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Soul Care With Angie Fadel

Soul Care With Angie Fadel

By Angie Fadel
This is a podcast for the misfits in and out of spiritual community. We will lean into vulnerability by not hiding mistakes and missteps- that’s how we learn. You will hear from experts and novices all over the world just trying to live fully who they were meant to be. This is for all people who won’t be defined in binary terms. I love you
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Suck The Poison From The Wound

Soul Care With Angie Fadel

Suck The Poison From The Wound

Soul Care With Angie Fadel

Waves Meditation
Meditate by listening to the sound of the waves lapping the shore or fall asleep to the sound of birds, waves, rocks, and sand. It is a little love note to you from me. Recorded on the beautifully raw and wild Washington coast at Miller Peninsula. I hope you enjoy the listen and you feel half as peaceful as I was able to feel.  Know that you are loved exactly as you are, no matter where you are, or what you are going through. Remember who you are. You are worth knowing, you are worth loving, you are worth being in this world.  I have spent the last 20 years working in and on my own and others' deconstruction and would love to help you find the support and love you need to walk through this part of faith. Reach out if this is something you need. I am currently accepting new clients. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to Music by Todd Fadel Please subscribe, share, rate, and review. Dedicated to Mollye Glennen and Tamara Bryan
June 11, 2021
The Power of Love
What is the secret of love and loving? And why do so few of us really know how to love and receive real love? When you read this title think The power of love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood (those of you alive in the 80's or that like old music) that's what was in my head plus a little Tina Turner and What's Love Got To Do With It.  Love can be mysterious. Love can feel selfish. Love can feel like never enough- from you or from others. But love is transformative and when we get a better grip on what it is and how to love ourselves the world looks different and how we are in the world is different as well. That's what this episode is about. I hope you enjoy it- share it- review it- follow it- do all the things.  Remember who you are You are worth knowing You are worth loving You are worth being in this world  You can find me on just about every social media platform or @Angie Fadel I also am currently taking clients if you need this kind of space, which let's be honest who doesn't. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to Music by Todd Fadel Link to the book mentioned Chronic PTSD From Surviving To Thriving 
June 4, 2021
Calm Can Be Creative
Are you stretched too thin? Run ragged? Burning the candled at both ends and in the middle? Are you feeling pressed on every side? In this episode, I get into getting calm- the idea that calm is there for us to tap into at any and every moment, but it might take your creativity to figure out how to do the tapping in.  I give you some practical tips for keeping the process simple and ideas for getting calming tools in your back pocket. I also take you through a couple of quick calming techniques that I use on a daily basis. So simple anyone can do it and they only take between 1 and 3 minutes to do.  Remember who you are You are worth knowing You are worth loving You are worth being in this world Also, can find me on just about every social media platform or at Angie Fadel and I also am currently taking clients if you need this kind of space, which let's be honest who doesn't. And if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to Please like, share, subscribe, rate, review, do what you do. Music by Todd Fadel.
May 28, 2021
When It Rains
What do we do when we are experiencing an avalanche of the bad, awful, painful, terrible stuff as well as living through a global pandemic? There are no easy answers or quick fixes but in this episode, I will take you through some things you can try while navigating everything happening at once: when your car breaks down, your parent goes into the hospital, you lose your job, your pet needs surgery, you get a scary diagnosis, etc. How do you let yourself feel what needs to be felt while also trying to keep it together for those who need you and depend on you? How do you let your guard down and emotions out? How do you accept the good enough and let the perfect go? As always I start with what works or has worked for me.  I take you through easy techniques you can try trusting that you know what works and is best for you. Please reach out and share if these techniques work for you or other things you think we should try. I'd also love to know who you think I should interview or a topic you'd be interested in hearing me tackle. The shop I mentioned is The Indigenous Marketplace You can find me on just about every social media platform or at Angie Fadel and I also am currently taking clients if you need this kind of space made for you. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to Please like, share, subscribe, rate, review, do what you do. Music by Todd Fadel.
May 21, 2021
Season 4 F-The Inner Critic
It's good to be back! After a hiatus that went from two months to four, it is nice to rejoin this much-needed conversation with you all. In this episode, I am back at it talking about emotional intelligence and building more of our capacity to love ourselves which changes us and our world. The main theme of this episode is learning to notice and unravel the work of our inner critic. We all have conversations that are going on inside us sometimes those conversations are healthier and more balanced than at others times. But the power and healing that comes from limiting the negative self-talk and even going deeper to dismantle the low hum of the inner critic is life-changing. I'm not going to say it will be easy because hearing the painful ways we talk to ourselves never is but it is something all of us can do. It starts with noticing what you are saying to yourself checked and unchecked and building from there. I also give you tools to practice this awareness building on your own. The book I mention is Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving by Pete Walker. Thank you for listening please like, share, rate, and review. And remember I love knowing what you are thinking and if this is resonating with you. 
May 14, 2021
Season 3 Finale
What a season it has been! So many fantastic guests. Deep talks and thoughts that I will not soon forget and I'm guessing you won't either with this crazy crazy time we are living in and through. I have enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to new and exciting things in season 4. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to Please like, share, subscribe, rate, review, do what you do. Music by Todd Fadel.
