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By Anna Clare Harper
Insights, information and ideas to help UK property investors get informed, make better decisions, and achieve more in a fast-changing market
Investing in the future of construction - Apprenticeships with Paul Ruddick and Anna Clare Harper
In this episode, Anna Clare Harper finds out about construction apprenticeships in London with Paul Ruddick, Co-founder of K10, London’s largest construction-specific Apprenticeship Training Programme (ATA). Anna and Paul are joined by Peter Bannister, Senior Apprenticeship Programme Manager and George, an apprentice Site Manager on the scheme.  Anna and Paul discuss why apprenticeships are vital to address the current construction skills crisis, which is a factor limiting the supply of new buildings.  Peter explains how K10’s approach offers a win/win solution for contractors and apprentices and George outlines how the K10 programme has put him on track for a £60-70k salary within seven years.  Highlights include: How 40% of the construction workforce is due to retire within the next decade. Why taking on apprentices makes commercial sense and has a positive social impact. How the construction sector should see the industry skills shortage as an opportunity.  Resources: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: @k10apprenticeships Twitter: @K10socialimpact
May 16, 2019
Through the Lender’s Lens - Anna Clare Harper talks to Ben Barbanel, Head of Debt Finance at OakNorth, a leading UK business challenger bank providing business and property loans to SMEs
In this episode, Anna and Ben discuss OakNorth’s approach to lending and how they use a combination of data-driven and human decision-making processes. They look at how challenger banks are addressing the finance issues experienced by property investors and developers and why OakNorth’s loan book currently stands at £2bn and rising, with continuing strong demand. Ben also shares some great advice for beginner investors and explains why there’s plenty of reason for optimism in the face of uncertainty. Highlights include: Why property investors need to professionalise and learn the trade What lenders are looking for in successful applications Why no branches doesn’t mean no human interaction How the use of technology and data benefits bank customers Resources:
May 2, 2019
What ordinary property investors can learn from institutions - Alexandra Thur, Founding Partner of Multi-Billion Dollar Real Estate Investment Businesses, and Anna Clare Harper
In this episode, Anna Clare Harper finds out why institutional investors are increasingly investing in residential property and what small and medium sized investors and business owners can learn from their approach with Alexandra Thur, Director of Willow Isle Capital, Partner and Investment Director of Castelnau Estates and Founding Partner of two Multi-Billion Dollar Real Estate Investment Businesses. Anna and Alexandra examine who institutional investors are and how they differ from SME investors in some surprising ways. Alexandra gives a great overview of ground rent investment and the appeal of this long-term, stable asset class to investors. Anna and Alexandra also cover the impact of a fast-changing UK property market from an institutional perspective and how one investor’s uncertainty is another’s opportunity. Highlights include: Who the different types of institutional investor are and their investment criteria What ground rents are and how changes have affected this sector How the point where institutional interest ends marks the beginning of opportunities for smaller investors Why institutional investors now own c. 10% of UK property Resources: Email: Website:
March 29, 2019
Tackling Tax. Anna Clare Harper talks to Tony Gimple, Founder of the UK’s leading tax and estate planning consultants for landlords
In this episode, Anna Clare Harper discusses the impact - and opportunities - created by recent tax changes for property investors of all sizes with Tony Gimple, Founding Director of Less Tax 4 Landlords. Anna and Tony explore how tax changes have been used as an instrument to professionalise the UK property sector. They also cover how individual and institutional investors can still find great returns, by shifting to a long-term focus. Highlights include: How Section 24 is impacting landlords. Why being a passive landlord is no longer a viable option in the current market. How you need to get to grips with the detail to thrive in property. What investors looking to leave a legacy to their children need to know.  Resources:
March 14, 2019
Beyond Beige – Anouska Tamony and Anna Clare Harper discuss getting better returns through interior design
