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Your Voice; Your Power with Anika

Your Voice; Your Power with Anika

By Anika Wilson
Real-life, real stories, real problems, and real solutions for entrepreneurs, high achievers, purpose pushers, and success-driven people taking life by storm unapologetically.

Learn how to use your problems to maximize your purpose at Your Voice; Your Power with Anika.

Our guests are business owners, authors, speakers, podcasters, writers, and activists who are experts in their field taking charge and taking names.
Elevate your life, business and relationships at YVYP.
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Strengths are measurable constructs that are often overlooked and minimized by challenges. Today, we discuss ways to identify, nurture and implement strength-based strategies to Lean In To The Best Version of You! Meet our panelists: Eddie L. Johnson: Founder & CEO of E4 Inspiring Motivations, LLC brings a variety of personal and professional experiences to those he meets. He leads with a servant's heart and seeks to help others win, especially when the odds are against them. His focus is on overwhelming adversity and life purpose. As a breakthrough expert, speaker, author, and servant leader who brings joy and life to situations. An encourager with an upbeat attitude toward others, Eddie has a unique ability to find the best in everyone. Eddie is also the author of Passing the Test of Faith and is a firm believer that we are blessed in various ways to be a blessing to others.  Learn more about Eddie L. Johnson at Charlotte Nicholson An international speaker and executive success coach with multiple coaching certifications and countless global client-facing roles, Charlotte Nicholson is an expert in helping individuals and teams thrive during transitions. Her previous work as a recruiter and human resources leader, along with her lived expat experience spanning three continents and six countries, offers her unique insight into the impact of transition and change on executives along with their teams and families. Charlotte has worked with and spoken to various A-level teams around the globe, including Shell, Etihad Airways, Amgen, ThermoFisher, and Barclays Bank, among others, equipping them with the tools they need to not only survive disruption but rise above it. You can learn more about me here: Sheri Miter is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach helping leaders identify and use their strengths for successful leadership AND creating Strengths-Based Organizations. I am currently getting training to be certified in e2Grow to create High-Performance Teams that are strengths-based. I also come from 27 years in network marketing where I ranked in the top 1% of my company and previous to that 10 years running a business with my husband. I want people to understand the power of working within their own God-given Talents, and how to invest in these talents properly so they can soar to success using their Super-power Strengths! I feel today more than ever, people need to feel empowered at work and Strengths-Based Teams are empowered teams! Learn more about Sheri at
April 13, 2022
Using your Strengths as Freedom of Choice-Power Panel
Strengths are measurable constructs that are often overlooked and minimized by challenges. Today, we discuss ways to identify, nurture and implement strength based strategies to Lean In To The Best Version of You! Meet our panelists: Eddie L. Johnson: Founder & CEO of E4 Inspiring Motivations, LLC brings a variety of personal and professional experiences to those he meets. He leads with a servant's heart and seeks to help others win, especially when the odds are against them. His focus is on overwhelming adversity and life purpose.  As a breakthrough expert, speaker, author, and servant leader who brings joy and life to situations. An encourager with an upbeat attitude toward others, Eddie has a unique ability to find the best in everyone. Eddie is also the author of Passing the Test of Faith and is a firm believer that we are blessed in various ways to be a blessing to others.  Learn more about Eddie L. Johnson at  Charlotte Nicholson An international speaker and executive success coach with multiple coaching certifications and countless global client-facing roles, Charlotte Nicholson is an expert in helping individuals and teams thrive during transitions. Her previous work as a recruiter and human resources leader, along with her lived expat experience spanning three continents and six countries, offers her unique insight into the impact of transition and change on executives along with their teams and families. Charlotte has worked with and spoken to various A-level teams around the globe, including Shell, Etihad Airways, Amgen, ThermoFisher and Barclays Bank, among others, equipping them with the tools they need to not only survive disruption, but rise above it. You can learn more about me here: Sheri Miter is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach helping leaders identify and use their strengths for successful leadership AND creating Strengths-Based Organizations. I am currently getting training to be certified in e2Grow to create High Performance Teams that are strengths based. I also come from 27 years in network marketing where I ranked in the top 1% of my company and previous to that 10 years running a business with my husband. I want people to understand the power of working within their own God-given Talents, how to invest in these talents properly so they can soar to success using their Super-power Strengths! I feel today more than ever, people need to feel empowered at work and Strengths-Based Teams are empowered teams! Learn more about Sheri at
February 12, 2022
What'cha Workin With?
Times are calling for a change in every industry. Let's start with your mindset, to identify the most valuable skills, gifts, and talents. As entrepreneurs, professionals and educators, we strive to impact others through knowledge sharing, support, and resources attainment. Our guest panelists are here to share tips and tools to enhance your leadership skills through the translation of "What'cha Workin With? Believe it or not, many of us struggle to answer this question when asked to describe our gifts, experience, and expertise. Professional paths are no longer straight and narrow. They are zig zagish and complete with adversity, tragedy, and triumph. So I ask the question again?  What'cha Workin With? Meet our Co-host: Ciltona Cawthorne- Your Encouragement Sister: Great day, I am Ciltona- Your Encouragement Sister, I’m from New York and currently live in North Carolina. I am passionate about helping women be inspired, become motivated, and stay encouraged so they can embrace their beauty, find their joy, and be successful. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I am not in competition with other women. I support, enrich, and empower my sisters. In my poems, I am speaking to myself and other women who feel they are not enough or who may be struggling with their self-image. There was a time that I did not believe that I was gifted. And God revealed to me that He created us all for excellence and gave us all gifts. James Barry: CEO and founder of Castle Hill Foods, Inc. James has been in the food industry for over 17 years as a professional chef, and educator of whole food health. "I believe eating organ meats can solve most of the world's problems." James also shares inspiration for launching a business during COVID. Samantha Sunders, LPC: I help professional women to break free from toxic relationships heal their trauma, rediscover who they are, and live a life they desire. I believe what makes me different is my experience of dealing with an ex-husband who was a narcissist and co-parenting with one as well. I also help hundreds of women know exactly how to establish healthy and nourishing relationships after having unhealthy ones. I want people to know that I have programs and events that can assist with living a life they desire and establishing healthy & nourishing relationships. I have a weekly email list that provides free tips that can help with learning how to establish healthy relationships and live the life they desire. KUTI Mack: A fitness philosopher, specializing in helping people who are successful in every aspect of their life EXCEPT for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. "If you're serious about being better than you currently are and are willing to learn, what I do WILL work for you!"  KUTI created the: The BYBD™ Bedtime Blueprint: How to maximize your productivity in daily increments by sealing and setting you days at night.
January 31, 2022
Is the Glass Ceiling Shattered, Cracked or Broken? with Lindsay Tramel-Jones and Cathy McKinnon
2022 is here and we are ready to break through the taboo topics plaguing women striving for excellence. Women have fought long and hard for equal rights since the 1940s. Women are now leading in the boardroom, the household, and in business. Despite the appearance of women in male dominating industries, equality, compensation, and respect are still lacking. Social scientists have explored the concept of the "Glass-Ceiling" for two decades yet it is definitely NOT shattered. It's simply cracked. Join Anika and her panelists for an in-depth roundtable discussion regarding "Glass- Breaking Women" :  Cathy McKinnon, Transformation Strategist and Owner of Wellness Warrior Coaching shares strategies to help working moms alleviate burnout and optimize health, performance, and achievement despite the invisible barriers encountered by women. Cathy holds an MBA, and integrates her passion, education, and experience with cancer, infertility, and divorce to help women stop going through the motions and overhaul their habits, routines, and mindset to Soar into Success. Cathy is a certified Health and Life Coach & Yoga Personal Trainer, Speaker, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur. Cathy is a 3x #1 International Bestselling author with her chapters in "Silent Grief, Healing and Hope", "Joy- Recipes for Abundance" and "Oh My Health there is Hope!" where she bravely shares her journey through infertility, finding her joy and reclaiming her life! The books include stories that will inspire and touch hearts everywhere! Cathy was most recently named Chicago’s Top Wellness Transformation Strategist by Chicago Entrepreneurs Magazine April 2021! Lindsay Tramel-Jones is the Founder & CEO of Organized Chaos Design Company. Lindsay focuses on entrepreneurs that are not full-time in their business and helps them remove their "9-5 persona" so they can run their business authentically. Lindsay is on a mission to help women create their own tables so we are not fighting to sit in spaces that are not meant for us. Her team focuses on brand strategy, logo design, web design, and copywriting.  Lindsay shares her lived experiences of women climbing the ranks in the US Army, where she continues to serve soldiers in action. Lindsay shares the best strategies to wear multiple hats while shattering the glass and not cutting your foot on it as you continue to climb up the ladder. 
January 18, 2022
Transforming Trauma Into Resilient Leadership- Power Panel
Resilient leadership is all about bouncing back from adversity and applying your lived experiences to help others advance. This discussion is prompted by the recent events around the world wreaking havoc on individuals, families, communities, organizations, and more. Change is inevitable, so is adversity. However, there are ways to navigate adversity and still come out on top! Our Expert Panelists Natalie Robinson Bruner is the Founder & Principal Consultant of Glad Ed Solutions. Natalie is passionate about serving and educating the community through leadership and workforce development. As the Division Director of Racial and Gender Equity Advancement at YWCA South Florida, Natalie oversees all functional operations and program management of the organization’s community and women’s programming focused on economic development, global education, and social justice leading to racial and gender equity. She leads a multi-tiered division that produces leaders who go on to accomplish great things. Through her work at the YWCA, she directly impacts thousands of people throughout South Florida to ensure they have the skills, knowledge, and motivation to positively shape their future. Before joining YWCA South Florida, Natalie served as the Director of the STEM Gateway Program at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. In this position, she managed multiple multi-million dollar grants that helped more than 20,000 students build the skills necessary to graduate, restructured university systems, collaborated with other institutions to form synergistic alliances, developed a policy that impacted under-resourced students, and served as a thought leader for equitable opportunities in education, which continues until now. The passion of her heart came when Natalie founded Glad • ED Solutions, where she trains and coaches leaders to better engage their workforce as well as create a culture of productivity that helps individuals flourish and organizations thrive. Please take the time to look at her bio: Natalie is hosting a mini-conference January 8, 2022 from 11am-2:30pm EST on having a toxic-free year. This is an opportunity to learn how to remove toxicity from your environment, relationships, work, and body.   Eric L. Johnson is the founder and CEO of E4 Inspiring Motivations where he provides breakthrough solutions for next-level moves. Eddie L. Johnson is a breakthrough expert, speaker, author, and servant leader who brings joy and life to situations. An encourager with an upbeat attitude toward others, Eddie has a unique ability to find the best in everyone. Eddie is the Founder and CEO of E4 Inspiring Motivations, a personal and professional development company that specializes in helping business professionals discover purpose, which leads to meaningful and continued success. E4 Inspiring Motivations also train business professionals to successfully break through adversity so they can adjust and remain productive in their personal and professional lives. Eddie is the author of the book Passing the Test of Faith and is a firm believer that we are blessed in various ways to be a blessing to others. Purchase your copy at
January 06, 2022
Transferable Skills Podcast Panel
Transferable Skills are classified as portable skills that transfer from one job to another. As entrepreneurs, we often minimize our skills and abilities shortchanging our impact on others. This podcast will expose skills that you can promote to your target market, strategic partners and clients to properly communicate your products and services to those in need. Our guest panelists are entrepreneurs (coaches) committed to advancing the knowledge base and impact of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, authors and small business owners to accelerate success. Tammy Johnston of KSA Business is a "Hold Your Hand and Kick Your Ass Business Coach" based in Canada. She teaches solopreneurs, the basic foundational business skills (mindset, marketing, financials, systems, advisory teams, cashflow, profit) they need to first survive and then thrive. She has been working with entrepreneurs and small business owners for over 20 years.  CaTyra Polland is the CEO & Founder of Love For Words where she focuses on client empowerment and encouragement. She is a 9 time published author, familiar with the self-publishing process. She works with black influential, resilient and prolific businesswomen to transform their knowledge and experiences into polished manuscripts, guiding them through the self-publishing journey. As an author, editor and coach, she is committed to developing manuscripts that educate, empower and enlighten. 
December 26, 2021
Dominating As A Leading Woman Of Color- Power Panel
“We are not born women of color. We become women of color. In order to become women of color, we would need to become fluent in each others’ histories, to resist and unlearn an impulse to claim first oppression, most-devastating oppression, one-of-a-kind oppression, defying comparison oppression. We would have to unlearn an impulse that allows mythologies about each other to replace knowing about one another. We would need to cultivate a way of knowing in which we direct our social, cultural, psychic, and spiritually marked attention on each other. We cannot afford to cease yearning for each others’ company.” ― M. Jacqui Alexander, Pedagogies of Crossing: Meditations on Feminism, Sexual Politics, Memory, and the Sacred Women are a dominating force, that is tested with resistance at every turn. This power panel features leading women from around the world discussing the stereotypes, challenges, and opportunities faced by women of color. Women of color comprise 20.3% of the United States population. Despite the population changes in the US, US workplaces struggle to retain women of color professionals. Women of Color have a greater wage gap, are disproportionally represented in low-wage and essential jobs, yet 5.4 million firms are majority-owned by women of color in the US., employing 2.1 million people generating $361 billion in revenues annually.  To discuss the disparities and answer the following questions:  Why does diversity matter? What is the responsibility of leadership as a woman of color?  Why is the world intimidated by strong women of color? What legacy do you want to leave? Candice Smiley: Candice is a self-proclaimed master manifestor and personal development junkie who loves to engage in interesting conversations with other influencers and entrepreneurs. Her favorite conversations are the ones that take courage to engage in. (Check out her podcast, Create the Ripple Podcast wherever you stream your podcasts for more of that!) LaDondra Hervey: LaDondra Hervey is not your average faith-based business coach. She has been dubbed the Soul-Alignment Business Coach because she has a unique ability to be able to help women entrepreneurs connect their hearts with their calling to create richly rewarding businesses. She teaches women how to go from Purpose into Profit and beyond into Legacy Impact. She is a powerhouse when it comes to speaking life into dormant areas of business to call up greatness and restore hope. She is known for her signature topic: “Becoming Powerful Beyond Belief”, from her Christian Literary Award Winning Book. Her message integrates her life experiences of triumph, with her professional background as a Keynote Speaker, Certified Belief Therapist and Certified Business Coach to help women entrepreneurs to dispel the lies they’ve been taught to believe, with a clear-cut plan to reveal the truth - that they were made for greater! Purvi Kay: Coming from an underprivileged background I have overcome all challenges thrown at me but turned them into opportunities! This has built my confidence and resilience and a super-strong mindset and belief that I can achieve anything I set my heart to. I am a woman of color, a mother (most rewarding) with a thriving career as a leader in the UK Government and a coaching business all running in alignment without compromising anything. If I can do it, anyone can! Purvi Kay @daasicoaching | Linktree › Daasicoaching
December 08, 2021
What If? A Controversial Paradigm Shift
Diferent is an author, motivational speaker and advocate passionate about social awareness, mental health, and self care. She is the owner of Th3rd Eye Entertainment. TH3RD EYE Entertainment is a limited liability company that is parented by Difernt an Author, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker. Diferent strives to educate, promote, and inspire individuals to manifest themselves into the best version they could possibly be. This is done through public speaking, published, and video materials that entails on topics that are pertinent in today's society. We provide the public with online retail products and services that are educational yet entertaining, all at once. Learn more about our services and products in the "About Us" section on the menu page.