January 30, 2021
Faith Deconstruction- Living In The Middle Space
This episode is a deep dive into faith deconstruction. Why is it so isolating and painful? Why isn't it more supported and encourage? Why does it hurt? Where will we end up? Will, we lose our faith, friends, family, church, mosque, temple, our ways of being that are familiar? Will we even be us? I have my own faith deconstruction experience 20 plus years in the making that has shaped who I am and how I see life, faith, spirituality, and relationships and that is still going on it just looks different than when it first began. What I want to leave you with is you aren't crazy and you aren't alone. You aren't crazy and you aren't alone. The helps I mention are Kathy Escobar's book, Faith Shift and Falling Upward by Richard Rohr. You can find me on just about every social media platform or at Angie Fadel and I also am currently taking clients if you need this kind of space made for you. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to Please like, share, subscribe, rate, review, do what you do. Music by Todd Fadel.
January 23, 2021
I Am Enough With Adriana Nicholson
This is a first! In this episode, I have a conversation with my client Adriana Nicholson. In a recent direction appointment, some things came up that I thought most of us especially women having a vocational call to the church or just being a woman could relate to. Spiritual direction has confidentiality agreements so what happens in an appointment stays in an appointment but after discussing how it could and would go down she was super excited to share her story. Adriana's story is one of having a passion for people and a desire to be a pastor and jumping through every possible hoop, meeting every requirement, then being asked for more, and it still not being enough. She is a talented musician, spiritual director, homeless advocate, and pastor that has been passed over by the boy's club. That group that decides if your good enough, makes the rules, and the jokes while you have to get smaller and smaller and your smallness isn't even enough to get you a seat at the table. This is a story of triumph but not in the way you might be expecting. Adriana is a certified interfaith spiritual director currently accepting new clients and you can find her here. You can find me on just about every social media platform or at Angie Fadel and I also am currently taking clients if you need this kind of space made for you. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to Please like, share, subscribe, rate, review, do what you do. Music by Todd Fadel.
January 16, 2021
This One Is For The Scathed
None of us makes it out of this life unscathed. No matter who you are, where you come from, what you start out with- no one makes it out unscathed that is just the way of life. It's hard in the scathing times to not take it out on ourselves, to not destroy ourselves internally, to not do the work of the oppressors for them but I say NO! And also it is a long road to changing the neuropathways toward love for ourselves and away from shame and self-abuse but it is possible. I have personally been on this road a long long time and for the most part, can quickly pull myself out of that destructive self-talk. Does it still rear its ugly little face? Yes, but I can see it and call out the truth much faster than even a few years ago. Sometimes I have to do this truth-telling on and off all day long but I can do it. I mostly do it through therapy, soul-care, positive self-talk, rituals, mantras, meditations, walks with the dogs, nature, candles, tea, etc. Sometimes I have to do it on and off all day just to hold myself together. Holding ourselves together doesn't mean not falling apart but it does mean trying to take the shame away and creating space spaces for the falling apart to happen. We do this by building it for ourselves by telling ourselves the loving truth and shining a light on the false narratives we were given or believed about ourselves. The truth is radical self-love flies in the face of all the shame and shit and helps us live with integrity with ourselves and others. Toward the end of the podcast, I teach you Ujjayi breathing here's a link to the person who taught me Ujjayi Breathing. Be kind and gentle with yourself. You can find me on just about every social media platform or at Angie Fadel and I am currently taking clients if you need this kind of space made for you. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to Please like, share, subscribe, rate, review, do what you do. Music by Todd Fadel.
January 9, 2021
The End And The Beginning
In this short episode, I get into the power of setting an intention for the New Year. Letting go of what was and turning your mind, body, and soul toward something new or something you want to add. I am looking over the gift of 2020, all that I've learned, and all that I'm letting go of not silver- lining it holding the nuances of the good, bad, painful, and difficult. Has it been painful- Yes! Am I different- Yes! And I don't want to waste the experience. It's also possible I sang this song Here's to more love in our future! And a peaceful 2021 You can find me on just about every social media platform or at Angie Fadel and I am currently taking clients. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to Please like, share, subscribe, rate, review, do what you do. Music by Todd Fadel.
January 2, 2021
Holiday Survival Guide- Meditation, Mindfulness, Centering Tools to Get You Through
On Christmas Eve I'm sending all the love, care, value, energy I can muster. I'm sending it through this tiny podcast because I know first-hand the power of being reminded I HAVE VALUE! And that my value doesn't fluctuate due to what I can give, make, provide it just is. Your value JUST IS. In this episode, I provide 4 different meditations type things to ground and help you in whatever situation you might find yourself in this Christmas 2020. I tried to keep everything short enough for you to pop into the bathroom, bedroom, closet, or wherever you can snatch a bit of privacy and be present with yourself for 5 minutes or less. The idea is you can download this episode and clue up whichever one you need or gravitate to and hopefully it gives you a little pocket of peace in whatever situation you find yourself in. You can find me on just about every social media platform or at Angie Fadel I am currently taking clients. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to Music by Todd Fadel.
December 24, 2020
Holiday Survival Pandemic Style
I decided to do something a little different this week I wanted to take you the listener through my experience in the moment on the fly of trying to manage my expectations while navigating different obstacles and testing if this idea of getting centered in our bodies really works. I also want you to know that you aren't alone while experiencing the disappointments that come with the holidays. Disappointments that are often overlooked and ignored. We can give ourselves space, nurturing, care, and time we need. This might be the secret ingredient that keeps us from doing and acting in ways that don't reflect who we really are. We can help each other get through this time and possibly even enjoy it. I hope this listen helps. There's a little background noise but you can still hear what I'm saying - just watch the ears as the sound shifts. You can find me on just about every social media platform or at Angie Fadel I am currently taking clients. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to Music by Todd Fadel. 