In this episode, Anna Clare Harper  finds out how interior design can increase Return On Investment for  developers, investors, in fact anyone selling or renting a property,  with the Founder of Award-winning London Design Studio, Anouska Tamony  Designs. Anna and Anouska explore why interior  design is important, especially in a stagnating market. They also cover  the importance of knowing your target market and where to concentrate  your efforts for maximum impact if you have a limited budget. Anouska  explains how involving a professional designer can help to speed up  property sales and even the construction process, in surprising ways. Highlights include: Understanding  interior design’s role in speeding up purchase decisions, by making  potential buyers fall in love with the property How to research your target market and set a budget for design How to make the most of a professional design studio in the development process – from start to finish Top tips for a high-quality finish, with a limited budget How to re-invigorate a property that isn’t selling Resources: Email: Website: Instagram and Twitter: @anouskatamonydesigns
February 28, 2019
The Perfect Fit – Modular construction with Anna Clare Harper and Paul Ruddick
In this episode, Anna Clare Harper  discusses the benefits of modular construction with Paul Ruddick, MD of  the UK’s leading modular construction design and build contractor,  Reds10. Anna and Paul explore what modular  construction is and how the technology can boost build quality, while  reducing cost and build time. They also cover Paul’s passion for  training young people to address the UK’s construction skills shortage  and why modular construction is the perfect fit in a time of uncertainty  and increased regulation. Highlights include: Modular  construction – how the technology combats many of the problems  associated with traditional construction, including the skills shortage. Paul  Ruddick’s journey from QS to owning a company with a £20m turnover in  2018 and a goal of £100m turnover in the next three years. Making the most of modular construction. How the UK government is playing a major role in promoting the technology’s adoption. Resources: Connect with Paul Ruddick on LinkedIn:
February 28, 2019
Profits, problems and planning in the UK property market, with Anna Clare Harper and planning expert & property developer, Paul Higgs
In this episode, Anna discusses the  commercial reality in the property development space and the dynamics  around the UK’s planning system with chartered planning and development  surveyor and founder of an award-winning multi-million-pound development  company, Paul Higgs. The episode covers the reality behind  the UK’s planning system and the potential problems regarding its  application, in theory, the opportunities planning opens for investors  and property developers. It looks at modern methods of construction as a  potential solution to the housing shortage in the UK, land banking and  whether it truly exists, and gives insights on how to unlock value  through planning. Highlights include: – The UK planning system and how it works, as well as its unique points from a developer and investor perspective – The biggest opportunities in the planning space within property in today’s market for investors and developers – The  possibility for the UK planning system to protect property value for  potential investors and cope with the country’s housing shortage at the  same time – Tips on unlocking value in property through planning – Land banking and the potential drivers behind the concept Resources: Connect with Paul on LinkedIn: Connect with Paul on Facebook: Connect with Millbank on Facebook: Website: Booking link for next webinar on Feb 6th: YouTube channel:
February 28, 2019
Oxbridge Professor, Business Owner and Investor, Andrew Baum, on Tech, Theory vs Reality, and Teaching Property Investment
In this episode, Anna discusses how technology and theory can be used to make better investments, as well as leading multimillion-pound investment businesses whilst teaching at Oxford & Cambridge, with Professor Andrew Baum.   Andrew has combined an academic career including professorships at Oxford and Cambridge, with leading several multi-million-pound investment businesses. He is currently Chairman of Newcore Capital management, Chairman of consulting company Property Funds Research and Visiting Professor of Management Practice at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Highlights include: The social obligation of investors – greedy investors don’t win! The importance of fundamental principles of investment – markets are generally efficient, and there are very few free lunches, which means speculative development to sell is like gambling Value investing – buy things that are worth more than you pay for them, with strong yields for the long term where possible The power of options – select assets that are performing well today with great upside potential The importance of never using the present tense (e.g. the stock market is rising) only ever explain what has happened (the stock market has risen)   Resources:
January 17, 2019
Goals in property investment – special start of 2019 episode with Fredrik Sandvall
