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Memoirs of Successful Women

Memoirs of Successful Women

By Annie Gibbins
Australian Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins has candid conversations with fascinating women from around the globe. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, athletes and regular people will keep you riveted as they all let their guard down and open up on aspects of their journey, how they measure success and what they have learnt along the way.

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Ama Brew 💕 Life Balance Strategist

Memoirs of Successful Women

Patricia Jo Grover 💕Goal Achievement Strategist, Author, Public Speaker, Coach
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Patricia Jo Grover, Goal Achievement Strategist, Author, Public Speaker, Coach Patricia Jo Grover, the goal achievement strategist uses her complete platform and 1:1 services associated with goal achievement. Wth over 30 years of business management experience and ownership,  some in fortune 500 companies, she has recruited, trained, coached, consulted, taught and mentored over 2500 entrepreneurs, corporate employees and staff of her own businesses. With her speaking, courses and workshops and women's retreat,  Patti incites action through encouragement, education and empowerment while she teaches how to articulate, activate and achieve with curiosity, courage and consistency.  Have you received a gift from Patti yet? Text GOAL to 866-926-4020 Contact Annie Gibbins – The Business and Life Magician Memoirs of Successful Women Podcast Audio: 💥 Facebook - 💥 LinkedIn - 💥 Instagram - 💥 Twitter - @annie_gibbins 💥 Website - - Magic Transformation Program - - Biography -
November 22, 2020
Sheila Farr 💕CEO of Gulf Coast Training
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews CEO of Gulf Coast Training Sheila Farr. Sheila Farr is an eternal optimist! After 20 years of building and managing million-dollar businesses for others, she stepped out and started her own business in 2017. Now, she’s the CEO of Gulf Coast Training & Education Services, LLC, in Biloxi, Mississippi, where she helps individuals and small businesses overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.  Sheila is a 2-time best-selling author of “Trailblazers Who Lead” and “Courageous Enough to Launch,” where she shares strategies and tools to help people propel their careers to a new level. She’s a cheerleader for others, motivates people through her blog, “Thankful and Blessed 365,” and is the founder of “Biloxi Reads!,” a literacy initiative along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Sheila loves to connect with people via her website: or on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Facebook: IG: LinkedIn: Blog site: Contact Annie Gibbins – The Business and Life Magician Memoirs of Successful Women Podcast Audio: 💥 Facebook - 💥 LinkedIn - 💥 Instagram - 💥 Twitter - @annie_gibbins 💥 Website - - Magic Transformation Program - - Biography -
November 22, 2020
Naomi Tucker 💕CEO Planners on Purpose
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews CEO of Planners on Purpose Naomi Tucker Planners on Purpose is dedicated to the empowerment of event planners and professionals that are looking to gain a life of purpose, clarity, and confidence.  Event planning has been noted as one of the most stressful jobs in the world. This is right up there with law enforcement. This shouldn’t be!  Anyone that is in this industry knows that we love what we do, and at Planners on Purpose we connect our love and passions, with our work in a way that we can live loudly! Contact Naomi Tucker Website: Facebook: Instagram: Contact Annie Gibbins – The Business and Life Magician Memoirs of Successful Women Podcast Audio: 💥 Facebook - 💥 LinkedIn - 💥 Instagram - 💥 Twitter - @annie_gibbins 💥 Website - - Magic Transformation Program - - Biography -
November 22, 2020
Shokufeh Kavani 💕Internationally Award Winning Painter, Translater,Iranian Women's Advocate
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews international award winning painter Shokufeh Kavani. Shokufeh Kavani was born in Tehran to Iranian Azeri parents. She was only nine when the 1979 Iranian Revolution took place. The eight-year Iran-Iraq War had a deep impact on her and at age 19 started painting in response to the events that were happening around her. In 1994 Shokufeh translated best selling book "The Whirling Dervishes"  and in 1997, Kavani migrated to Sydney, Australia and started working and studying again for her bachelor's degree in Nursing. She also continued painting and in 2003 had her first solo exhibition, "Persian Graffiti".  Since this time her solo work and through TAH, Art for Humanity has earned her nominations for the Australian of the Year Award in 2005, 2007, 2008 and also in 2013, and for the Pride of Australian Medal in 2005 and 2007 by The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) newspaper. In 2010, Kavani became the first Iranian-born Australian recipient of the Edna Ryan Awards in the category of Art, bestowed by the New South Wales Women's Electoral Lobby to women who have been pioneers in different walks of life. Shokufeh exhibits her paintings regularly in galleries and film festivals and in 2019,  took a very active part as cultural adviser to the Australian author, Clare Atkins in the process of writing Between Us which became the book of the year 2019 and also nominated for many awards including the prestigious Australian Prime Minister Literary awards. Contact Annie Gibbins – The Business and Life Magician Memoirs of Successful Women Podcast Audio: 💥 Facebook - 💥 LinkedIn - 💥 Instagram - 💥 Twitter - @annie_gibbins 💥 Website - - Magic Transformation Program - - Biography -
November 22, 2020
Victoria Lowell 💕Founder of Empowered Worth