December 19, 2020
Holiday Survival Pandemic Style With Kathy Escobar
As per usual Kathy Escobar and I cover a lot of territory discussing the things we are most passionate about in this present moment of trying to survive fully intact this holiday season. Kathy shares what the original inspiration was for a Blue Christmas at The Refuge the impetus being on creating a safe place to hold all the difficulties of this season trauma, grief, death, poverty, depression, etc. no feeling is off-limits and you are not alone there. Creating these spaces of safety and inclusivity is something, Kathy excels at and her new book walks the individual, friends, family, ministries, and clergy through loving ways to help and not hurt this season. We all are grieving in some way or another and creating ways to be in the world where this is the norm not the abnormal is creating a better world for EVERYONE! Find A Weary World Reflection for a Blue Christmas here and anywhere books are sold. Music by Todd Fadel You can find me on just about every social media platform or at Angie Fadel I am currently taking clients. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to
December 12, 2020
Holiday Survival Pandemic Style with Jennifer Jepsen
We've discussed our non-negotiables, setting ourselves up for success no matter what the situation was or is. In this episode I get into the Holiday Survival zine I made a few years back. This zine is pocket-sized and has just about everything at your fingertips you could possibly need to help you get through the ups and downs of the holidays (if you are interested in getting the zine email me or DM me and I'll get it to you). One biggie is - What are your expectations? I want ______to do______but they probably will do_____ and how do I prepare for that possibility and not get blindsided like I do every year. Instead, go into the season with my eyes as wide open as possible and still have hope and wonder. I also do a quick dive into owning your NO. My guest is Jennifer Jepsen, you will remember her from Season 2 Episode 1 Stagger That Breathing so much has happened in her life since that recording - she catches us up and gives us some tips on how she's making it. At the beginning of the show, I mention the Portland Indigenous Marketplace and a podcast I love - All My Relations Music by Todd Fadel You can find me at Angie Fadel, email me at, and everywhere else at Angie Fadel soul-care 
December 5, 2020
Holiday Survival Pandemic Style With A Cameo From Darrell Wade
This episode is full of tips not only for surviving this season but caring for yourself in the best ways possible. We don't have to be at the mercy of someone else's agenda for us, or our time, our mental health, our finances, and all the other potential things that can wear away our peace. We get to decide what feels good and what doesn't! What needs to be chucked and what is a keeper! We get to decide! So give this episode a listen and apply what feels good and throw out what doesn't. My guest this week is Darrel from Black Men's Wellness dropping some knowledge of how he and his family are staying safe and sane this holiday season. Music by Todd Fadel. You can find me on just about every social media platform or at Angie Fadel I am currently taking clients. Also, if you just want to reach out and ask a question go to There were a few glitches in the recording that hopefully resolved themselves when I edited if not I hope you stick it out and also let me know. Please follow, subscribe, rate, and review. 
November 30, 2020
Holiday Survival Pandemic Style With Mollye Glennen
Keeping up with an almost 15-year tradition- Holiday Survival Guide is back with the minor adjustment of it being pandemic style (whatever that means). I am a firm believer in prepping myself, clients, friends, and whoever will listen on how to better take care of ourselves during a time of year that can be trying for anyone no matter what you celebrate and no matter where in the world you live. Just take the advice and apply it to any situation that is trying, pushes at your boundaries, asked too much of you, or doesn't listen to your NO. This time of year November- January is potentially full of meaning and significance with a sprinkle of overspending, and not having enough, toxic relatives, the US election that was absolute madness, all of the sickness, death, and restrictions and we have the making for complete emotional, physical, and spiritual overload. Time to take care and reassess what we want so we are not blindsided by what is coming. I make some sweet suggestions I'm sure you'll love and have a short conversation with my brilliant friend and former podcast guest Mollye Glennen. I love hearing from you and thanks so much for listening. You can reach me at and angie fadel pretty much everywhere else. I am currently accepting new clients if you are looking for more one-on-one help. There's a special treat at the end so listen all the way to the way through. Music by Todd Fadel 
November 21, 2020
I Am Just A Human Being Doing Human Stuff In The World
What do we do with the let down after holding stress for a long time? How do we notice, nurture, and become aware of the release even and especially when it doesn't show up the way we are expecting? What does trust look like in the body? How do you build that trust? The trust that our inner voice will not trick us and that we are trustworthy regardless of how we've been raised and what we've been taught- the inner critic isn't our friend and shame doesn't ever help or heal us. I end this episode with two mindful approaches you can use to build a strong container of awareness. I mentioned the Mankind Project  You can find me at Angie Fadel and all other platforms Angie Fadel Soul Care or  angiefadelsoulcare That gorgeous music by Todd Fadel
November 14, 2020
Body Is the Tell
I decided with everything that is happening in the world- the current state of my own country- the election that still is undecided and that will not really decide anything except to keep fighting for justice. There is no better time to talk about ways to release stress and trauma in the body. Talking about the work of Bessel Van Der Kolk, Body Keeps A Score and Resmaa Menakem, My Grandmothers Hands, and the unlimited ways they have transformed my life with their work.  Fear not, in this episode I will walk you through different ways of releasing stress and trauma in the body, it can be as simple as tapping, breathing, or counting. Here is the link to the shoulder tapping technique I talk about- Quickly Release Stress And Trauma On The Spot. The important thing is getting out the stress and trauma for ourselves, our families, our friends, and the world. You can find me at or email to meet for soul care or suggestions for future episodes. Remember who you are.  You are worth knowing-You are worth loving-You are worth being in this world Music by Todd Fadel
November 6, 2020
Showing Up A Little Late To The Party With Ron Cecil
