bullpen Session episode, I open up about how the expectation hangover has impacted my life and the steps you can take to get back on the right side of happy.  There's a sense of freedom when you let go of all your expectations.  I want this episode to help you do just that! Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary       Instagram: @andy_neary     Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
December 18, 2020
81. Johnny Elsasser: The Art of Masculinity
Johnny Elsasser is the host of the award-winning podcast, The Art of Masculinity.  He is on a mission to help men own their masculinity in the way that honors them and not what was created for them.  But, that's not all to Johnny's story. He is also a decorated military veteran.  Johnny served in the Elite 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment with 4 combat tours between Iraq and Afghanistan, spending time protecting the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq out of Baghdad.  However, when he arrive back in the states, he became depressed, alone, and felt emptiness.  It was through his podcast he found a new purpose helping shed light on how alpha men struggle and are open to growing together.  Mental health issues among the male population is ever-growing problem as so many feel they need to keep their emotions and feelings on the back burner. Johnny and I dive into his military career, the lessons he learned in battle, and how he applies them to his mission today.  In addition, Johnny talks an amazing experience he's created for males everywhere called the "Wild Man Experience".  He provides details towards the end of the episode and share how you can get in on the action!  It's an amazing experience and equally amazing conversation you don't want to miss!  RESOURCES Connect with Johnny on Instagram Subscribe to The Art of Masculinity podcast Learn more about the Wild Man Experience HERE Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
December 16, 2020
80. Steve Watson: The CFO's Guide To Fixing The Healthcare Budget
Steve Watson is a CFO, a licensed CHRO, and a licensed benefits broker.  He is the founder of Trendbreakers, an organization dedicated to helping CFOs and HR professionals end the health insurance crisis that is impacting employers across the country.  He is also the host of the Trendbreakers podcast. This is a special episode.  I went off my normal Friday Bullpen Sessions episodes to interview Steve.  Why?  Healthcare is a hot button in the United States and employers are still "in the dark" when it comes to finding the fix.  In this episode, Steve and I dive into why health insurance costs continue to rise at an unsustainable rate and what CFOs and HR professionals can do to stop it.  There are solutions if you're willing to go looking for them!   If we want to fix the health insurance crisis in America, we must fix the MINDSET around how it's purchased and utilized. RESOURCES Learn more about Trendbreakers HERE Connect with Steve on LinkedIn  Subscribe to the Trendbreakers podcast HERE Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
December 11, 2020
79. Michael Dash: Chasing The High, A Story of Addiction and Triumph
MICHAEL G. DASH is an entrepreneur, best-selling author of Chasing The High, business coach, recovering addict, speaker and philanthropist. He founded the F.A.T.E. series (From Addict to Entrepreneur) published on Thrive Global & Medium and MD Coaching and Mentoring where he works with entrepreneurs helping them streamline their businesses while increasing profits and helping them find clarity, consistency and connection allowing them to step into the true leader they were meant to be. He is the co-founder of the Activated.Life, a social movement focused on inspiring a culture of positivity, authenticity, passion, empathy, and resilience while giving back to others. Michael is an avid volunteer, fundraiser, and mentor, and is dedicated to bringing positive change to leaders of all kind. In this episode Michael and I discuss his entrepreneurial journey through addiction, lawsuits, and one hell of a come back.  Addiction can come in many forms.  For Michael, it was the addiction of chasing the next high.  Things can look great on the outside while inside your world is falling apart.  I'm excited to share his story with you in this week's episode.   RESOURCES Learn more about Michael at Follow Michael on Instagram at @mdash1 Order a copy of Chasing the High FREE HERE Or grab a copy of the audio book HERE Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
December 11, 2020
78. The One Career Decision I Regret The Most
Have you ever been told that you're not talented enough to do something you love?  It happened to me the day I was released by the Milwaukee Brewers baseball organization.  For the first time in my life, I'd been told that I'm not good enough to play the sport I love.  The firing came one day before I was set to break spring training camp and spend the summer pitching in Beloit, Wisconsin where I'd get to enjoy having family and friends watch me play pro ball.  When I look back at that day, there is emotion and regret.  In this week's episode I share the biggest regret of all and the impact it's had on my life LONG AFTER my baseball career ended.  Use the lessons I learned from my release to help you jump into 2021 full of clarity and confidence! Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary       Instagram: @andy_neary     Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
December 4, 2020
77. Chris Ross: Million-dollar Sales Secrets
Chris Ross is Founder of TCR Consulting Agency, Co-Founder of Winject, and Co-host of the award-winning podcast, The Win-Win Effect.  He specializes in training international business executives, companies, and corporations on methods, techniques he has developed over the years on adopting both sides of the buyer-seller relationship.  He currently runs all of his businesses virtually from London. Simply put, Chris knows sales.  He's dominated the sales arena.  We're talking generating over 1 million dollars a month in revenue for more than 3 years.   In the episode, Chris and I talk about what it takes to become the top 1% in sales and what the select few are doing that nobody else does.  He shares his philosophy on what it takes to become 1% better every day, and what does it actually mean to have a competitive advantage. If you're a sales professional, you DO NOT want to miss this episode. Chris is a lover of sports (especially his Clemson Tigers and Atlanta Braves) and a master at sales.  This discussion is full of gold, so buckle up and enjoy the conversation! RESOURCES Connect with Chris on Instagram and LinkedIn Learn more about Chris at Subscribe to The Win-Win Effect podcast Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:  
December 2, 2020
76. How To Grow A Personal Brand In 2021
Do you have a personal brand?  The short answer is "yes".  The second you open your mouth, you're sharing your personal brand.  The bigger question is this ... WHAT is your personal brand?  At the heart of every personal brand is self-awareness.  Understanding who you are and how you show up to the world is more important today than it's ever been, and if you're going to turn a challenging 2020 into a beautiful 2021 who MUST go to work on your personal brand.  In today's episode, I share a very simple exercise to help you get started.  Whether you're an athlete, a parent, or a business executive, you must have a clear brand.  Who you want to be and how you want others talking about you must be aligned.  Listen in and I'll show you how to do it! Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary   Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
November 27, 2020
75. Brett Lorin: Former MLB Pitcher Turned Successful Entrepreneur
This week I am joined by Brett Lorin.  Brett is a former professional baseball player turned successful entrepreneur, and host of the Too Tall Sports podcast.  I wanted to have Brett on because his story is very similar to mine.  However, when it comes to stature, we're VERY different. Brett was blessed with the one thing any pitcher would love to have ... height.  Standing 6 ' 7, Brett looks like the prototypical pitcher and his journey includes a successful career in minor league baseball.  Despite the success, that one last call up to the "Big Leagues" never came. Today, Brett has successfully transitioned into Chapter 2 of his life, something that is extremely difficult for many pro athletes.  Brett is living out the entrepreneurial life in solar sales as well as a past stint growing a Jimmy Johns franchise. In this episode Brett and I talk about his journey through high school and college sports and the feeling of coming up just one call short of Major League Baseball.  THIS EPISODE IS FOR ANY ATHLETE OR BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL transitioning to the next phase in life and looking for clues to do it successfully. RESOURCES Connect with Brett on LinkedIn Subscribe to the Too Tall Sports podcast HERE Follow the podcast on Instagram Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
November 24, 2020
74. My Birthday Wishes For You
Today, I'm celebrating 43 amazing years on this rock spinning around the universe.  I've never felt stronger, sharper, or healthier.  However, it wasn't always that way.  At one time, my life was filled with bad decisions, risk aversion, and a huge fear of failing.  But, today things are MUCH DIFFERENT.  So, I'd thought I would share what I've learned over the last 43 years, some observation about the world we know today, and a few words of wisdom to help you make 2021 the BEST YEAR you've ever had. INSURANCE BROKERS, do not forget on the early-bird list for exclusive access to the 2021 Complete Game Broker Branding Master Class!  Early access and a massive discount.  Your sales will never be the same again!  Simply text "2021" to 414-622-1462. Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary   Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
November 20, 2020
73. Scott Hairston: A Family Tradition of MLB Success
Former Major League Baseball player Scott Hairston spent 10 years (2004-2014) playing at the highest level.  His successful journey in professional sports saw him make stops in Arizona, San Diego, Oakland, New York (Mets), Chicago (Cubs), and Washington DC.  Scott was a man of many talents and he used his versatility as an outfielder and second baseman to be a key contributor on several successful teams.  Scott also comes from a unique family.  The Hairstons are only 1 of 3 families in baseball history to have 3 generations play at the Major League level.  Family member who were professional baseball players include his grandfather, Sam; his uncle, Johnny; his father, Jerry Sr; and his older brother, Jerry Jr.   In this episode we talk about what it was like growing up in a baseball family.  What was it like to be surrounded by that level of mentorship.  We also talk about Scott's 10-year career and what baseball taught him as an individual and a team player.  But, that's not why I wanted Scott on the Bullpen Sessions podcast. Scott has made a successful transition to his "2nd chapter" in life.  Today, Scott has taken his talents and applied them to another passion, craft wine.  Today, Scott is involved with Scout & Cellar, a craft winery dedicated to produce clean wine free of pesticides and chemical additives. Scott's career in sports and business has defined by achieving success at every level and I can't wait to share his story with you! RESOURCES Connect with Scott on Instagram Connect with Scott on LinkedIn Learn more about Scout & Cellar: Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
