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The Chronicles of Doing Too Much

The Chronicles of Doing Too Much

By Angel Riley
Success ain’t easy and you surely don’t have all the answers. This is a show about stretching past your limits, building a strong network, dominating your genius, and knocking your goals out of the park. Let’s work together versus you doing too much by yourself. You’re a BOSS and the heartbeat of your destiny!
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Are You Living Or Existing?

The Chronicles of Doing Too Much

My Hot, Sweet, & Spicy S.O.U.L.
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with Tsahi Alexander-Holmes. More than 10 years after graduating from the Art Institute of New York City, Tsahi Alexander-Holmes has been passionately cooking up culinary cuisine as a Certified Chef. A New York City native with southern roots, she currently lives in Beacon, New York, where she is well known for bringing a healthy and bold spin to home-cooked soul food. Popularly known as the “Soul Food Fairy,” Alexander-Holmes often brings local farmers’ produce to the table, along with fresh herbs and spices to enhance her culinary vision – not to mention her unique array of handcrafted rubs, seasonings, and specialty sauces. In 2018, she founded Myrecipe4life, LLC, a homegrown business that combined her many years of culinary expertise and growing talent and passion as an event manager. Always one to put her clients first, Alexander-Holmes takes pride in coordinating and executing memorable events, wellness retreats, conferences and charitable functions. “Food is essential for Myreceipe4Life,” she says. “Make it flavorful and yummilicious.” Around the community, she is known to have a keen eye for venue selection, entertainment, and catering, which always leads to an extraordinary event experience. In February 2021, Alexander-Holmes founded the SOUL Book Club, a forum for participants to come together to discuss the literary works and media of faith-based authors and other writers whose prose provokes meaningful thought and dialogue. SOUL, which stands for Support, Opportunity, Uplift, and Learning, continues to evolve and promotes fellowship, spirituality, connection, empowerment, unity, and wellness. Myrecipe4life’s motto is Love, Peace, and Soul Food. For more information on Tsahi’s array of professional services, please visit Want to chat directly? Reach out to her at or 845-464-4429.
April 11, 2022
Heart Desires Fulfillment
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with certified life coach and bestselling author Frances Jones. Frances Jones is the CEO & Founder of Heart Desires Fulfillment Coaching, LLC, certified coach, and International & National Best-Selling Author. She has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX affiliates, Times News, International Business News, Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine, & the Los Angeles Tribune. She is a highly sought-after speaker for various Women Empowerment summits and was televised live on Fox Soul’s The Tammi Mac Late Show to discuss black infertility. Frances plays an invaluable role starring on her very own TV Show (NSpire Together) on the Women Win Network now viewed on Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV.   She is inspiring lives with the release of her book, Overcoming the Emotional Stigmas of Infertility. She shares her story so that others challenged with the negativity of infertility can prevent it from controlling their lives. Frances hopes her story will bring awareness, sensitivity, and compassion when speaking with someone challenged with building their family. She believes that anyone battling negativity from other areas of life can use her tips and techniques to overcome them. Connect with Frances Jones: IG: @heartdesirescoaching  FB: @heartdesirescoaching  Twitter: @HeartDesiresFC  LinkedIn: francesjones1
February 23, 2022
Speak Life, Light & Love
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with self-care coach Angel Conway. Boy Mom, Senior Caregiver by day. Self Care Coach by night. My values are God, Self Care & Family in that order.  My purpose in life is to preach the Gospel through Health Ministry. I help women & moms learn how to make time for themselves first, UNAPOLOGETICALLY because we deserve it! Connect with Coach Angel: Facebook: Angel Conway   Instagram: @becauseicare_2
February 23, 2022