My guest this week is Masculine Wholeness Coach, Ron Cecil. We were introduced by our mutual friend and previous guest Darrell Wade of Black Men's Wellness. Ron was good enough to engage in an experiment that most of us white folks are very hesitant to engage in- talking about waking up to the racism that is in us, all around us, that we knowingly and unknowingly participate in. We wanted to model in this episode honesty, vulnerability, and owning the things we've done that we wish we could bury and not admit to.  Ron embraces this conversation with transparency that all white folks trying to look at racism and live anti-racist should aspire to. We sat smack in to middle of the discomfort around having this conversation and tried to not get stuck there but move forward one step at a time. Did we do it all right? No. Did we try? Yes. Is there more work to do? Always.  As always thank you for listening. If you have any suggestions for topics or guests email me here at heading podcast. You can find me on all platforms Angie Fadel or Angie Fadel Soul Care Music by Todd Fadel More on Ron- As a Masculine Wholeness Coach, he helps men who are stuck in the western trap of perpetual adolescents and into initiated masculinity. His work is informed by his formal training in biblical literature, 20 years of pastoral training, the works of Joseph Campbel, Richard Rohr, and countless mystics and myths across the world. Together with his wife, Morgan Day Cecil, created the Romance and Adventure Sutras, a 12 week deep dive into the soul work that leads to transcendent love. You can connect with him socially at  Ron is a dad of two kids, an avid outdoorsman, traveler, and writer living in Portland, OR.
October 30, 2020
Going Back To Our Stories with Jr. Lilly
Jr. Lilly is a Native American, part of the Tachii’nii (Red Running Into Water), and born for the Tsenjikini (Cliff Dwelling People). He is a bridge person and by bridge person what I mean is- he is a connector of others and someone who supports the beautiful work of other indigenous people all over the world and in this country. He also works for Portland city government, Portland Indigenous Market Place, and is on the board of the Portland Parks Foundation just to name a few of the things he is involved in.  We talked about the beauty and responsibility found within tribal relationships and the non-dualistic way most Native Americans live. One in which they are not just an individual but a part of the whole, a part of something bigger themselves. We talk spirituality and the role of nature in both of our spiritual practices. We also touch on what I like to call the colonizing of spiritual practices, something that we white Americans have a horrible track record of participating in, not only for our own spiritual absorption but to monetize what doesn't belong to us. We also get into how we can do better and what we can do differently.  Jr. was so generous with his time, life, and experience, as well as stories to help us connect back to the earth, those we care for, and help get us through this time.  Please give it a listen, share it, and subscribe.  Music by Todd Fadel Jr. mentions Randy Woodley and the late Richard Twiss
October 24, 2020
Cultivating Presence
This episode is a special one. I interview my wonderful friend Vivian Brocato deacon and Punx and Monx co-creator. It is rare in life to meet someone so dedicated to the pursuit of the love of others the people most often overlooked or rejected by organized religion or society in general- the ones that don't fit.  We discuss courageously holding space for grief, rage, lament, and creating space that works to make it safe to feel whatever needs to be felt without shame. Those spaces are sacred and more such spaces will change our world. There is space for this radical love, especially now. Find Punx and Monx here If you are looking for a spiritual director or someone to hold space for your grief I am currently taking clients find me at or email me Music by Todd Fadel Thank you for listening. Like, share, rate, and review.
October 17, 2020
Hungry For Change
The first guest of season 3, is my friend and social worker Melissa Trombetta Sollee, MSW. In this episode, we talk about cops and their training in behavioral health awareness and all the ends, outs, and ups and downs of that in the context we are living in in the United States at this moment. We discuss the racist system that devours humans and is set up to fail ALL it's people especially those that are more at risk by the lack of safety nets. We don't pretend to have the answers and are not shying away from the hard questions either. Fear not we also tap into spiritual practices- what is working and what isn't working during the pandemic for Melissa a busy mom of 2. How difficult it can be to find space and time to practice and experiment with what feels good. Melissa is a good sport by being willing to sit in the spiritual direction seat a bit with me as we discuss what might work for her in the phase of life she is living with very little free time and children that need her. Melissa wanted to plug Tobe Nwigwe because his music is giving her life right now Music credit goes to Todd Fadel
October 9, 2020
Season 3 episode 1 Where We Are
I’m back and more excited than ever to talk with you about all the ways to stay safe and sane in this new way we are having to be in the world. This season we will look at ways we can push past the restrictions that we feel and live fully. We will also talk to people doing just that. So breathe deep, remember who you are, and let’s go! Please like, share, and subscribe and by god take care of yourself. You can find me at Music by Todd Fadel
October 2, 2020
Season Finale Portland Protests
Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who wanted to know what it was like in downtown Portland at the protests. From that conversation and because she asked me to do it came this episode. I go deep into what it was like for me personally in front of the Federal building with Feds tear-gassing, pepper-spraying, rubber-bulleting, flash-banging, hitting protesters with batons, and snatching people in unmarked vehicles. And the different emotions I've felt since. Keep in mind I haven't been down there more than 6 times while there have been many others protesting every day since this started- which is over 60 days now so I am by no means an expert. This is just my experience and a chance to give people thinking about going to these protests the lay of the land and others who may have the wrong idea about what's going on down there a clearer picture than the media seems to be giving. Not to scare anyone but also not to give people a false sense of security. It can be scary down there but not from anything the protestors are doing but what the Feds are doing. In fact, I saw over and over people in very stressful situations go above and beyond to keep each other safe and put their bodies on the line to keep black and brown folx safe. These protests are for Black Lives and to dismantle a racist system that targets them. Because Black Lives Matter! Please give it a listen, do the work to be, and live as an anti-racist!  This is the last episode in this second season thank you for listening. Please Like, share, rate, and review. And remember I am currently accepting clients- you can find me at and everywhere else at Angie Fadel or Angie Fadel Soul Care. Music by Todd Fade
August 1, 2020
F-It (A mantra for our times) With The Voice Of Tertuliando En Cuarentena Angel Huertas
In this episode Angel and I discuss everything from Puerto Rico, the pandemic, para educators, his YouTube show Tertuliando En Cuarentena, atheism, agnosticism, deconstruction of faith, and spiritual practices. He is genuine, passionate, and not afraid to be vulnerable. I am grateful for this conversation and men who lean into vulnerability seeing it as strength not weakness. Please check out his show found here mostly in Spanish for the Spanish speakers out there but there are some in English, as well. You can find him on social media at Angel Huertas. Angel mentioned East Forest and we spoke about last weeks guest Darrell- here’s the link to that show Show music by Todd Fadel. You can find me everywhere at Angie Fadel or Angie Fadel Soul Care. Thank you for listening! Please like, share, rate, and review.