November 17, 2020
72. Stop Making Excuses and Giving Up Your Power
It is Friday the 13th!  A day designated for all things luck (good or bad), depending on how you view it.  Do you believe in luck?  Do you believe your outcomes are the result of some outside force?  Then, you NEED to tune in to today's episode!  When you buy into "luck", two things happen: 1. You start making excuses for your failures. 2. You give up your power. 2020 has made it REALLY easy to concede your power and replace it with bad luck and BS excuses.  This mindset isn't getting you anywhere.  While others move forward, you stay stuck.  It's time for you to take back control and start putting in the work so "luck" can find you.   LAST CALL to sign up for the 10-day Holiday Challenge!  Do not miss your opportunity to receive 10 days of FREE daily coaching to help you put together an unbeatable marketing plan for 2021!  Simply text "challenge" to 414-622-1462 and JOIN TODAY! Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary   Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
November 13, 2020
71. Marshall McFadden: From the NFL Trenches to the NASCAR Pits
Can you imagine spending your career hunting down NFL Quarterbacks AND changing all four tires of a race car in less than 12 seconds?  Marshall McFadden can!  In this week's episode Marshall and I sit down and talk about both careers.  Marshall's football story is about coming from humble beginnings and showing up during the brightest moments.  Overlooked by most major college football programs, Marshall took his talents to South Carolina State, a program far off the radar of most NFL scouts.  However, he used this to drive him to constantly show up when the lights were brightest, ultimately landing him a job on Sundays playing in the NFL spending time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, and St. Louis Rams. Today, Marshall has traded his football cleats in for a NASCAR uniform as a member of the Chip Ganassi racing team pit crew.  We talk about he applies what he's learned on the football field to the high-pressure moments on the race track.  It's extremely hard for pro athletes to transition to the next phase in life, but McFadden has done a beautiful job with it.  Tune in and enjoy a great conversation! RESOURCES Connect with Marshall on Instagram: @mmcfadden5 Learn more about Chip Ganassi race team and the DECK Leadership program: Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
November 10, 2020
70. 3 Steps To Crush Your 2021 Sales Goals
Let's face it, sales has been tough for most this year.  With the amount of uncertainty and fear in the air, many aren't making buying decisions.  If that's not enough, trying to stand out in a noisy industry (insert whatever industry you're in) has never been tougher.  However, there are plenty of sales professionals out there who have taken their results to the next level in 2020.  What are they doing?  Listen in! This week I dive into a 3-step approach that has helped many of my clients continue to grow in a year full of stagnant sales results.  They have mastered the ability to grab more attention than their competition, have a streamlined process for earning the business, and have created an effective, yet simple, plan of action to help clients win year after year.  This approach reminds me a lot of how I approach a start on the mound. Tune into this week's episode to learn how to overcome a rough year and make 2021 an amazing year for your sales goals! DO NOT FORGET to sign up for the 10-day Holiday Challenge!  What is it?  10 days of FREE daily coaching to help you get cranked up to finish the year strong and build a winning game plan to stand out in 2021!  Simply text "challenge" to 414-622-1462 and JOIN TODAY! Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary   Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
November 6, 2020
69. Paige Lawrence: Stepping Into Your Olympic Moment
Can you imagine having to perform in front of the world?  Paige Lawrence did.  In 2014, she, along with her pairs partner, Rudy Swiegers, represented Canada in pairs figure skating at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.  Paige's journey to Olympic glory wasn't easy.  There were highs, there were lows.  Training 4 years for one event can leave an athlete exhausted and emotional, especially after the attention fades away.  Far too many Olympic athletes fall into a state of depression coming down from the high of performing on the world stage.  In this episode Paige shares her struggles and the steps she took to thrive long after the Olympic flame burned out. Today, Paige is the Founder of Paige Lawrence coaching where she helps entrepreneurs achieve their own "Olympic moment" they deserve.  I'm excited to share Paige with you today! RESOURCES Connect with Paige Lawrence Coaching on Instagram: @paigelawrencecoaching Connect with Paige on Instagram: @paigehlawrence Learn more about Paige: Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
November 3, 2020
68. The Greatest Advice You're Not Getting
Have you ever talked to the childhood version of you?  Have you ever closed your eyes and picture having a conversation with the 11-year old you once were?  Many of us have been asked what we advice we'd give our younger self, but what if the tables were turned?  What if we had to sit there and listen to that 11-year old?  What advice would we receive? This week I share a personal experience I had where I was asked to sit down and have a conversation with the younger version of me ... that kid who was overweight and so scared what others thought of him.  The kid who was embarrassed about his physique.  However, it was when he shared his advice with me that sh!t got real.  Tune in and learn the 3 tips young Andy shared with me that made me stop in my tracks. Hey, do you desire to have a better daily routine?  Are you looking to get more done in less time so you can spend time with family?  If so, DO NOT MISS the 10-Day Holiday Challenge.  To jump in, simply text "challenge" to 414-622-1462 to join!  The challenge starts in mid-November.  I'm giving away cash and an interview on the Bullpen Sessions podcast to one lucky winner! Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary   Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
October 30, 2020
67. Your Story Is The Ultimate Competitive Advantage with Colleen Blum
Colleen Blum is Vice President of Combs & Company and Host of the Try And Stop Me Podcast.  Colleen and I share a common bond in that we have both spent the majority of our careers in the health insurance field.  What I love about Colleen is her ability to share her struggles so openly with her community.  This willingness to be vulnerable has helped grow Combs & Company into a widely respected insurance agent in the heart of New York City.  In an industry where most are afraid to show any signs of weakness, Colleen has used her story to create an unbeatable competitive advantage in her market.  If you have found yourself afraid to "open up" about your struggles and weaknesses, THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU. Colleen is a guiding light for an industry that needs more inspiring women like her.  By the time this episode is over, you'll feel like you've known her forever!   Resources: Connect with Colleen on Instagram: @tryandstopmpodcast Connect with Colleen on LinkedIn Subscribe to the Try And Stop Me Podcast Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
October 28, 2020
66. 3 Traits of a Winning Mindset in Sports and Business
Do you have a winning mindset?  This week's episode is dedicated to addressing an issue that is permeating the worlds of sports and business today.  People DO NOT know how to lose.  The displays of poor sportsmanship in both arenas is alarming.  So, this week I wanted to play my part and address this topic.  What does it take to have a winning mindset in sports and business?  Listen in as I share 3 traits that define those who win respectfully, which means they win A LOT! Tune in, take notes, and get ready to strike out mediocrity from your life!  Here we go! Hey, get your butt in the 10-Day HOLIDAY CHALLENGE!  Get ready to lock in the daily habits and time-management skills you need to be at your best throughout the holiday season.  Simply text "challenge" to 414-622-1462 to join!  I'm giving away cash and an interview on the Bullpen Sessions podcast! Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary   Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
October 23, 2020
65. Samson Jagoras: From Big 12 Football to Big-Time Entrepreneur
This is week 3 of a 4-part series highlighting Fort Collins, CO entrepreneurs having great success and doing great things for the community. Samson Jagoras is a multi-talented individual.  He's Chief Strategy Officer at Madwire (marketing software), Founder of Growth Vue Properties (real estate investments), and Co-owner of Pursuit Nutrition and Training Center, a gym located outside of Fort Collins, CO.  He's also a loving husband and father.  Time management and perfecting the art of an "unbalanced" life are his specialty.  Growing up in a blue-collar home in Los Angeles, Jagoras learned what it meant to outwork the competition.  In teens he discovered he had talent on the football field and this led him to earning a scholarship to play Fullback at the University of Colorado.  In this episode, we dive into the mindset of a Fullback and how it's helped him manage, grow and lead 3 successful companies.   His mantra?  Stay humble, stay hungry, be smart, be greedy, be competitive. Purpose drives everything Jagoras does.  Listen in and get behind Jagoras' story so you can pave the way to massive success in your life! Resources: Connect with Samson on Instagram: @samson.jagoras Connect with Samson on LinkedIn Learn more about Growth Vue Properties and Pursuit Nutrition and Training Center Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
October 20, 2020
64. How You Can Leverage Playoff Baseball to Have a Kick-Ass Finish to 2020
Have you given up on 2020?  Are you sitting back and preparing for a better 2021?  Well, that might not be the best strategy.  2020 is not over yet and you need to finish the year strong.  Worst case?  You need to create momentum going into next year.  This week I take a look at the Major League Baseball playoffs and how you can leverage playoff baseball to have a kick-ass finish to 2020.  The most dangerous teams in the playoffs are those that HAD to play important games in September.  It creates a TON of momentum going into the postseason.  Imagine what you can still do with the final 2 months of the year using this mentality?   Tune in, take notes, and get ready to strike out mediocrity from your life!  Here we go!  Hey, don't forget to join my TEXT COMMUNITY!  Simply text "mindset" to 414-622-1462 to get access to a ton of FREE weekly coaching! Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary   Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Learn more:
October 16, 2020
63. Joe Buckner: From Prison to Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur
This week I'm sitting down with Joe Buckner, Founder of Beautifully Savage, a boutique boxing studio in Fort Collins, CO.  This is part 2 of a 4-part series highlighting local Fort Collins entrepreneurs doing great things in business and the community.  Joe's story is about overcoming the adversity you create when you make bad choices in life.  Joe was your prototypical multi-sport athlete in Fort Collins who took his talents on the football field to the collegiate level.  However, when the sports career ended, life took an unfortunate turn for Joe.  After a series of poor decisions, he was sent to prison, a broken man with broken dreams.  After his release from prison, the adversity did not end as he found himself homeless fighting for a new purpose in life. Today, Joe is a new man with powerful ambition.  He's running an extremely successful boxing studio and helping his clients unleash their inner fighter to attain the life they have always dreamed of.  Joe believes "fighting solves everything".  His newest venture?  A mobile shoe store called Good Trouble.  He's an amazing father, an inspiring motivational speaker and making a huge impact on the Fort Collins community.  You'll quickly fall in love with Joe's ability to share the raw truth.  Here we go! Resources: Connect with Joe on Instagram: @mrjoebuckner CLICK HERE to watch a powerful documentary about Joe's life produced by Lulelemon. Learn more about Beautifully Savage: Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary  Instagram: @andy_neary  Learn more:
October 15, 2020
62. The Mindset That Separates Professionals From Amateurs
What separates a professional from an amateur?  Most would say talent and skill.  I disagree.  I think it's mindset.  This week I dive into the traits that define true professionals in their respective fields.  There are plenty of individuals out there today making tons of money acting like amateurs.  Might you be one of them?  In this episode I'll share the 3 traits I believe separate a true professional from a mere amateur, no matter the career.  I review some of the experiences I've had in the worlds of sports and business and observations I've made about those who just "get it".   There's even a Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith reference today!  So tune in and take notes.  I want to you become the true professional you know you deserve to be! Hey, don't forget to join my text community!  Simply text "mindset" to 414-622-1462 to get access to a ton of FREE weekly coaching! Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary   Subscribe to my YouTube Channel    Learn more:
October 9, 2020
61. Building the American Dream One Pocket Watch At a Time with RT Custer
This week I'm kicking off a 4-part series highlighting local Fort Collins entrepreneurs making a big impact in the community.  This week I sit down with RT Custer, Co-Founder and CEO of Vortic Watch Company.  Vortic Watch Company is preserving American history one pocket watch at a time.  They are the "craft brewer" of the watch industry.  In this episode, RT talks about his childhood growing up in an entrepreneurial family.  In fact, it was his father you told him "you can do anything you put your mind to".  This mindset has helped RT in SO many ways, from the ups and and down of running a small business (which we dive into) to taking on the largest watch company in the world.  We also discuss an amazing initiative Vortic Watch Company runs every Fall called the Military Edition, where they take pocket watches originally manufactured for the United States Air Army Corps, turn them into limited edition wrist watches, and make them available to the public on Veterans Day.  RT and his Co-Founder, Tyler, are making a big impact on Fort Collins entrepreneurs and I'm excited to share their journey with you. Resources: Connect with RT on Instagram: @rtcuster Follow Vortic Watches on Instagram:  @vorticwatches Get on the waiting list for the Military Edition limited edition wrist watch: Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
October 7, 2020
60. Here's How to Get Even With Your Doubters
This week I'm talking about a topic that is a HUGE sore subject for so many...dealing with the judgement of others.  In this episode, I share a personal story of judgement that had a big impact on me when I was in high school.  My athletic abilities were called out in a local newspaper and, when you're 16 years old, it can crush you.  However, I used the words in the article as fuel; fuel that propelled me to excel on the baseball field in high school and college earning me the chance to play professional baseball. If you fear the criticism and judgement of your peers, this episode is just what you need.  You're not alone and there ONE WAY to get back at your doubters.  Tune in and find out! Hey, don't forget to join my text community!  Simply text "mindset" to 414-622-1462 to get access to a ton of FREE weekly coaching! Follow me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary     Learn more:
October 2, 2020
59. Find Your Identity, Find Your Success with Anthony Trucks
SHOW NOTES This week I sit down with Anthony Trucks!  This is a conversation we had late 2019.  If you've never heard of Anthony, let me fix that for you. Here's just a short list of his accomplishments...  Former LB with at the University of Oregon    Former LB with the Washington [formerly] Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.    FIRST NFL athlete to RING THE BELL on American Ninja Warrior!   Owner of Identity Shift, International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Father of 3.   And the list just goes on and on...   Anthony has been through a lifetime of identity shifts and come out a better man each and every time.  This is one interview you DO NOT want to miss!  My biggest takeaways from the interview include:   Enjoy the monotony of success.  What you create, creates you.  Enjoy the journey.  It makes the destination a heck of a lot better!  Own your losses.  Take responsibility for EVERYTHING.  A big shout out to Michael Dash for the connection.   Listen through to the end of the interview as I have a gift for the first 10 listeners who take action!   Remember, you are ALWAYS one mindset shift away from greatness and Anthony is going to show you how easy it can be! Resources: LinkedIn: Anthony Trucks Instagram:  @anthonytrucks Grab a copy of Trust Your Hustle (book): Connect with me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
September 29, 2020
Episode 58 - Sharing YOUR Story is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage
This week I'm sharing a Keynote talk I gave in 2019 at the National Association of Health Underwriters annual convention.  The sound quality is not the best.  Using your story to differentiate from your competition gives you the ultimate advantage.  It's your story, no one else has it.  If used properly, leveraging the power of your story gives your audience a chance to know and like you even before they've met you.  It makes prospecting a hell of a lot easier. Most of all, it allows you to create huge impact on others' lives and your wallet! Hey, don't forget to join my text community!  Simply text "mindset" to 414-622-1462 to get access to a ton of FREE weekly coaching! Follow me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary     Learn more:
September 25, 2020
57. Pushing the Limits to Achieve the Impossible with Lisa Tamati
SHOW NOTES Relentless.  It's the only way to describe Lisa Tamati.  As a professional ultra-endurance athlete, Lisa has competed in some of the most insane events in the world.  Whether it was racing across the Sahara Desert, Death Valley, through the Himalayas, or across one of the most dangerous countries on earth, Lisa has been on a life-long mission to achieve the impossible.  Having a relentless mindset has allowed her to do things most think unattainable.   It's the story of her mother's recovery from a brain aneurysm that might be Lisa's greatest achievement.  Left in a vegetative state, doctors gave her mother no hope of recovery.  Yet, Lisa's relentless pursuit for an answer led her and her mother down a magical journey, ultimately leading to her mother's full recovery.  You DO NOT want to miss this! Lisa is the Founding Director of Lisa Tamati Enterprises and Running Hot Coaching.  She has authored 3 books: Relentless, Running Hot, and Running to Extremes.  Her racing resume is insane; her achievements rediculous.  I'm excited to share this badass Kiwi with you!  Enjoy the episode and get ready to push the barriers to achieve the impossible! Resources: LinkedIn: Lisa Tamati Instagram:  @lisatamati Podcast: Pushing The Limits Grab a copy of Relentless (book): Follow me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
September 22, 2020
Episode 56 - The 3 Most Important Lessons I've Learned From Gary Vee
This week I feel the need to honor a man I've never met.  Gary Vaynerchuk has had a massive impact on my coaching career and he doesn't even know who the hell I am.  But, through his daily encouragement, he's given me the confidence to realize that I am an entrepreneur.  He's showed me the tools to have the mindset to build a six-figure coaching business in less than one year. One of the BEST things I've done for my early entrepreneurial adventure is to make it a daily habit to start my morning with a dose of GaryVee videos on YouTube.  I've done this exercise for almost 2 years and it has changed my life forever.  Today, I share the 3 MOST IMPORTANT lessons I've learned after watching 100s of hours of Gary's knowledge, insight, and raw truth. I think these 3 lessons could have the same impact for you.  Listen in and get ready to get changed! Hey, don't forget to join my text community!  Simply text "mindset" to 414-622-1462 to get access to a ton of FREE weekly coaching! Follow me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary     Learn more:
September 18, 2020
Episode 55 - The Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results with Geoff Woods
SHOW NOTES Geoff Woods is the Vice President of The ONE Thing, and Co-Founder of ProduKtive, the company behind the best-selling book The ONE Thing.  and the host of The ONE Thing podcast which is in the top 5% of all podcasts in the world. After hearing the Jim Rohn quote that "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" Geoff set out on a mission to surround himself with high level CEOs and successful entrepreneurs. Fast forward, Geoff went from employee to entrepreneur, launching a company with the co-authors of the best selling book The ONE Thing. Geoff has been featured in and is on a mission to help people better invest their time by having a relationship with their goals so they achieve extraordinary results. This episode is about all things productivity, which SO MANY are struggling with today.  Geoff shares his story of going to work for The ONE Thing.  It was his interview with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan (co-authors of The ONE Thing) that changed his perspective on priorities forever.  We uncover the myths around productivity (multi-tasking, willpower, setting big priorities is bad, etc).  From there, we dive into the truths about productivity, including the ONE QUESTION you must ask yourself every single day.  This one question could change your career forever.  Geoff says it best MUST EARN the right to move from one priority to the next.  Think big, then go small! If you struggle with your priorities and time management, you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE.  Here we go! Resources: LinkedIn: Geoff Woods Instagram:  geoffwoods and the1thingbook Podcast: The One Thing Grab a copy of the book: Follow me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