November 22, 2021
Making Health Accessible for Everyone with Lisa Peranzo
Lisa Peranzo is the CEO and Founder of A Healthful Life offering healthy living solutions tailored towards the individual and their specific goals. She strives to make health accessible to everyone on a global scale through her fitness coaching and amazing Instagram LIVE's featuring daily workouts for Busy Moms so they can find health again. Lisa is also an active duty military spouse, mom and is just the example of a Successful Holistic Baddy! She is a favorite of YVYP we are always delighted to have her as a guest. She's family.  She has offered all listeners 20% off90 days of Coaching so contact her at: and get connected with Lisa today!
November 19, 2021
Unlocking Communication Potential with Malika Dudley
Malika Dudley is a Broadcast Veteran. Keynote Speaker. Podcaster. Blogger. Influencer. Media Consultant. Communication Scholar. Mom. Does she elevate the give-back component? "I'm blessed to be financially secure and therefore I can pay forward things like creating pre-roll ads for local businesses as an incentive for them to donate to local charities."  Here are details: Her media company focuses on helping people create connections. She uses her background as a communication scholar and award-winning media professional to help clients identify their goals from a communication perspective, while also giving them research-based tips and experience-based strategies to help them communicate with confidence in person, on television, in front of audiences, and during interviews. "I just want people to be inspired to never give up, to know that "slow progress, is still progress," and that life is messy... for all of us! I hope that through telling my story and getting to know me, that the audience will feel that. She enjoys having conversations about life, motherhood, limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, going to grad school later in life, media, social media, and her new podcast - The Communication Podcast. To learn more about Malika, visit her website and tune in to her astounding podcast: Student Graduation Speaker 2021: Podcast Website: About me:
November 04, 2021
How To Use Your Vulnerability To Share Your Story with Janine Hernandez
"If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough"-Janine Hernandez Janine Hernandez is a Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Single-mother and founder of the Book Publishing Academy. After working in corporate Human Resources for 13 years, she endorsed her vision and pursued a full-time life shift into building her empire. In this episode, Janine shares her journey from corporate to building a thriving business through storytelling. She shares her passion for writing, coaching and service through mentorship. As a child, she aspired to be an author. She began writing poetry, songs and children's books with the ultimate goal of self-publishing her own stories. 17 years later, she has authored 5 best selling books and will launch her sixth book on October 15, 2021.  Janine is a single mother of a 13 year old son. She shares her heart, her growth and her healing journey with the world on social media where her grace, poise and passion for people is displayed for the world to see. She is a pioneer in her own right. Tune in and listen to Janine's story, her upcoming projects and her upcoming appearance at the ImfluaXion Chicago Conference in October 2021. Learn more about Janine at
August 05, 2021
Finding Joy In The Journey with Callie Teegardin
Callie Teegardin is Your Journey Guide, a serial entrepreneur that started her first business in 2006 after leaving corporate. In 2009, she started her second business to gain control of her time, energy and resources. She strives to help others Find Joy In The journey through relationship marketing. She speaks about Business Networking, Leadership, Customer Service and Personal Development while maintaining her social media campaign on Finding Joy.  In this episode, Callie shares her journey from darkness to light as she found joy in her business venture with Send Out Cards/Greener Still where she has rised to the ranks of Senior Executive & Affiliate. Callie has endorsed her call to inspire others through Finding Joy In the Journey Even In Moments of Sorrow. To learn more about Callie Teegarden, visit her site. 
July 29, 2021
Become The Master of Your Life with Esperanza
Esperanza Smith is a Holistic Educator, Healer, Writer, and Motivational Speaker. She authored the book: Girl Seeking Pearls and Founder of PureEsperanza, NFP. She is an educator committed to human development and holistic educator trained in Waldorf Education. Her passion for healing, metaphysics, spiritual science, religions, mysticism, esotericism, philosophies, psychology, biodynamics, nutrition, alternative medicines, and the arts. She is the founder and director of PureEsperanza, a nonprofit Empowering Consciousness, The Art of Well-Being.  Pure Esperanza:  The work of our non-profit (above)weaving in Energy Medicine as the next frontier of holistic education, medicine, healing, well-being and its integrated living. This will touch upon the work/service I am also personally doing now, outside of PureEsperanza's collaborative global community. PureEsperanza is dedicated to bringing forth more Consciousness while educating our body, mind, and soul in the art of well-being. PureEsperanza offers a holistic approach in ourselves individually, our communities and across the world that empower us to effectively live more creative and fulfilled lives through its center, programs, services, materials, and events.  PureEsperanza creates and facilitates a theme of hope, supports the development of individuals, our collective communities, our world, and acts as an agent of and for transformation. We are Creators of Life. Our Imagination is our Creative Power. Consciousness is Ever Expanding in All Life. We are what we Believe. We, All Life, are intrinsically Interconnected. We see the Whole mirrored in the Reflections of All.
June 29, 2021
How To Get Prospects to Say Yes-with the Micro-commitment Strategist Vladamir Adonis
Vladamir Adonis is a Micro-Commitment Strategist dedicated to the development of lead generation. Vladamir shares his story of failure from his first business venture costing him $80,000 leading him to his passion of marketing. Marketing is a broad field yet he manages to provide entrepreneurs with the tips, tools, strategies and systems to successful marketing that converts. It all started with a dream and asking that question how else can success be define? About 15 years ago I started working in higher education for an online university. I started off helping that department collect documents in order to help complete student file. Because of determination and my work ethic I worked my way up to an executive level position. About 5 years into my executive position I know that it wasn’t something I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life… About the Man behind the strategy: So I ask myself the question if this isn’t it what else can I do Something inside of me told me I should start my own business. Through research I knew i wanted the business to meet a few criteria. I wanted to start a business that is in demand and would be around regardless of what is happening in the world. At that time the online dating industry was very popular and it met the criteria that I was looking for in business. I found and hired a programmer to build me a dating/dance type website in order that I would be able to launch my first business as an entrepreneur. Fast forward a year later the site was launched. But to my surprise I had a hard time getting members to join. I had paid close to 30K for this project so I wasn’t going to just put my hand up and say oh well I tried… I went on a mission to learn how to do lead generation, marketing, membership growth, facebook ads in order that I can learn the skills needed to make this project work Fast forward about 7 months later I was learning and my dating site started to gain some momentum Shortly after gaining some momentum I learned that I was in violation of copyright laws. The dating site had a dance component which allowed members the ability to update videos of them dancing. Since i didn’t have the right to any of that content I had to close down the site to avoid legal ramification… I felt defeated because this appeared to be the end of my entrepreneurial journey… Than I decided to take what I had learned about lead generation and about marketing and started to host workshops in my area… I started to host these workshops for two reasons. First I wanted to see if the skill I had learned could benefit other businesses. Second I thought maybe one day I can use that knowledge to turn it into a business After hosting over 60 local marketing workshops and helping other businesses dial in their marketing I felt comfortable with my craft At which point I decided to leave my employer and start my business full time. Today I specialize in lead generation and in marketing helping businesses generate leads and make more sales. I recently started a facebook group called black creators connect. The goal of that group is to support other entrepreneurs and provide a space to connect and gain the knowledge and skills for a better life and a better business Learn more about Vladamir at:
June 11, 2021
Conversations with "The Joy Junkie"
We all deserve joy, despite our pasts, present and future experiences. This episode features the world renowned "Joy Junkie" Amy Smith, a life coach and hypnotherapist. She is dedicated to helping women believe that they are worthy, deserving and valuable despite their false perception of lack. She motivates women to live, act and thrive as the force they are created to be. Amy is highly educated and trained in multiple disciplines. She is certified through the International coaching Federation (ICF). She also has a bachelors in business management, she is certified and credentialed in Hypnotherapy from the Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy.  Her integration of education, expertise and experiences optimizes potential in her clients, audiences and individuals graced by her presence. What You Will Gain From This Interview: You will learn more about Emotional freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping You will gain clarity on the phenomenon of Imposter Syndrome You will gain knowledge about Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Learn how to use your childhood to propel you forward  Learn more about Amy at
June 03, 2021
Hypnosis Simplified with Melissa Conkling
Melissa Conkling is a Certified Hypnotist currently pursuing her NLP Practitioner and Life Coaching certification. She works with the subconscious mind to make changes on a deeper level to release blocks, overcome limiting beliefs and build confidence. Her passion is to help women transform creating powerful changes in their lives by uncovering limiting beliefs, building confidence, joy and authenticity. Her goal is to empower women to become the best versions of themselves, building a better, sustainable life full of confidence, joy through purpose and passion. She was recently named the 10 Bet hypnotists by Natural Nutmeg magazine, and was featured on the Work Smart Hypnosis podcast.  Our interview explores the true meaning, direction and capabilities of hypnosis through raised awareness of where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. Melissa discusses her ability to help you rewire, reposition and imagine where you are trying to go, while letting go of the blocks, barriers and limiting beliefs preventing you for achievement and ultimate success. Learn more about Melissa at Hypnosis, the Subconscious Mind & Manifesting Your Dream Life:
March 22, 2021
Finding Joy with Linda Shively
Linda Shively is a best-selling author, award-winning speaker, neuroscience and mindset expert. She has presented across the country at places like the Harvard Club of Boston, the New York City Bar Association, Walmart, and Carnegie Hall. Linda has been a multiple-time guest and a host on cable television, featured in a feature-film with Winona Ryder and Jeff Daniels, and even performed at the Rose Bowl for over 90,000 people. After healing from an abusive marriage, and navigating the diagnosis and eventual death of her 3-year-old daughter, Linda found her way to bounce back and reclaim her joy in life. Today she helps successful women defeat the dragons in their life and elevate their joy to new levels. Linda has studied brain and mind function for over 30 years, earning a psychobiology degree from UCLA, is a certified Master Life and Executive Coach, a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), a Master Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. Linda dives into her education, and escape from her abusive marriage. Linda shares how the untimely death of her beloved Jessica motivated her to help others find joy, stop sabotaging and find ultimate success.  Anika and Linda explore more about the many seasons of life. How to navigate them, find joy, stop overthinking and be the you, you deserve to be. Everyday Meditation: Linda's website:
February 24, 2021
Ethical Sales through Integrity & Authenticity with Heather Wylde-Smith
About Heather: I'm dedicated to helping high-integrity coaches & healers create ways of selling and marketing that feel genuine and honest while effectively helping them to sign more clients. I'm all about creating a better vibe for the personal/spiritual/business growth community. I don't hold to one particular system and force my clients into a cookie cutter program. I help them look at what"s working and what's not, then collaborate with them to craft strategies that they are comfortable with so that it's easier for them to show up consistently and confidently sign more clients. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs in niches where monetary ROI is tricky to calculate to understand and easily convey the high-ticket value to prospects. Get Personal: I walk my talk. I'm an avid student of personal/spiritual growth who has overcome so much in life to be successful. If i can do it, anyone can. I've taken 5 big group business courses with big name gurus so I have a wide variety of teachings to draw from to help my clients. My big mission is to be a Light in the world and a role model for having a life and business based solely on my own values. standards, and desires. I worked in the sex industry as an Escort for over a decade. I like showing people that just because you've lived life on the fringe doesn't mean you can't become a useful member of mainstream society. I'm fun and well-spoken. I love give value. Find Heather at:
February 17, 2021
Navigating Life & Niches with Munira Zahabi
Munira Zahabi, The Niche Navigator, is an author, speaker, influencer and entrepreneur from Chicago, IL. Through her business, she has influenced many people to navigate to their niche. She firmly believes that all people have a niche but are afraid to explore the deep dark waters within themselves and take a voyage through the raging waters within to find it. Munira’s mission is to integrate the concept of nicheology, businessology and confidienceology.  Munira Zahabi is a woman of many talents, beyond her talents, her experience and expertise help entrepreneurs narrow their niches to align with their skills and passion providing clarity where they need it most.  During our interview, we had the pleasure of discussing the many roles that women play in our lifetimes, cultural differences and pursuing our passions. We laugh about life, how we view it, what we do with what happens to us and how to best represent who you want to be. Munira's experience in corporate, ethnic background bring a perspective to life that allows one to think outside the box. At YVYP, we don't like boxes.  To learn more about Munira and her Niche please click on to
February 11, 2021
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach-Daisy Vogt
Daisy Vogt helps moms of special needs kids regain their energy, positivity and motivation. Each life and family is distinct but there is always room for positive change and when mom is happy, the whole family is happier. About Daisy: Im Daisy V., Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Biohacker, Domestic Engineer and step mom of two amazing kids - one with a degenerative disease called MPS VI. For years I was struggling to find a way to help my special needs step son get healthier but also keep my own health and mind under control. My family warned me that life with a special needs child would be difficult, yet I chose this life because I love my husband and his kids. After a lot of trial and error I realized that there are too few resources to help caretakers of special kids get everything under control and so I decided to focus on helping other families in similar situations.  What makes me different is that I understand their struggle, the isolation, the psychological pain they go through, the commitment difficulties - yet I know that life can be better and this is what I help them achieve. Learn more about Daisy including working with Daisy at:
January 28, 2021
WOW-Wise One Within with Lori Anne Rising
Lori Anne Rising is an International Award Winning Author, Spiritual and Intuitive Mentor for Women. Lori has dedicated her life  to helping women create greater inner alignment, deeper self-knowing, clarity, and greater movement forward. Even before making it her business, She’s been told throughout her life that her presence helps others think more clearly. In fact, she had a boss/friend who would ask herto bring work into her office with she type difficult emails because my sitting with her helped her think and bring her thoughts, feeling and words into alignment with her intentions. She combines her life experiences, educational background, life coaching certification, and intuition to support women through major life changes causing them to question their identity. She helps women tap into their own intuition to unveil their personal truths, passion and purpose. She LOVES hearing and seeing them light up when the "get" it - whatever their "it" might be. Learn more:
January 28, 2021
Morning cup of Sunshine with Madhura Sane
Madhura Sane is a full time working mom of two little ones. She is extremely passionate about spreading joy, positivity and happiness around her. She firmly believes that you can create the life you want by investing a little time in yourself. She wants to help people reach their full potential and follow their dreams. She is a working software professional for the  last 15 years. She has always had a keen interest in creative writing and public speaking. This year she took a leap of faith and started my podcast. She shares about obtaining life goals by investing time in yourself. Her mission is to help woman balance their work/ life and create the life that they really want. She has a lot of experience in creating harmony in your professional as well as personal life. She is extremely passionate about helping women find their passion.  Her podcast:
January 11, 2021
The Underdog with the Heroic Heart
Eric Jones, Jr was born with a disability. He was raised with the expectation of being all that he can be despite his disability. He is now the father of a son that faces his own challenges being "different". Eric has created a business, breaking all generational curses, systemic barriers and perceptions of society in his community for his son. This story of bravery is one of a black man stepping up to change the future for his family and community despite what the world thinks of him. Learn more about Christian DeJuan here:
December 17, 2020
Codependency and Masculine Issues with Nick Bognar
Nick Bognar is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Pasadena, California specializing in men's issues and codependency. Nick embraced a late calling to the field of social science after seeking assistance himself to understand his purpose in life. As he sought therapy to uncover the root of his own unexplainable feelings of dissatisfaction in his career, he discovered his passion for family systems theory.  Nick now works with clients to help people learn how to be happier and healthier through boundary setting, and clear communication.   Nick is also a Podcast host of More Exemplary Podcast  Learn more about Nick at Nick Bognar Therapy and create a balanced and joyful lifestyle
December 10, 2020
Survive to Thrive: Tasha Hunter
About Tasha Hunter:  I specialize in working with caretakers and helping professionals with a history of childhood trauma. I also work with women who have experienced infant loss and infertility. My practice is LGBTQIA affirming. I am a childhood abuse survivor, suicide attempt survivor, Air Force vet, social worker, mental health therapist, and author of the book " What Children Remember ". My goal is to decrease the stigma of mental health within the black community. I also work to help clients find their voice, discover who they are, and realize they can can heal from even the worst experiences. Tasha is also an author. Her memoir What Children Remember is available here: Learn more about Tasha Hunter here:
December 10, 2020
It Starts With You: Maria Kalen
Maria is a Mindset Mentor: I teach people how to think more positively and know that they are in control and can train their thoughts daily for positivity and clarity and shift their negative patterns to more positive ones, by taking small steps daily. I also teach people small tools they can use daily to help be more loving and kind to themselves, and when we love and accept ourselves, we can love and accept others too. Finally, I help people understand that past can be healed and does not have to define them. Forgiveness techniques that help go back in time and understand a negative circumstance so they can reframe it and move forward with lighter load of past. I love to help people shift their mindset and know that they are in control of their life. Past can be healed. Present can be more loving and kind and peaceful If they pay attention to their thoughts and reframe them. Also, knowing healthy interpersonal relationships start with you. The more you love and accept yourself, the more others will love and accept you. I have spent more than 8 years of my life doing personal growth and healing my past and reframing my view on myself, and seen my life shift so many times , that now I want to teach others do same. Maria discusses the best way to go DEEP! Anything is Possible!
