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The Dance Floor

The Dance Floor

By Anna Harsh
The Dance Floor is an exploration of the life lessons learned through the art of dance.
Anna Harsh interviews artists of all expertise that give advice and explain how art has improved their lives.
Anna is the Director and Founder of Allegro Dance Company an Italian dance company that preserves, entertains and tours the world performing and teaching about the Italian heritage and culture. She holds M.A in Communication, B.A in Dance is a RYT200 yoga instructor and certified Pilates instructor with decades of teaching experience.
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Ballet through a different lens with Guest: Dan Karasik
Dan Karasik, dancer, choreographer and professor speaks about his latest dance film creation based on ballet.  La Spectre de la Rose is a short film about the freedom of releasing ourselves from our tethers. Featuring Isabella Bergamin, as Rose, with Maddie Kucensky, and Jillian Sinko. Conceived, directed, and filmed by Daniel Karasik and set to music by Daniel McTiernan. Dan also gives advice on emerging choreographers on how to be authentic to your work.  Host: Anna Harsh  Website  Follow Dan on Instagram:  To see Dan's Dance Film Click here >
July 19, 2021
Dance Saved my Life
Guest Olivia Bone, Dance major at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA speaks about her childhood journey and how dance truly saved her life. She shares her experiences growing up dancing as well as advice and tips on how to stand out when auditioning for a dance program in college. Host: Anna Harsh  Allegro Dance Company website Take virtual technique classes with Anna 
July 5, 2021
Why should I learn Cultural Dances?
Joe Nickel, dancer, choreographer and Thrive Dance Experience owner discusses why we should learn more partner dance and cultural dance. Joe and Anna share what life lessons cultural dance teach us and along with advice and ways to improve our dance education and studio spaces. Thrive convention info:  Host: Anna Harsh  Allegro Dance Company THE DANCE FLOOR PODCAST : 
June 28, 2021
Growing as a Dance Professional with Jadell Lee
Jadell Lee, dance educator/ author/ professor shares how he started in dance and how he grew into a dance professional. He gives tips and advice for dancers that want to make a shift in their career and even how to do a Ted Talk. Dates on the Thrive Dance Experience tour are given as well. 
June 21, 2021
College Connections with Guest Rosalie Anthony
Rosalie a Point Park University dance major speaks about her journey from Alabama to Pittsburgh for college.  Giving advice on auditioning and how to take care of your body before and after dance classes. for more helpful tips and advice about college life!  Follow Rosalie on instagram @rosalinaballerina  Allegro Dance Company Anna Harsh host
June 14, 2021
Beyond the Dance Studio
 Melissa McDaniel from Charlotte, NC speaks about ways a dancer can continue on with their passion for dance after studio days are over. She gives tips and advice on how dance parents can be advocates for their child. Her years of dance education and teaching allowed her passion for dance to continue in her personal organizations.  Melissa M. McDaniel is an entrepreneur,  educator, choreographer, and program manager. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies and a Masters in Business Administration. Melissa's strong background in education, event management, and choreography led her to combine all her talents and found Melissa McDaniel 360, LLC, a multi-faceted organization that serves to educate, engage and empower businesses, organizations, and individuals through the work of five subsidiary companies. Melissa McDaniel website  Anna Harsh Director Allegro Dance Company
June 7, 2021
The Graham Technique
Honoring Martha Graham's birthday on May 11, host Anna Harsh speaks with Steve Rooks a former principle dancer for the Martha Graham Dance Company. Learn more about Martha's technique and what dancers should be doing outside of the dance studio. Steve shares his unique dance journey and gives advice to dancers today. Study dance online with Anna Harsh  Learn more about Martha Graham Dance Company 
May 10, 2021
A Virtual Musical with Anna Harsh
Host Anna Harsh shares how she choreographed an entire musical virtually without ever going to the high school!  Hear the tips and advice to make this all work, plus the life lesson that the students gained from the show. Listen to how Wheeling Park High School in Wheeling WV is putting on a musical during a pandemic.  Tickets to see the show See it in person on April 30-May 2 or May 8 & 9 for online showcases.  Join Anna Harsh and take a musical theater dance summer intensive online! June 7-10, 2021
