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Angela Agranoff - EFT Life Coach

Angela Agranoff - EFT Life Coach

By Angela Agranoff
A natural approach to quickly and easily reduce stress and anxiety.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed and full of anxiety. We will use EFT to tap on a variety of topics that effect us in our everyday lives. Each episode you can experience finding calmness and peace.

Coach Angela
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Tapping on sabotaging goals

Angela Agranoff - EFT Life Coach

Tapping on sabotaging goals

Angela Agranoff - EFT Life Coach

Should I Be Using EFT as a Christian?
EFT, also called tapping, is a fusion of modern psychology and ancient acupressure. Tapping on the acupressure points delivers a signal to our brains that is calming and peaceful. Releasing the stress using EFT gives us the ability to feel calm, gain confidence, and receive clarity on issues you may be struggling with. AMAZING! I questioned this process and asked myself how this could effect my faith when I started learning about tapping. I dug even deeper once I decided I was interested in becoming a practitioner, wanting to help others. I took it very seriously, knowing that I needed to discern if this conflicted with my beliefs and scripture. I believe that EFT, also known as tapping, was the answer to one of my many prayers for healing. Healing for myself, my family, and others.
March 5, 2020
What is Surrogate Tapping and How Can it Help?
Surrogate tapping is a system of using EFT, the emotional freedom technique, on our own points to help someone else’s issues. Just like prayer for someone’s well-being and issues, we can use tapping to benefit ourselves, as well as for someone else. Isn’t that amazing! Tapping for someone sends the energy that is needed for the situation in need. Let's tap together and learn how we can benefit while helping others! #eft #tapping #emotionalfreedom #efttapping #mom #emotions #stress #worry #anxiety #overwhelm #surrogate #helpingothers
March 5, 2020
Healing From The Heartbreak of Miscarriage
There is no easy fix for the feeling of the loss of a loved one. That includes the loss of a child that one has never met. We may have never met this little one face to face, but the pain in a mother's heart is still overwhelming and heart-breaking. I grieve right along side of you, having more than one miscarriage and a pre-term birth that resulted in loss. Twenty years later, the hurt has faded, but I will never forget my little ones. However, when it's a fresh wound, and so raw on our hearts, it can be paralyzing. Let's tap together for the thoughts about your loss, how we can heal, and looking to the future.
February 17, 2020
Let Go of The Past and Forgive Yourself
Aren't those some of the hardest things to do? Let go of pain from the past or to forgive ourselves? Replaying these situations over and over in our mind is a form of meditation. But not a good form of meditation! Stepping back and looking at our thoughts gives us the opportunity to have a place to start the healing. Your healing starts now. Here is how to let go of the past and feel at peace using EFT.
February 13, 2020
Measuring Our Stress and Anxiety
It can help to measure our stress and anxiety, and other emotions, before and after our sessions of EFT. It's not mandatory, but it can help us to see improvements and changes as we tapping on our different issues.  The measuring of emotions and issues is done using the SUDS scale. Learn how this scale can help your process while working with EFT. Progress measurements can help to keep you inspired and moving forward.
February 10, 2020
What is EFT and Tapping?
Interested in learning more about the benefits of EFT, the emotional freedom technique?  Understanding the basics of EFT, also called tapping, will help you to get more out of the process.  Each time you tap with me you will have a better understanding of your body, and how it is reacting to your thoughts, and the use of EFT.  There are so many benefits to using EFT, a natural process that is non-evasive, simple and in some cases work quickly!
February 10, 2020
How Do I Stop Feeling Like A Bad Mom?
Instead of believing that I am a bad mom because I do things differently, or because my child does things differently, I will choose to accept that this is our journey. Our learning experience. It may be easier said than done . . . . but maybe it isn’t. EFT is a simple solution to help us when we are overwhelmed by our doubt about our ability to be a good mom.
February 5, 2020
How to Release Stress & Anxiety With EFT
Situations come up when stress and anxiety can stop us in our tracks, or at least slow us down. There is a simple way to release stress and anxiety with EFT. Stress can appear in an instant. A challenging situation can occur, or something we didn’t expect to happen happens, and it can trigger us to feel upset, overwhelmed, unfocused and possibly at its worst, not functional. Tapping can give us the relief we want and shift our perspective. #eft #tapping #emotionalfreedomtechnique #efttapping #anxiety #stress #overwhelm #worry #mom #getrelief 
February 5, 2020
Overcome Overwhelm
That feeling of overwhelm. My body heats up and my head feels like it is spinning. I have a feeling of needing to rush, or come up with a quick solution. What is the feeling for you when you feel the overwhelm starting? Once you know and can identify how it feels in your body, you can try these simple solutions, including EFT. Tapping is an amazing solution that is simple and can work quickly!
February 1, 2020
Prayer & Tap - Feeling lonely
So many situations we can feel alone. What do we turn to to fill that void?
February 9, 2018
Tapping on sabotaging goals
Do you start a goal or intention only to find you have sabotaged your efforts? It can feel defeating not only to obstruct a new way of eating or other goal, but but it keeps us from a breakthrough in our thinking. We can retrain the brain!
February 6, 2018
A prayer for comfort - EFT
Have you ever used tapping while praying? I will share my struggle with food and longing for comfort, and how I use prayer and EFT.
February 5, 2018
Tapping for weight loss
Tapping for weight loss can be a simple process. EFT can make a difference in your weight loss efforts. We will tap on old thoughts and habits to help us move forward .
February 3, 2018