In this episode, Anna discusses goals with a multi-million-pound investor, advisor and podcast host, Fredrik Sandvall.   When Fredrik came to the UK, he and his brother (who didn’t even have a UK bank account) had a goal of investing £2.5m. Part way through the year, they doubled their goal…twice… and they achieved it!   Fredrik also hosts two top-rated podcasts about investing and has written several best-selling books about investing – both financially, and in yourself.   So he’s brilliantly qualified to talk about goals – a hot topic at the end of one year, and the start of the next. This episode includes: Frameworks and tools for setting goals for the new year The power of outside external influences for achieving your dreams Looking back on past goals and achievements Tips and tricks for making sure you reach your goals   Resources: The 12 Week Year – – Invest in You – Fredrik’s podcast which includes episodes ranging from Ray McClennan, to Grant Cardone – Investing Skills Podcast
January 3, 2019
The Value of having a mentor with grey hair, in a fast-changing market, with John Corey, Founder of Property Fortress and Host of The London Real Estate Meetup
In this episode, Anna discusses the value of having a mentor with grey hair, with the Host of one of the longest-running property events in London, the London Real Estate Meetup, and Founder of Property Fortress, John Corey.   The episode includes 7 ways having a mentor can help property investors. This has never been more important than if you’re investing in UK property today, as the market is changing rapidly and full of new challenges. And a mentor with grey hair means they’ll have experience through market cycles and past changes…   Highlights include: The importance of factors such as expanding your network, accelerating learning, acting as a sounding board, and learning from their experience rather than reinventing the wheel. Avoiding mistakes others have made, thinking strategically, setting goals, encouraging development, and helping with big decisions.   Resources:
December 20, 2018
Fine Wine vs Real Estate, with Senior Portfolio Manager at Cult Wine Investments, Jack Chapman
In this episode, Anna discusses fine wine vs real estate, with Senior Portfolio Manager at Cult Wine Investments, Jack Chapman. Especially in an uncertain and fast-changing market, it makes sense to have a balanced portfolio. And fine wine can be a great ‘balancer’ to property… In this episode, Jack and Anna discuss: The importance of factors such as location for wine vs property Wealth preservation through wine / property investments, and using ‘the alternative of all alternatives’ as a hedge against volatility Practicalities – ways to invest, affordability, liquidity, tax dynamics, and what happens if it all goes wrong If you like wine, property and the idea of keeping your money in something tangible that holds value in volatile times, this episode is for you. Resources: Cult Wine Investments – Trading and data for fine wine –
December 13, 2018
High yielding property, with HMO investor and award-winning business owner, Nick Leatherland
In this episode, Anna discusses high yielding UK property investment with school drop out turned award-winning business owner, Nick Leatherland.   The episode covers everything from the impacts of licensing on investors in Houses in Multiple Occupation, to the journey from school drop out to financial freedom, as well as running an award-winning business that works with a full spectrum of people: from high net worth investors in Dubai, to housing benefit tenants who need a roof over their head.   Highlights include: HMOs, how they work, the alternatives and market context The journey: from dropping out of school with no GCSEs, to today, thinking reading and educating yourself is the most important thing, being financially free and running an award-winning property business, and lessons learned along the way Recent changes and predictions for the market – including licensing, saturation and Brexit   Resources:
December 6, 2018
UK Property Investment headlines & opportunities with Richard Bowser, Editor of top industry magazine, Property investor news
In this episode, we were privileged to speak to the Editor of one of the best-regarded magazines in the industry, Property Investor News, Richard Bowser, about recent property investment headlines and news, and huge opportunities in the UK property market, today.
November 29, 2018
Changes and opportunities in the UK property market
In this episode, Anna shares her thoughts on what’s changed and changing in the UK property market, and how investors can see opportunity between the doom and gloom headlines.
November 29, 2018
Relaunch: Intro to Series 2
In this episode, we share what series 2 of The Return: Property & Investment Podcast is all about (UK property investment, in a fast-changing market), what’s changing (a lot!), who it’s for (active and aspiring UK property investors), and what you can expect to get from listening to this series: insights, information and ideas for investors, in a fast-changing UK property market.