December 01, 2020
Hold On Tight- Transformation is Still In Progress
This episode features one of our partners-Cathy McKinnon, Transformation Strategist, Speaker, Activist, Survivor and Thriver Cathy  believes in helping Ambitious women take back their power and lead their lives with confidence and joy! This episode we talk about the state of our world, the impact of coaching and the responsibility of each of us to take charge of our happiness, our futures and our lives. We're all in this together, no matter whether you're on lockdown, not on lockdown work and not work in home with the kids losing your mind like the rest of us. We're all in this together, just like High School Musical says! We need community more than ever, because this is adjusting and adapting.  Let's help each other learn the helping hand, lend the ear, be there for your neighbors, right? Even if it's simple things take their kids for an hour so they can go the grocery store whatever it might be, kindness and gratitude goes a long way in building the community.
November 29, 2020
The Woo Theory: Branding & Business Strategy
Stephanie Powell is a woman of multiple skills. She has bachelors in Marketing, a masters in Education and EDD. She spent 13 years an educator, has now pivoted to Brand & Business Strategy. "I help magical AF entrepreNERDS find the courage to dump imposter syndrome (for good!), get the f*ck unstuck, and make more money in your business by being raw, real, and unapologetically YOU. It's about being RADICALLY authentic and standing out so your people can see, hear, and find you. Because NO ONE can do what you do like you do. And the world needs the badass magic only you can give. With my clients, I find the magic is in combining the practical WITH the woo. We all know (hopefully) how important mindset and alignment are. But we also have to build our businesses on solid foundations and make sure we've got the right systems and processes in place (and that means what's right for size fits all is a lie). And both the practical and the woo should be catalysts for each other. I adore my clients and support them like nobody's business. But I'm also gonna give it to you straight, no chaser. You've got too many epic things to accomplish for us to tiptoe through the tulips. Let's blow sh*t up instead. I help my clients achieve their goals and level up in their business through brand + business strategy, mindset work, systems + processes, clarity, and authenticity + alignment. Everything I do in my personal and professional life is driven by my vision of a world where every single soul is seen, heard, understood, accepted, celebrated, and loved BECAUSE of how they were uniquely created. So why CAN'T you make more money doing what you were BORN to do, serving those you were MEANT to serve, and doing it YOUR way?
November 20, 2020
What Is A Healthy Relationship?- Power Panel
We all struggle to establish and maintain healthy relationships. Often times this discussion is limited to romantic relationships yet we take it a step further. We discuss the impact of our past including: generational curses, upbringing, environmental factors and more on our ability to identify, establish and maintain healthy relationships.  Meet Our Panelists: Babita Spinelli, LP, JD: CEO/ Owner and Founder of Opening the Doors Psychotherapy I’ve spent my life helping others . . . first as a lawyer and now as a Psychotherapist, Mental Health Consultant and Certified Coach. I know what it’s like both to feel stuck AND to thrive, and how to get from here to there. I launched EMBRACE because I believe relationships with others – those we forge in our homes, our workplace and communities – form the foundation on which we build and live our lives. When relationships aren’t working optimally, often times neither are we. Cassandra Wiley: Health Coach/ Founder of Have Faith and Live Well with Chasadah LLC Empowering individuals to “have Faith” in themselves to achieve their goals to live better lives. Having a non-judging, empathizing attitude when coaching clients. Bree Carroll: Owner of B Carroll Events Bree Carroll, the Military Marriage Coach, Wedding and Event Specialist and Speaker who transforms spaces and hearts through authentic design and purposeful planning. With a background in civil engineering, Bree brings her brilliance of problem solving and eye for design to couples so they design a marriage even more beautiful than their wedding day. Using her CARE method, she guides couples through designing a marriage that celebrates their core values. As a voice in the milspouse community and the 2020 - 2021 AFI Air Force use of the Year, she celebrates strong military marriages. On her nationally broadcasted podcast, Hearts & Stripes, she speaks on the power of relationships. Rebecca Randolph: Life Coach/ The Santosha Way I am a LOA style life coach who is all about taking radical responsibility of our life experience. We create our reality and we often drown in mediocrity instead of floating on from one experience to beautiful experience. This is because our mindset, belief systems and the support stories are holding us back. Most of us are so deeply tied to our stories, that we don’t even realize it is the very thing holding us back, or that we can even change it. I help people identify the stories and shift them. WHAT DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT WHAT YOU DO? I help teach people how to use the law of attraction and discover who they are at their core, limitless. Because once you understand you are creating this life experience, you can’t help but want to stand in your potentiality and create on purpose. Sandra Chaney: CEO of Sandra Chaney Enterprises, Inc I am a transformational Coach, Speaker, Author and Women's advocate committed to helping women live their best in live and in business. I do this by sharing of my life experiences and lessons through coaching, writing and speaking. I believe that a successful leader always leads from with in. So I help women leaders relinquish those things that no longer serve them so they show up and be the woman they were meant to birth.
November 19, 2020
Understanding You Are Enough Via the Language of Your Soul with Jennifer Urezio
Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive, author, teacher and speaker. She founded her own business, Blooming Grove, Soul Language‘s parent company, in 2004 in response to her intuitive senses and ability to help others feel better about themselves both holistically and naturally, working closely with them to generate a feeling of strength and well-being. She teaches individuals to connect deeply to their Soul for Success.
November 14, 2020
Building An Optimal Support System- Power Panel
Historically, we build communities, villages and networks to thrive beyond survival. Nothing is new except our perception of receiving assistance throughout the various seasons of life. Today we discuss the importance of building an Optimal Support Network, A Village or whatever you want to call it.  Meet Our Power Panel:  Andreia Dooley:  I would like to discuss the importance of building and maintaining a strong community when it comes to pursuing you hair care goals. Dealing with damaged hair can be disheartening. Understanding they there are others facing the same issues and access the information to change these true it’s is key. With the plethora of information out there on different ways to care for your hair, accessing the information that applies to your hair type is important. Candace Joseph:  Candace Joseph is CEO of The Joseph Consulting Firm, LLC. Candace oversee all client’s job in progress. She coaches entrepreneurs from start to growth. She creates marketing strategies, growth plans, and streamlines systems to strength a company’s position upon launch. She also hosts a weekly radio, The Business Knowledge Broker Hour with Candace Joseph, on High Volume Music Radio gearing to highlight entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. Candace hold an accounting degree from Prairie View A&M University. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to opera, playing chess, and volunteering with local charities on their marketing campaigns. To contact Candace, please visit or Facebook or Instagram : @thebkbh or @josephconsultingfirm Farah Fancy:  I believe that we need to create personal and social change in order to create supportive Communities that are anti-racist. Black, indigenous, people of colour have been living under systemically violent oppression for centuries. In order to start the process of self support the current situation needs to be acknowledged rather than code switching for the colonizer. I would like to speak about the micro steps that can be taken to create a sustainable support system. Janis Isaman:  Creating community as part of body sustainability. Justine Kaneris: I am a social and inclusive being. I am a connector and make sure that everyone has what they need and when they need it. I have a easy face with soft features and when I see someone looking my way I can not, not help it but engage in a deep and meaningful conversation with them, I am empathic and can read other people's energy fairly well, so I only try to engage if the person seems open to the connection, if that makes sense. Long story short, it is not uncommon for me to learn someone's entire lifestory before I know their name.  Sammi Reyes: My name is Sammi Reyes and I am a passion coach, podcast host, writer, and college student. For the past two years, I have been transforming my life to become the greatest version of me. Through my personal work, I have realized that my life mission is to help YOU find your passion and pursue it in your life, even if you have a 9-5 or have to go to school.
November 12, 2020
Chocolate Drop in Corporate America-Genesis Amaris Kemp
Genesis Amaris Kemp is a wife, sister,  aunt, cousin, friend, and child of God. She is bubbly, loves to talk, loves to try new things, travel, meet new people, and encourage others the best she can. Genesis is the youngest of four siblings  with a vast cultural background. She began writing in high school off and on as her way to release stress and express herself. It was also her way of communicating with God. In a sense, she felt as if she was unable to talk to those closest to you her. She knew if she told her problems to the family, they would see it as nagging or constantly complaining. Instead of internalizing her issues and unsettling battles that could lead to depression and oppression, the Holy Spirit led her to write. Getting her thoughts out of her head and onto paper proved therapeutic. Little did she know that would lead to her writing a book. Some might say she has no qualifications to write a book, but when you go through  experiences in life, you don’t need particular skills to deem you worthy. Life experiences alone can paint some vivid pictures because we all go through various trials and tribulations that resonate with others. As such, each area of Genesis’ life was a lesson that shaped her into the woman she is today. She allowed God to take her gifts and talents and make them extraordinary. She is continually learning what her destiny and purpose assignments are while on this earth, all while embracing her writing passion. Genesis is a woman of color who said,  “Enough is enough,” and is now bolder than ever. She tried to remain quiet, but that didn’t work because no change occurred. Today, she is readapting to the current times and making some  life-changing decisions. She is stepping outside of her comfort zone by speaking up, challenging the status quo, and refusing to let limitations placed on her keep her down. Genesis sees herself as a visionary and a woman who will go on to do great things that empower others to speak up for themselves. Yes, it may be hard; yes, it may hurt. In the long run, she desires to encourage others to help those who may not have a voice. She is a trailblazer who wants others to live out their dreams, goals, and visions. If it takes her writing this book to accomplish those tasks, then so be it. We all have been given a wonderful purpose in life. It is up to us to walk it out and live victoriously! Platform Links Connect with me and let's share some encouragement, positivity, inspiration and etc
November 12, 2020
Creating An Authentic Brand-Power Panel
At YVYP we strive to provide information to help you build upon your endeavors with the proper tools and support. This power panel discusses the ins and outs of building and maintaining an Authentic Brand for your business. We discuss the best vehicle to drive your authentic message through proper tone, language and emotions to your target audience. We discuss the best use of your time, social media, and more.  Meet our panel of experts: Melody Tholstrup- Melody has been in marketing for over 30 years. Her passion is helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs learn how to set and reach their marketing goals so they can take their marketing & their businesses to the next level of success. Ruthie Bowles-A woman combat Army Veteran, she utilizes her experience in intelligence to help people place serious emphasis on authenticity in marketing over professionalism, unlike many in the B2B space. Jasmine Partida- As an industry Authority and innovative leader, she teaches businesses how to use digital media platforms, social media channels, and online tools to work in order to effectively implement communication strategies and campaigns. She provides invaluable expertise in business development, marketing, sales, optimization, and operational restructuring. Lola Oyafemi-Lola helps female entrepreneurs who want to leverage social media to attract & close high-ticket clients. She provides support for Coaches and Experts who are looking to create valuable content, be authentic, and sell without being sleazy. Kathryn Roberts-is a content marketing expert for service-based business owners. She teaches her audience and clients how to actually show up in their marketing as an expert, helping them to stand out in their industry and in converting their ideal client to actual client through powerful content and simple funnels. The most important, and necessary, thing that she teaches is for business owners, no matter how long they've been in business, to show up as an expert and put themselves in a position to lead, whether they have 1 person in their audience or 10000, or whether they've sold a service or haven't yet. Ichko Batmunkh-helps women to build up trusting relationships within themselves, shift their mindset and gain clarity, direction, and confidence in their professional and personal life.
