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Inspire The Angel Flores Podcast

Inspire The Angel Flores Podcast

By Angel Flores
Through conversations with remarkable people, we're all about inspiring you, equipping you for what God has for next in your life and hopefully entertaining you along the way.
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I’m a 5x Ironman Triathlete – Jessica Cooney
Jessica Cooney is an Assistant Principal at Greeley Central High School and prior to that, served as the Secondary Culturally Linguistically Diverse Coordinator for District 6. In this episode she shares his story of being a jump roping world champion as a child, becoming a college athlete as a walk-on athlete, discovering triathlons as an adult, and completing her first Ironman Triathlon at 36 years old. An Ironman Triathlon consists of a 2.4-mile swim followed by a 112-mile bike ride and finishes with a 26.2-mile run. Jessica has been in education for 24 years. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education, her Master’s degree in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education from the University of Northern Colorado and her Administration License from Western Governors University.  She lives in Greeley with her husband Jon and their two daughters. Contact Info: Email: Show Notes: Ironman Triathlon: Jessica in the community:
August 15, 2022
I led a non-profit for 36 years and grew it 10 times larger - Jeannine Truswell
Jeannine Truswell is the president and CEO of United Way of Weld County.  During her tenure, she grew the non-profit from an annual budget of $500,000 to over $ 7,000,000 and she grew the staff from 3 to nearly 40.  Her accomplishments and impact in Weld County, CO are too numerous to list.  In this episode she shares her story of growing up in a blue-collar family, being a first-generation college graduate and her strategy for inviting people to join the mission of a non-profit. She earned her degree from SUNY at Genoseo, was the Weld County Partners executive director and owned and operated a private business. Her current board of directors memberships include the Better Business Bureau Serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming, the Colorado Children’s Campaign, and the El Pomar North Regional Council. Among her many commendations is the Colorado Nonprofit Association Steve Graham Award for Building Nonprofit Capacity.  She plans to retire at the end of 2022 to travel and spend time with her husband Bob.
August 04, 2022
I lead 3,000 employees and 22,000 students - Dr. Deirdre Pilch
Dr. Deirdre Pilch is superintendent of Greeley-Evans School District 6 in Greeley, Colorado.  She led the district in a turnaround process that has included raising nearly $ 400,000,000 to repair or replace several schools.  In this episode she shares her story of being a first-generation college student and her strategy for implementing change in an organization. Dr. Pilch completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Wyoming and holds a Masters degree and an Educational Specialist degree in secondary school administration from the University of Central Missouri. Her Doctorate of Education is in Educational Policy and Leadership from the University of Kansas. Dr. Pilch currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Success Foundation, Greeley Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Weld County, Northern Colorado Health Alliance, Longs Peak Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and is a member of the Downtown Greeley Rotary Club. She can be reached at:
July 17, 2022
I'm living with stage 4 cancer. Monica Ramirez
Monica Ramirez is a 52-year-old Latina, wife, mother of three, grandmother of two, and a 28 year US Air Force Senior Master Sergeant retiree.  She was a faithful warrior fighting for our country “boots on the ground” in Iraq and now has been fighting over 3 years of her life battling stage 4 Colon Cancer.  Her faith in God has given her the strength and confidence she’s needed to pursue each conflict she has faced throughout her life. Monica never felt ready or smart enough for college. But she graduated with both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree all while being in the military and partly as a single parent. She was a single mom for five years and prayed every day that God would bring her a man who loves Jesus. Still believing and having faith she was patient and He brought her the smart, loving, and handsome, Paul. Learning how to be a good wife was yet another conflict to experience. Jesus led the way and gave her the passion to be a good wife and later became Mosaic Church’s marriage coach.  In each war, battle, or conflict Monica says she’s never alone fighting. It’s God, it’s Jesus her savior who is there still standing and carrying her along the way. Monica lives in Greeley, Colorado.
July 04, 2022
I’m a PhD and a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Jeremy Adler
Jeremy Adler holds the unique distinction of having earned both a Ph. D in Microbiology and a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He shares this space with less than 1/10 of 1% of society. In this episode he unpacks why he thinks we’re driven to work hard and what hard work teaches us. He is a microbiologist, a Senior Researcher for Ecolab and a leader in food safety. He also works on proposed food safety legislation. He has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed publications in the Journal of Food Protection and Journal of Food Science. Jeremy is also a husband, a father and lives in Windsor, CO. Contact Info: Linked In
June 15, 2022
I was an undocumented immigrant. Betzy Valdez
Betzy Valdez came to the United States as an undocumented child and shares the challenges of growing up in the shadows, stepping into the public spotlight and the lessons she’s learned along the way. She is the President for the Hispanic Women of Weld County (HWWC), an organization that engages civically, awards academic scholarships, and recognizes the accomplishments of Latinas across Weld County, Colorado. She is also an entrepreneur, a connector and a proud mother and wife. Contact Info: Linked In Book mentioned: American Dirt on Amazon Commercial mentioned: Heineken Beer Commercial
June 15, 2022