July 24, 2020
Wellness From The Wound With The Founder Of Black Men's Wellness Darrell Wade
There are some F-bombs (mainly from me)  You are going to love this week's episode with my long time friend and the creator of Black Men's Wellness, Darell Wade. Darell speaks vulnerability on the painful path that led him to create this burgeoning movement for black men the silent killer - high blood pressure and hypertension and how that killer disproportionately affects black men. Through community connection, his group of men plans to radically shift that statistic by getting men and boys hiking, kayaking, doing archery (with me), healthy eating, and processing feelings (with Chris the Hip Hop Social Worker) and so much more. Keep watching for the beautiful ways these men are going to change the world. The vision is big but what good is a vision for a better future if it isn't Huge! Follow Black Men's Wellness here (not quite live yet) and Instagram co-conspirators in this movement and where to find them Hip Hop Social Worker, Bretto Chisel Fitness, Doushun Pledgure to name a few. If you would like to donate to the work Venmo at Darrell-Wade-5 Music by Todd Fadel. You can book one-on-one soul coaching with me at You can find this podcast wherever you listen. Please like, share, rate, and review
July 18, 2020
Suck The Poison From The Wound part 2
In this episode, I go deeper into the practice of Free Write Journaling or what I coined as Uncensored Dump Journaling and what this practice has done for me in these last 7 days. It’s been extraordinary - my pain is completely gone and I’m back at my normal, I not carrying the tension I’ve been carrying, my cortisol levels are down, and my body is more relaxed. So in this episode I get into why this is important and how it can make a difference in our day to day. Thank you for listening and I hope you’ll share with me how this helps you so we can keep learning and growing together. If you need further support you can meet with me one-on-one, to book an appointment go to Books I mention are Dr. Sarno Healing Backpain and Mindbody Prescription and The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk Music by Todd Fadel
July 10, 2020
Suck The Poison From The Wound
In this episode, I talk about my recent work around rage held in the body and how that rage often manifests itself as chronic pain. I had a back flair-up this week that nearly knocked me off my feet and thanks to the work I had previously done with Dr. Sarno and his books Healing Backpain and Mindbody Prescription and The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk and the wisdom of my sister Jessica I was able to go deep with what I'm going to call Uncensored Dump Journaling. This journaling is key to unlocking that rage that can be so hard for us to get at. Even if we are "pro rage" it can feel forced to get at it at the moment we need a release from it. Give this episode a listen and I will teach you how to do this uncensored dump journaling. This journaling can be used for big and small issues, past and present, ongoing, or from childhood, there are no limits. You only have to commit to being 100% uncensored!  Music by Todd Fadel. You can find me at, on Instagram,  Facebook Please like, share, subscribe, rate, and review.