Manifesting Your Dreams
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with life coach Helen Hargett. Helen Hargett is a life coach helping people reach their full potential while eliminating limiting beliefs with a strong concentration on self-healing and wealth. She is also the creator of Orleans Dream Girl Manifesting Journals. The journals are designed to help you reach your goals and aspirations. Each page has a strong positive affirmation with plenty of space to journal.  Connect with Coach Helen: Instagram - @orleansdreamgirl TikTok - @orleansdreamgirl
February 22, 2022
Made to Lead Millions
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with success and business coach Krystal Henry. About Krystal Henry WHAT-IF YOU captured the heart of the man that no one thought would ever settle down! WHAT-IF after twenty-four years, you are still married! I sought out adequate books, a spiritual confidant, and mentors that could understand the many facets of ministry, marriage, family, and church. However, the wisdom I was seeking was already in me and I became the mentor to the ones that were supposed to mentor me. My hope is to inspire, empower, and motivate you to your fullest potential of YOU! Nobody can beat you in being You! I will help you push the unbelievable YOU out of you! I am a certified success and business coach. I will help you with your Life, Love, and Leadership coaching needs. My goal is to get you to move from your  “What If to your What Is!!” Get ready for your remarkable transformation! Connect with @coachkrystalhenry on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok & Clubhouse
February 02, 2022
Black Man: The Only One
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with Isaiah Thomas better known as ITdaChosen1. Spoken Word Poet | Motivational Speaker | Independent Music Artist | Entrepreneur Connect with ITdaChosen1: Instagram: ITdachosen1 
January 25, 2022
Moving Forward with Coach Kitty
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with Elizabeth A. Davis aka Coach Kitty. Elizabeth A. Davis, BA, aka Coach Kitty, she/they, is here to help you make change easy! Coach Kitty, the executive director of Moving Forward Wellness Coaching, a nonprofit devoted to helping individuals and businesses integrate a trauma-informed, TLBGQ+ proficient approach to individual wellness, client services, and staff management. They focus on caregivers and nonprofits with the goal of increasing productivity, workplace happiness, and stemming burnout. It's time we care for our caregivers. Connect with Coach Kitty:  Facebook: Moving Forward w/ Coach Kitty 
January 12, 2022
Be the Belle of the Ball
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with fashion and jewelry designer Melissa Sade Charles.  Melissa Charles is a local fashion and jewelry designer based in Pittsburg, PA. In business for three years, MelissaSade's Designs keeps your wardrobe lit with custom designs for your next formal event or everyday fashionista look. Connect with Melissa:  Facebook: @melissasadesdesigns96    Instagram: @melissasadesdesigns  Twitter: @MelissaSadeDesi  TikTok: @mrslewis1996
January 06, 2022
Reversing the Narrative of a Predicted Path with Amazon International Bestselling Author Dr. Laganna Lawrence
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with Dr. Laganna Lawrence, co-author of "Success Chronicles Volume I: You Define Your Own Success." Innovative thought leaders facilitate a unique analeptic to some of society’s most detrimental circumstances. Trailblazing a path with that exact intent is the perspicacious professional, Dr. Laganna Lawrence.   Dr. Laganna Lawrence is an author, co-author, scholar, adroit preceptress, and CEO and Founder of Academic Essentials, LLC; a multi-faceted pedagogy consulting program, providing expert mentorship, advocacy, and facilitation to those looking to advance their lives, through the power of education. Having already established an excellence in educational atmospheres as a Professional School Counselor, Dr. Lawrence brings an influential grace to her clientele and thoroughly enjoys helping First Generation college students develop both, a natural procurement and unique sensory, for achievement.   Her mantra is simple: Being a first-generation college graduate has given her an intrinsic ability in relating to those on a similar path. It is in that spirit; she remains a credible voice for current culture. Connect with Laganna!
