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Daily Bite Of Weight Loss Wisdom

Daily Bite Of Weight Loss Wisdom

By Angela Shurina
Your daily short bite of useful weight loss advice based on recent studies and decades of professional and personal experience of your nutritionist, personal trainer, biohacker, weight loss/health coach, fitness model - yours truly Angela Shurina. On a mission to destroy your diet confusions in the era when you can google everything and understand nothing.
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Perfect Weight Loss Meal
Formula to help you build meals that keep you hunger and cravings free the longest helping you to lose weight the fastest.
November 29, 2017
Negative Calorie Food
Negative calorie foods - eat more to lose weight.
November 28, 2017
Quality Of Food Over Calories
For successful and permanent weight loss you have to change the quality of what you eat first instead of turning into a calorie calculator.
November 27, 2017
First Step To Weight Loss
Daily Bites of Weight Loss Wisdom
November 26, 2017