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Victoria Lowell Founder of Empowered Worth Victoria “Vicky” Lowell is a leading financial advocate and coach, international bestselling author and the founder of Empowered Worth, a financial-education platform that empowers women to become active participants in their own financial future and well-being. In late 2018, after years of frustration working at a major Wall Street firm, she left to follow her passion to help women assert themselves fiscally. She created Empowered Worth as a resource for financial coaching and education for women looking to meet their immediate economic needs and long-term financial goals. She is the author of the international bestseller, “Empower your Worth: A Woman’s Guide to Increasing Self-Worth and Net Worth,” a bestseller in both the English and Spanish. She has been featured on various TV shows, blogs and websites. In addition, she has been an expert presenter on various panels for women’s groups and conferences, as well as hosting her own podcast. Website Facebook: http://www.facebook/victorialowellew Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn Contact Annie Gibbins – The Business and Life Magician Memoirs of Successful Women Podcast Audio: 💥 Facebook - 💥 LinkedIn - 💥 Instagram - 💥 Twitter - @annie_gibbins 💥 Website - - Magic Transformation Program - - Biography -
October 28, 2020
Christine McKay 💕 Global Negotiation Strategist, International Speaker, & Author
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Christine McKay, Global Negotiation Strategist, International Speaker, & Author   Christine is the Founder and CEO of Venn Negotiations and a seasoned executive and negotiator who has worked in 53 countries and negotiated with nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies. She is also an international speaker, published author, and podcast host.   Passionate about finding common ground and resolving complex issues on behalf of her clients, Christine particularly loves turning the non-negotiable into negotiable. She has negotiated for companies of all sizes and in many industries and worked extensively in merger, acquisition, and divestiture environments.    Christine's focus is on her clients’ financial and operational success by accelerating the negotiation process, positively impacting profitability, and educating others.   Most importantly, she deliver results.    Contact Christine  Venn Negotiation  +1 323-300-6263  Contact Annie Gibbins – The Business and Life Magician Memoirs of Successful Women Podcast Audio: 💥 Facebook -  💥 LinkedIn - 💥 Instagram - 💥 Twitter - @annie_gibbins  💥 Website - - Magic Transformation Program - - Biography -
October 28, 2020
Ama Brew 💕 Life Balance Strategist
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Ama Brew, creator of Empowered for Balance.   Ama Brew is a published author, a Keynote Speaker, a Life Balance Strategist & Empowerment Coach.     Combining her B.A. in Psychology, Masters degree in Organizational Leadership & Human Resources, Life Coach training and personal experience, Ama delivers a personalized coaching experience to help her clients gain more control in their lives, achieve balance, and design the lives they were meant to live: fulfilled, Confident, Joyful, Free from what’s held them back.    Following a rewarding career as a Human Resources Manager, Ama went on to develop a childcare business to be fully involved in the daily care of her children. She became so committed to the care of her kids that she lost herself for years.    She found her way back to a balanced & Purposeful life and is now on a mission to help other struggling women find balance in their lives.   Ama delves into the root cause of the imbalance in her client’s lives to educate, empower, and coach them to transform so they too can live more balanced & purposeful lives.   Contact Ama:   Website: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest:  Lead magnet: Quick Burnout  Self Check  SELF CARE Made Easy Book:   Contact Annie Gibbins – The Business and Life Magician Memoirs of Successful Women Podcast Audio: 💥 Facebook - 💥 LinkedIn - 💥 Instagram - 💥 Twitter - @annie_gibbins 💥 Website - - Magic Transformation Program - - Biography -
October 25, 2020
Jillian Lama 💕 Emotional Eating & Weight Loss Coach
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Jillian Lama, creator of the Body You Crave Method Jillian is the creator of the Body You Crave Method and a certified life and weight loss coach. She teaches high caliber women how to end emotional eating, lose excess weight and feel amazing in their bodies, no cheating required. Contact Jillain Website: Instagram: Free Body You Crave Community (Facebook Group): Contact Annie Gibbins – The Business and Life Magician Memoirs of Successful Women Podcast Audio: 💥 Facebook - 💥 LinkedIn - 💥 Instagram - 💥 Twitter - @annie_gibbins 💥 Website - - Magic Transformation Program - - Biography -
October 24, 2020
Fiona Sturrock 💕 Grief Specialist
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Fiona Sturrock, Founder of Seeds Of Grief Grief has walked by Fiona's side since the age of 15. She has grieved parents, family, friends and relationships. Fiona has experienced 10 bereavements, loved ones passing from health challenges, age and suicides. Grief of relationships ending, role and identity changing. Fiona had no-one to guide her or support her through her grief. She had no-one to explain what grief is, how to move through it or the importance of grieving. Fiona spent over 10 years avoiding she grief and suffering from anxiety.  Until she found the healing power of grief.  Fiona is passionate that you have a community to walk with you through your grief, a guide and mentor. Her work inspires you to move through your pain and develop a new level of relationship with your loss. To make a conscious choice to heal and grow from your loss. She believes we need to welcome grief, allow it to transform our pain, enable grief to grow you and enhance your life.  Grief is not to be avoided, it is to be welcomed as it is our body’s natural healing process.  Contact Fiona Sturrock Website: Email: Website: Email: Mighty Network: SEEDS of Grief Community Book: SEEDS of Grief - a guide to healing through grief 2021. Contact Annie Gibbins – The Business and Life Magician Memoirs of Successful Women Podcast Audio: 💥 Facebook - 💥 LinkedIn - 💥 Instagram - 💥 Twitter - @annie_gibbins 💥 Website - - Magic Transformation Program - - Biography -
October 24, 2020
Ally Hensley 💕Founder and Vice President of MRKH Australia.