November 12, 2020
Creating A Sustainable Lifestyle-Podcast Panel
Creating and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle means choosing to meet our ecological, societal, economic, and emotional needs through sound decision making. Our panel includes a transformation coach, a speaker, activist, and coach for disabled and disproportionate individuals, a Nigerian visionary, a veteran author, speaker and relationship expert, and psychic strategist, an oracle sharing the journey from chaos, illness, homelessness, and deliverance of sustainment.  What you need to know about what we do: Candace Mallicoat: That it's not witchcraft, evil, or a threat to one's relationship with their higher power. That is in fact brings you closer to your higher power and strengthens that relationship, as well as the relationship you have with yourself. Cathy McKinnon: My coaching is a combination of health and life coaching to address the 5 major facets of life helping you step into the healthiest, happiest, most inspired version of you! Eric Jones, Jr.: I'm the Underdog with a heroic heart Ibukun Dawodu: Being a Virtual Assistant is awesome, working from home is awesome and living near an island is awesome Joyce Jennings: I have written a book about the signs of a toxic person.
October 24, 2020
The Psychology of Transformation with Coach Benson Fox
We dive deep into the Source of Passion, value systems, and the importance of coaching with Coach Benson Fox. Benso Fox is an experienced and certified transformation coach and crisis counselor. At 26 years old, he has traveled the world studying Judaism, graduating from Touro College, and currently a doctoral student in Psychology at Adelphi University and therapist extern at Brooklyn College. As an Orthodox Jew, he helps his clients celebrate and integrate their cultural beliefs in their everyday lives. He helps those looking to gain balance, efficiency, and joy in their personal and professional lives. Synthesizing and integrating vast training education and experience in Judaism, Coaching, and PsyD to offer a uniquely original approach that cuts against the conventional wisdom of many in the self-help and mental health worlds. He believes that every part of a person is good including their shame, fears, self-doubt, rage, depression, self-hate, judgment, the judgment of their judgment, the shame of their shame, etc. Tap to join my Facebook group for Jewish men who are looking for a community to support them in their goals to build greater balance, joy, and growth in their personal, religious, and professional lives!!
October 23, 2020
Tax-Structures-Eliminate Capital Gains & Wealth Transfer with KC Chohan
KC is the CEO of Together CFO. Together CFO sets up complex tax strategies that are permanent compared to 99% who just go through loopholes. KC is also a writer for Forbes Magazine, has been featured in Entrepreneur, ABC News, Fox News, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Buzzfeed, iTunes, and many others. KC shared the proactive strategies of building, maintaining and promoting successful businesses based on efficient tax structures. KC specializes in helping others bridge the gap between the 2% of the financially elite and you. -Financial Guidance, Accounting, Business Management, Trusts Contact KC if you pay over 200,00 or more in taxes per year.
October 21, 2020
Creating A Sustainable Lifestyle- Releasing Stress in a Healthy Manner with Lisa Peranzo
Lisa Peranzo is the President and CEO of A Healthful Life. With over 10 years of experience and multiple certifications in the fitness industry, she offers her clients tailored approaches to getting fitness and nutrition. She avoids the cookie-cutter approach in regards to eating and working out, instead, focusing on meeting her clients where they are, giving them the tools they need to achieve their goals. She offers her clients a well-rounded approach to working out, taking into account all aspects impacting their lives, holding them back from being healthy. She helps them find balance in their health and well-being. She also teaches the skills needed to make healthy living a lifestyle and not a temporary change. Her services include virtual workouts, recipes, blogs, self-paced coaching programs, youtube channels and more.
October 13, 2020
Take Your Life Back: COVID or Not
Your Voice; Your Power with Anika is a platform designed to encourage and inspire others to pursue their passion despite adversity. This episode focuses on the state of our world during and after COVID-19.  Our guest is the fabulous Cathy McKinnon, a partner of Infinite Women's Network, Keynote of the Chicago ImfluaXion Conference Tour, and woman on the rise.   About Cathy:  A battle with infertility and a cancer diagnosis in 2008 immersed Cathy in her journey to transform her life with a strategic approach to health and wellness.  She truly believes a healthy, balanced life leads to optimal living and so she knew she had to start sharing her journey as an example of what is possible when you bravely step into your true self. It was that calling that lead her to found Wellness Warrior Coaching.       As a Transformation Strategist, Cathy helps women step into their POWER, releasing burnout and finding the joy, confidence and energy they are so WORTHY of!      It is time for you to become the healthiest, happiest, most inspired version of yourself!     In April 2020, LasVegas Entrepreneur Magazine named Cathy “ Wellness Influencer of 2020”     Cathy is a 3x #1 International Best-Selling author with her chapters in “Silent Grief, Healing and Hope”, “Oh My Health there is Hope” and “Joy- Recipes for Abundance” where she bravely shares her journey through infertility and path to Joy!  The books include stories that will inspire and touch hearts everywhere!    Cathy Wellness Warrior Coaching
October 09, 2020
Address the Truth: Domestic Violence is an Epidemic
We are battling multiple epidemics all over the world. We must raise awareness and change the circumstances for those suffering from Domestic Violence around the world. More importantly, we must help those perpetrating their pain on others, encouraging them to seek help for themselves and their partners. Let's fight the stigma by sharing our truths.  Learn what domestic violence is and how you can help! RESOURCES FOR VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE NATIONAL CRISIS ORGANIZATIONS AND ASSISTANCE: The National Domestic Violence Hotline  1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)
October 08, 2020
Purpose Driven Success with Robin L. Owens
Robin L. Owens, PhD is the creator of the Purpose-Based, Decision Making System. With over twenty years of experience in research, teaching, and meaning of purpose and passion of women in leadership. She combines her experience in business, social work, and higher education to bring a unique perspective to her commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs and career professionals through her Purpose-Based, Decision-Making System.  As the founder of the Purpose-Based Success Academy, she offers online programs that facilitate professional and personal transformations in the lives and work of high-achieving women who want to make a difference in others’ lives.
August 29, 2020
Tech Savvy with Zinette Zorzos
Zinette Zorzos: I create Money Making Platforms & Automations for coaches to sell their digitized expertise and generating leads daily so that it could set them up for drinking MaiTais by the beach of Santorini while their Paypal is busy getting Multiple Orgasms !   I am different in the way that I am brutally direct (think Spock from Star Trek) and I always ask -better questions- to put in place honest systems that fit and convert. Not fancy systems that most think 'it'd be nice to have' because it sounds good in theory but actually don't support them in their zone of genius • I'm well equipped with future scenarios where I am able to play out a system in real-time to show the benefits and potholes that one may encounter. I do so by vividly describing it in the language my clients understand (a.k.a no tech jargon😉) so to equip then in making the best decision for your business. In other words, they do not transfer power to me even though they are not Tech-literate, it stays with them to empower them to their next financial level.  • I loan then my high empathy to experience their client's unique customer journey in order to better provide the best course or sale experience and improve retention within their ecosystem • Once all information is gathered to build the system & automation, I don't send them off on a Lord of the Rings journey to gather their launch strategist, funnel builder, website designer, video and graphic editor, chatbot sequencer, etc.  I implement all of that for them holding onto the vision we both have built together prior to this. • On the point of implementation & design, I am more Captain Pike than Spock here and it's all intuitive and gut feel from then on out.  I have stopped questioning the why behind what I choose design-wise because through experience I have realized that the purpose of it is to trigger and inspire my clients out of comfort zone and have fun. The best of ideas are produced from it. I can give you an example. I had a client who started out with 'Dream Client Attraction' and ended up with a Tribal Survivor Theme for community building after he saw the videos and website I edited it for him.  My basis belief: You,  I and Everyone already have the answers within them, they are just waiting for the right person to ask BETTER QUESTIONS to extract the gold and polish the diamond. That's everyone's superpower within their niche. Mine just happens to be in Tech & Systems.
August 23, 2020
The Aromatic Experience with Amy Lyman
Join the conversation with this amazing woman that overcame fear, doubt, and shame of teenage pregnancy to create a legacy for herself, her family and future generations. Hear more about her story and how she used the doubt of others to rise above and accomplish her goals.   The Amazing Amy Lyman:  I own an Essential Oil dispensary and I believe having someone staffed with a degree in Aromatherapy helps to educate our clientele so they are getting the best Essential oil prescription/formula for their needs. I feel having the knowledge and the one on one with our clients makes us very different than most of the others who off EO's.  I love educating people and helping them have an understanding of how oils work. We are not an MLM so we offer our oils at medicinal prices not inflated to pay a downline. I think it's very important for people to know that we are here to help them one on one with healing the mind, body, and spirit. I think it's important for people to have an understanding of Essential oils at a medicinal level and be using a qualified Aromatherapist when doing so. I love educating people and helping them have an understanding of how oils work. We are not an MLM so we offer our oils at medicinal prices not inflated to pay a downline. I think it's very important for people to know that we are here to help them one on one with healing the mind, body, and spirit. I think it's important for people to have an understanding of Essential oils at a medicinal level and be using a qualified Aromatherapist when doing so.   Visit her website at:
August 16, 2020
Turn Your Mess Into A Message with Angela Brand
Angela Brand is a Personal Branding Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and woman on the rise. She has over ten years of training experience and empowering women through courses, coaching and mentoring. She has a unique gift of empowering women to reach for more and take action. Her gift is to teach women how to turn their mess into a message to allow their gift to make room for them. After Angela reinvented herself, the journey of discovering her true purpose and finding inner healing needed to begin, for this next level of her life. She then realized that other women needed to hear how her mess that became her message and they needed someone to help them get over their mess and get their message to the world.  She quickly begin to use her corporate experience to train women as life coaches and motivational speakers to empower others with their stories through AB Coaching Academy. With the message of "Take Ownership" of who you are, where you are, where you been, and where you are going, it has been her privilege to coach women into a greater awareness of their divine calling. Download Press Kit! YES, I am ready to book AB! "AB stands on Living FULL and dying EMPTY" She has a collection of books and workbooks at:
August 05, 2020
The Power of Purpose with Candace Stuart-Findlay
Candace Stuart-Findlay is an Intuitive Empath, Metaphysicist, Life Transformation Coach and Core Issue Release Coach, Transformational Speaker, Published Author, Host of The EWB TV YouTube channel, and founder of Empowered Whole Being Foundation and the Empowered Whole Being Press, a hybrid boutique visionary author self-publishing press. She began her reawakening journey in 1987, which led her to extensively explore Quantum Biology and Quantum Physics in relationship to Metaphysics and spirituality, guiding her to develop the Spiritual Transformation Simplified™ ~ The Six Fundamentals for Life Mastery guidebook and program. Candace has successfully facilitated breakthrough transformation and self-empowerment for countless clients around the world, her focus being transformation facilitation for Empaths, also known as Highly Sensitive People. Her mentored clients are able to effectively transcend self-sabotaging blocks, clarify what their source of true happiness is, and then bring their own best life to fruition using the Spiritual Transformation Simplified™ tools and techniques! More about Candace: Founder/Life Transformation Coach/Core Issue Release Counselor IG: @ewbcandace FB: Empowered Whole Being Foundation Twitter: @empwrdwhlebeing Website: Divine Heart Coherence™ Meditation MP3 - technique info & free download access:
July 29, 2020
Relationships & Trauma Recovery with Riana Milne
Riana Milne wears 3 hats of a Cert. Global Life & Love Coach for Singles & Couples, Psychotherapist in private practice 20 years, and as a Cert Clinical Trauma Professional who worked with both Children and Adults - using various educational methods to treat a client's past Trauma Experiences and Emotional Triggers Holistically - changing Mindset, Body and sense of Spirit to go from Unconscious Pain to Conscious Awareness in all Life areas; including Love Relationships. She specializes in Helping Adults who have had past Childhood or Love Relationship Trauma and find the Emotional Triggers are presently impacting them in Life & Love - to Heal and Create the Life they Desire and Attract & Keep the Love They Deserve.  Learn more about Riana Milne at
July 26, 2020
All About Business with Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson is a Spiritual Teacher and best selling author that has been in the entrepreneurial realm for over 30 years. Her wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise propels her clients forward as she combines spiritual and business techniques to help clients reach their goals. She specializes in helping writers become best selling authors.  Learn more about Victoria's journey and follow her here: FB @healyourlifetraining IG @healyourlifecanada. TW @hylcanada YouTube Book link
July 21, 2020
Mindset, Wealth, and Business Strategies with Amanda Rose
Amanda's Value: I shift the way entrepreneurs approach business, by creating a holistic framework for success: Wealth Consciousness & Money management, Mindset & Manifestation, and Business Strategy. Combing these 3 pillars I teach entrepreneurs to not only build booming businesses but how to create true financial freedom and create a life teeming with happiness and joy.  About Amanda: I'm the founder & director of The Infinite Power of You Inc., a multi-published multi-genre author, business, wealth, & mindset coach, actor, motivational speaker, and online course creator. I've been a sales expert for over a decade, ranging from retail to door-to-door sales, to live in-store pitching, and online sales and marketing. WEBSITE:   AUDIO BOOKS:   FIRE FURY FRONTIER:  MANIFESTING YOUR BEST LIFE:  Amanda Rose CEO The Infinite Power of You Inc.
July 14, 2020
Gloria Ward-The I'm Loving Me Project and Girls L.E.A.P.