November 29, 2018
The Age of Anomoly: financial crises, and investing in property, crypto and gold with best-selling author, YouTuber and Economist Andrei Polgar
Andrei Polgar is a highly respected economist, investor, best-selling author and Founder one of the most popular economics platforms online, used in schools and universities worldwide… And he believes we are set for a serious, global financial crisis. Listen in for: – Terrifyingly convincing evidence that we are set for a global financial storm – What we need to know from economic history – Why a portfolio of property, gold and crypto may be the best way to protect yourself Andrei has just launched a book, The Age of Anomoly, which is heavily discounted during its launch – links below! Links and resources: One Minute Economics contest: Book links:
August 9, 2018
Crypto-currencies, with Head of Education at LBX (the UK’s leading exchange) and Founder of Bitmera, Jacob Papageorgiou
In this episode, we talked crypto with Jacob Papageourgiou, long term investor, Founder of Bitmera, a crypto education platform, and Head of Education at London Block Exchange, a leading UK crypto exchange platform. Jacob discusses risk averse crypto investing,  starting investing as a hobby on the side of a demanding career, and taking time over new investment decisions. The interview includes: How to define a crypto investment strategy, whether you’re risk averse or risk tolerant, using traditional investment practices such as portfolio diversification and market timing The importance of research, and the crucial questions to ask before you buy, if you’re looking at crypto opportunities The difference between investing in and speculating with crypto The interview was recorded when Jacob was balancing a demanding City career with his crypto passion and portfolio. As he’s since committed fully, the interview is great for anyone looking to test an investment strategy on the side, before diving in to investing fully – in crypto or other asset classes. Resources: Coinbase – – platform for exchange and storage The Internet of Money 1 and The Internet of Money 2 – Andreas M. Antonopoulos (book, audio book or youtube) – for conceptualising crypto Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies – Andreas M. Antonopoulos – for a more in depth overview Reddit – sub-Reddit: cryptomarkets Coindesk – – for crypto news Coin Telegraph – Cointelegraph Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News Bitmera – – crypto education London Block Exchange – – ‘the UK’s first dedicated cryptocurrency exchange built to help consumers and institutions join the digital money revolution’
July 26, 2018
Private Equity, with ex-Terra Firma, Forbes 30 Under 30 awarded Founder of Starlake Capital, Melvin Chen
Investing in businesses: Private Equity. The Return interviewed the ex-Terra Firma, Forbes 30 Under 30 awarded Founder of Starlake Capital, a rapidly rising Asian Private Equity company, to demystify the world of Private Equity and Venture Capital. The interview, with Melvin Chen, includes: What Private Equity is really about, and how it differs from alternatives – for example in liquidity, and returns How Private Equity performs (typically 25% IRR), and why What’s happening in the Private Equity world, including the impact of technology, regulations, and global trends such as growth in Asian Private Equity Melvin sheds light on what is often considered a murky asset class, which few people understand, and gives some great insights on what’s happening in the asset class.   Resources: Databases – Specialist publications, e.g., General publications – / Specialist consulting companies, e.g.
July 19, 2018
Dividend investing with world-renowned dividend blogger, Ben Reynolds
The Return interviewed one of the world’s leading bloggers on dividend stocks, Ben Reynolds of, to talk long term, income-generating dividend growth investing. The interview includes: 8 rules for dividend investing How to find the right stocks to buy, and when to sell (rarely!) The importance of science over emotion in stock market investing for the long term The interview dispels the myth that stock market investing is just about short term buy and sell decisions or gambling, and gives some great tips about how to get started and keep going, even when the market falls… Resources: (check out the Dividend Aristocrats list) DRIP investing resource centre
July 12, 2018
Jewellery with Founder / Creative Director of one of the top contemporary jewellery businesses in the UK, Tessa Packard
Investing…made beautiful!! Find out how to buy jewellery – as a store of wealth, a balancer for other more traditional investments, or just as a gift (for yourself or for a loved one!)! Find out: Top tips on how to buy jewellery, and avoid feeling flustered – wherever you are buying from How to research and understand what drives value in the jewellery world About the importance of expression and sentiment vs raw materias, for investing in jewellery – which can’t be quantified! If you’re interested in investing in something you love, something you can wear, and something beautiful, this episode is for you! Resources:  
July 5, 2018
Buy to let property investment with multi-millionaire landlord and highly-regarded author Angela Bryant
UK property investing – is buy to let dead? We asked multi-millionaire landlord and author of one of the most highly regarded books on property investment, Angela Bryant, what’s really going on in the property market.   Angela has bought 100+ properties and has 20+ years’ experience under her belt, yet remains incredibly humble… Find out: If buy to let is worth the hassle, in the current market context Reducing costs in your property portolio The unanticipated impacts of policy change on homelessness The risks and rewards in stocks and shares vs property