November 09, 2021
Breakthrough with Amazon International Bestselling Author Beverly Sanders
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with Rev. Beverly Sanders (Rev. Bev), co-author of "Success Chronicles Volume I: You Define Your Own Success." Beverly Renee Sanders is the founder and CEO of THRIVE Community Service Inc. and Breaking the Silence LLC. She is curator of the “Breaking the Silence Conference” an event has blossomed into an annual conference hosted every year since its inception.  Each year, conference participants experience trainings and workshops to help aide and restore those who have been broken from life trials and tribulations.  Beverly is also the Co-Founder of a weekly T-Time Support Group that started 2013.  She is a Care Coordinator for the Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church Virtual Health Ministry through the Leadership Council of Healthy Communities and serves as the Youth and Young Adult Pastor of the Cedars of Lebanon Youth and Young Adult Ministry at the Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church. Beverly holds BA Psychology from West Virginia Wesleyan College.  She is a graduate of the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative, an Ordained Reverend, a Certified Life Coach, and a Mental Health First Aider for youth and adults.  Beverly is a native Washingtonian and an Alumni of the Award winning Eastern High School Choir.  She has over 30 years of counseling, mentoring, teaching, and supporting youth and families in the DC area. Beverly has developed and implemented programs, events and activities that have helped people heal from the inside out. Her prayer and her mission are to heal a hurting generation by “Creating an Environment for Life Change” Connect with Rev. Bev: Facebook - THRIVE Community Service and Breaking the Silence Instagram - THRIVE Community Service
November 04, 2021
Unleash My Inner Power and Peace with Amazon International Bestselling Author Dionne Greaves
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with Dionne Greaves, co-author or "Success Chronicles Volume I: You Define Your Own Success." The essence of abundant life is often found in the way that we empower others.  Setting the standard in exemplary fashion is The Mompreneur CEO, Dionne Greaves.  Dionne Greaves is a Bestselling Author, Speaker, Business Empowerment Coach, and Mentor to corporate mompreneurs.  She is the creative founder of The Mompreneur CEO which is the flagship for her coaching business and the home of her talk show which highlights the trailblazing success stories, achievements, and outstanding vernaculars of female entrepreneurs.   Known for her innate ability in helping powerhouse women across the globe transform their passions into thriving new businesses. Dionne specializes in showing women the power of balance, transition, and career flexibility when combined with their faith. Dionne helps women fulfill their divine purpose by creating a unique road map around their lives and schedules; enabling them to have the best of both worlds, while passionately pursuing purpose, without sacrificing the people and things they care most about. Dionne combines her success in mentoring, coaching, and empowerment with sincere regard for education, achievement, and facilitation. She displays an appreciated mastery in the areas of negotiation, training, administration and is a certified counselor, life coach, and event planner.  Understanding the necessity of bringing value to her pursuits, Dionne has completed certifications in an array of leadership specialties. As a highly motivated professional, Dionne strongly believes that if “you change your narrative you will live your best life”. This is her personal mantra that she seeks to embody daily.  Creating an appreciated synergy around speaking worldwide, Dionne remains a trusted leader among women and serves as a wife, mom, pastor, and corporate professional. She is often celebrated as a voice of reason, direction, and clarity that empowers women.  She is sought after in audiences looking to enhance their talents, awaken their purpose, and live their life’s dream center stage. In business to champion other women in this exact cause, she commits her path to remain the authentic voice of empowerment for many.  Her personal mission is to help every woman show up boldly, authentically, and fiercely in the world so that they can confidently navigate motherhood and entrepreneurship. When Dionne is not busy empowering women to walk boldly into their calling, she is an asset to her local community and a loving member of her family and friendship circles.  Dionne Greaves, The Mompreneur CEO. Leader. Trailblazer. Humanitarian.  Connect with Dionne! Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Clubhouse -
October 27, 2021
My Heart Made Me A Mom with Amazon International Bestselling Author Chevelle Starks
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with Chevelle Starks, co-author of "Success Chronicles Volume I: You Define Your Own Success." Chevelle Starks is a momprenuer with multiple streams of income. She is the Sisterlock consultant behind the mobile natural hair care service, Sisterlocdnlove.  She and her daughter Mya are partners in their Paparazzi Jewelry business, Chevelle is also a consultant for a health and wellness product, Though she’s in Network Marketing, it’s Chevelle’s Christ-centered motivational speaking and one on one sessions that set her apart from others. Chevelle Starks was raised in Washington DC and educated in the DC public school system.  Professionally, Chevelle worked as a licensed phlebotomist for 17 years. She is a born leader and loves to train others. As a phlebotomist, she became certified to be an instructor in hopes of starting a school for people who were intimidated by college but wanted a fulfilling career. This vision had not yet manifested when in 2011, she was presented with the opportunity to foster a child.  For years, Chevelle dreamed of being a mom. She believes that this desire was God-given and preparation for this very moment. Chevelle sums up her love story of foster care to adoption with one phrase, “My heart made me a mom.” She openly shares her journey of caring for her biological 3rd cousins who each came to her as infants. Suddenly becoming a mom of three while navigating through the demands of the foster care system pushed her to leave the phlebotomy profession in 2017.  She is now living her dream as a momprenuer and the devoted mom to Mya, Malachi, and Mehki Starks, affectionately known as her M&M’s. Connect with Chevelle: Instagram: @Sisterlocdnlove Facebook: @Sisterlocdnlove 