Gloria Ward , Founder and CEO of The I'm Loving Me Project and Girls L.E.A.P. Her renowned motto is that self-love and confidence is the ticket to all life success and she wants women to understand HOW this method works. Renowned by her relatability and realness with her platform, Gloria intends to continue the movement of sharing, healing and self-growth. Healing Mother-Daughter Relationships, Coping With The Loss of a Mother, The Mother-Daughter Relationship and mother-daughter owned businesses in promotion of our upcoming Moms Mean Business Event May 9th and 10th. FACEBOOK Link: So many of us are blessed to have a mother. But, that's not always the case. Many have lost a mother, including our Founder, Gloria Ward. Many also struggle with unhealthy mother-daughter relationships. This Mother's Day, we wanted to offer healing and building tools to give back to an organization close to our hearts, Students Without Mothers. Focusing on the mother-daughter relationship as a whole, our Moms Mean Business Mother's Day Weekend Wellness Event will offer both healing and business workshops. We'll discuss coping with the loss of a mother, healing your mother-daughter relationship and past trauma, plus we're offering two business workshops designed for mother-daughter owned businesses! Learn how to thrive together in business and in life. We invite moms and daughters who are ready to thrive AND mothers and daughters looking to heal to join us for a heart-to-heart virtually on Mother's Day weekend. Leading up to the event, we will be hosting a mother-daughter photo contest, the winners to receive a gift basket announced on Sunday, May 10th! Tickets for the weekend are only $25 and percentage to benefit Students Without Mothers. FULL SCHEDULE (Eastern Time): Saturday 5-9-20 • 12PM: Coping with the Loss of a Mother - Tijania and Gloria Ward • 1PM: Guided Meditation and Healing with Patricia Yiu • 2PM: Building a Business Together - awaiting confirmation of speaker Sunday 5-10-20 • 12:00 PM: Building a Business Together - Duffy Women • 12:30PM: Intermission and Gift Giveaway with Choose Me Beauty Products • 1:00PM: Healing Your Mother-Daughter Relationship and Past Trauma - Mira Cassidy, Gloria Ward
May 08, 2020
The International Revolution of Creative Women-Kristen Van Nest
Writer/Actor/Director and Host of the podcast Women Behind the Screen with Kristen Van Nest This episode discusses the journey of Women on the Rise: -Taking Risks (Leap) -Failure -Promoting, Supporting and Encouraging Women in a Male-Dominated Society -Roadmap for Creative Careers -Switching Gears to Find Happiness From Kristen: For more info about me: I'm an LA-based Writer/Actor/Director, comedian on BuzzFeed (over 3.6+ million views), host of TVCO’s  live-stream / podcast show: Women Behind the Screen with Kristen Van Nest which promotes women in Hollywood, and head writer for the Nightpantz Youtube channel. I also have 32k+ followers (14k on Instagram, 8k on Twitter, and 10k on YouTube) for my comedic essays, characters, and sketches. My past bylines include McSweeney's, Museum of Americana: Literary Review, and my viral piece in Humungus to name a few. I started doing comedy in Shanghai, China where I lived for 3.5 years, performing improv and stand up. Writer/Actor(SAG-AFTRA)/Director/She/Her/Hers Literary Review • Forbes • McSweeney's
April 27, 2020
Emily Davis-Emily Davis Metaphysical Coaching
This episode features a woman on a mission to help others tap into their intuition, natural gifts to overcome fear and adversity. What a powerful gift. Learn more about Emily, her story and her passion for people. Emily is a Natural intuitive, bestselling author, and metaphysical coach Emily Davis began accessing her spiritual gifts as a child. Over the years all the fear and yuck of modern-day life got in the way of that magic and, after leaving an abusive relationship, she set out on a quest to recapture her spirit! Now, Emily specializes in helping people discover their purpose in life by unblocking their intuitive gifts and learning to use them without fear. It is her mission to make a magic part of everyday ordinary life. Emily and her family, including her many furry muses, adventure from Lake Tahoe, California where she also co-hosts her metaphysical comedy podcast Perceptionists Anonymous! Website and Social Links  My Free 3 Day Master Your Magic Challenge is being held in the group on March 16-18! - Where I offer one free psychic question for anyone Podcast Links! (Perceptionists Anonymous) Join my FREE Facebook Community, Master Your Magic - Psychic Training and Development 
March 07, 2020
Scale Your Service Business Summit with Host: Nkiru Asika
This episode features the Amazing Nkiru Asika-a Marketing Strategist & Copywriter  I bring more than 20 years of experience and expertise in all things content and communications - from journalism, TV production, events creations and management, training, strategic communications for large corporations and running an independent copywriting business for the past year and a half. I also have a global outlook having lived and worked in the UK, US, Nigeria and now Canada. I have a passion to see more women positioned as thought leaders, or what I call authority brands. Beyond blowing up on social media, we need to see more women, especially women of color, sitting at the top tables, speaking on global stages, hitting the bestseller charts, hosting the top podcasts, being featured as experts in the press and more. We need women to have a greater share of voice in the media. I help women entrepreneurs and professionals use their unique story, experience, and expertise to craft the messaging and content they need to position themselves as authority brands. I work with them to build the assets they need to stand out as go-to leaders in their space, so they can scale their impact and income. The Scale Your Service Business Summit- This summit is aimed at all entrepreneurs running service-based businesses e.g. coaches, consultants, freelancers, agency owners. The Summit is not specifically targeted at women, however, the majority of the 28 speakers are women. The Summit goes live next week Tues Feb 25 to Fri Feb 28. It is free to attend.
February 21, 2020
Online Business Management with Founder-Jasmine Monk
Online Business Management is a tool that all business owners need to grow. Hear how Jasmine Monk, the Founder of Jasmine & Co created an Agency on the unmet need of business owners everywhere. She has created a One-Stop-Shop to assist with General Administrative Duties & Marketing & Technology. She also has a mentorship program to help business owners confidently outsource to successfully grow their business. In this interview, we discuss the importance of relationship building, customer service, clear expectations, effective communication and the ability to outsource the smart way.  Find out more about her Agency & Services here: Youtube: Jasmine & Co Learning Academy - Free FB group - outsource the smart way
December 04, 2019
Author and Professional Content Strategist- Kira Ming
Kira Ming is an Author, Magazine Owner, Professional Writer and Editor, Business Content Developer She shares her story of how she built her Empire through Vision, Dedication and Persistence. She also breaks down the importance of Content Development in a saturated market of women on the rise to freedom and success.  Kira Ming's background in publishing spans over 15 years and involves the creation of her own successful publication. Over the past decade, she's had the pleasure of interviewing some of entertainment's biggest names and has been involved in several legendary events as both host/journalist and media sponsor. She's spent the past few years developing tools, resources, marketing material, and several types of content for businesses, editing numerous projects, and contributing articles to major platforms including Huffington Post. As a result of her success within publishing, content marketing, and business strategy, she felt it only necessary to write Small Business, Big Success - a straight to the point guide for small business owners. Kira Ming has served as keynote speaker, panelist, and workshop facilitator for numerous events, and she's excited to continue giving value when it comes to her expertise Kira Ming - Author, Magazine Owner, Professional Writer and Editor, Business Content Developer IG: @therealkiraming Twitter: @therealkiraming Facebook: @therealkiraming
November 25, 2019
Self Worth & Confidence with Giulia Porro
Giulia Porro is a Life & Self Worth Coach all about helping women reclaim their power. She sees so many smart and brilliant women who totally forget about their self-worth. They put other people's needs in front of their own, forgetting how to access their pleasure (whatever that may be!) and end up feeling drained, unfulfilled and totally disconnected from their desires and bodies. Through self-awareness, developmental and empathic listening, she helps women find balance to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Learn more about Giulia Porro at her website: You will learn more about her services and passion in addition to her Coaching Program and Amazing Facebook group. 
November 22, 2019
Organizing Steamlined Homes for Single Moms with Aja Vancica
Aja Vancica is a woman on a mission to not only declutter the homes of single mother's but their minds too. Her system caters to the hearts, minds and homes of single mothers with limited time to manage work, home and kids. With her 5 Day Bedroom Reboot and The Living Room Reset, she shares tools and strategies to help you change your environment and routine. Through her proven methods, you alleviate stress, anxiety and a messy house. Okay, not messy, chaotically placed home.  Tune into her Amazing skills and more. Listen to The Organized-ish Podcast
November 07, 2019
The Value of Love with LaShawn McCrary
LaShawn McCrary is an Author, Speaker, and Coach that educates others on the power of love. Self-Love. It all ends and begins with us. The value that she brings to my market is love. She stands in a space of loving herself unconditionally, permitting others to do the same so that they can show up in life (personal, relationships, business) as their authentic selves.  What makes her different is her understanding that love does heal all; and what we as women and the world at large need right now is more love, starting with the love we give ourselves, and use that love as our point of attraction and interaction instead of our pains, sorrows, and tragedies. Tune in to this amazing episode. Here is the link to her book: I Am Not An Option Copy of I Am Not an Option on Amazon paperback copies must be ordered through  YouTube vlog series White Towel Messages -
October 03, 2019
Made Well 345 Founder Brianna Wilkerson
Brianna Wilkerson is a Holistic Health Coach that has extensive education and inspiration on How to be healthy and thrive in all areas of your life. She has curriculums, content, a Podcast and upcoming book surrounding her expertise in breaking unhealthy habits through 7 Pilars of health: nourishment (nutrition), movement (exercise), relaxing (stress management), rest (sleep), processing (digestion), cleansing (toxic load), and rewriting beliefs and habits (mindset and habits). In addition to health coaching, she is also an Essential Oils Advocate and supports women in using essential oils as a non-toxic solution for their health and those they love. She also became a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer to support women in incorporating fitness into their lives that is functional, fun and effective. Listen in and follow her through her journey to empower and inspire others
September 13, 2019
"The Success" Coach-Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison
This episode features an Amazing Success Coach & Founding Director at Realizing Your Potential LLC, that uses her education, experience, insight and wisdom to help her clients reach their goals.  Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Michigan since 2003 and a practicing Social Worker since 1994. Over the years, she has learned her role is to serve as a catalyst for change. She is a Confidence and Success Coach and she created Realizing Your Potential LLC to empower and inspire African American women everywhere.  Her focus is empowering African American Women to know better and be better for themselves, their families and their communities.  Her work is about getting African American women to RECOGNIZE and harness their POWER to empower themselves and others to manifest abundance in their lives. More specifically, she helps coaches and consultants create effective strategies to eliminate negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent them from taking their business to the next level. She helps them create the Confidence, Stamina, Motivational Techniques and Accountability needed too consistently Boldly Show Up in their business and attract their ideal client!
September 11, 2019
Career Coaching and So much more with Michelle Gomez
This episode features the Founder and CEO of Michelle Gomez Coaching. This Latina Powerhouse combines her expertise in career elevation with the experience of being a woman of color within the male-dominated corporate environment. She works with women, entrepreneurs and employees that want to up their value, return and perception of their contributions in their employment sectors. Tune in to learn more about this Powerhouse. Topics discussed: Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Working Women, Women of Color Upcoming Features: Michelle Gomez will be a speaker at the I Am Enough In Christ Online Conference - Sept 23 @ 9AM EST. Michelle Gomez, The Latina Career Coach Author, speaker, and career coach Founder and CEO – Michelle Gomez Coaching, LLC. email: website: Considering a job change? Get my FREE guide on the “5 Signs It’s Time to Leave” by clicking here. Schedule a FREE career strategy session by clicking here. Join my private FB group, Dare To Be Great, and get exclusive content on how to accelerate your career path to success:
September 09, 2019
Bookkeeping Basics with Sheri Curan
Sheri Curan is a woman that grew up with entrepreneurial parents that engrained business basics to include managing the foundation of all business: THE BOOKS. She shares tips on establishing, managing and rowing your business through outsourcing and organizing the most important aspect of your business: the money.
August 30, 2019
Here to Stay with Kristine Raymond-Author
Kristine Raymond is an Author of 16 novels that started in the Historical Western Romance genre. She has changed trajectories to Contemporary Romance and expanded her realm as she grows, taking a chance on herself. She is a writer, podcaster and visionary that inspires other to fulfill their dreams of overcoming their fears and pursue their dreams. Free download of her book: Here to Stay - and also the one for Finn-agled -
August 28, 2019
Shilpa is a Book Coach that help people step into their #Enoughness, giving themselves permission to believe that they are the ultimate AUTHORITY they've been looking for. She inspires those that feel inadequate or unequipped to pursue their dream of writing a book. She has an innate ability to teach and guide others through their journey of Authorship. She has multiple programs that cater to your needs. She works internationally and has an extensive portfolio. Ask her what you need to pursue your dreams... Feel free to connect with her: Her Facebook business page: Her personal facebook page:
June 07, 2019
Cohen Coaching- Business Strategists for Owners & Entrepreneurs
Barry and Catherine both had parents who created successful companies together. Working together and working with others to help their businesses grow is in their DNA. In 2003 they started their first business together and built it from the ground up. Premier Barter was one of the largest barter exchanges in Arizona. After six years of building their own barter exchange, Barry and Catherine saw the need to create a better barter exchange management software and in 2009, with the help of a business partner, launched Barter21. They sold Premier Barter in 2013, and left the software business in early 2017. Cohen Coaching was born out of the years of working, coaching, creating, and assisting business owners to get past the problem behind the problem. They’ve brought together all their skills, experience and talent to create a magical toolbox of ideas, plans, inspiration, and more, designed to help their clients to start, grow and succeed. Their services include individual coaching, business development workshops, Client Attraction Mastery, and Presentations at the SCORE-Greater Phoenix organization.... Their knowledge and experience is apparent and warranted for business owners and they also specialize in working with couple entrepreneurs.  Links: Client Attraction Mastery Program ($797) Client Attraction Workshop (webinar) Create your Ideal Client Profile (Freebie)
May 31, 2019
What It Means to be a Man-Power Panel
What Does it mean to be a Man? We combat stereotypes, talk about Authenticity, Vulnerabilities and life with/without men, how they contribute to Greatness.. Colin Ryan-Comedic Financial Speaker-Humor allows me put financial education and advice in a voice that is very human, memorable, approachable. I would like to talk about Masculinity. What does it mean to be a man? What were our examples growing up? What are the direct benefits to rejecting the adopted definition of masculinity (which is more toxic than not) and instead defining masculinity through a more honest lens? For example, men are not a monolith, the things we do are male things regardless of whether they're viewed as traditionally masculine. As men we have been taught that power is the result of showing your strength to others. I believe that power is actually created by sharing your strength with others. Your power can be measured by how evaluating how strong the people around you feel. I'm able to fill in the seats while teaching the same topics others teach to empty rooms or crowds of 2-3. And my mission is to teach other speakers and educators how to do the same. Follow at: @colinryanspeaks Matt Woodrum-Owner of Wrestling with Fatherhood-I equip men, specifically dads, to discover their strengths, understand their value, accomplish their goals, and live out their dreams to become their children's heroes. Wrestling with fatherhood is all about two different points of view. First, even if someone grew up with a dad who was never there, I believe they have the power to change their families history. Second, we live in a culture that does not know how to define a man or a dad. I believe that Jesus was the perfect example of what a man, husband, and dad should be. The thing that makes me different then other coaches and speakers is that I took some pretty bad stuff that happened in my past with my dad and turned it around so that I could give my kids the one thing I never had, a dad.  Shawn McBride-Owner of McBride For Business, LLC-Chief Innovation -I have almost 2 decades of experience of business planning and execution. I know how to work with businesses to build and execute the plans that matter to them. Add into that my signature message of Do Business Differently(TM) which is brought home with my unusual suits and attire. I am also the host of the Future Done Right(TM) YouTube Channel where we discuss the future of business.  Male/Female dynamics in the future of business. I am a TEDx speaker on women in business and I think it's important we understand the male/female dynamic for the future of business.//;;  Leo Lightbourne-Owner of No One Expected, Author of soon to be released 6/30 (soft/launch) about males growing up without a father figure. Speaker, Author, Activist and Mentor educating the world on the role of a Man without the presence of a father. Looking to shed light on the cultural perspectives, stereotypes and struggles that men face when raised by a village of women. @iamltbourne
May 28, 2019
Dali Talks-Diversity & Anti-Bullying
As a parent who went through bullying as a child and who had to advocate for her own child, I bring value to parents with the knowledge, tools, and resources that help parents learn how to teach their children to prevent and stop bullying as well as how to advocate effectively. I offer virtual and in-person workshops, virtual and in-person coaching and an online master class so that parents can have options on how to learn and when. The very unique part of my workshops is that parents will find them refreshingly interesting because I teach from a diversity lens. Stereotypes are a big topic in my workshops because they are a major factor in what and how children think of others as well as themselves. Often times, stereotypes are used to tease, but because kids don't know facts, they use them to justify bullying others due to their differences. When I hold the in-person workshops, I usually include the parent AND the child. In order to make them fun, I incorporate games and a fun book that makes the workshops seem like a time of activities rather than a time of instruction.