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Ally Hensley, Founder and Vice President of MRKH Australia.      Ally Hensley is a Brit to Bondi convert, women’s writer, speaker, global ambassador and advocate in women’s health.  As the co-founder of MRKH Australia, Ally is motivated to improve the health and wellbeing for those touched by this unique condition. As part of her ongoing work with MRKH, Ally also works to reduce the stigma surrounding differences of sexual development and sexual (mental) health.  Ally was diagnosed with MRKH in her late teens. Consumed with shame and trauma, as a young woman Ally struggled to come to terms with MRKH and the complexities of this life- altering diagnosis. With a desire to make peace with her past, Ally went in the search for support. Through her own desire for self-acceptance, she soon realised she was not alone. Her mission became a springboard to debunk the myths, challenge the stigmas and trigger a movement to normalise differences, truthfully.   Ally has written for some of Australia’s leading publications on infertility, sexual identity shame, advancements in assisted fertility and has become a regular media interviewee and presenter for the medical community.  Exploring how a virtual support network can help women to sexually thrive, she is also the cofounder of The Happy V - a safe online space for taboo conversation starters. Ally is the President of the MRKH Support Group Committee at The Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney and in 2019, was appointed as a Global Patient Advocate for the Australian Uterus Transplant team with the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney. Committed to creating a worldwide voice for MRKH, in 2016,  Ally co-created Global MRKH, an international consortium dedicated to reaching all corners of the globe for people impacted by this life- altering diagnosis.  Ally believes at the heart of building a global community is the ability to connect, form unique networks and her personal pledge is, to never leave anyone behind.   Contact Ally  Website:  Twitter:  Facebook: Instagram:   Contact Annie Gibbins – The Executive Magician  Podcast Audio:  💥 Facebook -  💥 LinkedIn -  💥 Instagram -  💥 Twitter - @annie_gibbins  💥 Website -       - Podcast - Memoirs of Successful Women  -        - Magic Transformation Program -       - Biography -
October 22, 2020
Dr Talat Uppal 💕Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews interviews Dr Talat Uppal, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, owner of The Women's Health Road. Dr Talat Uppal is an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist who currently works both at the Northern Beaches and Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospitals as a Visiting Medical Officer. She has a DDU sonographic qualification obtained in 2010 which gives her an advantage of being formally trained in ultrasound. She is the Director of Women's Health Road, and has set up an innovative, digitally integrated, multidisciplinary obstetric and gynaecology service with in-house ultrasound facilities. Dr Talat Uppal is also a Clinical Senior lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Northern Medical School, University of Sydney. Her past, decade long role was based at Many and Mona Vale Hospitals, as Senior Obstetrics Staff Specialist and Clinical Director of Women's, Children & Family health. She is the past Chair of both the NSW State Reference Committee and NSW RANZCOG Education Subcommittee. Dr Talat Uppal is a Fellow of the Australian Association for Quality in Health Care as well as a Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management. She is the joint coordinator of Diploma (DRANZCOG) OSCE examination as her special interest is supporting the role of General Practitioners in the Women's health context. She is enrolled in a University of Sydney PhD looking at collaborative models of maternity care. She is a RANZCOG media spokesperson and an active member of the RANZCOG Gender Equity and Diversity Working Committee. Dr Talat Uppal is fluent in 3 languages and has much overseas exposure with volunteer teaching work. Website: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:
October 18, 2020
Bri Sanford 💕 The Raxx Creative.
