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The Animals Anonymous Podcast

The Animals Anonymous Podcast

By Alexis Magdeline
The Animals Anonymous Podcast features a new "anonymous animal" each week. Listen in as we take a break from making t-shirts to laugh, learn and share our passion about animals.
Every week someone on the podcast crew must choose an animal they know nothing, or very little, about. See whose information matches, who is wrong, who has the best fun facts, and most importantly what can be done to help save the species. Our goal is to bring awareness to a new species each week and fight to end extinction 🐾
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Episode 1 - Northern Quoll
Today on the podcast we talk about the Northern Quoll. Some of us have no idea what it is and some of us had a blast learning all about it.  Join us as we dive in to find out what makes this animal anonymous and what we can do to help it. If you listened to the podcast and you would like to do more check out the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and consider making a direct donation. This podcast is for fun and some of the facts may not be correct, our goal is to do as much research as possible but we would love to hear from you as well. If we missed anything or may have gotten something wrong please leave a friendly comment bellow and let us know. Also drop a link to a conservation, organization or program that helps support the Northern Quoll. We are always looking for a new endangered species to feature so let us know what our next anonymous animal should be.
August 21, 2020