May 28, 2019
The Thought Leader Mentor-Natasha Christy
I focus on helping aspiring & Emerging black women Thought Leaders remove the mask, find their authentic voice & own their expertise so that they can launch a soul-aligned thought leader brand. What makes me different is I focus on helping my clients embody their thought leadership so they they can BECOME the impact they want to see in the world. Most people skip over that part and start with the strategies. I start with who a person is being before addressing anything else. 80% of your results have to do with who you BE. I combine my training as a an ontological life & leadership coach, my knowledge of & experience implementing metaphysical principles, & experience in the online space to support my clients in embodying their thought leadership & launching a soul-aligned brand. I also relate to my clients as the experts in their lives & businesses. Thus overtime they learn to relate to themselves as powerful, which affects them in every area of their lives. I want to talk about how black women can find their authentic voice in a world that often requires them to put on a mask. I can also speak about the following topics: *How to monetize your thought leadership *Self-love as a foundation for success in life & business *How to figure who you are at your best and how to infuse that into your brand *How to own your expertise so you can't stand out on the crowd "Mindset practices and routines that create a foundation for success *How to embody your thought leadership and become the impact & why that's important *Making room for divergent black voices in leadership
May 26, 2019
Trauma Recovery-Power Panel of Experts
Trauma Recovery is mandatory for healthy living. overcoming trauma, healing beyond dealing...listen to 5 professionals that have secrets to recovery after trauma... Randi Bryant-It is about so much more than jewelry. It is about connection and relationship. I want you to be connected and have relationships that bring value to your everyday. Sheri Simmons-S&S Enterprises-From pain to purpose, I’m a multi creative entrepreneur who uses my pain for purpose, I live my life with purpose and want to help others do the same. Susan Grief-Art Mends Hearts, Creative Transformational Expert, I’m a speaker, author & entrepreneur. More information upon request. I interpret my clients’s drawings to awaken them to what keeps them feeling powerless, panicked, paralyzed & in pain and I propel them to take action to make shifts in their life with a mended heart. Https:// Suzanne Daniels- I am a South African living in Los Angeles. I am a legal professional and single mom to a daughter who is blind. She is now a college student here in the USA and I am her caregiver at the moment and working my business from home. About 18 months ago, I blew the whistle on corruption at my company in South Africa and have faced massive retaliation from my corporation plus my family and friends. I was the head of legal and compliance at my corporation with 12 years of service when I was fired. My caption is crawling back from fear to freedom. On my journey and talking to people here, lots of women face these situations where decisions are made about them. I have learnt a new type of resilience and have gone through the emotions of feeling betrayed, feeling guilty, at the receiving end of death threats, severe depression and anxiety and now looking at daily struggles of how to live a normal life. I have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) as a result of my experience. 
May 26, 2019
Breaking Cycles-Power Panel
Cycles have many different faces: Abuse, Generational Curses, Mental Illness, Chronic Illness, Parenting, and other concepts that affect us negatively. We are working together to change this... Dr. Bridgett McBride-Threefold Living, LLC I have a holistic approach to financial literacy and education. Mindset and the subconscious mind reset with traditional and non-traditional methods to wealth building. Empowering yourself and breaking the financial curses of past generations and lives. @threefoldliving Raman Saini- Manifesting Your Fairytale; I am a new-age Relationship Coach to women worldwide. I work to help my clients uncover the root causes of the problems in their relationships by diving into their subconscious mind. This helps us heal the individual and not both (since most partners do not want to come to coaching/therapy). I say new-age because I use spiritual modalities and tarot/oracle cards to guide my clients to healing & transformation in their love lives (or lives in general). I would like people to know that I give women the confidence to have relationships that are going to be long-lasting and effortless - even though you will be doing the work but it won't feel hard to do anymore. Kimberlee Leonard-Sensible Copy & Consulting; Single Mommy Tribe; I want to help women create the life they dreamt for their family before they became single - life on their terms. No get rich quick - just a blueprint from someone whose been there and made all the mistakes already! Marquez Mosher-Vision Perspective Group: Marquez Mosher sees the world a bit differently... He has a unique personality that allows him to perceive and understand situations from multiple points of view. It's a trait he has spent his professional career, as well as his personal life, constantly cultivating. Now, he wants to use it to help you. As a Perspective Specialist, Marquez works with individuals and organizations that feel like they are stuck, in a rut, or just cannot seem to break free from their routine and it is hindering them from achieving their goals and advancing their priorities. He assists them in realizing the importance of how a proper perspective and appropriate mindset impacts the quality of their decision-making skills. This is the key to pushing past and overcoming the obstacles in their way. The reason for this is that every decision, every decision, has consequences. These consequences dictate who you are, the type of life you have, and the type of life those around you have be it personally, professionally, or organizationally. As a resource, independent voice, and a consultant, Marquez truly believes that you can change your life, change the world, one decision at a time. Through his CHALLENGE Experience and Support Plans, you will think more, care more, and live more. Just have a conversation with him and you will hear his passion and purpose. Experience how one decision can change everything.
May 26, 2019
Just Do It-With Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose is a multi-published author, actor, motivational speaker, business & mindset coach, and online course creator. She specializes in helping people through mindset mastery. She discusses her ability to endorse her Visions through Action. She is a Powerhouse and uses her DRIVE to DRIVE others in their own projects. She tells her story that began in childhood, as a writer, actress and Entrepreneur at heart.  Her transparency is infectious and enticing. This Episode will show you how she wrote 11 books in 1 year and lives a full life!  Tune in and connect with any of her services below: Audiobook MANIFESTING YOUR BEST LIFE: BOOKS: THE MANIFESTING 30-DAY GUIDED JOURNAL: THE WEALTH FACTOR: GET PUBLISHED WORKBOOK: MANIFESTING MONEY (your ad is in this one!): MANIFESTING ON PURPOSE: MANIFESTING YOUR BEST LIFE: Marketing Mastery 90-Minute Mastermind June 5th 4PM ET Sign Up Link: Amanda Rose
May 21, 2019
Empowerment Panel-From All Walks to Power
Meet the Empowerment Panel individually:  Bianca Marie- I’m a full Spectrum Doula, Lactation Support Educator, Newborn Care Specialist and a Public Health Portfolio Manager with oversight of a $3 billion dollar portfolio within the federal government. Women’s health is my passion and my background ( 3 degrees) but specifically empowering minority and disadvantaged women. I help women transform their lives to take back their power when it comes to their health and especially for pregnant or postpartum minority Candace Stuart-Findlay- Empowered Whole Being Foundation-Over 10 years studying/researching Quantum mechanics/Quantum biology which provides a new paradigm/explanation of who and what we are. Published author of book which provides clear view of the fusion of Quantum research and Metaphysics, offering a roadmap for empowered self-realization. link to access the Divine Heart Coherence™ Meditation audio file: Cathy Mckinnon- Wellness Warrior Coaching-A cancer diagnosis in 2008 immersed me in my journey to strategically transform my life through health, fitness and mindfulness.  As the founder of Wellness Warrior Coaching, I work with ambitious women to create personalized success rituals to gain more energy, strength, beauty and confidence along their journey to optimal living. My signature program “ The Warrior Way” is 90 days of 1:1 coaching to address health, wellness and mindfulness habits to remove limiting beliefs, create habits that fit with your individual lifestyle and goals while reducing stress! Linda Clay-Linda is a business and lifestyle strategist who’s had successful careers in the for profit and non-profit sectors. She uses the tools and framework she developed to support corporate women who are ready to find their purpose so they can create more time, more income, and more impact while living life on their terms. Linda is a speaker and co-author of Out-of-Work to Making Money, 21 Comeback Stories Every Job Hunter Should Hear. Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor- Ni' Nava & Associates, Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor is a TEDx speaker, former attorney, and current financial adviser, business architect, grassroots organizer, and is an internationally recognized pioneer of woman of color, cultural and racial diversity, and the LGBT+ community. Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor conducts training, research, and action on issues around the black lives matter movement, women in leadership, the Me Too movement, building a financial legacy, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and resilience in devastation She is also one of the top female slam poets in the world giving the unique opportunity to bring both purposeful programming and entertainment. 
May 15, 2019
It’s Not A Man’s World-LT Bourne
This Podcast is an introduction to a write, coach and mentor-LT Bourne. His  mission is to start the conversation: The road to manhood without having a father in the home. His Upcoming book "It's Not A Man's World" discusses the challenges of living life without a father, being raised by a woman as a man. Tune in and keep a look out for the Pre-Sale June 30th and the book launch in November. Much more to come from LT Bourne.
May 14, 2019
What It Means to Be A Woman-A Powerful Conversation about the Common Perceptions of Womanhood.
What Do You Think it Means to be a Woman?   These 4 Powerful Woman discuss life as a Woman. Living to Fulfill Your Purpose Despite the Obstacles, Despite the Doubt, Despite the Fear.  Kristie Kennedy-Executive Image Consultant & Owner of Queenfidence Image Consulting; Empowering women in 4 areas: beauty, brilliance, body image and business. I am a creative thought leader who is multi-talented, multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. Sunaina Talwar-Owner, Founder and Life Motivator @ She Shines Authentically; I would like to talk about how by creating mind awareness you will be able to make the transition from living the approval life to shining your authentic self. Robin Owens-Robin L. Owens, PhD, author, speaker, coach @ Robin L Owens. I help high-achieving women entrepreneurs and leaders to have more impact and purpose through the purpose-based, decision-making system that I created. Keisha M.-Confidence Coach for Girls @ HandiWork LLC. Being a Confidence Coach for Girls allows me the opportunity to pour into our young girls, that will allow them to have the chance to invest in themselves so they can be the healthiest version of themselves, so they will know how to participate in healthy relationships...(all types of relationships..with parents, siblings, family members, friendships, and any romantic relationships, or future relationships they may have in the future).
May 09, 2019
Life as a Mogul-Mom; Uniprenuer Gabriella Ribeiro
Gabriella Ribiero is the owner of 3 businesses: The Mogul Mom, Trumarketing and Explorateur Journeys She discusses life after divorce, filling in the gaps in your industry and building multiple businesses through her passion of travel. This conversation discusses self-concept, family, opportunity, balance and the luxury of diving into your passion. Understanding the dynamics of entreprenurship and the freedom's. Understanding the dynamics of entrepreneurship and the freedoms in addition to creating a supportive network for other: has a facebook group, and other resources to assist women in Unleveling their lives. Building a tribe within a mom's network of likeminded business women. Networking and interacting with those that understand.  "I want people to know that running a business (or multiple businesses) and being a single mom is all possible- everyone's version of balance is different but the scales get tipped (and not in your favor) if you do not keep moving. Forward motion is crucial and I think I do a good job of sharing what's needed to thrive by leading by example." - is a powerful small business resource providing educational, actionable, inspiring tips, ideas, and information to mompreneurs everywhere. -Explorateur Journeys custom-crafts bespoke travel experiences to destinations around the world. Our team plans global travel, touring experiences and individualized holidays to 7 continents, hundreds of countries and thousands of cities worldwide, exactly the way you want it. -Our concept is simple and TRUthful. We leverage our wealth of experience, language capabilities, first-hand knowledge of global destinations and product, and strong relationships with key industry and media personnel.
May 06, 2019
Everything Virtual Assistant and Beyond- Overcoming Chronic Illness While Building An Empire
This episode featured the Amazing Holly Kile, owner of HJK Global Solutions: I work with business owners from the perspective as a partner rather than just someone doing tasks. My co-creation process and personal investment into their success generates an amazing synergy that supports them in unique ways. My clients tell me often that I am not a typical VA because I am able to do just about anything they ask. My other passion is teaching and I have applied that to my commitment to further professionalize the virtual assistant industry. I founded The Professional VA, a 100% free online VA training program. Holly is an Author with multiple courses, books and workshops available to advance your business. She is also disabled which you would never know. She suffers from an invisible illness that almost took her life. She has passed her expiration date and changed her thinking while changing the lives of others. A single mother, a survivor, a powerhouse and full of life and joy! Her Resources are available at her Amazing website.