October 22, 2021
Don't Count Me Out with Amazon International Bestselling Author Hope Gilchrist
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with Hope Gilchrist, co-author of "Success Chronicles Volume I: You Define YOur Own Success." Hope Gilchrist is an author, advocate, mental health clinician, CEO and Founder of Hope Gilchrist Enterprises, LLC. a multidimensional consulting and coaching specialty, providing training, solution, and strategy for those looking to find professional, mental, and behavioral solace. As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Transformational Mediator, with more than 18 years in the mental health industry; Hope creates an effortless cohesion, between professionalism, genuine care for her clients, and is often reputed as one having great sensibility, in meeting various needs of those she serves, with ease. Connect with Hope: Instagram: @Hopethecounselor1 Facebook: Hope Gilchrist Enterprises
October 13, 2021
Perspective: The Building Block of Success with Amazon International Bestselling Author Pamela Nichols
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with Pamela Nichols, co-author of "Success Chronicles Volume I: You Define Your Own Success." True crime dramas. Smothered pork chops. Rain. Jesus: Pamela Nichols loves them all.  She also enjoys writing Christian fiction. Her 'Inside Out' series features characters with issues that require more than 'church as usual'. Her stories combat the falsehoods believed about God and point readers to the power and grace of truth. A freelance journalist for nearly two decades, Pamela likewise supports Christian writers.  Her ‘Critique Your Calling’ service helps authors present their work with clarity and confidence.  Pamela is a veteran homeschool mommy who has worked in social services, law enforcement and the corporate office of a Fortune 200 company. She lives in Hampton Roads, VA. Find her books on Amazon. She’d love to connect with you on Facebook.  Connect with Pamela: Facebook: Pamela Nichols Instagram: PammieWrites
October 06, 2021
Push Destiny with Amazon International Bestselling Author Krystal Henry
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with Krystal Henry, co-author of "Success Chronicles Volume I: You Define Your Own Success." The gift of inspiration is harnessed best by individuals displaying a strong propensity for helping others transform their own lives. Gifted with this virtue in nonpareil measure; is the compassionate professional, Krystal Henry. Krystal is an author, success coach, cleric, accountant, CEO and founder of EMPOWER-MINT.ORG, a multi-dimensional coaching hub, offering solutions, strategy, and inspiration, to a diverse clientele. She is often known for an innate ability in leading others "from what if, to what is." Having overcome life-changing battles with covid, cancer, infertility, and much more; Krystal proves herself an unfeigned survivalist, equipped in changing lives, for the better. She is member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated; a graduate of Paul Quinn College with a BS in Accounting.  Krystal Henry combines a passionate career in coaching, community involvement, and creative vocations. She is a Tony Gaskin’s Certified Life Coach, with more than two decades of experience in inspirational teaching, speaking, and workshop facilitation. As a philanthropic voice in both local and global communities, Krystal is the leading lady of Power of the Gospel Ministries, alongside her husband Rev. Redd. Together they inspire the masses, on the trailblazing “Power Lift Podcast”.  As an effervescent creative, and Amazon Best Selling author of the inspirational manuscripts: “The Elements of You” and “Made to Lead Millions”. She has also co-authored in, “Letters to the First Lady: Devotional for Pastor’s Wives & Women Married to Ministry Leaders”, Volume One, “Jump Start Your Mind” and The Success Chronicles: Volume One; all organic expositions of an authentic passion, for people.  Krystal has appeared on Late Night with Sherida Lovelace, the Red Room with Shay Samuels and The LeKeisha Mosley shows. She has been featured in ShoutOut Atlanta, The Wealthy Coach, and Head & Soul Magazines. Her effervescent “voice frames your success” as one of the Co-Founders of THESUCCESSTANK.CLUB on Clubhouse. Krystal is an asset to her local communal body, and a loving member of her family and friendship circles. Krystal Henry. Leader. Organizer. Philanthropist. Connect with Krystal: Facebook: Krystal Henry & Coach Krystal Henry Twitter: @mycoachkrystal TikTok: @coachkrystal Instagram: Coachkrystalhenry & LinkedIn: Krystal Henry  YouTube: Coach Krystal Henry & Krystal Henry TV
September 29, 2021
Married 2 The Mission