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Virtual Administrative Assistant turned Online Business manager and owner of The Raxx Creative Bri Sanford. After years of managing high volume clients in the retail, medical, and entrepreneurial fields, Bri started her company to allow her more flexible hours and the chance to channel her gifts.    The Raxx Creative provides creative business solutions for small and large businesses worldwide.  The Raxx Creative has allowed Bri to not only work from home with flexible hours, but also allowed her time to manage her growing family of 3.   Bri is also the creator of VA Fast Trak, an intense 7 week course that helps other aspiring entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of working full time from home.  Students in her course not only learn how to open and operate their businesses but are guided personally by Bri through the entire process. Helping others has always been a passion and a gift that Bri constantly shares with anyone who needs her and The Raxx Creative will continue to be a place where entrepreneurs learn and grow in the online world. Bri Sanford The Raxx Creative 337.366.1157 @bri_cre8tive The Raxx Creative Pinterest www.anniegibbins,com
October 2, 2020
Dr Wendy Labat 💕The Financial Healer
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews award winning Entrepreneur, Strategist, Speaker and Best Selling Author Dr Wendy Labat. Dr. Wendy Labat, aka The Financial Healer, has her Doctor of Business Administration (DBA( degree in Entrepreneurship and over 36 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Dr. Labat is the CEO of The Financial Cures LLC, a financial strategy and business development firm. She also serves as Founder and CEO of Ascend Foundation Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, established to empower disadvantaged women to realize their dreams of entrepreneurship. Dr. Labat shares the knowledge, experience, and wisdom garnered firsthand from the challenges she faced starting a business 36 years ago with zero business experience, limited financial resources, and most recently conquering breast cancer. This journey led her to develop The Financial Cures SystemTM(TFCS). She has improved the lives of many entrepreneurs, business owners, families, and individuals across the U.S. using TFCS. She empowers her clients to formulate specific strategies to diagnose their financial health; take control over their finances; acquire proper protection to prevent financial ruin; build a financial legacy; create generational wealth; and become financially free to enjoy the life they desire. Dr. Labat wrote the Best-Selling #1 New Release book, Diagnose Your Financial Healthto get people started on their journey to optimize their financial health. Dedicated to her community, Dr. Wendy also serves on the Board of Directors of the Zion Hill Community Development Corporation, providing housing to homeless senior women and young adults. She is an active member of Zion Hill Baptist Church. Dr. Labat serves on the Community Action and Business Ministry charged with Voter Registration, Healthcare Enrollment, Financial Literacy, and the 2020 Census Count. During her career, she has served as a Board Member for various business and civic organizations. In addition to being one of the authors of The Lemonade Stand: Book 2, Dr. Wendy Labat has been featured in publications such as Authority Magazine, Success Profiles Magazine, Lemonade Legend Magazine, Black Enterprise, and The Atlanta Tribune to name a few. She is featured in the 50th Anniversary PBS American Portrait broadcast. Additionally, Dr. Labat was inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who as Top Entrepreneur Business Owner. (678) 361-3656 (cell) (770) 460-5853 (office) (770) 460-5716 (fax)
October 2, 2020
Dawn Bates 💕Author, Strategist and Coach
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Author, Strategist and Coach Dawn Bates Dawn is the Author of Becoming Annie The Biography of a Curious Woman 🙌 With twenty plus years of entrepreneurial experience, coaching and leading individuals and teams to outstanding results, Dawn Bates is one of the world’s best kept secrets, and for good reason. Delivering impeccable service to all her clients means she is very selective in regard to who she works with, and her strong moral compass guides her to the projects she chooses to take on. Dawn’s repertoire of work is vast and her inquisitive mind astounding, bringing fresh insights and perspectives from 20 years of international travel and working in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Australasia, with clients spanning 5 continents, multiple ethnicities, cultures and languages. With a passion for leadership and cultural diversity, Dawn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience like no other. Her expertise lies in making you rethink your life and the world we live in, harnessing the deepest freedom of all: your own truth. As well as being an international bestselling author, author strategist and ghost writer, Dawn specialises in developing brand expansion, step change strategies and global visions, underpinned by her profound wisdom, truth slaying approach, high energy and trademark giggle. She writes for various magazines, and when not sailing around the world on yachts, she appears on various media channels highlighting and discussing important subjects in today’s society. She’s an authority on leading others to create exceptional results by igniting the passions and fire deep within, shifting individuals and teams from disconnection, fear, feelings of imposter and self- doubt, to confidence, connection and courage to speak, live and work powerfully together with others.
September 16, 2020
Natasha Munasinghe 💕CEO | Lawyer | Full Stack Developer
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews CEO and Lawyer Natasha Munasinghe Natasha is a lawyer, business director and now jumping headfirst into the world of technology by becoming a software developer. She sits as President of the Alumni Council for the University of Sydney guiding alumni strategy for 350,000 people globally. She graduated from University of Sydney and Australian National University, and then became interested in business and bought a training & education company, FRANK which she is now a Director of. FRANK has trained over 100,000 people and has a mission to prepare the present and emergent generations for their future. Enterprise clients include those in the Tertiary, Government and Private sectors. Pursuing her interest in technology and entrepreneurship, she completed study to be a Full Stack Developer winning the Women in Technology Scholarship. She is currently enrolled in Stanford University's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate. Natasha tends to hold a global viewpoint considering she has lived in - Asia, the Pacific and now, in Australia. She is passionate (read 'super') about entrepreneurship, innovation and building stuff that matters across all fields and industries. Previously, she ran the Global Entrepreneurship Week Campaign in Australia from 2012 - 2014. This campaign was officially supported by Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Hon Barry O'Farrell and impacted over 250,000 people around Australia. e w
August 26, 2020
Aleksandra Di Gesaro 💕Fashion photographer, Writer, Entrepreneur
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Fashion photographer, Writer and Entrepreneur Aleksandra Di Gesaro Aleksandra Di Gesaro is a fashion photographer, writer, and entrepreneur based in Milan, Italy. She graduated Law but then understood it wasn’t her true calling and decided to pursue the artistic career. Now she helps artists to do the same – turn their passion into a full-time job and make a living creating art. Her photographs won numerous competitions and have been published in international magazines and she loves taking pictures during Milan Fashion Week. In her free time, she loves reading and traveling – the further the better. Website: Free audio training: “Fast-Track Artist” book: Facebook: Instagram.
