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How To Be A Boss At Ageing

How To Be A Boss At Ageing

By Anniki Sommerville
‘How to Be a Boss at Ageing’ is the irreverent and funny podcast by Anniki Sommerville which tackles the question- who the heck am I now that I’m an ‘older’ woman? Each episode tackles a different issue, interviewing different female experts and focusing on how to combat falling out of love with your work, dealing with grief, coping with menopause and look okay without people saying things behind your back.
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Rural life, Mental Health and Writing with Rebecca Schiller
In this episode Anniki interviews Rebecca Schiller about her new book - Earthed and they talk about writing, rural life (and the myths around how idyllic it is) and mental health. Rebecca was diagnosed with ADHD there’s also an ad for Anniki’s book - please do buy if you haven’t already! Resources Follow Anniki on Instagram - @annikisommerville Anniki's new book - Produced and Edited by Alex Graham If you've enjoyed this episode don't forget to follow this podcast wherever you're listening.  If you're on Apple Podcasts it would be great if you could leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating and a review!
April 28, 2021
Why Do we Booze so Much? with Mandy Manners
In this episode Anniki interviews coach Mandy Manners about how our relationship with alcohol shifted during lockdown and many of us upped the ante. This doesn't have to represent a problem necessarily but if you feel that now rules are relaxing, your relationship with booze has become problematic then this episode is for you. They discuss why drinking is so much part of the British culture, how to socialise sober and when it might be a good opportunity to kick drinking altogether. Resources: for more on Mandy's (with Kate Baily) coaching services For Mandy and Kate's book: For meditation that really works- Follow Anniki on Instagram - @annikisommerville Anniki's new book - Produced and Edited by Alex Graham If you've enjoyed this episode don't forget to follow this podcast wherever you're listening. If you're on Apple podcasts it would be great if you could leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating and a review!
April 21, 2021
How Play Can Set Us Free with Emma Worrollo
In this episode Anniki talks to Emma Worrollo about how we can be more playful. As we get older there can be a tendency to be a bit rigid in our mindset and to tell ourselves that we aren't playful or that it's silly. It's also common for many mums to feel out of control and anxious when play gets 'out of hand'. So how can we cut loose sometimes and be less regimented in our parenting style? - Emma's website @the_playful_den - Emma's IG Anniki's new book - Produced and Edited by Alex Graham
April 07, 2021
Here's How to Breathe with Jess Harrod
In this episode Anniki talks about breathing and breath work with Jessica Harrod who is an expert in this area. They discuss why we often pant and hold our breathe when we're busy and distracted and how this leads to anxiety/anger and a feeling of being out of control. Jess also does a quick and easy breathing technique that you can integrate into your day if you're feeling on edge and not quite yourself. At the end of the day breathing is something that we don't really think about but it plays a pivotal role in how we feel emotionally so creating more awareness can be really helpful - whether you suffer with anxiety or whether you just want to feel stronger and better equipped to deal with whatever life throws in your direction. If you've enjoyed this episode don't forget to follow this podcast wherever you're listening. If you're on Apple podcasts it would be great if you could leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating and a review! Follow Anniki on Instagram - @annikisommerville Anniki's new book! - Resources: Instagram @breathe_out_with_jess Facebook @BreatheOutCoachingBreathwork Website Book that Jess mentions by James Nestor - to find out more about the science of breathing:
March 31, 2021
Perimenopause Power with Maisie Hill
In this episode Anniki interviews Maisie Hill who has written a brilliant book all about perimenopause. The thing is it’s a subject that really needs demystifying as so many women don’t really understand what the difference is between menopause and perimenopause, don’t really know how to navigate the world of supplements/HRT and therefore suffer in silence or go to their GP on the back foot and not aware of what the next step might be. One of the key things Maisie advises is tracking your periods so you become more aware of your cycle, how you feel on different days and whether there are fluctuations as you approach menopause. They also discuss Maisie’s early days living in New York and how Anniki has always dreamed about living there but sadly seems to have missed the boat. Maisie’s book here: And for Anniki’s book about ageing (which includes chapters on the MENOPAUSE) – do pre-order here:
March 24, 2021
Do the Hustle (No Please Don’t) with Gayle Haddock
In this episode Anniki speaks to Gayle Haddock about her role helping women feel more confident so they can develop their business ideas. The thing is starting your own business is really hard work and it pays to be cautious when you look at social media and it looks like a breeze. They also chat about the terrible term ‘side hustle’ and why we need to be mindful that not everyone has to have one especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed. They also chat about how buying dungarees is an addiction and how that comes at a cost. Resources: Gail’s business:
March 17, 2021
Finding a Way Through Using Tarot with Alice Grist.