April 17, 2019
10 Childhood Traumas and Severity Levels with Riana Milne
Riana Milne specializes in Helping Adults who have had past Childhood or Love Relationship Trauma and find the Emotional Triggers are presently impacting them in Life & Love - to Heal and Create the Life they Desire and Attract & Keep the Love They Deserve. She wears 3 hats of a Cert. Global Life & Love Coach for Singles & Couples, Psychotherapist in private practice 20 years, and as a Cert Clinical Trauma Professional who worked with both Children and Adults - using various educational methods to treat a client's past Trauma Experiences and Emotional Triggers Holistically - changing Mindset, Body and sense of Spirit to go from Unconscious Pain to Conscious Awareness in all Life areas; including Love Relationships. Http://
April 11, 2019
Dr Barbara Eaton Coach and Mentor
I’m Dr Barbara Eaton, Coach and Mentor to ROCK STAR ChiroMoms across the globe. Although my own children are fully grown, the memory of hustling to make it all work is forever etched on my heart and in my mind. I hope that the fact that I successfully traveled a similar path to the one they are on now and helped thousands of other women successfully navigate those waters, brings them confidence that they, too, are in the right place. Chiropractor Moms are why I created the #1 Female Created & Owned Coaching Tribe within our profession- The 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to DOUBLE Your Business! We build badass female chiropractors who are instinctively successful. WARNING: I don’t do any part of life half way so if we work together recognize that I take our philosophy of optimum potential very seriously and thus am fully obsessed with my life personally and professionally. This WILL rub off on you, I promise you that! : ) Success is my duty, my responsibility, and obligation! I am on a mission to help 56 female chiropractors create Million-Dollar practices within the next five years. We’re off to a great start! Success is my duty, my responsibility, and obligation! I am on a mission to help 56 female chiropractors create Million-Dollar practices within the next five years. We’re off to a great start! For the past 20 years, chiropractors have enthusiastically hired Dr Barbara as their coach when they’re at a plateau and know they’re capable of so much more. She is on a mission to help 56 female chiropractors create Million-Dollar practices within the next five years. THE 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to DOUBLE Your Business is THE tribe for passionate, determined chiropractors who want it ALL and believe they can HAVE it all! Listen in on this Amazing Podcast featuring a Woman that uses every experience, accomplishments and opportunities to invest in other women that are in the field of Chiropractic Care.
April 05, 2019
Raising Confident Children with Shaista Fatehali
Thrive Kids is an organized designed and developed by PhD Candidate, educator and philanthropist Shaista Fatehali.  See her mission here: As a teacher, it has always been my mission to help students feel loved, safe, secure and successful. Even though I consider myself a teacher who strives to teach beyond the curriculum, the reality is such that we are constrained to time and curricular expectations, while trying to meet the diverse needs of every student. As a PhD candidate in Early Childhood Education, I began to see how important skills such as confidence, self-regulation play a role in their learning journey. Through academic research and expertise as a teacher, I firmly believe in ensuring our children are taught holistically. This is the reason why I created Thrive Kids! A place where children, families, caregivers and teachers can directly engage in the heart mind, and help kids Thrive!  As a full time Kindergarten teacher, I have been working in the Delta School District for 13 years. I serve as a mentor teacher, a leader and facilitates initiatives for the District.  I'm also a certified children’s life coach and works with clients to build self- esteem, manage anxiety and develop the heart mind. All of our products are geared towards helping children feel valued, loved and finding their true sense of self! Helping kids THRIVE! is my passion
March 27, 2019
Mental Illness & Mentorship- Ruby Mabry
Ruby Mabry is Mental Health Advocate & International Best Selling Author "Helping women see the beauty in themselves and break the barriers society has placed on us. I am doing my part to share my story in my book series, Broken Chains in hopes to end the stigma and break the silence against mental health disorders. I want them to know they are not alone. I’m working on becoming a better me and accepting me the way that I am and want to teach them how to do the same. Mental wellness is very important and we need to talk more about it and end the stigma associated with it. My recent diagnosis prompted me to start the Loving Me, She, Her movement, which will focus on self-love, self-work, self-confidence, self-worth and body image."
March 19, 2019
Forgiveness- "How to Embrace the Pain and Move Forward"-Power Panel
Forgiveness is a topic that affects everyone though it is a hard concept to implement in the healing process. These three women talk about the affects, means to execute and long term affects of holding on to pain. Dhylles Victoria hosts this Amazing panel with Amazing experts from different backgrounds with different perspectives. Listen in to:  April St. John-Licensed Monica Zimmerman-Coach-CEO/ Susan Greif- Creative Transformation
February 24, 2019
Destination Prosperity with Aunjane Johnson
Aunjane Johnson is a woman that helps others "Birth Their Business". She focuses on helping people build business with financial education. With a background in Property Management, a foundation of Accounting Education and a passion to help people grow in the Proper order. She is a Business Coach that helps business owners Start new businesses. She breaks down tools to "Live Different".
February 24, 2019
Underneath the Hat-with Sherri Simmons
Sherri Simmons is a woman that uses her exposure to Adversity to educate girls and women to that are suffering in silence. Sherri talks about her walk as a Preacher's Wife, divorcee, infertility, teacher, mentor, Author and Woman of Grace. She is a POWERHOUSE with an amazing spirit. Listen in to her story, Check out her book: Underneath the Hat and You Tube Channel Underneath the Hat.
February 22, 2019
Rise Up with Kali
Kali Harmen is a woman on a mission to help women who are aspiring to be more yet finding themselves stressed or burnt out as a result. Kali focuses on improving health of women from the inside out. She is a Master Practitioner of NLP, and a Co-Active Life Coach, has a degree in Nutritional Science and personal training. Feel free to listen to her triumph over drug addiction, homelessness to who she is today.
February 19, 2019
Chiropractic, Health and Special Needs with Erin Jacobs-Stagner
Erin Jacobs Stagner is a Board Certified Chiropractor that educates individuals on the impact of Chiropractic Care on individuals from birth (yes birth) to beyond. She specializes in helping others understand cases such as Special Needs, that chiropractic care can be a first stop rather than a last resort to your health needs. She sheds light on how this works and how to ensure that you have relief physically, mentally and emotionally based on alignment of your spinal cord. Don't miss this Amazing interview.  Contact her at
February 13, 2019
Soul-Dilemma with April St. John
April St. John is a Licensed Marriage & Family therapist (LMFT) and (LPC) Licensed Professional Counselor. She exhibits empathy, humor, quick wit and charisma, she propels hurting people, assisting them in navigation through life's hurdles.  She discusses her triumph over years of abuse, entrapment and soul development. She shares her fierce energy, intellect and tenacity in this episode. She is available through her private practice: Living ANEW Counseling & Consulting, LLC.
February 08, 2019
Brain and Body-Dr. Lynette Louise
Dr. Lynette Louise is the "Brain Broad", an international brain change and behavior expert, working effectively around the world with families, educators, entrepreneurs, advocates, business leaders, victims/perpetrators of abuse, people with mental health challenges and various other disabilities, and anyone else struggling to gain skills and discover success using the science of brain change and behavior.  She discusses her purpose and her past that empowers her to empower others in overcoming harmful cycles that impact those around us.  WWW.BRAINBROAD.COM WWW.LYNETTELOUISE.COM WWW.BRAINBODY.NET
February 07, 2019
"Identity"-Walking In Your Purpose
Sajatha Jaffer & Susan Grief discuss Identity from a historical standpoint relative to current day. This discussion addresses cultural perspective, self-care, goals, dreams, aspirations and self concept. These ladies tap on friendship, marriage, motherhood, marriage, employment expectations and beyond. Don't miss this VITAL conversation....... Sajatha Jaffer: Author, Susan Greif:
February 06, 2019
Adversity's Hope-Raymond Anderson
Raymond Anderson is a man on a mission to change the perspective of Adversity through Hope. He is an Inspirational Speaker & Life Rebuilding Coach. He uses his experience with Adversity to motivate others to focus on their limitations rather than their limits. He strives to work one on one with individuals to move past what happened to them and use it to propel them forward. He is available for speaking engagements, individual coaching and more.
February 05, 2019
Positioned to Prosper-Faith Based Business Coach Trasetta Alexander
Trasetta Alexander has over 20 years of business management experience. She has used her education, experience, faith and poise to  assist other women in finding their true purpose, monetizing it while prospering spiritually, financially and personally. She will help you; if you are in pursuit of your purpose-to: Position to Prosper.
February 05, 2019
Sasha Talks-Management Consultant & Strategist
Sasha Laghonh is a Management Consultant & Strategist that works with individuals and organizations enhancing Business Development, Personal Development and Spiritual Counseling. She customizes her services on the needs of her clients utilizing her credentials and human experience to propel her clients to greater outcomes. She is an amazing woman on a mission to help others be more honest with themselves.
February 01, 2019
Keeping Faith While Waiting On Your Blessings-Tameka Chapman
Tameka Chapman is a woman with immense faith. She empowers others to withstand the struggles of life on God's terms while maintaining faith to fulfill your personal desires. She has co-authored an Anthology "Women Inspiring Nations", started "The Mustard Seed Promise Project" and is working on launching a children's accessory line. She is a woman of faith and endurance that lives to show others how to keep faith through the worst.
February 01, 2019
Hyster-Sisters- Life Before and After Surgery
Maranda Bailey, Dhylles Victoria, Patrice Lynch discuss the causes of intervention, the emotional impact and aftercare of having a hysterectomy. This episode will share insight into 4 different scenarios that are relative to enhance your knowledge of women's health.  Maranda Bailey- Dhylles Patrice Lynch-
January 30, 2019
Personal Development with the Maxx-Method
Christy Maxey is a Personal Development Coach with 20 years of experience as a therapist. She has been in private practice working with individuals to heal, and propel. She talks about her upcoming workbook and Coaching program based on her MAXX Method that will change the trajectory of your life.  Maxx Coaching, LLC  
January 26, 2019
Self-Doubt-Power Panel
Self-Doubt was the catalyst to the success of many of us. Chelsea Smith,   owner of; Kendra Lockhart, Owner of Caramel Studio Jewelry, Dorothy Burlakowska, Owner of DB discuss the highs and lows of life, lessons and doubt. Great tips are included to negating the negative thoughts that paralyze your passion, harp on your pain and deter your future. Don't miss this amazing conversation.
January 23, 2019
Copywriting from Healing with Rai Cornell
Rai Cornell is a woman with a purpose. She started writing early on, utilizing her skill to help her heal from the inside out, building a business helping others develop content. Listen to her story, here! You can reach her at
January 22, 2019
Creative Transformation Expert-Susan Greif
Susan Greif is a woman that uses her intellect, intuition, expertise and passion to interpret her clients drawings to awaken them to what keeps them feeling powerless, panicked, paralyzed and in pain. This is not just a practice but a life changing concept that is available through her business Art Mends Hearts.
January 18, 2019
She Inspires You with Patrice Lynch
Patrice Lynch is a Personal Growth Coach that uses her life experiences, education and passion help women heal from past experiences and reach their full potential. She prides herself on being affordable, authentic and committed to ensuring that she will impact the woman, in enhancing her image in her community, family and beyond.
January 17, 2019
Parenting Coach & Behavior Specialist & Children's Author-Jaime Tavera
Jaime Tavera is the founder of Joynationmoms, a personal early years parenting and lifestyle coach. She uses her experience, education and passion to help parents enjoy parenting more even through the challenges. Working with special needs children is her passion in addition to her book, " Being Patient Can Be Fun"-on Amazon.
January 11, 2019
True Freedom with Jennifer Peterson
Jennifer Peterson is a Woman with a Powerful Story: a Certified Equus Life & Business Coach in addition to being a Certified Reiki Master. She was a Senior Advertising Executive for 20 years that used her past, experience and resiliency to become a Voice with POWER!
January 10, 2019
Beating Chronic Illness-4 Warriors Daily Fight
Fighting Chronic Illness is a fight that many face daily, This episode features 3 professional women that tell how to fight back the illnesses that try to conquer your spirit, purpose and drive Sue Ritchie-The Business Woman's Master Coach Joy Vaughn-CFG.World Sheri Simmons-Author, Ghost-Writer  
January 09, 2019
Memoirs of A Hopeful Romantic-Olave Sebastien
Speaker, Influencer, Emotional Disruptor & Author: Olave Sebastien discusses his memoir of poetry, his motivation to educate and empower men/black men to get in tune with their emotions despite their guarded hearts. From a strong black man to the world....
December 21, 2018
Scale Up with Lauren Cohen
Scale Up Check Up is a system developed by Lauren Cohen; the Scale Up Strategist. Lauren helps others implement the foundations needed for solid business practices. Lauren's background in law coupled with her expertise and network makes her the "Trusted Advisor" for her Ambassador Network...Learn more about her expertise and services: ScaleUPCheckUp
December 20, 2018
Ghost Writing & Finances with Sheri Simmons
Sheri Simmons is a ghost writer, an author, a financial educator with Insurance licenses and more using her skills to change the dynamics in her community and in your family. Learn how to write a book with her services, and how to purchase one of her 7 books....
December 18, 2018
Black Men Tell All
This Episode features 3 Powerful Black Men in Business, sharing their insight into perceptions of black men, roles, relationships and business. Gerald Jones: The Small Business Architect; Owner of Haptic Consulting and Business Consultant, speaks about his experience as a Black business owner, new signature program working with individuals building business and success. Raymond Anderson: Inspirational Speaker; Owner of Adversity's Hope, discusses the challenges of being mistreated not only as a black man, yet as a disabled black man. Raymond discusses the importance of respecting individuals for their differences. Olave Sebastien: Author, Speaker, Influencer; Emotional Disruptor; shares his passion for writing, his experience with tapping into vulnerability, emotional intelligence and Love overall through his new journalism. Listen, learn and share your input into this topic.....