August 23, 2020
Mary-Beth Hosking 💕 Technology Leader | Mentor | Coach | Speaker | Change Advocate
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Technology Leader and Change Advocate Mary-Beth Hosking Developing sustainable change leadership Mary-Beth Hosking is a pragmatic and seasoned technology leader with extensive experience in organizational transformations. As the developer of a practical guide to leadership during times of change, Mary-Beth aspires to help leaders find a successful pathway whilst supporting their teams. Clearly understanding the impact of poorly led transitions has put Mary-Beth on a mission to develop sustainable change leadership by building resilience through transformation.  With 17+ years experience leading through multiple restructures, Mary-Beth has wanted to help others by providing key insight and strategies to drive continued performance.  Mary-Beth acts as mentor, coach and trainer to those in the midst of organizational uncertainty. With a background in Business Change Management she has successfully delivered major programs during significant change and believes that by supporting leaders with practical tips and guidance they will be better equipped to manage through transitions ensuring overall well-being and continued productivity.
August 21, 2020
Serena Carcasole 💕 CEO Amazing Women Media
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews CEO Amazing Women Media Serena Carcasole Serena is a best-selling author, lead generation expert, and podcast host, founder of the Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Network (a rapidly growing and in demand network), wife, and mother. Serena is deeply passionate about empowering women to thrive personally and professionally. She is known for her humorous high energy style and her unique ability to empower women to live the life of their dreams while achieving financial independence. Motivational, inspirational, and always approachable, Serena loves to tell-it-like-it-is and loves to connect with audiences online authentically. Her company, Amazing Women Media Inc., offers the tools for female entrepreneurs to make an impact while getting the exposure they need to have consistent leads on-demand. She does this by offering products and services for women entrepreneurs to be omnipresent such as book publishing, events, masterminds, communities, courses, and elite memberships (to name a few). Thirteen years as a marketing specialist, she has helped hundreds of women build STAND-OUT Brands with raving fans, become a lead magnet, and be known for their signature system that makes them experts in their field with multiple income streams. Visit the Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Network for income accelerating goodies at
July 27, 2020
Terrie Christine 💕 Intuitive Energy Healer
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Intuitive Energy Healer Terrie Christine. Terrie Christine is an internationally recognised Intuitive Energy Healer; TV Personality; radio and podcast featured expert; and author of “The Secret Power of You: A Guide to Mastering Your Inner Greatness” which is endorsed by Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the New York Times best-seller “The Four Agreements.” For over a decade as a practicing Intuitive Energy Healer, Terrie has helped thousands like you access clarity, results, understanding, and a sense of peace and freedom. Terrie helps her clients reconnect with the deeper forces and powers within themselves to create a fuller, more satisfying life.  She helps pinpoint what you cannot easily see for yourself. Energy healing is an intervention that supports medical and mental health protocols.  Terrie’s work is best seen as that intervention and supports existing medical and mental health protocols to boost positive and measurable outcomes for patients and clients whose goals are increased physically and emotionally for their health and wellbeing.  In fact, Terrie Christine’s intervention is its own protocol for healing that supports or is an aide to existing medical and psychotherapy protocols or models.  It is a new paradigm of healing.
July 24, 2020
Julia Seraphine 💕Social Media Prodigy and Founder of Princess Gem Store
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Social Media Expert and Founder of Princess Gem Store Julia Seraphine. Julia is a highly sought-after social media prodigy, and expert, who started her social media career at only nine years old. Due to Ms. Seraphine’s extreme talent at such a young age, she is considered a prodigy of social media. Now, at 21 years old, she is a highly in-demand Social Media Consultant, former Social Media Manager who ran more than 70 accounts, Influencer with more than 50,000 combined followers over social media, and Founder of Jewelry Retail brand “Princess Gem Store.” Social media links:
July 23, 2020
Barb Hildenbrand 💕Founder and President of Stepping Stones Consulting
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Barb Hildenbrand Founder and President of Stepping Stones Consulting  Barb is a Certified Speaker, Teacher, Coach and a Maxwell Certified Behavior Analysis Trainer on the John Maxwell Team. She is also an author and is currently working on another new book. Barb has given numerous successful workshops and loves to teach! She is a volunteer with the CASA ( Court Appointed Special Advocate) program for foster children in Southern Arizona, USA. Barb has a diverse family background and is a Mom of Biological, Step, Foster, Adopted Grand and Great-Grandchildren. Most important of all, Barb is a Child of God. Her strong faith is what drives guides and motivates her to help others to attain success. Disc Your individual personality affects every aspect of your life. One of the best things you can do to cultivate and inspire an atmosphere of personal development for yourself and others is to understand your personality, what drives you and how that affects others. Barb will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses , so you are able to give your best as you work with people around you, be they family, friends, co-workers or associates. Soul Spa A workshop in which your soul will be revived and rejuvenated, so you can move on to happiness, joy and victory! What is Soul Spa? A Recovery Discovery Experience for Women It is a rejuvenation of the soul! It is a renewing of the spirit! It is taking your life’s journey onto a new path of happiness, joy and victory! Soul Spa A Recovery/Discovery Experience for Women of all ages and backgrounds. It is a rejuvenation of the soul and a renewing of the spirit! Barb will help you direct your life’s journey toward a path of happiness, joy and new found freedom! Soul Spa is an intensive, interactive workshop in which you will discover, reflect, overcome and learn lessons from some Women of the Bible .