September 15, 2020
Episode 54 - You Need to Start Doing Uncomfortable Things Every Day
This week I need to get all "coach" on you.  It's time for you to build a tougher mindset.  You know what you need to do.  You know how you need to do it.  You're simply not taking action.  Why?  Doing hard things is uncomfortable and you're letting yourself off the hook.  That changes right now! I share a recent experience I had taking a 5-minute plunge into 55 degree water.  Tough?  Hell yeah!  It was one of the toughest things I've ever done mentally and I've completed 2 Ironman competitions.  But, the experience was absolutely life-changing and, in this episode, I share what I learned and how you can apply it to your business and life.  Whether it's taking a plunge into 55-degree water or simply attacking the uncomfortable every single day, this episode will help you create a mind of steel! Hey, don't forget to join my text community!  Simply text "mindset" to 414-622-1462 to get access to a ton of FREE weekly coaching! Follow me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Instagram: @andy_neary     Learn more:
September 12, 2020
Episode 53 - Be Your Authentic Badass Self with Ryan Miller
Show Notes: This week I sit down with Ryan Miller.  Ryan is a Business Coach to high-performing leaders who are looking to align all areas of their so they can live authentically without compromise.  You're going to love Ryan's energy and passion behind his mission in life to help people live their authentic badass self.   He's a man of many talents.  Not only is Ryan a Business Coach, he's the proud owner of several other businesses, and he's an ordained Pastor.  Ryan's life has been one fascinating journey, good and bad.  He talks about his experience during the tragic events at the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Festival Concert in Las Vegas, the unexpected loss of a colleague, and how these moments shaped the man he is today and defined the passion he brings to his clients. I never pass up a chance to chat with other good human beings who are doing great things for great people. DO NOT FORGET to jump in my text community where I'm sharing a ton of FREE coaching.  Simply text "mindset" to 414-622-1462 so you can get all the good stuff! Resources: LinkedIn: Ryan Miller Instagram: rjmsalespro Podcast: Authentic Conversations with Ryan Miller Lean more: Follow me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
September 12, 2020
Episode 52 - Creating A Ton Of Social Media Content With Limited Time And Budget
This week I'm going to dive into how you, one individual, can create a TON of awareness by producing a TON of social media content with limited time, on a limited budget.  If you want to grow your personal brand creating massive brand awareness is a must.  You have to be committed to being consistent.  If you know you should be on social media more, but you feel like it's going to take a large amount of time and money, have no fear.  I'm about to show some simple steps you can take to start creating more content today! Here we go! Hey, don't forget to join my text community!  Simply text "mindset" to 414-622-1462 to get access to free weekly coaching! Follow me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary   Instagram: @andy_neary   Learn more:
September 4, 2020
Episode 51 - Dishing Out the Secret Sauce of Gratitude with Chris Schembra
Show Notes: [Explicit Language] Chris Schembra's journey is magical, just like his personality.  His list of accolades is long, his message is short and sweet.  Life starts and ends with gratitude.  Chris is the Founder of the 7:47 Club, an organization helping businesses give the gift of community and belonging to VIP clients and partners.  Here's a few of Chris' accomplishments: Bestselling author of Gratitude and Pasta: The Secret Sauce to Human Connection, which Forbes ranked #2 for Top Books to Create Human Connection in 2020 Listed #5 in the "10 Motivational Speakers That Will Rock Your Next Event" by Marketing Insider Group Named "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Smart Hustle Magazine Named "People of 2017" by Clientele Luxury Magazine Honored as one of "6 Successful Men Smashing the Mental Health Stigma" by Good Men Project In this episode we dive into Chris' journey from the "kid picked last" to the guy USA Today affectionately calls "The Gratitude Guru".  You see, it was a trip to Italy that changed his life.  There he saw the power that food had in creating community and human connection.  This inspiration led him to create the 7:47 Club whose life-changing dinners have brought the power of gratitude, community, and human connection to 1,000s.  Get ready to be inspired and to truly understands what it means to live a life of gratitude.  Here we go! Resources: LinkedIn: Chris Schembra Instagram: @chris.schembra Podcast: 7:47 Conversations Website: Follow me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
September 1, 2020
Episode 50 - The 3 Words That Will Change Your Career Forever
This will be the most important message to help your career move forward.  Today I'm talking about 3 magical words.  These 3 words changed my career forever.  You don't want to hear them.  You want CERTAINTY.  You want the perfect answer.  Yep, your fear of the unknown has kept you from taking action.  It has you stuck.  Well, it's time to set you free.  Listen in and find why these 3 words might just change your future forever, like they did for me. Here we go! Hey, don't forget to join my text community!  Simply text "mindset" to 414-622-1462 to get access to free weekly coaching! Follow me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
September 1, 2020
Episode 49 - From Legally Blind to Division 1 College Athlete with Aaron Golub
Show Notes: If you don't know who Aaron Golub is, you're going to be absolutely inspired by his story.  Aaron is, not only, a super human being, but by the time this episode is over, you'll realize you (and I) have no excuse to live up to your potential.  He has led a life filled with discipline and resiliency... and challenges.  Aaron was born legally blind.  He has no vision in his right eye, and very limited vision in his left.  When so many may have used this handicap as an excuse, he used it as motivation.  His goal?  Excel on the football field.  Cray, right?  However, Aaron was determined to prove all his doubters wrong.  He was dedicated to outworking his competition and do whatever it took to succeed.  This grit led him to become an extremely talented Long Snapper and THE FIRST legally-blind athlete to play Division 1 college football when he walked on at Tulane University.  He has continued to excel off the field as a successful financial adviser in Boston, MA. Get ready to put a smile on your face.  This is one of those episode you'll remember for a long time!  Here we go! Resources: LinkedIn: Aaron Golub    Instagram: @aaronjgolub Podcast: Blind Ambition Follow me on social media: LinkedIn: Andy Neary Instagram: @andy_neary Learn more:
September 1, 2020
Episode 48 - Here's What Happens When You See the Opportunity in Every Challenge
Challenge or opportunity?  How you view each event in life is everything, especially right now.  Today I share an experience I had last weekend that defines what I means to see the opportunity in every challenge.  Colorado is a facing a big challenge right now ... wildfire season.  With the dry weather, 4 major wildfires have flared up are burning throughout the state.  In fact, one such fire had a big impact on my weekend plans leading to stress and anxiety.  However, a text from Amy (girlfriend) put a completely different perspective on the situation and made me realize the impact our view of current events has on our outcomes and, ultimately, our happiness. Join me today as I show you why you need to start seeing the opportunity in every challenge.     Alright, here we go! Resources: Text "mindset" to 414-622-1462 for FREE coaching content Connect with me on LinkedIn: Andy Neary       Connect with me on Instagram: @andy_neary       Website:       Check out my YouTube Channel
August 21, 2020
Episode 47 - Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Successful Leadership in Today's World with Nada Nasserdeen
Nada is the Founder of Rise Up For You, an organization dedicated to helping organizations enhance company culture.  Nada is a TEDx speaker, a certified Confidence Coach, a corporate trainer, former college professor, and has mentored almost 50,000 people in her career.   Resources: connect with Nada on LinkedIn connect with Nada on Facebook follow Rise Up For You on Instagram order a copy of Rise Up For You (book) In This Episode You Will Learn About: What type of organizations will thrive moving forward EQ: What is it and why it's so important today 3 things every leader needs to connect deeply with employees The 4 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence Guest Bio: Nada Lena is the founder and CEO of Rise Up For You, Leadership and Career Confidence Coach, and TEDx Motivational Speaker. With over 10 years of experience as a college professor and former top executive for an education corporation, Nada understands the importance of fusing education, empowerment, and leadership together as she works with her clients and speaks to audiences worldwide. She has toured the world as a singer, has a Master’s degree in Administrative Leadership, and has coached and mentored close to 50,000 individuals around the world on self-empowerment, career strategy, and soft skills. Nada has been featured on hundreds of podcasts and radio shows and has also been a motivational and educational speaker on platforms such as TEDx Talks, The Female Quotient, The California Human Resources Conference, Wonder Women Tech, The Human Gathering and more. Her company, Rise Up For You has been featured and worked with brands such as CBS, LA Fitness, Google Next 19, and more. ​Nada is a proud TEDx Women speaker, has been awarded the Chief's Award from the Orange County Sheriff's Department for her work in 2018 and is a three-time finalist for The Emerging Woman-Owned Business Award from Connected Women of Influence. Nada believes that in order to create change within our communities, companies, and households, we must first create change within ourselves. It’s a collective effort needed from all parties; no company, adult, or young adult can be left behind. The world needs us at our best! Follow me on social media: LinkedIn Instagram
August 18, 2020
Episode 46 - Your PERSPECTIVE on This Period in History Will MAKE or BREAK Your Future