June 21, 2018
Property investing and developing, with multi-millionaire investor, developer and Founder of the UK’s largest property training business, world record holder and #1 best selling author on Amazon, Mark Homer
Co-Founder of the UK’s largest Property Training business (Progressive Property), prolific multi-millionaire property investor and developer, World Record Holder, and #1 best-selling author, Mark Homer on how to get started in UK property investing, and how to scale up. Mark started small, and has now developed 550+ properties and manages 720+ properties, so is the perfect person to discuss getting started and scaling up in property investment and development. The interview includes: – How to get started – from who not to listen to, to learning along the way – How to scale up sustainably, and profitably – Keeping up with regulations, market trends and taxes affecting the property market, and keeping an eye on the past, future and other assets Resources:  
June 6, 2018
Property investing, with CEO and Founder of Inspired Assets, Martin Skinner
Profiting from exciting UK property investment opportunities without a big deposit or mortgage… And more affordable housing for end users, at a time when so many people who want to, can’t afford to invest in, buy or even rent a property. In this episode, we discuss the exciting approaches being taken to open up the property market to investors and consumers, by one of the UK’s fastest growing property companies. The Founder and CEO of Inspired Assets, Martin Skinner, explains: How ‘intensifying the use’ of property assets can generate higher returns for investors, as well as delivering more affordable housing for end users How indirect property investment puts power in the hands of the investor, in a more efficient way, and enables you to invest in property without a large deposit or mortgage, What exciting technologies developers are bringing in to their projects, and their impact – on cost base and consumers
May 24, 2018
Pensions, with Howard Brindle, Deputy CEO and COO of UK’s largest private pension fund, USS
Retirement might seem a long way off. But with increasing life expectancies, you could easily be relying on your pension for 1/4 to 1/3 of your life (longer than you were at school!) Which makes pensions important to understand…But where to start? We had the privilege of interviewing Howard Brindle, the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the UK’s largest private pension scheme, USS to discuss what you need to know about pensions. The interview includes: How the different types of pension work How regulations and taxes influence outcomes for individuals and their future lifestyles Why pension funds are becoming some of the most powerful investors in the world!   Resources:
May 17, 2018
Tech Start Ups, with Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, Michael Dent
Entrepreneurialism and technology are part of the career and lifestyle goals for so many of us. But what is it actually like to invest in tech start ups?? To find out, we interviewed Michael Dent, a serial tech start up investor and entrepreneur. His experience ranges from co-investing with the Founder of Purple Bricks in Lavanda, to founding hot ‘proptech’ business, PropertyData. In this interview, you’ll find out: – What it’s really like to invest in tech start ups – a rollercoaster ride from the huge returns to ‘total loss of capital’ (on 6/10 investments!) – What you really need to know, before you invest in tech start ups – Top tips on what to look for, and what to avoid if you’re looking at a start up investment – from fancy offices to big name advisers Find out more:
May 10, 2018
Crowd-funding, with Davin and Atuksha Poonwassie
Crowd funding is revolutionising the way ordinary people can invest, and opening the doors to the world of investment. Unlike many of the more traditional approaches to investing: 1. It’s accessible… All you need is a laptop or smartphone and a small amount available to invest. 2. It lets you be part of inspiring projects and exciting products that you’re passionate about 3. It’s hassle free and flexible. You can choose when and how, and what investments you get involved with, from your living room… it can be as quick and easy as internet shopping! In this episode, you’ll discover from Davin and Atuksha Poonwassie, founders of the fast-growing, very exciting crowd-funding platform, Simple Crowdfunding: 1. What crowd funding is all about, and the different types of crowd-funding available 2. How it works, and how you can get involved in projects your passionate about, without hassle! 3. What to look out for if you’re researching your first or next crowd-funded investment
May 3, 2018
Introducing The Podcast
Introducing The Return: Property & Investment Podcast! If you’ve ever been interested in the idea of investing – to make a bit of money on the side of your job, or to fund your passion, lifestyle or retirement – The Return Podcast is for you. Our goal is to help people to understand the topic of investing better and enjoy it more, regardless of their background or experience level, by sharing inspiration, ideas, and quality information in an accessible way. In Episode 1 we cover: 1. The point of the podcast – what’s in it for you! 2. Who we are, and why we’re doing the podcast 3. What to expect from series 1… interviews with experts in their field, covering topics from wine to watches, property to pensions! Resources:
May 3, 2018
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