July 4, 2020
Fragile And Privileged With Todd Fadel
In this episode Todd and I have a deep and unflinching conversation about power, privilege, patriarchy, & white supremacy. Looking at the fears and shame that freeze us and stop us from showing up for racial justice. The work is the work of a lifetime - educating ourselves, listening, learning, owning, changing (white people). Intersectional feminism was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw. For more education you can go here You can find me at and angiefadelsoulcare find Todd at toddfadel, he also wrote the music for this podcast
June 27, 2020
Soul Care Update With Tamia Miller
In this episode I dip back to my first interview where I talk with Tamia Miller about the myth of reverse racism, all of the micro aggressions that the BIPOC community faces every day, getting your power back and the gift of the reminder you are powerful. Where is Tamia now? What is in store for her future? Find out in this updated episode Donate to Tamia’s college fund here Venmo: @tamialmiller because every bit helps. Ways to educate yourself about white supremacy and racism music by Todd Fadel and find me at
June 19, 2020
Many Hands Make Light work Updated Edition With Tamia Deary
I felt very strongly that this week it wad important to highlight my conversation with Tamia Deary and the vital PDX Alliance For Self Care is doing, especially with the outcry happening in the world right now! This episode is from season 1 and it is as relevant today as it was back in December! Remember back then? PDXASC is community care for BIPOC, activists, refugees, LGBTQ+, and other vulnerable and marginalized groups. The Empty Bowls fundraiser was postponed due to Covid-19 but will be happening soon in a new and pandemic friendly form so stay tuned or sign up for the email at Don’t forget especially with the recent traumatic events and the ongoing protests there is a huge need for self-care and that takes $$$ please donate and follow all the work they are doing. Music by Todd Fadel. You can find me at I am currently accepting clients or find me on all platforms at angiefadel or angiefadelsoulcare REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE - YOU ARE WORTH KNOWING YOU ARE WORTH LOVING YOU ARE WORTH BEING IN THIS WORLD
June 6, 2020
Nothing Is Wasted With Pipa Gordon
In this weeks episode I get to have a chat with my friend of over 20 years Pipa Gordon. Pipa is a radio and tv host, podcaster, mother, stepmother, wife, friend, and someone passionate for wholeness for themselves and everyone else. We talk about her journey out of the religious dominant family structure- abusive and stifling; finding a path to wholeness and self love with all its bumps along the way; raising children to know and love themselves; juggling jobs, family, blended family, etc. What she is doing while quarantined? What has shifted and is shifting? And of course self-care and spiritual practices that are helping. Pipa is generous with her story and herself! She models vulnerability in front of and behind the camera and microphone. You can find her at for everything from her podcast “Inside My Wardrobe” and “The Parenting Podcast”, to her blog, and all the other things she’s got going on. I was on Inside My Wardrobe 062 No Should Sherlock if you want to give that a listen. You can find me at or on Instagram angiefadelsoulcare Music by Todd Fadel
May 29, 2020
The Wear and Tear
There is some swearing. In this episode I get to talk to people I love while actually seeing their beautiful faces. I took all the recommended precautions for safety 6 feet apart, wore a mask, sanitized everything - phone, hands, before & after each meeting. So I was TOTALLY SAFE. I wanted different insights into how they are feeling with the wear and tear of lockdown and anything they are noticing both positive and negative during this time. First is Todd. Second is Mollye Glennen, then Tamara Bryan, and lastly Crystal Neill. They were all great sports. Music by Todd Fadel You can find me at
May 23, 2020
Vulnerability Hustle With Christopher Scott The Hip Hop Social Worker
Christopher Scott has a vision of empowerment and vulnerability for all men of color- he is the Hip Hop Social Worker. In this interview Chis talks about his journey to own his voice in the world and empower others to do the same unashamedly. He is passionate about his work and his vision. Give it a listen! Give him a follow! And watch out for what he is doing now and what is coming! Find Chris everywhere as hip hop social worker and on his website- Music by Todd Fadel Find me at or on Instagram at angiefadelsoulcare please follow, rate, and review
May 15, 2020
Is There Healing Without Justice With Rev. Tracy Howe Wispelwey
In this special edition I have a great conversation with my friend Rev. Tracy Howe about justice, life-changes, transitions, Charlottesville, and so much more. She has just released a new song #buildtheworld find it here The money will go to Al Otro Lado's Vida Libre Bail Fund and Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund! Also, check out her website and her podcast music by Todd Fadel You can find me
May 13, 2020
Inside And Out with Geoffrey James Neill
In this episode I dip into a bit of my past as a co-pastor of The Bridge with Geoff and how that creative environment has been a huge force for where we both our today. Geoff is the founder of Farm To Table Comedy and Processing Find Geoff more about Brain-centric Design and iCNtl Music by Todd Fadel Find me at
May 8, 2020
Beyond The Charlottesville Protest With Rev.Smash
This episode with Rev.Brittany Cane-Conley was recorded pre-pandemic and is as relevant today as it was back in February- trauma leaves a mark that we actively have to work with and on and the tools for one may work for another. The systems of white supremacy that this country was built upon never went away they have only grown more adept at hiding themselves. Charlottesville isn’t a one off and just like Charlottesville this pandemic is shining a bright light on systems of oppression that have been there all along - we can choose to look and not go back to “the way it was” or we can bury our heads in the sand for convenience sake and loose an opportunity for deep change Find Brittany @ and the lighthouse foundation music by Todd Fadel follow me at or talk to me on instagram @angiefadelsoulcare
May 1, 2020
Stagger That Breathing with Jennifer Jepsen
In this episode, Jennifer and I discuss the new, difficult, and changing landscape of holding community together during this pandemic. As the lead pastor of Left Hand Church in CO, she is increasingly aware of how this crisis has and is affecting the most vulnerable in and around her church community. Her nuggets of wisdom are everything right now. Left Hand FB: Jen’s blog: Left Hand Church: Heatherlyn's concert page: Music by Todd Fadel My website or find me on instagram @angiefadelsoulcare please like, share, rate, and subscribe
April 25, 2020
We Have Limitless Value with Anna Chapman