July 22, 2020
Adjunct Professor Aprile Williams 💕Founder of YOMEI - Yoga for Mindful Emotional Intelligence
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Adjunct Professor Aprile Williams Founder of YOMEI - Yoga for Mindful Emotional Intelligence Aprile Williams is an Army spouse who took her multiple levels of education to create YOMEI. Because of her passion for whole-body wellness, Aprile found a way to incorporate her expertise on emotional intelligence (EI) with her passion for yoga and mindfulness. It is Aprile's goal to change the lives of each participant in her research-derived workshops through the implementation of Yoga (movement for wellness), Mindfulness (being present in the moment), and Emotional Intelligence awareness (the ability to think constructively and act wisely). Aprile's credentials include: Ed.D. dissertation constructed on the theory of Transformative Emotional Intelligence. Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach through the Emotional Intelligence and Research Institute (EITRI) 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (RYT) with Yoga Goddess Academy Mindfulness Certification accredited by Allegra Learning Solutions, LLC   As a career English teacher, Aprile Coached and mentored young adults on the positive benefits of understanding and applying their EI skills.  She continues her education with ongoing training to learn valuable mind-body skills to support the health and healing of trauma survivors and those with life-altering experiences. Aprile's desire to serve the educational community, both K-12 and higher education, is evident in her creation of YOMEI.
July 22, 2020
Joy McClymont 💕Founder Off The Track Training
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Off The Track Training Founder Joy McClymont Joy McClymont is an inspirational, down to earth Aussie outback mum of 4 who is dedicated to providing access to top level fitness, nutrition and motivational strategies for people in any location including rural, regional and remote Australia. Whether they are somewhere in the middle of nowhere or a stay at home parent in an inner city suburb, Joy provides an opportunity for them to feel supported, connected and motivated.  Through her company ‘Off the Track Training’, Joy’s programs are providing simple, fun and achievable solutions for health and wellbeing that her clients absolutely love. Having personally experienced the isolation of being a young mum wanting to regain her own health and with no gyms, running groups, aerobics classes or fancy exercise equipment around her, Joy began to think outside of the box, learning how to integrate fitness into everyday life with only that which is already available: a rock, a tree stump, a step, a can of beans or nothing at all but a wall and a floor! Joy helps us understand that great health is possible no matter where people live or what their beginning fitness level is – and - that it’s easier than people think! Through her role as a Personal Trainer and Health and Fitness Motivator, Joy has also helped many people tackle chronic disease, improve self-image and develop a positive ‘can do’ attitude. Clients are also reporting benefits in other areas of their lives including positive impacts on personal relationships, family, work and even in business. As well as inspiring people in health and fitness, Joy also runs a large rural sheep and cattle property with her husband and is raising and home schooling four young children! Her background includes primary school teaching, being the school principal, achieving the Former Half and Ironman Triathlon in France, Australia & Hawaii, endurance mountain bike riding and trekking and winning the QRRRWN 2015 Strong Women Leaders Award in Business, and more recently as Fitness Austrailia’s Active Achiever for 2016, as well as various other health and fitness training. Joy is on a mission to build a society where being in fantastic health is the norm and is recognized as the most critical factor in living a quality life. CONTACT DETAILS: Joy McClymont Dalkeith Stn, Longreach Q 4730 O7 4658 9039
July 13, 2020
Giselle Mascarenhas-Villarreal 💕Branding Specialist, Founder Bold Media and Bold INSTA-tute
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Branding Specialist Giselle Mascarenhas-Villarreal  Giselle is a recovery publicist who is now your personal-branding coach! She serves those who are asking themselves, "How am I supposed to do what I do and add creating content, posting and replying on social media?" or the human who is like, "I am too busy to learn a whole new thing!"  Yup, Giselle serves those awesome peeps and loves giving them the tools and the framework to build their influence and community across social platforms. Most importantly, teaching them how to do it with consistency.  By carving out a couple of hours a month to create content, and a few minutes a day to engage with their thriving community. Giselle compassionately answers the pain point of "how" concerning building influence and community across social platforms.  It is about extracting your magic, creating a culture based on your values, and sharing where your core customer can feel relief knowing you exist. Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: TikTok: Website:
July 11, 2020
Wendy Tansey 💕Resilience and Leadership Coach
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Resilience and Leadership Coach Wendy Tansey who specialises in simplifying the complexities of managing people by upskilling and reskilling through micro-learning so you can lead with confidence. I help leaders manage wellbeing / resilience and develop their leadership skills. In today’s ever changing complex business environment it is imperative that leaders upskill and reskill so they can manage for the future. Having the right skills to lead in the future helps you to future proof your career and your business. I bring together over 30 years of experience of learning and leadership. With having worked alongside executives, coached and support them to reach their strategic people goals. I understand how important it is to always be ready to adapt to the changing times and how tiresome it can be when in such a demanding position. People are complex and leading people adds to complexities of working but it is also rewarding and seeing your people grow is awesome. I first became a leader of a small team when I was 21, I had no idea how to manage. I fumbled my way through. After attending some management training I felt I had more skills to support my team. But once back into the workplace it was easy to forget all the great tools I learned. Over the years I have supported/coached many leaders to simplify the complexities of managing people. I have see leaders attending training but often after coming back into the workplace they struggle to integrate their learnings. I offer a 12 week course to not only give you a framework on leadership and leading your team but also coaching to help you integrate the framework. My course is microtraining and it can be completed wherever you are. I also offer a corporate option. 1:1 mastermind coaching and EQi / 360 testing. Ready to talk! Reach out to me 