The words "six feet" will never be viewed the same again.  How you view this period in history will define who you become moving forward.  Are you going to look back and tell people about how the pandemic killed all of your momentum?  Or will look back at this moment in time as the start of the rest of your life? Perspective is everything.   Is this a time of fear?  Or is this a time of great opportunity? Believe it or not, six feet actually had an impact on my professional baseball career.  I thought you had to be AT LEAST six feet tall to have a chance to pitch at the professional level.  However, when you look back at some of the best pitchers of the last 20-30 years, there are plenty who stood shorter than six feet.  Again, it's all perspective.  What I saw as a hurdle, they saw as an opportunity. In this episode, I'll share 3 steps you can take RIGHT NOW to start living the life you know you're capable of.  The one thing you have the most control over is your mindset.  Use this episode to help you start taking the appropriate action.  Alright, here we go!    Resources: Connect with me on LinkedIn: Andy Neary     Connect with me on Instagram: @andy_neary     Website:     Virtual Mastermind: Complete Game
August 14, 2020
Episode 45 - Crushing Life Through Discipline, Resiliency, and Accountability with Amy Ledin
I am excited to share Amy Ledin with you.  This interview moved me, and I think it's going to move you too.  Amy is the Founder of Lean Bodies Consulting.  She's a fitness coach, mother of 6, and host of the F* It! podcast.  But, more importantly, Amy has been in a 7-year battle with Stage 4 cancer.  She is one badass. Her secret weapon to fighting cancer?  Her mindset.  In this episode we cover: Discipline Resiliency Accountability We discuss Amy's discipline to win the battle with weight-loss early on in life.  We dive into her unbelievable resiliency to wage war on cancer.  Finally, we wrap up the conversation talking about her strategies to instill accountability at the highest level, through the use of her Daily Agreement Cards.   If won't take you long to fall in love with Amy.  Buckle up.  Take a ton of notes, and get ready to be inspired! Here we go! Resources: Connect with Amy on Instagram: @amy_ledin Subscribe to her podcast: F* It! with Amy Ledin Connect with Lean Bodies Consulting on Facebook
August 11, 2020
Episode 44 - Start Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Choices
In this week's episode I dive into RESPONSIBILITY.  You MUST take 100% responsibility for your choices.  It wasn't always that way for me.  When I was younger I was a sore loser.  I would blame.  I would point fingers.  I was not responsible.  In fact, I share two stories that prove how much of a sore loser I was in sports.  A lot has changed in my life, but the principles remain the same.   Today, it's very easy to lay blame on everything around us.  But, it's time like this we must look inward and take control of our actions and choices.  Are you ready to OWN your decisions? Enjoy the episode!   Resources: Connect with me on LinkedIn: Andy Neary Connect with me on Instagram: @andy_neary Website: Virtual Mastermind: Complete Game
August 7, 2020
Episode 43 - How a Simple Smile Can Change Lives with Michael Ray
You ready to put a smile on your face?  You're not going to want to miss this episode!  My guest today is Michael Ray, Founder of Smile Project Louisville.  His story is magical, his message is simple.  You can change lives with a SIMPLE SMILE.  Michael's journey wasn't always sunshine and roses.  In 2010. Michael found himself out of a job, divorced, and living with his parents.  He thought about ending it all.  However, it would be a routine visit through a Wendy's drive-thru that would change his life forever.   Today, Michael is a shining example of what it means to live with purpose and to wake up every day driven to make an impact on someone's life.  From his amazing work with Smile Project Louisville to his daily happy-dance videos with his beautiful daughter "Maddie Moo", Michael's positivity is magnetic I can't wait to introduce him to you! Resources: Connect with Michael on LinkedIn Connect with Smile Project Louisville on Facebook Website:
August 7, 2020
Episode 42 - 3 Steps to Striking Out Imposter Syndrome
Today's Topic: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Imposter syndrome has had a big impact on my career, both in professional baseball and business.  In looking back, I realize how often I felt that I didn't belong.  It negatively impacted my performance and had me leaving too much potential on the table.  Have you ever felt the same?  Our biggest enemy is often sitting inside our head.  The only person in the room who thinks you don't belong is you.  Today I unpack how imposter syndrome has affected me and the 3 steps you can take to overcome this damaging mindset.   In This Conversation I Cover: [3:10] How imposter syndrome impacted my professional baseball career [7:27] The baggage of carrying imposter syndrome into my business career [8:50] 3 steps you can take to overcome imposter syndrome Resources: Connect with me on LinkedIn: Andy Neary Connect with me on Instagram: @andy_neary Website: Virtual Mastermind: Complete Game
July 31, 2020
Episode 41 - Stepping Into a Mindset Built for Greatness with Arvin Anderson
This week I sit down with Arvin Anderson.  Arvin is the Director of Coaching at I met Arvin last year in the Fast Foundations Mastermind and instantly fell in love with his energy, and I think you are going to as well. Throughout this episode, Arvin shares his journey in helping others live in a PEAK STATE. Your MINDSET is the most powerful tool you have and Arvin is going to show how to harness your mindset to step into your greatness and do extraordinary things. We dig deep into his recent journey around the world and the lessons he learned along the way, and how this journey has led him to work closely with some of the world's greatest coaches such as Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins at We finish the episode talking about WHAT a mastermind is and WHY can it be the game-changer your life needs. As Arvin says so beautifully ... a MASTERMIND helps you gain clarity on what you need to let go of.  Boom! If you're looking to gain clarity around your business and you want to do it with a high-level community of like-minded people, I want you to go check out the COMPLETE GAME Mastermind today.  Click the link below, APPLY, and let's jump on a call to see if it's a fit for you!  THERE'S ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT TO ENROLL! Check out Complete Game HERE: Alright ... buckle up ... here we go! CONNECT WITH ARVIN Instagram Facebook LinkedIn
July 28, 2020
Episode 40 - Don't Let the "METRICS" Paralyze Your PROGRESS
Hey hey!  It's Friday!  You know what that means?!?  It's time for Friday Bullpen Sessions! This week we're focusing on a topic near and dear to my heart... ...Letting the "metrics" of life paralyze you from taking action and making progress. What do I mean by metrics? You're comparing your "stats" to your peers. You're focused on the likes and comments with your social media posts. You're letting the opinions of others determine your next moves. Listen, I get it.  I was there at one time in my life.  In professional baseball you are, literally, compared to your peers by stats. Your stats determined if you were promoted or let go. But ... you CANNOT be paralyzed be the metrics. It leads to stress, anxiety, and unhappiness. Not you.  Not now! Just be you.  Just put yourself out there.  Just take action! And, if you need a little punch of accountability so you are taking the right action, I want you to go check out COMPLETE GAME today.  It is a 5-month mastermind program providing you with the COACHING, COMMUNITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY you need to take your life and business to the next level! Check out Complete Game HERE: Alright ... let's dive into this week's episode!
July 24, 2020
Episode 39 - How You Can COMMERCIALIZE Your Personal Brand with Mary Henderson
This week I'm excited to sit down with Mary Henderson.  Mary is the Founder of Mary Henderson Coaching in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I absolutely loved this conversation.  We talk all things PERSONAL BRANDING.  Mary is a Personal Branding Specialist.  She's also an internationally-recognized keynote speaker and the creator of the Authority 5.0 magazine. Mary and I dive into how you can commercialize your personal brand.  She's the expert! Mary has a background in corporate sales, a space where personal brands often go to die. However, Mary bucked the trend and brought personal branding to the corporate world where she guided her team to increase sales from $4M to $54M in 4 short years. Personal branding is not about becoming famous, it's about using a brand to drive your business and Mary will show you how! And, if personal branding is on your to-do  list, I want you to go check out the COMPLETE GAME Mastermind today.  Click the link below, APPLY, and let's jump on a call to see if it's a fit for you! Check out Complete Game HERE: Alright ... let's dive into this week's episode! CONNECT WITH MARY LinkedIn
July 21, 2020
Episode 38 - Success is 80% Mindset, 20% Skill
Today I'm discussing the MOST IMPORTANT "80/20" rule for your career. Here it is ... Success is 80% MINDSET, and 20% SKILL. Ask any professional athlete and they'll tell you it's the truth. Why is this important? Because in times of struggle, your natural instinct is to go seek more knowledge. You sign up for more conferences. You sign up for more webinars. You go seek people you think have the knowledge. Yet, that's not your problem. In times of struggle, go to work on your MINDSET. Fix that and magical stuff happens! CONNECT WITH ANDY: LinkedIn Instagram APPLY for the Complete Game Mastermind HERE
July 17, 2020
Episode 37 - From Burn Out to Balance and Fulfillment with Kyle Depiesse
Today I am excited to have Kyle Depiesse join me on the Bullpen Sessions podcast! If you find yourself climbing the ladder of "success" yet still feel unfulfilled, this episode is FOR YOU! Kyle spent much of his career climbing the corporate ladder.  For him, success meant more money, more cars, a bigger house, and ... more debt. The higher he rose the less fulfilled he felt, until he finally hit "rock bottom" Thanksgiving day 2014. Finding himself spending a holiday focused on work instead of family led him to FINALLY wake up and say, "What the hell am I doing?!?". Since that day Kyle has been on a magical of journey of reflection and reinvention, getting out from massive amounts of debt, and launching the Reaching Beyond Experience. We dive into his systematic approach to eliminating debt from his life and what he's doing today to help other burnt-out executives step into a life of purpose and fulfillment. Kyle is a such a good human being.  I cannot wait for you to listen in! You can find Kyle here: Intagram: kyle_depiesse Learn more about his upcoming Reaching Beyond Golf and NASCAR Experience HERE 
July 14, 2020
Episode 36 - Do It For Yourself And Nobody Else
