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Goal GetHER with Annette Morris

Goal GetHER with Annette Morris

By Annette Morris, MA
Podcast for Ordinary women smashing extraordinary goals
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Fit for the year with Genergy
This week we talk with Fitness trainer and Entrepreneur Gentelle Pedescleaux as she talks fitness, goal planning and entrepreneurhship...let's tap in!!
January 22, 2021
We are talking Goal Setting with Gentelle Pedescleaux
In today's podcast episode we are talking about goal setting with Gentelle Pedescleaux. 
January 18, 2021
Year to MASh..(Manifest Amazing S#!T)!!
Listen to our first show of the season as the Goal Getter in Charge, our host Annette J Morris talks about how to manifest the life of your dreams for 2020WON!!!  Ready to WIN?  Listen in!!!
January 10, 2021
Living well as an Entrepreneur
Listen this week as we talk with mom, boss and student Leslie Thomas as she talks of how to manage her many roles and give the steps to being successful in them all.  If you're considering full time entrepreneurship or already an entrepreneur and play many other roles in life...this is the show for you!!  Listen up!!!
October 26, 2020
Self Care and Entrepreneurship with Veronda Bellamy
This week we are chatting it up with Licensed Therapist and Millionaire Entrepreneur Veronda Bellamy.  Listen in as she stresses the importance of self care for entrepreneurs and ways to factor it into your schedule.  Tune in!!
October 21, 2020
Self Care for the Goal GetHER
This weeks' interview is with Boss Babe and Goal GetHER Amurra Bey.  Amurra is a wife, mom and entrepreneur that knows the importance of implementing self-care into her life in order to maintain and avoid burn out.  Listen as we talk about the importance of self care and give you all insight into ways you can infuse you into your day!!!
October 12, 2020
Go in the direction your dreams are pulling you
Listen as we talk with Shante Roddy about her transition from Corporate America to full time entrepreneurship and how her quest to give women a voice has given her life meaningful purpose and profits.   Jump in and take a listen.  
October 5, 2020
Ask it, believe it then leap
Join us as we talk with Boss Lady and Blogger Lakisha Mosley as she tells us her process to full time entrepreneurship.  Her transition into this space is very recent and she's sharing all that she did and how taking this leap of faith has majorly impacted her life.  Listen, take notes so that you can leap when you're ready!!!  
September 14, 2020
Interview with Boss Babe Kimberly Gibson
Today's interview is with the owner of My Bath Bakery Kimberly Gibson.  Listen as she tells us about her journey to full time entrepreneurship and how walking in her gift caused her business to sky rocket.  Tune in and take notes ladies if your desire is to be a full time entrepreneur!!
September 7, 2020
Chasing your passion....
Tune in as we interview true Boss chic and ultimate Goal GetHER Dricka Carter.  Dricka shares with us how she left corporate America for full time entrepreneurship.  She chased her passion instead of the bag and now owns several businesses less than 5 years into entrepreneurship. 
September 1, 2020
Overwhelmed by Employment!!
This episode we have the opportunity to interview Chrishanda Robinson.  She'd been in Management and HR for many years and was overwhelmed by her employer.  This lead her to exploring her passion that not pays her.  Listen in as she shares her story of Full time employment to full time entrepreneurship.  Listen up
August 26, 2020
Being crystal clear on goals to go from Employee and Entrepreneur with Crystal Cunningham
Crystal describes how God called her from employment after she’s invested many year on her job and how the leap of faith is paying off! Take a listen
August 17, 2020
Partnering God with Goals a sure game changer
Listen this week as we discuss the endless possibilities and limitless potential when we partner God with Goals just as this weeks guest Christina Danielle has done throughout her career.  God plus  Goals.....sure win!!!  Listen in as we chat about it 
July 20, 2020
All things Goal Setting with special guest Lucinda Cross
She is an author, speaker, and a phenomenal woman. In the episode, we talk about all things goal setting and growth with Lucinda Cross. 
July 2, 2020
Consistency and Clarity is the key to Goal Getting
We have Dr. Catrina Pullum joining us today telling us how consistency and clarity helped her in expanding her entertainment company and cater to Celebrity clients.  Take a listen as she gives us these good gems!!
April 30, 2020
Action brings manifestation
This week we talk to International Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur Bridgett McGowen about the importance of pairing action with goal setting.  Listen as she tells us how action helped her to start her publishing company, start speaking internationally and even more how she published her first book....tune in!!! 
April 29, 2020
Putting your money to work with Wealth Strategist Brianna Lyons
This podcast features the Wealth Strategist Brianna Lyons that talks about how goal setting has helped her to learn the skill of investing and convert the skill into a business that teaches others to generate 5 figure revenue monthly making their money work for them just as hard as they work for it...take a listen!!
April 25, 2020
Pivoting with purpose with Marketing Guru Marchet Eaddy
This week we have the Marketing Guru Marchet Eaddy telling us her journey to mastering her craft and how pivoting in business and goal setting has helped her to attain the level of success she is experiencing today. Take notes as you take a listen
April 25, 2020
The Mindset of the Goal Getter with H.R Expert Kelah Raymond
This week we talk with Kelah Raymond as she explains the importance of mindset in goal accomplishment and how the mind can propel you forward or cause you to pause in your goal.  Tune in to see how she overcame mental blocks to attain her BHAGs (Big Hair Audacious Goals).  Take a listen...
April 22, 2020
Goals of planting and rapid growth with First Lady April Scipio
This week we have Goal GetHER and First Lady April Scipio speaking on aligning spiritual beliefs with Goal setting to accomplish your goals...listen in!!
April 20, 2020
Goal Getting equals goal attainment with Dr Lakara Foster
Our guest today Dr. Lakara Foster speaks on how she has to map out her goals for the year to attain goals and how she was able to use these same strategies to be a Published and Acclaimed Author of 3 books.  Listen in as she shares her stories and tips to attaining goals for yourself.
April 15, 2020
Goal Getting with the Phenomenal Melika Honore
She has major goals in life and major failures as a Serial Entrepreneur.  She tells how she's converted these failures into ultimate success through Goal setting and goal getting.  Tune in 
April 13, 2020
The significance of Goal Getting with the G.G.I.C Annette Morris, MA
There's a difference in a Goal setter and a Goal Getter.  The difference is being relentless and taking action. We will help you to understand who a Goal GetHER is and how her life's story can assist you in accomplishing your goals...stay tuned!!
April 13, 2020