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Fully Charged

Fully Charged

By Benjamin Franklin High School
So excited to launch 'Fully Charged' - the 10-minute podcast about student achievement at Benjamin Franklin High School.
Hosts Christina Dressel and Trinity Wright address the stories and topics that are in the hearts and minds of Chargers!
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Positive Charge - Episode 4
How do we eliminate that 'negative charge' around us, and practice positivity? In this podcast, hosts Ms. Christina Dressel and Ms. Trinity Wight talk about the challenges we all face at school, and in life, and how we might diffuse those charges.  They should know. This show is called Fully Charged for a reason!
May 12, 2022
Just Plane Angry - Episode 3
Sometimes people say what's on their mind when frustrated. They need to emote in the moment and say things that, in hindsight, shouldn't have been said. Easier said than done, right? Everyone experiences ranting in some form or another.  In this episode Ms. Dressel and Ms. Wright talk about an experience on a flight. Not exactly air rage, but something close to it. Once the temperature of the moment came down there was compassion and mercy. Clementia, in other words! 
May 04, 2022
Spiritual Authority - Auctoritas - Episode 2
Leadership comes under many labels. Courage. Authority. Daring to be different. Breaking the mold. In this episode of Fully Charged, Trinity Wright introduces us to someone who at a very young age demonstrated 'spiritual authority - or Auctoritas - when the odds were against her. Listen to how Elizabeth Eckford chose to attend school, despite the angry protests outside her school.  Eckford went on to serve the country in the US Army, became  journalist, and history teacher!
April 16, 2022
Salubritas! - Episode 1
On this first episode of 'Fully Charged,' a 10-minute podcast about student achievement, hosts Christina Dressel and Trinity Wright talk about what it wholesomeness and health (the virtue of 'Salubritas') means. With anecdotes from real student experiences, and an event both hosts experienced on a flight, they discuss how to cope with mental health and other struggles.   
March 01, 2022