Are you living your life based on others' opinions? Are you playing a sport or in a career you dislike but you're there because someone else told you it's what you should be doing? You're burnt out.  Lack passion. But ... hey, it's what mom and dad wanted you to do. I've been there and it sucks.  I spent far too many years early in my career seeking validation and opinions from far too many people. I was making the most important decisions in my life based on what I thought others would want me to do. No more ... and I want the same thing for you! Listen, I want to use this episode to give you freedom. Freedom from seeking so many OPINIONS. Freedom from living your life to make OTHERS happy. Freedom to do it for YOURSELF and nobody else! If COVID has taught us one thing, it's that you have nothing to lose. This is your time to re-write the next chapter of the rest of your life. Whether you're 18, 38, or 58, do WHAT YOU LOVE and DO IT FOR YOU. Here's one more thing you can do for yourself ... Go APPLY for the Complete Game Mastermind.  It's a 5-month virtual mastermind designed to help you take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.  To win today, you need 3 things:  A strong PERSONAL BRAND  A clear BRAND MESSAGE for the RIGHT target audience  MASSIVE AWARENESS for your brand message Complete Game will help you take all 3 to the next level and it's packed with amazing speakers, amazing experiences, and amazing human beings.  Go check it out today! Apply HERE:
July 10, 2020
Episode 35 - Empowering Billions through Value and Gratitude with David Meltzer
Today I am humbled to have to chance to chat with David Meltzer!   He really needs no introduction ... David is the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh (“Lee”) Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. His life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy!  This simple yet powerful mission has led him on an incredible journey to provide one thing…VALUE. In all his content, and communication that’s exactly what you’ll receive.  As part of that mission, for the past 20 years, he’s been providing free weekly trainings to empower others to empower others to be happy. In this episode, we dive into David's early career success as he quickly grew his net worth well over $100 million.   However, he lost it all.  But ... He has brought it all back with a different perspective.  Today, he lives a life focused on VALUE and GRATITUDE. Grab a pen.  Grab a piece of paper.  This episode is going to rock your world!  Here we go! You can find David here: Intagram: @davidmeltzer Grab a copy of one of his bestselling books... Be Unstoppable Connected To Goodness Compassionate Capitalism Game-Time Decision Making
July 7, 2020
What Got You Here Won't Get You There - 3 Keys to Taking Your Career to the Next Level [Episode 34]
Hey hey!  Friday Bullpen Sessions Episode 34 is here! This week we're talking about taking your career to the next level. This episode was inspired by the following conversation I once had with a colleague... "The Alabama Crimson Tide could beat the Cleveland Browns." Whaaaat? Are you kidding me?? The Browns would wipe Alabama off the field. Why? Because the gap in skillset between college football and the NFL is HUGE! What made you great in college requires something completely different to get to the next level.  The same is true in professional baseball. And ... this could be happening to your career! Maybe you're already having a ton of success. Maybe you're already making a ton of money. But .... To get to the NEXT LEVEL is going to require a different skillset. What got you to your first milestone won’t necessarily get you to the next. It may require you to DO SOMETHING different. In this episode I share what I think is the SECRET to getting to the next level in your career. New level. New game. New strategy. Are you ready to take your career to the next level?  Listen in! Then, go check out the COMPLETE GAME MASTERMIND.   Your career will never be the same!! Check it out HERE:
July 3, 2020
Earning Your Master’s on Impact and Income! [Episode 33]
Wow! I have such a treat for you today! Honored to have a bullpen with Jenn Kennedy! #3️⃣3️⃣! 🏻Earning Your Master’s on Impact and Income! I hope you guys enjoy her story and message as much as I have! I have a great feeling you’re  going to leave this bullpen as 🏼motivated as I did! Jenn talks about how you have to be 🏻unapologetic about your journey and the path and the path that you take. She had colleagues, friends, and even family tell her that she was making the biggest mistake of her life! 🥺 But did that stop her? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Find out more about Jenn here🏼 Impact to Income University: IG handle: @thejennkennedy Podcast: The Jenn Kennedy Show: Make sure you’re subscribed as I’m releasing 2 bullpens a week - that’s double the value in one podcast! Click here for some awesome stuff! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
June 29, 2020
The 4 C's of Success in Business and Life [Episode 32]
It’s Friday and time for another bullpen session! Episode 32! Today we are going to talk about the 4 C’s! The C’s to grow your business and to live the life you want to live! First C I want to talk about is 🏻Community! I’m excited to announce that I have launched the Complete Game Mastermind! Find out more here: 🏻Calm 🏻Confidence 🏻Clarity 🏻Consistent Listen to this bullpen and let me help you dig out and accelerate your life! Make sure you are subscribed so you never miss a bullpen as I release them every Tuesday and Friday! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
June 25, 2020
Living the work hard play hard life with Rob Murgatroyd [Episode 31]
What a beautiful day for a bullpen - and this is one that you’re going to love! Episode 3️⃣1️⃣! Honored to have 🏻Rob Murgatroyd in the ️bullpen with me today! Living the work hard play hard life. After being dissatisfied with his career for 5️⃣years - his wife told him it was over - that as of December 31st of that year - he would never adjust a patient again.  How were they going to do it? How were they going to make it? His wife didn’t care. 🏼 What she did care about was his happiness and so they together made this decision together - that day. Pretty awesome huh? 🤩 🏻Your happiness matters. Making that a priority in life is imperative for a good life.  Find out the rest of this awesome story and where he went from there by tuning in here: Make sure you’re subscribed! I’m releasing 2 bullpens every Tuesday and Friday! Find out more about Rob: IG handle: @robmurgatroyd Podcast: Work Hard Play Hard Podcast Link to podcast: Website: Schedule a mastermind qualifying call for Q&A here: Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
June 23, 2020
Uplevel Your Tribe - Uplevel Your Results [Episode 30]
Hey Hey it’s Friday and episode 3️⃣0️⃣of the bullpen series is ready for you! Get outside your comfort 🔁zone. This episode was inspired by the accident my friend and his son was in last week.  This really got me thinking about my childhood. I was one of the youngest kids in my neighborhood of about 20-30 kids.  What did that mean for me? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Listen to the bullpen. ⬇️ Surround yourself with people who are going to level you ⬆️up. You will have zero ⬅️regrets! Schedule your one on one with me here:  Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
June 19, 2020
If You Confuse You Lose with Joey Speers [Episode 29]
Hey guys! Awesome bullpen for you today with Joey Speers, episode 2️⃣9️⃣! You’re going to be fascinated by his story! 🤩 Joey is the founder of JS Media - and has worked with companies as big as Yeti, Uber, and Ford!  But...the best part is he is only 21 years old!  I know! Awesome right? 🥳 His story is awesome and he is going to tell you how he knew he didn’t fit in 🏻‍education system all the way back to the 7th grade to how he is now at 21 running a business that does over 6️⃣figures a month! Like I said this is one you do not want to miss! Find out more about Joey at Follow him on IG @joeyspeers Thanks for listening! Make sure you are subscribed! Every week I release 2 bullpens! 
June 15, 2020
Do You Need to Slow Down? [Episode 28]
Hey hey hey! It’s Friday and I have a bullpen for YOU! Big shoutout to APN Consulting! Thanks for the support! Are you moving to fast? Simple enough question right? You need to design your business around your life - ❌quit designing life around your business. 🏻Are you planning fun in to your life? Make sure you are subscribed to keep up with all my bullpens - each week just gets better and better! Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event!  #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
June 12, 2020
Living a Purpose - Driven Life Through the Power of Manifesation w/ Cat Golden [Episode 27]
Hey hey! 👋🏻 Have I got the bullpen for 👉🏻you today!  I’m honored to have 🎉Cat Golden join me as we discuss living a Purpose-Driven Life Through the Power of Manifestation! 🤩 Told ya! It’s awesome! 🥳 Find out how putting “Nurses inspire Nurses” on a simple t-shirt took her to the next level 📈and why she did it to begin with and much more by listening to this bullpen! I’d be honored if you’d subscribe too!  To find out more about Cat please see below:  Instagram: @nineliveshealth  LinkedIn: Cat Golden Website: Click here to get your spot for Thursday June 11th at 1:30 pm EST. Schedule your one on one with me here:  Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event!  #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
June 8, 2020
Take 100% Personal Responsibility [Episode 26]
Hey hey hey! It’s Friday! So time for another bullpen! Episode 2️⃣6️⃣! Today let’s 🧜🏻‍♂️dive into personal accountability and are you taking enough of it.  Right now it’s so easy to blame external factors.  If you are not where you want to be - there is a lot of negativity going on. It’s so easy to point a finger. 🏻🏻 But what would happen if you took all that negativity and turned it in to positivity? 🤩 What could your future look like? Listen here for the full bullpen and subscribe if you haven’t! Schedule your one on one with me here:  Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
June 5, 2020
Your Success Starts With Your Self Worth with Christina Lecuyer [Episode 25]
You guys are going to love this Bullpen with Christina Lecuyer! It’s episode 2️⃣5️⃣! Your Success Starts With Your Self Worth! 🤩 Christina is a former professional 🏼‍♀️golfer.  She played on the LPGA tour.  Today, she hosts golf charity outings and mentors/coaches female professionals look to grow their business and mindset.🏻 You can be busting your a$$ and still not win and then you find yourself in a hamster wheel of never being good enough.  Sound familiar? 🏼‍♂️ Find out more about Christina here: Follow Christina on Instagram here: Make sure you’ve subscribed to stay up to date with all my bullpens! Registration link for webinar Schedule your one on one with me here:  Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
June 2, 2020
No More Excuses [Episode 24]
Hey everyone! It’s Friday! Who’s ready for an awesome 2️⃣4️⃣th bullpen? 🏻 Big shoutout to our sponsor APN consulting! Register for the 🏻FREE webinar (link below) Thursday 6/4 12pm EST / 9 PST Guess what?  You’re done having excuses.  Yeah, I said it.  Enough is enough.  I get it we are still in the Covid crisis and it’s so easy to have excuses right now.  In fact, some are legit.  However....I bet the excuses you are making today are pretty much the same ones you made 6️⃣months ago. And today, it’s been long enough. Listen to this bullpen. Resonate what I’m saying. What is going to be different 1, 5, 10 years from now? ✅Subscribe. Share. Start today. ZERO excuses! Registration link for webinar Schedule your one on one with me here:  Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