December 17, 2018
Brian's Journey-The Voice of a Son Lost to Suicide (Testament by Debbie Tyree)
This Episode is a story of a Veteran, a father, a son, a brother and a good man lost to Suicide. Brian's life matters, the lives of 47,173 Americans that died in 2017 matters. Brian's story is one of many, his mother is here to share his life, his story and his legacy. This story shows the pain of PTSD, the dismissive nature of many professionals, the lack of resources in many communities, the miseducation of many and the life that was lost as a result. Thank you to his mother Debbie Tyree for having the courage to tell his story. See his story here:
December 14, 2018
Transforming Digitally with Ashley DeLuca
Website Design, Actionable Strategies and Transforming Life from Corporate to Entrepreneur Status. Learning what it means to be Website Ready and knowing your Ideal Market... Ashley DeLuca Consulting LLC
December 12, 2018
The Voice; The Best Natural Resource with Leslie Helpert
Leslie shares her decades of composition, performing, studies and execution of utilizing the voice, music and creativity to heal around the world. Listen to the value, strength and POWER of the voice. Leslie shares how the voice can be used for awareness, grief therapy, self concept, public speaking strategies and healing. E-course, Individual and Skype sessions available.
December 12, 2018
"The Producer"- Terryl Ebony
This episode features the Amazing Terryl Ebony speaking about the importance of Productivity, Faith, Discipline and her book "Delayed but not Denied". She means business, she grows businesses and she adds to your overall Productivity! She really is a BOSS!
December 11, 2018
Heartfelt Business Life with Linda Clay
This Episode features Linda M. Clay, Business Coach and Life Style Strategist that uses her age to maximize your gifts in your business and beyond. Listen in to the tools she uses to fix your Life and Business one step at a time.
December 07, 2018
Girls and Glory-Confidence Coaching for Girls
Keisha Montfleury is a Confidence Coach for girls with a story leading her to start her faith based non-profit Abundantly Authentic. Keisha is also the Author of an upcoming book: Blue Print to Self-Esteem. Keisha's products and coaching are designed by age group to teach your girls to love themselves and others.
December 06, 2018
Military Wife Life
This episode features 4 military spouses that discuss the joys and pains of military wife life. Discussing the truths and day to day of living with an Active Duty Spouse. Stories and funny's... Air Force Life and Marine Life
December 05, 2018
PTSD, TBI and Health Transformation with Katie Gasparri
Katie Gasparri is a woman with an impeccable story that transformed her life after Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD now changing lives through health coaching.
December 04, 2018
Embrace the Mirror/ author Naomi Sodomin
International Best Selling Author, Poised Speaker and Coach discusses her ability to transform women, to use their passion to reach their Purpose. The discussion taps on cultural awareness, corporate conformity and the use of failure to propel us forward.
November 29, 2018
Fear to Freedom with Sacheen Mobley
This Episode is a real conversation with a Divorce Coach that goes deeper than divorce. We talk about the topics surrounding Divorce, self love and Mindshift. A conversation with the Doctor is what is ordered here!
November 29, 2018
Boundaries with Monica Zimmerman, Dhylles Victoria and Linda Clay
This Episode features three Entrepreneurs and Coaches discussing the importance of Boundaries, Self Care and Self Love..Self Discovery and the Holidays in a nut shell. We have tools that will help you navigate your future encounters.
November 28, 2018
Doubet with Beth Silver- PR and Advocacy
This episode features Beth Silver, the Owner of Doubet Consulting discusses the many facets of working with her agency, work-life balance and the importance of advocating for your clients. Small Business Marketing & PR, Educational Marketing, Being a Special Needs Parent and Resource, Business Problem Solver.
November 27, 2018
Tele-Communication with Katt
This episode features Katt Tracey of Katt Communications. This woman has blazed a trail starting a telecommunication organization from her experience and a divorce decree. As a single mother, she has built and empire in a short period that serves more than she could ever imagine.
November 24, 2018
Reset with Nasira Jamal
This episode features an amazing coach and upcoming Author if Life Reset-Nasira Jamal. She has an amazing story yet walks with grace and perseverance and shares her secret "Law of Attraction" through her coaching and her book. Listen in!
November 21, 2018
Born to Win, Pirate & Artisan-Jes' Booty
This episode features Jes Richardson, owner of Jes' Booty, wife, mother of 5 and Artisan, creating and amazing business from loss. Share her vision through this episode that sheds light on some of the adversity that has shaped her journey.
November 20, 2018
Healthy Choices, Mind & Body with Lisa Peranzo
This episode features a woman that has overcome injury, and adversity to use fitness and life choices to revamp her mind and body turning it into an amazing custom made program designed to get you right. Lisa Peranzo is the Real Deal!
November 19, 2018
Sister Code Author triumphant over Renal Failure
This Episode features Yolanda Brathwaite, author of Sister Code discusses her struggles with Renal Failure approaching her one year anniversary. Sister Code Volume 1 discusses women respecting each other.
November 16, 2018
Panic Disorder and Pushing Ahead-with Beverly Clay
Panic disorder affects so many yet advocating for mental wellness, self care and asking for help is not for the faint at heart. Beverly Clay talks about her movement SOL-Speak Out Loud.....
November 16, 2018
T.H.E. Cash Flow Backbone- Amazing Dee Bowden
This episode features Dee Bowden-owner of BCS Solutions assisting CEO's in securing their accounts receiving, maintaining good revenue practices and securing Your Cash Flow. Tune in and learn about how to get your money!
November 15, 2018
BeBossGirl Rise Strong in Business and Beyond
This episode features Danielle Ralston, a SerialPreneur with 25 years experience in IT, Business Strategy, Marketing, Web design with Mindset Coaching used to elevate you to who you are designed to be.
November 14, 2018
Fighting back Hashimotos and Autoimmune disorders
Stacey Lehn, a Health and Wellness Coach working with women creating a customized plan to combat the effects of Hashimotos. Stacey sheds light on the effects of Autoimmune diseases on trauma and women in general. Anika shares about recent surgery and life battling Fibromyalgia.
November 08, 2018
Publicist and Phoenix; Media Story; HERStory
Dhylles Victoria, a Publicist and Media Story Coach shares her journey to owning her own business along with her recent surgery "hysterectomy" as she heals from the tumors that almost took her life. Anika shares in their healing journey together discussing the freedom of authenticity and transparency in business and life, intertwining them to be a FORCE.
November 06, 2018
Fashion and Philanthropy: Catalyst in Canada
This episode is bigger than Suzy Tamasy's style, boutique and designs. This woman has dedicated her decades or experience with fashion, jewelry and style to use her proceeds to help women in shelters, organize a trust fund while wearing her cape as a single mother.
November 05, 2018
Financial Literacy and Liberation with Sheila
Sheila Pullum is with Financial Education Services and can shed light on how to get in business, fix your credit, have freedom and security. Sheila has insight into life, liberty and freedom that impacts many. Listen to her amazing story here!
November 05, 2018
Brokering and Breaking Molds
This episode features that Amazing Nodgela Thompson, a Serial Entrepreneur, wife and mother in the wonderful state of Louisiana, setting professional, global trends rising to the top.
November 02, 2018
The Decision to Transition with SheNesia
MindShift from Circumstance to Tool Box. This Podcast is truly Amazing as it is a conversation about Coaching, Marriage, Single Parenting, Adversity and true Transformation. The guest SheNesia Ewing is an amazing Transition Coach that breaks down what she does, how she does it and why EVERYONE needs a Coach, with sprinkles and whip cream on top!
November 01, 2018
Custom Jewelry and Cancer Victory
This episode features Randi Bryant, a cancer survivor that makes custom made jewelry from sterling, copper, buttons and natural stones. She has overcome cancer and uses her jewelry to spread joy to groups, individuals and children everywhere.
October 31, 2018
Beauty and Identity
A woman that launched a boutique for beauty accessories to enhance women's outer beauty to reflect the inner. Natacha Degazon, owner of Bizo-T shares what inspired her to open her boutique and the role of a beautiful woman.
October 31, 2018
Financial Freedom, Taxes and Credit
Laquita Hogan owner of First Step Tax Service sheds light on what we all need to know! Episode sheds light on taxes, credit, community and breaking generational curses. The importance of Credit Repair, Proper tax preparation and having the right education of such.
October 30, 2018
Diet, Disorders and Dominion
This Episode is the first Episode since Anika's surgery and it just so happens to be the Amazing Rachel Still's Episode. This woman has overcome so much from Parenting, Eating Disorder, Lifestyle Coaching, fitness diva and Owner of Sassy Mom Fitness
October 30, 2018
EscapePreneur Coaching by Kim
This Episode is about a woman that has used her journey to Coach other Women into Independence from MLM's and 9-5's. learning how to find your Power. This led to an amazing conversation about business, relationships and Empowerment.
October 18, 2018
Public Relations and Inspiration
Erica Dias is a woman with vision, that has a business, a brand and a book. The B Firm PR is a great asset to people because of the impact of a Woman on a Mission....Tune in and listen.
October 16, 2018
The Colour of Wellness
This episode features Lien Potgieter, a Business Coach and more that specializing is the Colour Option of life. Utilizing strategies to advance personal development while building a healthier YOU!
October 12, 2018
Fashion & Healing
Leslie Nelson is an entrepreneur that has a passion for fashion, and engineering and entrepreneurial spirit and a heart for healing. Leslie has used her craft to grow past her pain. Hear her Power in this Episode Owner of X Nihilo Clothing
October 05, 2018
Fierce and Fab, Defying Colorism
Whitney Simmons is a model, Co-host of a Houston radio show and model with on a mission to have equality in all shades of skin, defying Colorism and profiling. A beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit.
October 04, 2018
Kitchen Life Transformation
This episode features Karey Martin, Kitchen Coach that transforms your life through education, planning and implementation of your Kitchen Life. We all need help in this area no matter who you are! Balancing life, health and food and important. Tune into to what Karey has to offer.
October 04, 2018
Women, Wives, Mothers Solving Problems for Others as CEO's
This Episode features Nakisha Green-Event Planner and more Beth Silver-Education & Special Needs Nodgela Thompson-Certified Lifestyle Business Empowerment Coach Sacheen Mobley-Divorce Coach
October 02, 2018
Breaking Barriers One Woman At A Time
This episode includes 3 Women that have broken barriers in their fields: Sharon Bowes-Canada trailblazing in Business/Leadership Mya Ndiaye-Michigan Trailblazing in Psychology/Behavior Analyst Katherine Tracey-Massachusetts Telecommunications as a Female Owner
September 28, 2018
Episode 15, Setting Boundaries from Around the World
Transformation Coaching & Digital Marketing, Publishing from across the World Monica Zimmerman Keidra Tyson Pam Pormentilla Discussing setting boundaries, single parenting and following your dreams. From Dreamer to CEO.....
September 28, 2018
Coaching All Around
Victoria Johnson-Victoria Johnson Coaching & Training Company from Canada Clair Pyle- Chronic Illness & Invisible Illness Coach from South Africa. This session talks about the Importance of Coaching...The variation of Coaching Niche's and Topics.....Along with Relevance...
September 25, 2018
Fitness to Business with No Fear
This episode features: Lisa Peranzo-Fitness & Wellness Expert Danielle Romer-Advocate and Business Expert Linda Clay-Mentor, Strategist, Entrepreneur Ashley Little-Best Selling Author
September 21, 2018
Second Act Season
This Episode features that Amazing Sherry Tinnin, MA, a woman on a mission to help other women live fearlessly after 50. Rise Consulting, LLC Listen for her Amazing story.
September 21, 2018
Support as a Women in the Business World
This episode features Rachel Herrera: The Tile Girl Remodeling Tomika Russell; author and owner of IdeaWords LLC We discussed the importance of Support as a Woman in Business
September 20, 2018
Global Advocacy
This episode features 3 Amazing Women from across the globe that exemplify empowerment on 3 different levels: Rachel Kurzyp-copywriter, business coach, teacher. Jenna Ponaman-relationship Coach Laura Lafitte Salis Gabbiani-Consultant, Producer, Business Coach, International Human Rights Advocate
September 20, 2018
From Marketing to Rescue: Wake Up Women
This episode features two amazing Womenpreneurs: Kristie Klavinger a print and marketing genius and Karen Mayfield, a women with many hats, online dating, animal rescue and more.... that brought so much light to the topics of print and Marketing along with Purpose and Passion. Karen rescues in every sense of the word. Get plugged into these women.
September 18, 2018
Therapeutic Modalities
This episode features 2 Amazing Women that have launched their own therapy practices in Europe. You must listen and learn more about you options and paths to healing. Especially for women 40 +.
September 14, 2018
This episode features 3 Amazing Women: An author & Unipreneur Laura Shortridge Abigail Carroll-an Accounting and Bookkeeping Eleanor Dote-Web Design and Identity Shaping
September 13, 2018
Purpose and Style
This Episode features amazing women from across the globe...AGAIN Vinita Ramtri from London a business woman and Author Stephanie Michelle with style from Texas and Delilah Cordova bringing it home with Marketing from NC. This is more power for your ears!
September 11, 2018
Episode 4 Universal Warriors
This episode features 3 Women from across the globe: Nasira Jamal-Canada; Menaca Joji-London and Justine Garcia-California. The stories that you will here today are more than amazing, inspirational and may bring tears. Be ready to share these journeys and be inspired.
September 07, 2018
The Power of 6 Episode 3
This episode features 6 Amazing Women: Quotina Floyd, Tequila Dodard, Amy Demarzo, Whitney Simmons, Stephanie White, Monica Uribe. The conversation includes the importance of utilizing your pain for Power and validating your gifts! Learn about each woman's journey in formulating their businesses and why they are the best at what they do!
September 07, 2018
The Power of 3
This episode features two authors, a woman on a mission to change the perspective of body shaming for "thick" women, a woman with a book on relationships and self love. A woman that coaches Queenpreneurs. The Power of 3......
September 06, 2018
Your Voice; Your Power The Power of 8
Welcome to the first episode featuring 8 Special Guests: Dee Bowden, Fanny Myth, Tammy Fink, Keisha Montfleury, Randi Bryant, Sara Lasker, Melody Leon and Adetoro Majekodunmi
September 04, 2018
The very first Introduction of Your Voice; Your Power by Anika Today's Guests are Adetoro Majekodunmi, Dee Bowden, Tammy Fink, Randi Bryant, Sara Lasker, Fanny Myth, Keisha Montfleury and Melody Leon. The wealth of information available on this site is unbelievable. Don't miss our first Podcast streaming live today. Tune in later for the first Group Panel of Female Entrepreneurs telling the secrets to Ambition.
September 04, 2018