Mindset and success coach Angel Riley has an insightful interview with Dr. Allison The Beauty Practitioner. Shadaria Allison is a 3-time International best-selling author, speaker, wordsmith, and consultant. Her portfolio reflects a millennial entrepreneur of epic proportions; stewarding a myriad of professional and creative vernaculars; ranging from beauty, modeling, and PR-consulting; to social media management, freelance writing services, music, and content design. Affectionately known as “Dr. Allison The Beauty Practitioner”™,  Shadaria merges seamless creativity, with a huge heart for people; a trait she refuses to compromise. Shadaria Allison has over 16 years in the industry with a solid reputation for amazing results. She has served hundreds of commercial, celebrity, and business clients, with a signature that sets her apart from other curators. Whether it is beauty, branding, or business, Dr. Allison the Beauty Practitioner is guaranteed to deliver results so pristine, the world will know you have been to the Dr. Connect with Shadaria: Instagram: Shadaria Allison Facebook: Shadaria Allison Twitter: Shadaria Allison
September 22, 2021
Hustle | Grow | Excel
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with Confidence Coach Inga Faison Cavitt, AKA Ingafay. Inga Faison Cavitt, AKA Ingafay, is a Confidence Coach who previously worked as a  Mechanical Engineer in chemical plants for 20 plus years. She left her engineering career in February 2020 to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and pursue her dream life full of faith, family, freedom, flexibility, and fitness. She enjoys empowering women to live their best life. Over the years, she has worked with thousands of women to enhance their confidence.  She loves the transformation after working with a woman for only an hour. She experienced that when a woman looks good and feels good, her confidence radiates and she can do more. She had been enhancing women’s confidence for over 17 years via her direct sales business. She is a 4X Top National Seller, 2X free car earner, and is ranked in the top 5% of her company. At the end of 2020, she decided to expand her reach to enhance women’s confidence via a three-pillar approach.  She affectionately calls the “Triple Threat - AMC method”.  After researching and investing in numerous courses over the years, it became clear that appearance was not the only factor holding women back from growing into the person they are destined to become. She now enhances women’s confidence by transforming their mindset and consistency via her digital products.  The Prosperity Sculpt Boot camp helps women transform their scarcity to abundance mindset to jumpstart their financial evolution. Her second offering is the Daily Activity Log for aspiring direct sales reps and entrepreneurs that want to create and maintain an organized daily mode of operation to grow their business and reach their goals. She is dedicated to helping women HUSTLE to overcome their fears, GROW into the woman she is destined to become & EXCEL to be a blessing to others. During her leisure time, she enjoys spending time with family, working out, and continually learning. Her motto is “Face your FEAR girlfriend, and do it anyway.” Connect with IngaFay: LinkedIn: IngaFay Facebook: DirectSalesDivaIngafay YouTube: IngaFay Unplugged
September 15, 2021
You Have To Be Intentional About You
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with Latrina Caldwell. Latrina Caldwell is a well-known serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach. Author of national selling book “I am HER”, which is currently available on her website and Amazon. Latrina is releasing her next game-changing story “The Inside Job” in 2021, along with several book collaborations. Latrina studied and graduated with a Human Services/Individualized Studies degree. She got her start in social services where she worked for over a decade. Latrina pours her heart into her coaching practice specializing in healing, relationships, families, mental health, and more. Outside of coaching, and writing books, and being a well-rounded speaker to women, Latrina fills her day serving as a community leader. Latrina has a unique story that she uses to teach and inspire women by sharing her testimony of domestic violence. She knows what it is like to experience trauma. She serves as a beacon of comfort healing, empowerment, growth, and understanding.  As a visionary, Latrina strives to help individuals foster stable success within themselves and beyond. Follow Latrina on social media! Facebook: iamlatrinac  Instagram:  iamlatrinac
September 08, 2021
Let's Take A Strategic Pause
It's time to take a strategic pause. What is a strategic pause, you may ask? It's our time to soak in all of the knowledge and wisdom we've received and learn how to put it into play. In this episode, Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley goes reviews: What does it really mean to be put in position How to chronicle your success The power in not giving up, regardless of life's blows Follow Angel Riley on all platforms - @coachangelriley
August 25, 2021
Generational Empowerment
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with Michelle S. Thomas, Your Relationship Surgeon. Michelle S. Thomas, Your Relationship Surgeon is a 4X Internationally Best-Selling Author, Certified Life/ Relationship/Business Coach, Motivational speaker, and Multiple business owner. She believes that everyone has the power to “touch” their dreams. Even before she turned her purpose into her profession, she always recognized that real people needed to hear real stories to conquer what really mattered to them. Her own life story has at times been one of complicated paths, but she has never shied away from telling her truth. Through her own transparency, her audiences receive tools that can alleviate their pain, inspire their strength, and resurrect their inner drive. Your Relationship Surgeon offers relatable content through her books, private coaching, workshops, and keynote speeches designed to elevate your relationship with yourself, your family, and your business. Connect with Michelle! LinkedIn: Michelle S Thomas  Facebook: Your Relationship Surgeon Instagram: Your Relationship Surgeon
August 18, 2021
Are You Living Or Existing?