May 29, 2020
Living an Abundant Life Starts with Giving with Jim Carter III [Episode 23]
Alright guys! Weekend is over! Time for an awesome bullpen with Jim Carter III! Bullpen 2️⃣3️⃣! He’s my friend and my accountability partner and we will be talking about how living an abundant life starts with giving.  Find your 🏻alignment and then get really fired up to actually make a difference! You’re going to ♥️love this guy as much as I do! Check Jim out here 🏻 His website here: And listen to the full bullpen here🏻 Schedule your one on one with me here:  Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
May 25, 2020
Becoming a Specialist [Episode 22]
Happy Friday! It’s time for the bullpen session, episode 2️⃣2️⃣! Big shoutout to our sponsor 🏼APN consulting! Check it out! Today we are talking about being a specialist. And why 🏻YOU, 🏻your brand, and 🏻business need to become one. What do I even mean?🤷🏼‍♂️ Well, it’s time for a good ol ️baseball analogy. If you were to go back 1️⃣5️⃣- 2️⃣0️⃣years ago on baseball - the type of pitcher that was emphasized back then was the starting pitcher. 🏼 The statistics dwarf what a starting pitcher does today. You see if you were a starting pitcher and you’re pitching 7-9 innings you met a variety of different batters. You couldn’t go narrow. ❌ You had to go wide. ⭕️ Then something, in my opinion, happened in 2014 that changed it all. Listen to the bullpen to find out what and how. ⬇️ Quit trying to be the jack of all trades and just go narrow. ✅
May 22, 2020
How to build a mindset 🧠to be extraordinarily present with Ali Duncan. [Episode 21]
Good morning! I have a very special bullpen today with the one and only 🏻Ali Duncan! This is Episode 2️⃣1️⃣and the full episode can be found on iTunes. Link in bio. How to build a mindset 🧠to be extraordinarily present. We did have done technical difficulties - welcome to Covid19 era - but the knowledge that came out of this bullpen is golden! 🤩 After listening you will understand how and why Ali has had such an impact on myself and Amy.  How would today feel if it was free and easy?  When you ask yourself a question like that you are basically coming from a place of a 🏻‍student - you want to learn. When someone walks up to you and says, hey I need to ask you a question. You want to answer it right? 🏻 Well the same applies when you ask yourself questions! 🏻 Seriously you need to listen to this bullpen. 🏼Ali is providing some amazing tips to help you during this time especially. And if you’re not connected with Ali, do yourself a favor and do so! 🏻 Make sure you are subscribed to stay up to date with all my bullpen sessions!  Ready to level up? Schedule your one on one with me here:  Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
May 18, 2020
How to Scale Your Business During This Time [Episode 20]
Hey Hey! It’s Friday and you know what that means? Another bullpen, episode 2️⃣0️⃣! Huge shoutout to APN Consulting for sponsoring! I want to talk to you about scaling. I know I know, you’re probably thinking that’s a really odd conversation to be having right now. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. Why in the world would you would you want to be talking about that? Listen, I get it. Most of us are. But you’re going to get through if you do the right ✅things. This is a topic that scares so many small businesses. Hell it does for me! So what have I done? Listen to the bullpen. ⬇️ And if  you’re doing things that you could be delegating to others - get the hell ⚠️out of the way! Find the people that L♥️VE those task and can take those things off your plate so you can do what you do best! Listen to the full bullpen - this is one you don’t want to miss! Link is in comments! ⬇️ Ready to level up? Schedule your one on one with me here: Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event!  #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
May 15, 2020
Right-Sizing Your Money Mindset to Survive & Thrive in the "New Normal" with Chris Harder [Episode 19]
I am so pumped 🏼to share this Episode 1️⃣9️⃣Bullpen Episode with you! This man is 🤯busy! So it means so much that he took the time out to do this with me! He is a 🏻huge🏻mentor of mine! Introducing Chris Hardner!! Please, if you’re not connected with him; send him a connection. ✅ Zero regrets! ✅Seriously you guys do NOT miss this podcast about ✅Right-Sizing Your Money Mindset to Survive & Thrive in the New Normal!  He is the name and the brand behind For The Love Of Money and has a very successful podcast which can be found here: We would be honored 🏻if you subscribed to 🏻both our podcast and take a couple of seconds to share the golden nuggets of 🧠knowledge Chris is throwing down! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker #thoughtleader #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
May 11, 2020
Quit Overthinking...Start Creating [Episode 18]
Hey it’s Friday! Time for episode 1️⃣8️⃣ bullpen session! Thank you APN consulting for sponsoring! Listen, if you’re an individual or a small business and you want to grow as a human or a business. It comes down to 3️⃣things: 🏻The right habits and rituals 🏻Solid clear message 🏻Create massive awareness around that message. You can have the 🏻greatest goals in the world but if you don’t have the right habits in place - none of it matters. Stop ❌thinking the background has to be perfect or you need the fancy equipment. 🏻You don’t. We just want to hear your story. Share this bullpen! Let’s spread the message together! And subscribe! Ready to level up? Schedule your one on one with me here: Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event!  #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
May 8, 2020
Mastering the Sales Mindset with Dylan Ali [Episode 17]
Today I have a very special bullpen for you! Episode 1️⃣7️⃣! Mastering the Sales Mindset with Dylan Ali If you are in sales and want to create some better habits - this is 🏻THE 🏻podcast for you! 1️⃣ thing I work so much with people is sharing their story. So take a listen and be 🤯blown away by Dylan’s story. Do you create a persona based on what others opinions of you are? Do you know how important it is to have a personal brand? Did you know that you are literally wearing your story? Are you struggling with 🧠mindset? Where do you start? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Listen to this bullpen! This is your ⚠️sign! Thank you Dylan for being #️⃣1️⃣! Sta Ready to level up? Schedule your one on one with me here:  Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker Amanda Brewer Not A. THE. Social Media Manager
May 5, 2020
Why You Need A Short Term Memory [Episode 16]
Friday Bullpen Episode 1️⃣6️⃣  is here! But 1️⃣st. If you are struggling with the message to reach your target clients. My calendar link is in this description. ⬇️Book a call. ️Make the move.   🏻Today is the day! Why is it important to have a short term memory? 🤷🏼‍♂️ You may not know this, but in 2010 I was in a fairly bad car accident. I still to this day struggle with some short term memory losses because of that. What does that have to do with business or this bull pen? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🏻Well, is your business not growing? 🏻Prospects aren’t returning your calls? 🏻They are saying no to meetings... So when your day is surrounded by what feels like loss. It’s easy to get in a rut. ☹️ So what do you do? 🤷 Listen to the bullpen Click here to listen to the full bullpen! ️ Ready to level up? Schedule your one on one with me here:  Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event! #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
May 1, 2020
Embracing the Boo's [Episode 15]
Friday Bullpen Session #1️⃣5️⃣s here!  Embracing the Boo’s Not the liquor🥃 the 🗣chatter.  💡You know you should be posting on social media.  💡You know you should be sharing your story more.  💡You know you should putting yourself out there.’re not. 🤦🏼 Why? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Because you’re afraid of what people might say. 😬 Take 8️⃣mins of your day and listen 👂to what I’m giving you.  ✅Embrace it.  ✅Apply it.  ✅The world wants to hear it!  Lastly, if you’re finding these bullpens helpful go to iTunes and subscribe. Here’s the link! ⤵️ Ready to level up?  Schedule your one on one with me here:  Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event!  #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #Conference #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
April 24, 2020
The Art of Time Blocking [Episode 14]
Friday Bullpen Session Episode 1️⃣4️⃣ is here!  1️⃣ of my goals with these sessions is to share tips, 💡ideas, and 🔨strategizes to help you reach your goals.  📣Quick announcement - if you are a business leader who is struggling with productivity🥱 - your mindset🧠 just might not be where it needs to be - I have opened up some new 🧑🏼‍💻coaching programs! I have a couple of spots left open for one on one coaching.  Click here👉🏻 I have had a ton of 🗣conversations with people about productivity - and the struggles. 😩 You’re in a new environment and playing different roles.👩🏼‍🍳🧑🏽‍🔬👩🏻‍⚖️ Which is where the art of ⏱time blocking comes into play.  It’s gonna change your world. 🌏 Listen 👂to the bullpen.  I promise🙏 you - you will be ⚡️recharged, 💥re-energized and most importantly you’ll be getting so much 💩 done!  Ready to level up?  Schedule your one on one with me here:  Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event!  #andyneary #majorleaguemindset #keynotespeaker   #thoughtleader  #leadershipskills #EventProfs #ConferenceSpeaker #MarketingConference #NonprofitConference #BusinessEvent #Leadership #Motivationalspeaker
April 17, 2020
Want to talk about my favorite F word. 🤭
Episode 1️⃣3️⃣ Bullpen Session is here!      Want to talk about my favorite F word. 🤭  👀 FOCUS 👀  New world. 🌍 New environment. 🧑🏻‍💻 The way business is done, has changed. 🧑🏼‍🏫 Maybe...permanently.😳  How are you staying laser⚡️ focused with all the changes?   If you’re more productive now then every before - awesome. ✅But I’m guessing the majority of you - the struggle is real. 🤦🏼  So, what can you do? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Listen 👂to this bullpen. ⬇️  💥I want to see you out there. 💥I want to see you productive.  💥I want to see you focused.   Who’s ready? 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏻🙋🏻‍♀️   Want more bullpen sessions? They are all here! Make sure you follow to stay up to date with all my bullpen sessions!
April 10, 2020
Perfecting Future Performance (PFPs) [FRIDAY BULLPEN SESSION EPISODE 12]
It’s Friday! 🙌🏻You know what that means! Friday Bullpen Episode 1️⃣2️⃣ is here!    ✅First, most importantly I truly hope that you, your family, employees are all safe & healthy. 🤗  I feel like we took a right 👊🏼hook that we weren’t expecting, 🤕and now we have picked ourself up, rubbed some dirt on it and are getting back to it. 😄  I want to help 👉🏻YOU 👈🏻get back to the basics. You may be working 💻from home and have a little more time on your hands🖐🏻🤚🏻, so what better time to work on yourself?   PFP’s   What is that? 🤔  Perfecting Future Performance👍🏻  What does that mean? 🤷  Listen to this bullpen ⬇️   It’s 3️⃣ steps.   ✅And I bet you have time for them.   Who’s ready? 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏻🙋🏻‍♀️   Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event!
