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What Animals Tell Me

What Animals Tell Me

By Annie
Every single day our pets try to communicate with us. They understand everything that we are saying, but we don’t understand what they are trying to tell us. What if there was a way that we could communicate with our pets? In this podcast I will share conversations I’ve personally had and interviews about animals living and in spirit so that you can better understand and appreciate your pets.
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Let Your Dog Lead Season 2, Episode 2

What Animals Tell Me

Doggy Dan Season 2, Episode 4
Have you been at your wits end trying to deal with your dog's behaviour, with no success ? Meet Doggy Dan - The Online Dog Trainer, who bases his work on dog psychology. He has helped over 71,000 dogs and their humans around the world through direct consultations, or through his extensive online video training courses. In our interview we discuss his work and unique interactions with dogs, his book, and his commitment to helping dogs and their humans better understand each other. Dan can be contacted through his website 
May 09, 2022
Rescue animals Season 2, Episode 3
Have you ever thought about what rescue animals experience as they start with a new family following trauma ? I share my experiences with my conversations with animals who have been traumatised on many levels. I am in awe that despite the abuse they have endured, that they are willing to trust humans again seeking their happy ever after story of a family who provide them with love and security. I presented this at the Animal Action  Day for Dogs December 30th 2021, raising funds to rescue dogs on death row. Every animal life is precious, and rescue animals deserve a second chance to experience happiness and belonging. 
February 07, 2022
Let Your Dog Lead Season 2, Episode 2
Have you ever experienced a healing session from an animal ? I interviewed Michael Overlie, Canine-partnered energy coach, author and energy healer about his experiences working with dogs for healing, his book "Let your dog lead" and his upcoming free global summit "Everybody hurts" March 18 and 19. Find out more at Homepage | Spirit of the Dog ( or email Michael at 
February 07, 2022
Dee and her dogs Season 2, Episode 1
Have you ever wondered how dogs get trained to be assistance dogs ? I interviewed Dee Tozer, the Couples Master Coach, about her experiences with training her two cocker spaniels Poppi and Sammi to assist with her work. She shares some of her amazing real life stories where her dogs have communicated with her that something is wrong. Animals are so intuitive, and these dogs are so attuned to humans that they can detect when the vibrational energy is not normal. Animals are amazing. 
February 07, 2022
Lions - Ep 5
Have you ever wondered if humans can communicate with animals in the wild ? Do wild animals have a purpose on the planet ? The answer is definitely yes to both questions. Communicating with animals can be done with domestic animals, with those in captivity e.g. zoos, and with animals in the wild. Animals are very spiritual and evolved souls, and have lots of wisdom to share if we take the time to listen. Their understanding of the English language is very sophisticated and the conversations I share are word for word what the animals tell me. In this episode I share the wisdom from conversations with a very regal white lion, and Cecil the lion. They explain the purpose of white and tawny lions, and inspire us to continue efforts to conserve species.
November 12, 2021
Sarah and the swans - Ep 4
Have you ever wondered if humans can communicate with wild animals ?  Join me on this episode as my guest Sarah describes her amazing and moving encounters and communication with a pair of wild mute swans.
August 28, 2021
How Do I Know That I Have Connected With The Correct Animal Soul ? Ep 3
With so many incredible souls living and who have passed over how do we know that we are talking to the right one?  In this episode I share my personal experiences and confirmation from clients about accurate connection with their animals. 
August 07, 2021
Can The Soul Of My Animal Reincarnate Ep 2
Have you ever felt like your animal in spirit has come back to be with you? This experience is more common than you may think.  In this episode I share my personal experiences with animal reincarnation and client experiences.  
August 07, 2021
Can My Animal Who Has Passed Over Visit Me? - Ep 1
If you've just had your animal pass over it can be a very traumatic experience. However the grief process can be assisted by the knowledge that our animals can come back and visit us in spirit.  This episode describes personal and client experiences of animal visits.  
August 07, 2021