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with Kimberly McLemore. Kimberly McLemore |Award Winning Author | Podcast Host | Book Coach The CEO Kimberly McLemore is the CEO and Founder of the Women’s Small Business Initiative, LLC (WSBI, LLC), which she built on the foundation of family history in entrepreneurship, experience, values, and success-driven work ethic and passion. Her drive for this initiative was to create a vault of resources and share her knowledge and expertise in business strategy, entrepreneurship, and marketing, mainly to women, (and some men), who desire to build their own small businesses by empowering them to be in the driver seat of their success and gain the maximum exposure they need to catapult their businesses and profitability.   Kimberly has expanded this effort in creating a weekly podcast show called “Your Resource for Success Podcast” where she engages in discussion with guests helping them maximize their voices through becoming an author, a podcast show host, or create a small business. This national and internationally known platform has specifically served women in business and the business community for 5 years, interviewing over 200 guests for free, and helping them share their inspirations, challenges, success stories, and life experiences in becoming successful, sustainable business owners. She is well known for her ability to leave no stone unturned in making her show lively, boisterous, and memorable. The show airs weekly on Thursdays @ 7 pm EST on all major media platforms or wherever you listen to your podcast. The Author  Kimberly McLemore is an award-winning author with the gift of "Storytelling". She found her voice through her own personal experience with abuse, where for several years she walked in the shadow of death knowing there was a man who thought she was not worthy of living. God had other ideas for Kimberly and continued to bless her life so she could share her story, abandon the victim mentality and embrace the “shero” mentality. As a small business consultant, certified self-publishing trainer, and book coach Kimberly’s purpose became to help others become successful and dare to be fearless, teaching women and men how to move forward and not remain stagnant after a tragedy. As an example of living out that legacy of truth and purpose, she authored and self-published three books and was awarded the 2019 Indie Author Legacy Award Author of the Year for Social Awareness for her Memoir, “Deception of the Heart” A Real Look Into Domestic Violence.  Memoir “Deception of the Heart” A Real Look Into Domestic Violence  How to Be a Success by Just Being You  Are You Living or Existing? Pro’s and Con’s of Balancing Life  The Philanthropist  It is not surprising that Kimberly’s philanthropic heart and efforts have led to her company partnering each year with Teryck Coles, owner of Move with Tee to host the Purple & Pink Throwback Fundraiser. During this event, they highlight the Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness causes, both of which are recognized in October. For the last three years, they have also celebrated and fund-raised for local breast cancer agencies and continue highlighting local agencies for families in transition due to domestic violence. All donations are split 50/50. Beyond everything, Kimberly is dedicated to inspiring others to stop putting limits on themselves trust the journey of living out their legacy of truth and purpose. | FB/Twitter: @wsbillc |IG: kmmclemore_
August 11, 2021
Five Pillars To Recovery From Trauma
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with Pastor Paulette Harper aka Pastor P. Paulette Harper is a speaker, book coach, and global voice for emotional wellness and personal development. She teaches women how to change the narrative and turn those painful experiences into writing best-selling books, starting a business, and creating programs.  She specializes in helping women shift their perspective on crises, push past barriers and discover their purpose, so they become the best version of themselves. As an author of Christian Fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books, she has over eleven literary works to her credit. Two-time award-winning author, Paulette Harper’s fictional debut Secret Places Reveal won national acclaim by becoming the Emma Award Winner for Inspirational and Spiritual Romance. In addition, her nonfiction book Completely Whole achieved national recognition by winning the Readers Favorite Award for best Christian Non-Fiction. She has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and the Sacramento Observer. Visit her website:  Follow Pastor P on Social Media: Facebook: Pastor Paulette Harper (Pastor P) Linktree:   IG: PauletteHarper1  Twitter: PauletteHarper
August 03, 2021
Empowered To Be Her