April 6, 2020
It’s Friday! 🥳That means it’s time for the Friday Bullpen session...episode 11!   I’m just going to guess that in the past week or so, you’ve taken a gut punch. 🤕  The world 🌏looks a heck of a lot different than it did ✌🏻weeks ago.   Are you pausing and reflecting to look at where you are? 🧘🏻‍♂️  What’s your game 🕹plan so you can keep thriving as we move forward? 📈  I have a great analogy that will help you with this, but you have to listen👂 to the bullpen⬇️... no spoilers!   You have to learn how to pivot so your business can thrive📊, and I have the perfect formula 🌡for you do to so!   Who’s ready to explode with growth when this is all over with? 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻   Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event!
April 6, 2020
The 5 Most Important Questions You Need to Ask Every Day [Friday Bullpen Session Episode 10]
There are 5️⃣questions you should be asking yourself every 👏🏻single👏🏻 day👏🏻   Friday Bullpen session 9️⃣ is here!  To hear what those 5 questions are, listen ⬇️  There was a time when I was at an extremely low spot in my life.  ☹️I didn’t like my job  🙁I was hanging around the wrong people  😕I wasn’t in a relationship  😟I was seeking external pleasures and hobbies that I thought would bring me happiness - but what I realized was that on the inside I was not happy.  So I started asking myself these5️⃣questions every day.  Listen to the bullpen session ⬇️and let me know your thoughts!
April 6, 2020
There are 5️⃣questions you should be asking yourself every 👏🏻single👏🏻 day👏🏻 {Friday Bullpen Episode 9}
There are 5️⃣questions you should be asking yourself every 👏🏻single👏🏻 day👏🏻      Friday Bullpen session 9️⃣ is here!   To hear what those 5 questions are, listen ⬇️  There was a time when I was at an extremely low spot in my life.   ☹️I didn’t like my job   🙁I was hanging around the wrong people   😕I wasn’t in a relationship   😟I was seeking external pleasures and hobbies that I thought would bring me happiness - but what I realized was that on the inside I was not happy.   So I started asking myself these5️⃣questions every day.   Listen to the bullpen session ⬇️and let me know your thoughts!
April 6, 2020
Is It TIME For You to "Get Back to the Basics"?? [Friday Bullpen Session Episode 8]
It’s time. 🕥   Time to get back to the basics. 🖍  Specially if time for 👉🏻YOU 👈🏻to get back to the basics!  Friday Bullpen Session 8️⃣is live!   It’s early March one of my favorite times of the year! 😁  Daylight savings 🕔is coming up this weekend and that means longer days!   And most importantly is spring training in MLB! Something that’s very dear to me. ⚾️  You know what Spring really is training is? It’s getting back to the basics.📝  All the greats that you see on the field. True,  a lot of that is natural talent, 😎but they would not be as successful as they are without getting back to the basics. 🏋🏻‍♀️  If you don’t get back to the basics - how can you be a champion? 🏆 Are you working on your mechanics?  Or do you just think you can wake up 👀and show up?   Listen below, get motivated, 💪🏼and let’s go!   Connect with me or better yet, message me about speaking at your event!
April 6, 2020
The Key to Staying Grounded When Life's Sh*t "Hits the Fan". [Friday Bullpen Session Episode 7]
When life’s 💩 hits the fan.    Friday Bullpen Session 7🎤 is here!  With a very special guest, my better half Amy. 🤩  Amy is a pro 💪🏼at explaining how she stays grounded and grateful 🙏through the highs and lows.   She is a MASTER at it!   Amy will talk about how it’s easy to stay great 😁 when things are going great. But when you’re in a dry spell - it’s easy to lose that gratefulness. 😕  Here’s my challenge 👊🏼to you after listening to today’s bullpen session, I want you to write ✍🏻 down 3️⃣ things your grateful for, and then make that a practice you do every single day.   What are your three things❓  Connect with me!  I’d love to know more about you!
April 6, 2020
Consistency | Persistency | Patience. The KEYS to Long-Term Wins! [Friday Bullpen Session Episode 6]
Consistency. Persistency. Patience.  Are you capable of all 3❓  Friday Bullpen Sessions Episode 6 🎙 is here!!  In my opinion, consistency, persistency, and patience are the KEYS to long-term success.  ✔️ You must be CONSISTENT every day.  Keep going LONG AFTER your competition has given up.  ✔️ You must PERSISTENT in chasing your goals.  ✔️ Yet, have the PATIENCE to know you're not going to be an overnight success.  Take inventory of your year to-date.  Are you applying all 3 to your actions?  Shoot me a note below 👇🏼 and let me know what you're doing in 2020 to be consistent, persistent, and patient.
April 6, 2020
How Do You Obtain Certainty, Growth, and Significance [Friday Bullpen Sessions Episode 5]
Welcome back to Friday Bullpen Sessions Episode 5 🙌!  Today's topic?  The 6 basic human needs.  If you're unfamiliar with them, here they are...  ❇️ Certainty  ❇️ Uncertainty / Variety  ❇️ Growth  ❇️ Contribution  ❇️ Love and Connection  ❇️ Significance  In my work with insurance advisers, I see 3 of them standing out above all others... Certainty, Growth, and Significance.  The first 2 are pretty straightforward.    Wouldn't it be nice to have certainty in the future of your business?  Growth is obvious.  I'm hoping you strive to grow your business and yourself personally.  ➡️➡️ It's significance that stands out the most.    Would you like to have significance in your market?  Would you like to become a more-recognized authority in your field?  Here's how... communicate 🗣 BETTER and MORE OFTEN than anyone else.  🔑 I've said this over and over, he or she who communicates his or his story the BEST and MOST wins every time.  So, start sharing 🤲 your story as often as you can.  The world is waiting to hear it!!
April 6, 2020
How High Is Your Business ERA? [Friday Bullpen Session Episode 4]
⚾️ Friday Bullpen Sessions Episode 4 is Here! ⚾️  How strong is your ERA❓  If you're a baseball fan, I'm not talking about Earned Run Average.  I'm talking about a much more impactful ERA to your business.  🔑 Engagement   🔑 Relationships   🔑 Authority.  No matter what industry you're in today, you face similar challenges...  ⚠️ There's a ton of noise.  ⚠️ Whether you like it or not, you're a commodity to your prospects.  ⚠️ No one knows who you are.  This was my kryptonite 💎 .   It's imperative you are start sharing your and sharing good content with your target audience as often as you can.  ✅ He or she who communicates the best and the most wins every time.  Because when you do...  1️⃣ You elevate the ENGAGEMENT with your prospects.  2️⃣ Your develop better RELATIONSHIPS with your prospects.  3️⃣ You become an AUTHORITY to your prospects.  So get out there and share your story and share damn good content as often as you can, because the world (and your wallet) needs it!  ➡️➡️ If you'd like to see more of my content, hit the connect or follow button!  My goal is to help your crush 💯 your business and your life!
April 6, 2020
Are You Putting in the Work When No One is Watching?!? [Friday Bullpen Session Episode 3]
Are you willing to put the work in when no one is watching❓  This week's Friday Bullpen Session is live!  Lately, I've been talking to a lot of insurance advisers frustrated with a lack of results, but blaming 👉🏾 external factors.  🗣 “My prospects don't get it."  🗣 “I just don't have enough opportunity."  🗣 “My prospects are lazy and don't want to do anything."  No, no, no.  That's not the problem, my friend.  ➡️ You're just not putting in enough of work, when no one is watching, to get better.  You have a craft, not a job.  Start taking it more seriously.  Put in the time to hone your craft.  I used to get pissed off when people would tell me that "it must have been nice to play pro baseball ⚾️ ...".  Some even said that I had the right "connections" that led to signing a contract.  What they were completely overlooking was the countless hours I put in to become a better put myself in the position to play at the highest level.  Do you want better results?  I suggest you do the same.  ☑️ Start practicing.    ☑️ Start working on the little things that will make you better.    ☑️ Start enjoying the monotony that success requires!
April 6, 2020
Here's an Easy Way to Reverse-Engineer Your 2020 Goals [Friday Bullpen Session Episode 2]
How are your 2020 goals coming along❓  On track?  Behind? haven't even created your 2020 goals?!?  I've had a lot of conversations 🗣 with insurance advisers this week haven't event taken the first step towards their 2020 goals because they're still wrapping up 2019!  ❄️ January is almost over!  If you find yourself in this boat, I want to help.  In this week's ⚾️ FRIDAY BULLPEN SESSION ⚾️ share a tip to help you breakdown your goals into bite-sized chunks.  The key?  🔑 Reverse Engineer Your Goals  1️⃣ Take your lofty goal for the year and reverse engineer it back to what you need to doing every single day to hit it.  2️⃣ Then...forget the big goal and JUST FOCUS on what you have to do day in and day out.  So...what is your lofty 2020 goal?  Share below 👇🏼!  Have you broken it down into steps you can easily digest?
April 6, 2020
Are You Creating Enough Awareness of Who You Are? [Friday Bullpen Session Episode 1]
Here's Week 1 of my all new Friday Bullpen Sessions ⚾️ (audio)!  This week's topic?  ➡️ Creating awareness.  If you're in sales, you HAVE to create more awareness of who the hell you are.  Closing business isn't your issue.  Moving a prospect "through the pipeline" isn't your issue.  ✔️ You just don't have enough opportunities to win!  Listen, today's it's a game of attention.  🔑 It comes down to who KNOWS you, who LIKES you, and who TRUSTS you.  But nobody can like or trust you if they don't know who the heck you are!  ☑️ Stop living in obscurity and start becoming omnipresent!  You deserve to win more business 👊🏻!  Please 🙏 let me know what you think of the new Bullpen Sessions format below 👇🏼!
April 6, 2020