July 11, 2020
Carrie Bohlig 💕Business Strategist • Speaker • Travel Enthusiast • Non-Profit Founder
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Tandem Consulting Business Strategist Carrie Bohrig As I was getting my degrees in Sociology & Women’s Studies at UW Wisconsin Madison, I simultaneously launched a couple of companies as a 22-year-old college student. What started out as side hustles & an adventure into the world of entrepreneurship, enabled me to be a full-time entrepreneur in my mid-20’s. Our lifestyle has since afforded both my husband and me to be full-time stay at home parents & part-time entrepreneurs. This has allowed us to focus on our true passions & what really matters to us- family, adventure & impact. We love the excitement & responsibility of speaking to tens of thousands of people annually through keynotes in the U.S., Caribbean, Australian and European markets over the last 13 years. Our focus is on leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, personal finance, communication & relationship skills..ultimately getting your ducks in a row so you can create success as an entrepreneur & more importantly, success in life. The goal initially was to grow as a leader, diversify our income & create a positive impact becoming financially independent was a function of that. People tend to get excited about the rewards & lifestyle a business can provide, but don’t typically have the right expectations on the work attached, the necessary mindset or the expertise. We bridge the gap for select individuals in successfully creating growth outside their traditional career path. Specialties: Women's Empowerment, Public Speaking Training, Emotional Quotient Coaching, Social Media Branding, Content Creation, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion Training
June 21, 2020
Julie Hyne 💕Executive Image and Style Virtuoso
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Executive Image and Style Virtuoso Julie Hyne Julie Hyne is a Certified and highly experienced Image Professional who helps senior executive women dress for boardroom success. Through her established Style For Life program, Julie removes the daily frustration of time and indecisions women experience when getting dressed and instils clarity, confidence and consistent personal power. A Certified Image Professional accredited with the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), Secretary for the Melbourne and Australian Chapters, Julie also holds a Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Modelling, Certificate in TV and Media Presenting, Etiquette Trainer certification, Psychology of Style certification, and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. For over 16 years Julie has mentored hundreds of senior executive women who hold key positions of influence in Australia. Julie is often visible in the media and appears regularly to comment on image topics of the day on leading radio stations, podcasts, news publications and for industry conferences and events. Julie is also a self-published author on image and etiquette for the salon industry. Julie can be contacted on 0433 114 841 or via email:
June 21, 2020
Karen Tisdell 💕Top 10 LinkedIn trainer Asia-Pacific, Profile writer, Coach, Speaker, Presenter and Speaker
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Top LinkedIn Trainer Karen Tisdell Karen Tisdell became a LinkedIn profile writer because she is fascinated with people’s stories and always has been. In her former career as a recruiter (14 years) Karen used to weave stories into resumes to ensure her candidates were selected for interview. In 2010, Karen saw the increasing need for everyone to have a well-crafted LinkedIn profile and launched a LinkedIn profile & resume writing business. Since then, Karen has helped countless senior leaders shape their stories so they would be found by all the right people. In addition to knowing every LinkedIn profile writing technique, Karen is a recognised top LinkedIn Trainer who can train you, or your team, on how to use LinkedIn to grow a pipeline of potential clients. As a former recruiter Karen was an early adopter of this great platform, and has witnessed its evolution from 2005 to what it is now ➤ the largest B2B global networking site where you can prospect, qualify and stay front of mind with those that matter to your business. LinkedIn is far more than simply a place to be head-hunted. It is a powerful branding tool impacting if and how you are perceived online. It’s a new world. Let Karen help you conquer it. Call: +61 404 083 678  Email: LinkedIn:
June 21, 2020
Layne Beachley 💕World Champion Surfer, Business Woman, Entrepreneur, Environmentalist
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Layne Beachley. Layne Beachley AO is widely regarded as the most successful female surfer in history being the only surfer, male or female, to claim six consecutive world titles (1998-2003). Layne then went on to win a 7th world title in 2006 before retiring from the ASP World Tour two years later. On Australia Day 2015, Layne was awarded with an Officer of the Order of Australia for her distinguished service to the community through support. In September 2018, more than a decade after winning her record breaking seventh world surfing crown, Layne returned to the water to win the inaugural World Surf League, Masters World Championship. In between winning world titles and leading surfing to its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020, as current Chair of Surfing Australia, Layne spends her time transforming lives and awakening consciousness by challenging limiting beliefs through her workshops, one-on-one mentoring and inspiring keynote presentations. Overcoming two bouts of chronic fatigue, depression, life threatening injuries and self-doubt, Layne believes our fears and limitations are a hot spot for growth and opportunity. From Borneo to Brisbane, Sydney to San Francisco, Hawaii to Hobart, Layne travels the world sharing her profound and practical knowledge and life lessons to help you turn your ideas and intentions into winning actions. Her exploits are astounding, her attitude unwavering, her achievements inspirational.