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with Business Empowerment Coach & Mentor, Founder, and CEO of The Mompreneur Dionne Greaves. Dionne Greaves, The Mompreneur CEO is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and corporate administrative professional with more than ten years of experience. She is a Business Empowerment Coach and Mentor who empowers aspiring female entrepreneurs and mompreneurs to be heard, authentic and radical in their approach to the world. She achieves this by helping them to become their own redefinition of FEAR so that they can be the best possible versions of themselves. She helps them tap into their area of genius and use their own skills, knowledge, and expertise to build profitable online businesses by creating a unique road map specifically geared towards helping them balance the demands of life without sacrificing the people or things they care about.  Dionne became a mom three years ago and this was a huge game-changer for her because she believes that women should not have to choose their career over family or vice versa but they should have the power to create their own options and live the life they want, on their own terms. Her personal mantra is “Change your narrative and you will live your best life”. It is one of the driving forces behind her business and keeps her motivated to help other women discover their God-ordained purpose through entrepreneurship. She is also the host of her own talk show, The Mompreneur CEO Show which features moms in business and is aimed at empowering women through the sharing of their personal journeys as they navigate motherhood and entrepreneurship.  Her mission is to help every woman show up boldly, authentically, and fiercely in the world so that they can live their best life without sacrificing the people and things they love. Social Media: Facebook - Dionne Greaves Facebook - Bae Sisterhood 
July 27, 2021
Expose It!
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with author Ivy Caldwell. Ivy Caldwell is the founder of Footprint Enterprises LLC, an organization that helps those who are ready to confront past or present emotional trauma from sexual abuse, low self-esteem, or domestic abuse. She is an ordained elder, author, course creator, wife of over 26 years, mom, and grandmother. Ivy is a featured author in a anthology Speak Up...We Deserve To Be Heard. She created a course called Under Construction for Transformation that gives students five steps to start talking about emotional trauma. Ivy has also written a children's book series and will soon release more courses. Follow Ivy on Social Media! Facebook: Ivy Caldwell  Instagram: Footprintseries Twitter: Ivy_Caldwell YouTube: Ivy Caldwell
July 21, 2021
How To Live An Empowered Life
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with empowerment life coach L.R. Wilson. L.R. Wilson is an empowerment life coach specializing in goal setting success. She is also a mentor, author, ghostwriter, editor, freelance plus-size model, columnist, lead media correspondent, and team member of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine.  Follow L.R. Wilson on social media: Facebook: LR Wilson Empowerment Coach  LinkedIn: L.R. Wilson Instagram: L.R. Wilson
July 14, 2021
The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Profitable Small Business
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with Alvin Stewart about his new book, "The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Profitable Small Business." Alvin is a successful entrepreneur who has taken his 20+ years in sales and management to grow his company. Over the past few years, he has helped other aspiring small business owners start and run successful and profitable companies of their own. He is the author of the Ultimate Guide to Starting a Profitable Small Business, where he provides actionable tips for aspiring entrepreneurs to follow during their journey. Alvin supports his community's economic development and well-being by providing jobs and donating to non-profit organizations and schools. Additionally, Alvin serves on his local Chamber of Commerce board, numerous local clubs, and his homeowners' association. Alvin is a co-founder of Reach One Touch One, Inc., a non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve people's lives. He also serves as president of other non-profit organizations that support causes he is passionate about. Alvin lives in Maryland with his family. Follow Alvin Stewart on social media: Facebook: Twitter: @PatrellStewart
July 07, 2021
Getting Unstuck