Anna gets straight to it with body awareness, love, and tools to figure out what we need in the pandemic time we are living in-from yoga to zoom community dance parties she is generous and loving from start to finish. We all have limitless value no matter who we are! Find Anna here and give here some love. Her partner Titus is a phenomenal animator find their work here other cool stuff she was/is a part of or loves- joyn, Awaken and Move, Good Ancestor podcast Music by Todd Fadel Find me at
April 17, 2020
Working With a Limited Set of Tools with Helen Sprengel, Counselor
This episode is chock-full of ways to process or not process what this pandemic is forcing us to work around in our everyday lives- mental health challenges, job loss, and community wellness. Helen and I don't have the answers but we definitely throw out ways for creating and sustaining connection. Helen is wise, gentle, and open and it was a joy to speak with them. Find them here you can also email them to set up an appointment opening music by Todd Fadel
April 10, 2020
April 3, 2020
April 3, 2020
Can’t Stop The Feeling
I’m coming to the end of my 3rd week of sheltering in place or whatever you’re calling it. I’m calling it - HARD. In this episode I want to teach you the amazing journaling technique that I’ve been teaching and using myself for years. I also use this technique in my meditative archery workshops and in the 3 days journaling workshop I offer. It is one of the best tools I’ve found for getting at difficult emotions. So get a pen and paper or record it on your phone but get ready to be amazed at what your inner voice tells you. Intro music by Todd Fadel and flow music by me. Find me at or angiefadelsoulcare
April 3, 2020
Empathy Riot with Karen Hixson licensed clinical therapist
Karen is a radical therapist in Portland OR. In this episode we discussed the complexities of navigating the mental health care system, flaws in that system, and trying to live authentically as a practitioner while also needing therapy ourselves. She is passionate, vulnerable, and honest. Join Emotional Prepping for covid-19 FB group Please spread the word about Keystone Commons We mention Empathy Riot Don’t Shoot Portland and Critical Resistance Portland I also mentioned my interview with Tamia Deary of PDX Alliance For Self Care S1 EP 14 Music by Todd Fadel
March 28, 2020
Emotional Prepper
Friends we are faced with an something unprecedented in our world - what will we do and how will we come out of all this? More generous, self-reflective, hopeful, loving or the opposite? We have choices even when it doesn't feel like it even when the choice is between two difficult things we still have choices. This episode is dedicated to feeling the disappointment that so many of us are feeling- loss of income, lack of connection with loved ones, stress, anxiety it's all there and more. So let's TALK about it! Humans are really good at sharing unsolicited advice, we'll this is solicited. Together we can brainstorm ways to stay afloat, stay connected, not loose business, help each other. We are creative and it’s starts with us. Let me hear your ideas and I will make a survival list to strike fear in the heart of covid-19 please follow, rate, and review music by the genius Todd Fadel
March 20, 2020
Inoculate Your Fear
In this episode I talk about combating the overwhelming fear and anxiety that comes with all the things we can’t control- such as covid-19. How this can and does affect our physical and mental health and what we can do about it. Give it a listen and offer your wisdom and let’s strengthen our community resilience. Reach out or through my website New theme song by Todd Fadel
March 13, 2020
Room For All with my guest Kelly Stewart Hall
Kelly Stewart Hall the co-director of the Renewal Center, writer, healer, creative, mother of 3, and birther of dreams talks with me about her vision of safe spaces to be ourselves, get healthy, and live fully into our own dreams. Find her at and/or donate and her writing I will also be heading to Tomball March 26-31 to lead meditative archery workshops book or donate here new music by the indubitable Todd Fadel
March 7, 2020
Season Wrap!
As always there is a little swearing. In this episode I talk about how the lovingkindness meditation is taking shape and showing up in my life after 2 weeks of practice- things are happening. I also get into feeling like a fraud and I unpack that a bit. Enjoy and thank you for listening. I will return in March for Season 2. Opening song by Agents of Future mix by Todd Fadel Join workshops in Portland, Texas, and Charlottesville by going to my website
January 31, 2020
Bringing The Parts Together
What is loving-kindness and why is it important? In this episode I speak about my goal of trying to practice this stance, technique, practice, (call it what you like) for a month. Will it change me? Will it change how I am in the world? Here’s hoping. Stay tuned and at the end of the podcast there’s a meditation. Song by Agents of Future mix by Todd Fadel The lovingkindness meditation inspired by Sharon Salzberg
January 24, 2020
Creating A System Of Release
Why do I do what I do? What are the benefits? How can these experiences change our everyday lives? Can anyone partake? In this episode I will finally get into the nitty gritty of what I do as spiritual director/soul coach and what my beliefs are around this practice. I also talk about how this beautifully joins with the archery I do and the importance of that mind body connection. In this episode I also name drop my friend Pipa Gordon and the exciting plans we are hatching. Music by Agents of Future this version done by the brilliant Todd Fadel
January 18, 2020
Loneliness Is Corrosive
What is hindering you from paying attention to your motivations? Is it shame and self loathing, confusion and fear? Have you been taught not to listen to what your body is saying? All of these and more play a part in our emotional wellness and our ability to grow lean into love of ourselves thus creating a container that welcomes a more loving approach to ourselves and our growth. I do it too! So let’s get into it. Song by Agents of Future recorded by the talented Todd Fadel You can find me at or on instagram at angiefadelsoulcare
January 10, 2020
21st episode! The best of all my guests
I take a trip down memory lane with snippets from all my beautiful guests. A tribute to their vulnerability and passion and my gratitude for their willingness to give their time. Tamia Miller, James Joiner Mollye Glennen, Todd Fadel Zion Fadel Kathy Escobar Laura Lo Forti Liz Dyer Tamia Deary
January 4, 2020
Holiday Survival Tips & Tricks pt5 It Is ALMOST finished
Prepping for the New Year without resolutions and shame. Take stock, create space, and listen to the inner wisdom that’s inside you. Music by Agents of Future this recording by Todd Fadel the pottery I mention by Please like, share, subscribe and tell everyone about this podcast it means a lot to me
January 1, 2020
Holiday Survival Tips & Tricks Part 4 This too shall pass
Trigger warning - I speak about trauma, no details but it's in here. Also, some swearing as usual. In this episode, I talk about on-the-go coping skills, back pocket guides, and general well being during this season. Original music by Agents of Future recorded by Todd Fadel. Find me on Or on Instagram And everything!