April 25, 2021
Letting Go
Host Anna Harsh offers a guided meditation about letting go. If you don't know how to get started, try listening to this guided meditation about letting go. We all had a hard take time to care for yourself. This meditation will allow you to release anxiety and tension to feel relief and clarity.  Book a yoga or meditation session with Anna Harsh
April 20, 2021
Making Space to Create
This is part 2 of a conversation with guest Geoff Steele called Making Space to Create.  Dance friends Anna Harsh and Geoff Steele (Dancer/ Choreographer) share the pros & cons of virtual dance, using improvisation in shows and how creating space in your life and letting go can bring new opportunities. Geoff also talks about the upcoming appearance on The Travel Channel new docuseries.  Geoff Steele contact: Podcast host: Anna Harsh  The Dance Floor  Allegro Dance Company
April 6, 2021
Having FAITH to create with guest Dean Skinner
Join host Anna Harsh on THE DANCE FLOOR where life lessons are learned through the art of dance. Anna interviews a talented Cleveland Artist, Author and Italian American Dean Skinner. Painting and writing put him on a journey that restored his faith. Dean sees the unseen and finds solace in art and writing. Tips and advice are discussed on how mistakes can turn out to be your masterpiece.  Dean's Books: Broken, Paths & Healed (soon to be released) Follow Dean on Instagram:  Find more episodes of THE DANCE FLOOR 
March 30, 2021
Igniting Friendship with Dance with Guest Geoff Steele
In part 1 of a 2 part series Geoff Steele, Director/ Choreographer/ Dancer from Salem WV shares his story of growing up performing clog dancing and competing on a national stage. A bit of history of clogging is given and how the style has changed today. Geoff and Anna share how their friendship grew over time and haven't missed a beat even during the pandemic. Being open to all forms of dance can create a dance family and help dancers network with others. Geoff can be found on all social media.
March 23, 2021
Spirit & Oppy
Host Anna Harsh brings on special guest Rachel Vincinguerra, dancer, podcaster, author to chat about her new book Spirit and Oppy.  She holds a Master of Social Work and Master of International Development and is a RYT200 Yoga Instructor.  Her new book Spirit & Oppy Illustrated by Samantha Gottwalt is the journey the 2 rovers go on to Mars in 2003 while sending measurements and photographs back to Earth. Rachel reveals her life lessons while writing her book as well as how the exploration of her dance space taught her something similar.  Contact Rachel   Her podcast Paradoxia  Instagram @RachelVinciguerra  Host: Anna Harsh Visit for more information 
February 9, 2021
Under the Light of the Italian Moon
Host Anna Harsh interviews Jennifer Anton an American/Italian author about her new novel Under the Light of the Italian Moon.  This story is inspired by a true story of love and women's resilience during the rise of fascism and WWII. Jennifer tells about her  14 year research as well as advice for new writers.  Her book is romantic, inspiring and rich with history. She opens up about how her own heart problems lead her to healing and finding answers about her grandmother's past.  Her book debuts on March 8 - International Women's day.  You can pre-order Jennifer's book from Amazon. The Dance Floor Podcast  For more information about Allegro Dance Company visit 
January 18, 2021
Survival skills learned & the Secrets to Choreography.
Anna Harsh breaks down a dance class taking you beyond the steps and showing you the survival skills dance teaches us.  Plus learn the secrets to making great choreography for your next show or competition. The elements and qualities that each dance should have to make it memorable. Anna also shares her new song she created called CLUB NIGHTS. So make room in the living room and have a dance party with your family !  Lots of fresh new classes for 2021 !  Check out her site - book your lesson today!  Or check out her company Allegro Dance Company 
January 14, 2021
The Gratitude Challenge
Director Anna Harsh talks about preparing for the holiday season with a 30 day gratitude challenge.  It's time to take a break and relax we all deserve it. Listen in to the tips and ideas to prepare for the holidays to set your mind at ease and de-stress! Anna is offering a free restorative yoga via zoom on Nov 25th 6pm est. Learn about all the benefits this class can give you.  Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe! Register here for the Nov 25th Wed at 6pm est FREE CLASS ->  To see all 30 days of the gratitude challenge go to Merry & Bright fitness classes Dec 6-20 $25  Anna Harsh M.A, B.A, RYT200, Pilates certified instructor
November 24, 2020
From in front of the camera to behind the camera.