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with B. Wright-Jones about Getting Unstuck. As a current resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, B. Wright-Jones is a creative visionary whose life goal is to provide hope to women worldwide, with the message that everyone can start over again. This author, certified life coach, and dynamic speaker brings her innate strength and empathy to the forefront of her efforts while providing guidance and inspiration to many. Through her natural gifts and talents, Bulinda reminds women they are limitless and empowers them to discover the untapped greatness within that has yet to be unleashed and utilized to its full potential. Driven by her desire to create a positive and lasting impact on the world, Bulinda launched Keep Looking Up with B. Wright-Jones, LLC, in 2014. She encourages women 35 and over to take control of their lives and become the women they were born to be. With her new book, The Self Love Challenge, Bulinda shares daily practices that will aid women in prioritizing themselves, embracing self-love, and seeing themselves as God does. Bulinda has been recognized as a prominent Speaker and Host both nationally and internationally. Her speaking credits include Custom Ink Author’s Showcase, Black CEO Iconic 2021, Woman On Fire Virtual Conference, Black Woman Confidential Inaugural Conference, Global Women’s Conference 2021, the Glambitious Book Fair, and the Purpose & Profit Virtual Conference. Her upcoming engagements include the I am a Survivor 2021 Summit in June and Success Fest 2021 in July. She also hosted her own 2019 Women’s Conference. She recently launched a new podcast show titled Get Unstuck and S.E.X.Y. (Self-confidence, Excitement, X-tra, Yes, I Can) with B. Wright-Jones. You can find her show on Podbean, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcast, Listen Notes, TuneIn, Amazon Music, Pandora, and PlayerFM teaching scripture-based lessons that are applicable in everyday life, to help women manifest their destinies. Bulinda has several other exciting speaking engagements and book projects coming up, and her online academy just recently re-launched. To connect with B. Wright-Jones, visit: / (Facebook) @bwrightjones, (Twitter) @keeplookingupp, (Instagram) @keeplookingup7
June 30, 2021
My Journey To Recovery
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with Ashley Blanshaw about her book, My Journey to Recovery. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Ashley Blanshaw is a singer, songwriter, music producer, solo music artist, motivational speaker, activist, author, and talk show host. Her singing and solo music career started at age 4 that led to the start of a songwriting career her freshman year of high school. Ashley authored two books: My Journey To Recovery and Inspirational with Ashley Blanshaw. She also has a podcast and talk show: Ashley’s Inspirations and Inspirational Time with Ashley Blanshaw.  Ms. Blanshaw is an activist and an advocate for mental health awareness. She is celebrating 21 years of being sober from mental health illness. It was a long tough and rough battle but with God’s healing and strength, she overcame it! Ms. Blanshaw declares,                  I am healed, restored and delivered from this 21 year battle. I am walking in my healing, my breakthrough, my miracle and blessing!!!!  Ashley desires to encourage others that no matter what they are going through or dealing with, God is going to make a way for you!!!! God will bring you out that battle, addiction, or sickness. Stay in faith and in prayer!!!!!! God is fighting for you!!!!!  Ms. Blanshaw is becoming a mentor to people who struggled with mental health illness with the launch of the #LoveYurself Campaign. Follow Ashley Blanshaw on social media: Facebook: Instagram: @ashleylove509 and @iamashleyblanshaw Twitter: @iamMsAshley  United Masters/YouTube: Ashley Blanshaw  SoundCloud: Ashley K. Blanshaw Clubhouse: @ashleylove595
June 22, 2021
You Are Enough
Mindset and Success Coach Angel Riley has an insightful discussion with the author, creator, podcaster Verona Willis-Brown. Verona Willis-Brown is a two-time published author; a mother; host of The Question podcast/show; creator of the brand Are you free enough; podcaster designed for single women; and, founder of a Youth Empowerment program called Not your COMPETITION.  "Most of all, I am a spiritual being living my best life while carrying out my parents' legacy. Today after many twists and turns, I purpose to inspire and empower women to find their authentic selves and live in truth." ~Verona Willis-Brown Connect with Verona Willis-Brown: @Verona Willis-Brown on Facebook @areyoufreeenough on Facebook @Verona Willis-Brown on IG
June 16, 2021
Time to Reset
In this episode, we discuss establishing healthy boundaries and strategies to reset from life’s ups and downs.
November 22, 2019
Episode 3: Girls Trippin' Recap
We're back from Essence Fest and ready to spill the beans!  Did we hold true to character? Who was part of #TeamNoSleep? Did I work my business the entire vacation? Were complete outfits worn? You'll only find out by joining  our Essence Fest recap conversation.
July 20, 2019
Episode 2: Girls Trippin’
Join the conversation of five girlfriends preparing to attend the 25th anniversary of Essence Fest in New Orleans. This episode will keep you laughing as well as give a few valuable travel tips.
July 02, 2019
Episode 1: Importance of Setting A Schedule
Whether you’re making a power move or wanting to feel more accomplished in your day, having a basic schedule of how your day flows is essential. In this episode, we discuss three components of an effective daily schedule that will be critical to living your best life.
June 30, 2019