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The Christian corner

The Christian corner

By Angel Santos
Biblical teachings and applications. For more teachings, go to
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Testimony of a cancer survivor
God is a good God. Testimonies are a way to encourage one another. God is still in the healing business. For an exciting testimony, go to  Hear my sister's testimony and how God healed her from cancer. 
September 27, 2022
Releasing the Spirit of Wisdom and Finances.
Thoughts about the communion elements. How to release Wisdom and Finances.
September 26, 2022
My journey to forgive
Having trouble forgiving? Are you wrestling with deep hurts? The Lord wants you to be healed so you can forgive. 
September 23, 2022
The night I got shot!
I was a victim of an assault. Hear my story and find out how I survived. 
September 22, 2022
What are you hearing?
Start your day hearing from God. God wants you to hear his voice. Don't get confused. Learn to hear from the Holy Spirit. 
September 21, 2022
Are you addicted to Christ?
Get addicted to Christ. A whole new adventure awaits you. 
September 20, 2022
The Prayer Zone
[We do not own the rights nor copyright of the song.] When I was a kid growing up in New York, my family would watch the Twilight zone. A series of stories that had no explanation and were filled with mysteries. At the end of the program, I would get scared at seeing how these episodes ended. As I grew older and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I found out that I can change my destiny. I was destined for a burning hell, but my decision to accept Christ changed everything.  Now, I am a citizen of God's kingdom. No longer do I have to worry about Life's toughest problems, because I have the mind of Christ. These are perilous times. It is time to prepare. God is calling his body to pray. Times are not getting any better and it is up to us to seek the Lord like never before. Jesus is coming soon and we need to be about the Lord's business so the word for today is---Prepare!  If you like our church service, check out our 
September 17, 2022
Sunday morning service...09/27/21
Sunday night Love Fellowship service with Pastor Steve Johnson.
September 28, 2021
Sunday morning service. 09/05/2021
Overcoming handicaps in the church. How we need to lend a hand to help the hurting and oppressed. Morning message by our Pastor and overseer Steven Johnson. 
September 05, 2021
Fight the good fight.
In life, we have battles. It is no different with the Christian life. Learn to stand strong, fight the good fight and win. You are more than a conqueror. 
August 01, 2021
Wisdom and problem solving.
Problems got you down? Don't fret. God has given you a genius to help you out. Wisdom is there for the taking. As you know your identity in Christ and what belongs to you, you can prosper and be in victory in all areas of your life. Want more on wisdom? Check out our
March 13, 2021
Thoughts on Wisdom.
A look at Wisdom. Solving problems and being creative. Get wisdom today! It's yours for the taking. 
March 02, 2021
Sunday service---Special Broadcast.
A special live broadcast from the Christian Corner ministries from last Sunday service. (Feb 28). Thank you for listening. We hope that this message will challenge and inspire you. God bless. 
March 01, 2021
The blood and communion
Insights about the blood. How it is used in communion. 
February 27, 2021
The Bread and communion
The importance of bread in communion. How a revelation of communion can help us. 
February 26, 2021
Communion will release wisdom and understanding
Communion is a covenant with God. As we celebrate communion, there are many benefits. Jesus commanded us to do this in his remembrance. When the church rushes through communion, it fails to understand the many benefits that can help strengthen and bless us in our walk with him. In fact, we don't have to wait until church to celebrate communion. We can do it now from the comfort of our homes. We can remember his many benefits of his covenant and be blessed. 
February 24, 2021