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The Flipside

The Flipside

By Aniwa Codyre
“The Flipside”, seeking out stories from the Flipside of mental health in Aotearoa, from a youth perspective. A new podcast by Rangatahi, for Rangatahi. Each week we interview a special guest who shares with us the view from inside their mind. Hosted by Aniwa and Rangimarie. Brought to you by Melon Health. (This podcast is not a replacement for seeking help and the content is the opinion of the participants unless otherwise indicated. If you are struggling, call Youthline on 0800 376 633 or text or call 1737.)
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Being Intersex: identity, intersectionality, and mental health
This week, Mikaela shares her experience as an intersex person and how it ties in with mental health, identity and sexuality. We discuss tendencies to watch for Bi-polar, as well as therapy, and how Mikaylas lived experience informs her art and activism.
November 20, 2020
Is social media causing Negative body image, self-isolating & depression? - with Te Manaia
This week, we discuss what it means to have a negative body image, what causes isolation & depression, and why social media exacerbates these issues. Te Manaia’s internal and physical battle with scoliosis, and the ensuing body issues that her condition caused, affected her mental health and self esteem causing her to self isolate as a teenager. They discuss her passion for psychology, art as therapy/introspection. As well as hate and online bullying, and the impact social media has on the Gen Z psyche, self esteem, and social world.
October 8, 2020
On childhood trauma with Ariki Perana
This week, Ariki and Aniwa discuss being broke, the precarious life of an artist, financial struggles, the drug binge culture in NZ, Survival mentality, class divides, Kaikohe (small town NZ), support networks and what it’s like to carry the after effects of traumatic events when faced with a lack of understanding from peers who have grown up on the other side of the tracks.
September 28, 2020
The Journey of an injury ending season with Rangimarie mita - a story of resilience and opening up.
This week, Rangimarie Mita & Aniwa talk about the role content creation has in documenting his self development journey. They talk about basketball, and his season-ending injury, of which the fallout lead to his Mahi in the mental health space.
August 31, 2020