Allegro Dance Company alumni Andrew Ferguson reunites with Director Anna Harsh about his photography/ video career in Colorado. He gives advice on making holiday photos better as well as what's in his camera bag that makes his job easier.  Director Anna Harsh gives updates on holiday fitness and dance events with Allegro online  See more of Andrew's work on his website  Instagram @ferg_in_4k
November 11, 2020
Teaching Music in the Pandemic
Anna interviews Eli Lambie, a talented music instructor in Wheeling, WV about teaching during the pandemic. The pros and cons of what is working and what he is working through, Eli gives some innovative ideas he has discovered with his students, as well as what's next for him as a teacher and musician with his band Mojo Kings.  Eli also gives the audience a little inspiration in song as well as the life lesson he has learned with music. Eli Lambi Master of Music, Bowling Green State University, Music Education West Liberty University, Vocal/ keyboards for Mojo Kings band.  Anna Harsh, Director/ Founder of Allegro Dance Company holds a M.A. Communication, B.A. in dance, RYT200 yoga Anna is the host of The Dance Floor where life lessons are learned through the art of dance.  Visit for more information.  For dance & fitness classes visit 
November 5, 2020
Dance & Film Making
Anna Harsh interviews special guest Amanda Van Meter Burch, Director of Central Florida Choreographers Collaboration, about her new project called "2020 dance film" that features talented dancers from the state of Florida on different locations. She discusses the challenges with making the film including filming in the rain at a cemetery and how her photography background gave her an edge into her process.  Making something stunning during a pandemic is what her crew and dancers are proud of and can't wait to present.   See 2020 Dance Film and buy a ticket at   Oct 25th - Nov 1, 2020 Anna Harsh also gives an update on the upcoming classes and events that Allegro Dance Company will be offering over the holidays go to for registration and more information. 
October 20, 2020
Leaving corporate America for Dance
Dancer and choreographer Tamara Irving discusses her decision to leave her corporate life in Atlanta, Georgia and move to NYC. This decision took her on an amazing journey. Listen to her story of how a small gesture from her boss gave her the stepping stone she needed to land a role in the touring company of The Lion King in Germany, as well as working for Disney.  Her role as Sharabi in The Lion King was well understood since she too is a Mother in real life. Tamara also gives advice and tips for young dancers who want to stand out and be successful in life. Buy a ticket to her showcase at  Host: Anna Harsh, MA, BA, RYT200, Pilates certified  Upcoming classes : Oct 31 6pm Yoga-ween,  Nov 1-22 Sundays 6pm Gratitude Yoga - Visit the website to register for the classes. Guest: Tamara Irving, B.B.A Marketing, Howard University, Master of Dance Education University of North Carolina
October 15, 2020
Dance & Technology tips
Allegro Dance Company Director Anna Harsh brings her husband Greg Harsh in to chat about what technology they use during their show as well as how they edit dance videos and music for productions. Lots of tips and great ideas are shared to make touring easier and the show sound fantastic. Greg Harsh holds a M.A in organizational communication, B.A in Physics and loves history and music. He has toured with Anna for over 20 years. Their partnership grows as they learn from each other on their journeys to and from Italy as well as touring and meeting several amazing sound techs along the way. 
October 6, 2020
Music, Dance and Stories of an Italian Family
Anna Pishner Harsh (dancer) interviews her brother Stephen Pishner and her sister Diana Walker about an Italian festival in Clarksburg, WV that went virtual for 2020. They share their stories about their Italian heritage through music, dance and writing as well as tips and advice to artists that can help them achieve success.  Stephen Pishner is a talented musician and composer that holds a B.A degree in Music and Diana Pishner Walker is an author of children's books that tell tales of Italian life and heritage.  Anna Pishner Harsh holds a M.A Communication, B.A Dance, RYT200 Yoga and Pilates certified instructor. Festival website  Allegro Dance Company website
October 5, 2020
NYC Dancer with Audition tips
Learn from a NYC high kicking gal, Danielle, what it's like to perform at Radio City Hall as a  dancer. She also offers advice on auditioning for a dance company pre-covid 19.  
September 30, 2020
Italian Life
Anna chats with Cleveland Ohio natives, Mr. and Mrs. Tony & Connie Marotta about Italian heritage, food, family and falling in love. 
September 30, 2020
Meditation with Anna Harsh RYT200
If you are searching for ways to find calmness, focus and clarity, listen to this meditation and relax on your yoga mat or comfy chair. Anna Harsh is a yoga RYT200 instructor that talks you through some breathing and soothing relaxation techniques to ease your mind and body.
September 30, 2020
Swing Dance with Guest Matt Richey
Join Allegro Dance Company Director Anna Harsh as she chats with dance expert Matt Richey from California about Swing dance and the tips and tricks to being a better dance partner and performer. 
September 15, 2020