December 20, 2019
Many Hands Make Light Work with Tamia Deary
In this episode, I speak with the genius behind PDX Alliance For Self Care, Tamia Deary. She talks about her own journey with self-care and how important modeling it is for community. She speaks about navigating an enormous vision and the power of support. How can you support the work of pdxasc? Here's the link or go to the Amazon wishlist for things they need Books for the lending library What's Tamia's favorite book right now Also, a link to our friend Tamara’s pottery Opening music written by Agents of Future performed by Todd Fadel
December 13, 2019
Holiday Survival Tips & Tricks part 3
In this episode I demystify Self-Care and talk about the ways to make it work for us. And how this practice might just be what helps us survive this time of year. Looking for mantras find me on Instagram @angiefadelsoulcare The song at the beginning of this episode is Sleep Little Baby a Christmas song by Agents Of Future electronic version by Todd Fadel
December 6, 2019
Holiday Survival Tips & Tricks part 2
Be Someone’s Believer! In this episode I break down ways you can show up, take a stand, and not be complicit in adding to people’s trauma especially this time of year. Practical advice found here! #awkwardfamilyphotos my Pinterest Angie Fadel spiritualdirectionandsoulcare #albumcovers my Facebook group #holidaysurvivalguides
November 29, 2019
Holiday Survival Tips & Tricks part 1
It can be so hard this time of year to sort out our feelings, have boundaries, self-care, and stay safe while managing to celebrate and have fun. I’m here for you talking through my over 20 years creating this for myself, clients, community, and my own family. You might ask why- because you deserve safety and love every day of the year!
November 23, 2019
Love With No Strings With My Guest Liz Dyer
In this episode I talk with Liz Dyer the founder and creator of Mama Bears an organization for support, education, and empowerment of Mom’s of LGBTQAI kids and the support of the queer community in every possible way. Liz is a huge force of love in this world and that love is communicated in every word. Find her work and the work of her community here you can also buy merchandise or support the work they are doing. Also check out @realmamabears on Instagram. Liz is breath of fresh air in a world that feels hard right now. So breathe in something good.
November 15, 2019
Let The Grief Wash Over You
In this episode I talk about the “after” of grief- when everyone has gone home and we are left with our own thoughts, our own tears, our own emotions. What do we do? Where do we put it all? I’ve included a meditation at the end for whoever is up for it. As promised a link to Fire Cider recipe and also Juniper oil
November 9, 2019
Full Self Forward
In this episode I talk about holding space for the grief of others while we hold our own grief. I also talk about suicidal ideation, getting the help we need, and finding healing. National Suicide Hotline ‭1 (800) 273-8255‬
November 1, 2019
Despair and Hope Commingle
Who decided who you are? And how do you unravel it and get to the truth?
October 26, 2019
Who Gets To Tell The Story?
In this 10th episode I have the pleasure of speaking with Laura LoForti the Storymidwife , co-creator & co-director of Vanport Mosaic about what it’s like to live with a vision that is way bigger than you are and how to nurture space to let people tell their stories. Stories have the power to change us!
October 19, 2019
We’ve Only Scratched The Surface With Kathy Escobar
In this episode I talk with my friend and powerhouse people lover Kathy Escobar about systems, patriarchy, and the importance of loving people.
October 11, 2019
Long Live The Underbelly
In this episode I talk to my son Zion aka Jasper Typical about adjusting to adulthood on the mean streets of LA. Dealing with all the unforeseen potholes and beautiful moments that can’t be planned for. Find him @jaspertypical
September 28, 2019
Season Of The Sad
What can we do about the sorrow we feel? How do we deal with our own sorrow from trauma without taking it out own ourselves? Especially, when what were doing doesn't feel like enough. Join me as I hold space for myself and all those who hold sorrow. Remember this podcast isn't censored so there are expletives aplenty. 
September 21, 2019
Church Drag!
In this episode I talk to my friend Rector James Joiner and Drag queen Loretta Good Lordchild. We talk about how church still fits for them, queer spirituality, and the power of drag queens. You can come meet James at in Portland, OR or follow Loretta @whatlolodontknow
September 13, 2019
Working Twice As Hard For Half The Pay
In this episode I talk to the legendary Todd Fadel about embarrassment, being an adult, and toxic masculinity. There is some language so be aware !¥#~
September 6, 2019
Go Towards The Light
More on adulting with my guest Mollye Glennen
August 30, 2019
Failed Adult part 1
In this episode I will get into the nitty gritty of why we all think we are failing at being adults. No matter your age 18 - 80. No one knows everything they “think” they should.
August 23, 2019
Shoot Him In The Eye
My interview with Tamia Miller about archery and the myth that is reverse racism. Music by Agents of Future find their music on bandcamp. All art done by me.
August 16, 2019
Getting To Know Me
Soul Care with Angie Fadel is a podcast for the misfit in and out of spiritual community. We will talk to experts and novices about emotional intelligence, vulnerability, and trying to live fully who you are in this world. Who is this for? Defying stereotypes and boring binary thinking.
August 3, 2019