April 10, 2020
Dr Shanel Sharma BSc (Med), MBBS, FRANZCO 💕Ophthalmologist and Entrepreneur
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Ophthalmologist and Entrepreneur Dr Shanel Sharma. Dr Sharma was born and raised in Wollongong before moving to Sydney. After completing her schooling at Ascham, she undertook Medicine at The University of New South Wales and Ophthalmology specialty training at Prince of Wales Hospital / Sydney Children’s Hospital. In 2006 she held the prestigious Professorial Senior Registrar position at Sydney Eye Hospital and in 2007 awarded her Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology.   Dr Sharma undertook Postgraduate fellowships in Strabismus at The Western Eye Hospital in London, as well as a Paediatric and Strabismus Fellowship at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, the largest specialist Eye hospital in Europe.  Dr Sharma has  - published over 20 scientific papers in peer-reviewed medical journals.  - been a Conjoint Lecturer at the University of New South Wales since 2003 - was appointed as a Conjoint Lecturer at the University of Sydney in 2006. - is currently serving as part of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists Examining Committee for the Part 1 FRANZCO specialist exams,  - has presented at numerous scientific meetings in Australia and abroad. Website: Website: LinkedIn:
March 25, 2020
Louise Garland 💕Founder of Empowering Chicks
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Louise Garland who is the Founder of Empowering Chicks In January 2016 Empowering Chick’s founder, Louise Garland and a few of her girlfriends had a dream. Their dream - to create a social enterprise and use 100% of the profits to send girls to school in developing countries. Their dream became a reality when Louise turned her garage into a candle making factory. Each weekend the Empowering Chicks got together hand making and hand packing beautiful triple scented soy candles. And they did so with fierce dedication, passion and love. After a year of hanging out in Louise’s garage, Empowering Chicks successfully launched their triple scented soy candles. They have now moved their candle making from the garage into a factory and with help from an Australian leading candlemaker they are rapidly scaling up their production. 100% of the profits from Empowering Chicks provides support for the education of girls in developing countries. The Empowering Chicks would love you to support their mission in promoting women’s equality around the globe. Email Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest:
March 9, 2020
Anel Bester 💕Empowering Alphas To Create An Energy Of Thrive By Reclaiming Personal Power.
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Alpha Female Coach Anel Bester. Anel Bester Coaches Alphas to · Reset their Minds, · Reclaim their Voices and · Restoke their Inner Fires. Anel unlocks the greater clarity, power and conviction in alpha females, connecting to their purpose and vision so that they create pride and satisfaction in their lives. Anel tells me the social consciousness is evolving resulting in alphas finding themselves in a state of frustration. Outworking everyone in the office is no longer enough, and when you know that there's magnificence residing inside of you yet don't know how to bring it forth, it leads to self sabotage, abandonment and pain. Anel believes she has cracked the code in unlocking a spiral up by creating an intricate dance between body, mind and soul that challenges and empowers her clients to new levels of real life results. Like all Alpha Females, she's a high performer and extraordinary achiever. She's built two successful companies, raised two incredible boys now men, kick-boxed her way out of clinical depression, started competitive cycling in her mid-thirties, became a provincial podium winner, IronMan athlete, Skyrunner and more. Her credentials include Honours degree in Psychology, certified life coach, pranic psychotherapist and various certification in the physicaltraining arena. In her book "Life in the Thrive Lane: The lessons learned by an ordinary woman. who did an extraordinary event" (Kindle) she shares her journey to the finish line of her first Iron Man event, the lessons she learned along the way and gives actionable steps the reader can take to create their own life of thrive. You can find Anel LinkedIn:  YouTube: Instagram: @risealphafemales
March 8, 2020
Annie White 💕Career transition and growth specialist transforming women's lives at a cellular level through Kinesiology.
In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, Transformation Specialist Annie Gibbins interviews Kinesiologist and Career Transition and Growth Specialist Annie White. Annie works with corporate women to assist with stress reduction and trauma and also focuses on women and children’s health, whilst working one on one in her clinic environment. Annie holds a Diploma of Kinesiology from the College of Complementary Medicine and is a fully qualified Reiki Master. Additionally, she has completed a specialist Kids Kinesiology course, so that she can help guide children through the emotions associated with trauma. More recently Annie has added a new modality called The Spiral to her practice. Through this modality she is able to offer her clients a program that can achieve profound personal and professional transformation. Annie completed a Business Degree and worked for many years in the corporate sector in a sales capacity. Around thi s time, she experienced a major life trauma that was the catalyst for her life to take a whole new di rec tion. She went back to university to study Chiropractic , and little did she know that was the start of a long journey to find her true passion. She was introduced to Kinesiology through Chiropractic and let’s say the rest is history.  Annie is different to any other Corporate Career Specialist or Kinesiologist. She has business experience that she has combined with her passion to work with the complexities of the human nervous system through Kinesiology . She understands how stress and trauma affects us physiologically and emotionally. She also understands why this can hold us back from achieving our true potential. When you engage Annie, you will get a genuine offer ing of insightful knowledge that delves into the intricacies of the human nervous system and how it deals with everyday stress and trauma.  She has the capacity to offer real solutions that are delivered with true authenticity . W: ANNIEWHITE.COM.AU E: ANNIE@ANNIEWHITE.COM.AU LI: LINKEDIN.COM/IN/ANNIE-WHITE FB: FACEBOOK.COM/ANNIE-WHITE-KINESIOLOGY-100449201364417 IN: INSTAGRAM.COM/ANNIE.WHITEKINESIOLOGY
February 16, 2020