In this episode Anniki talks about tarot with Alice Grist and how we can use it to get guidance during challenging times. They also talk about how people can have negative experiences with Tarot which maybe switches them off. Alice specializes in making women feel better about their lives but also sees the danger of ‘bad readings’. She demystifies tarot so it’s something women can use more regularly themselves. Alice’s website: Alice on IG: @alicegrist Alice’s book:
February 10, 2021
Trauma, Grief & Addictive Behaviours with Kate Baily
In this episode Anniki interviews sobriety and wellbeing coach (and one half of Love Sober) Kate Baily about addiction and how it’s often linked back to trauma. They talk about how trauma is often relative, and what can seem ‘small’ to one person is gigantic to the person who’s experienced it. They also discuss the general sense of heightened anxiety that we’re all feeling at the moment, and the physically uncomfortable feelings anxiety brings to the surface. They also provide advice on a more holistic tool kit to help soothe ourselves during challenging times. Follow Kate Baily on IG: @katebailycoach @lovesober.cic @loveyourselfsober Greater Good magazine: Edited and Produced by Alex Graham
February 03, 2021
Being Grateful for the Tiny Things with Kelly Ford
In this episode Anniki interviews broadcaster and comedienne Kelly Ford also known as ‘Book of Mum’ about surviving lockdown and learning to appreciate the small things. Kelly is heavily pregnant and about to have a baby and they talk about TV, crying, tantrums and being at the end of their tethers. They also try and find some ‘silver linings’ in these challenging times. Follow me on Instagram @annikisommerville Pre-order my new book here Follow Kelly on IG: @bookofmum Elizabeth Day’s podcast episode ‘How to Fail: Mo Gawdat on how to cope with anxiety in a time of Coronavirus.’
January 27, 2021
Let Me Hear Your Body Talk with Jemma Thomas
In this episode Anniki interviews Jemma Thomas who runs The Hub- an online women’s exercise community. They discuss how movement can make you feel much better mentally and how you can snap out of seeing yourself as someone ‘who doesn’t exercise’ to someone who does small bits of exercise more regularly. They also talk about common sabotage techniques like telling yourself you’ll do it later and forever finding alternatives to do instead or saying that you’ll workout once you have the right outfit/bit of kit. Exercise is important if you want to shift some of those negative emotions but it’s worth remembering that there will be days when you really can’t do it and that’s okay too. It’s not about putting lots of pressure on yourself- it’s more about finding something you can get into a habit of doing and doing it, then doing it some more. Resources: Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski PhD and Ameila Nagoski DMA - Jemma’s Instagram: @ jemmas_health_hub Jemma’s website: Edited and Produced by Alex Graham
January 20, 2021
How To Be A Boss At Ageing - Christmas Break!
I'm taking a short break from the podcast until early 2021, I'll be back with more great guests and experts in the New Year so make  sure to stay subscribed to be the first to hear new episodes. In the meantime have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Follow me on Instagram @annikisommerville
December 16, 2020
'All Feelings are Waves,' with Anna Mathur
In this weeks episode Anniki talks about grief and loss with psychotherapist and author Anna Mathur. It's a tricky episode if you've just lost someone but hopefully will offer some tips and support on how to navigate each day and cope with difficult feelings. Please do share if you think it will help someone who is going through tough times and needs coping strategies. Resources: - Anna's website - Cruse Bereavement Counselling Edited and Produced by Alex Graham
December 09, 2020
'Motherhood is Heavy Going' with Helen Serafinowicz
In this episode Anniki talks to Helen Serafinowicz, the writer of the hit TV series Motherland about all things motherhood and writing related. They touch on tension in motherhood (and how Helen had to wear a neck brace from lack of sleep and Anniki lost two teeth) and on how tough it can be (it’s rewarding too of course but they possibly talk less about this). Motherland has a special Christmas episode coming out so watch out – it’s SOMETHING to look forward to in these trying times anyway... Edited and Produced by Alex Graham
December 02, 2020
'I've Got this' with Kim Palmer
In this lockdown special episode Anniki talks to Kim Palmer who founded the Clementine app. Kim and Anniki talk about anxiety at work, and offer up tips on tangible things to try if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Anniki also does some outdoor recording from her local park and offers tips on how to get through lockdown (including the merits of a sausage sandwich and going on the slide). Clementine app Breathing exercises: Edited and Produced by Alex Graham
November 11, 2020
Wild Motherhood in Your Forties with Neeley Moore
In this episode Anniki talks to Neeley Moore who became a mum at forty-five. They discuss the experience of being older parents and how it’s both tiring and inspiring at the same time. Neeley also talks openly about her path to parenthood and how she tried IVF and then opted for a double donor. They also talk about swimming outdoors and why it’s something to perhaps trial in these cold, winter months. Resources: Where Neeley had treatment: StorkKlinik Copenhagen – Follow @saragottfriedmd – for information on hormones and anxiety Books that Neeley recommends: ‘The Hormone Reset Diet- Sara Gottfried. MD , ‘In the Flo,’ Alisa Vitti Produced and Edited by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
November 04, 2020
''Wearing Linen Isn't Compulsory" with Sam Baker.
In this episode Anniki talks to Sam Baker about her book 'The Shift- How I lost and found myself after 40- and you can too.' They discuss why the attitude to men ageing versus women is so different, how menopause can take us by surprise and how we become increasingly invisible. They also talk about Anniki's chin hair and how older women are expected to embrace linen in a big way. And why are so many female bosses seen as 'batty old women' or 'heartless bitches'? Resources: Sam Baker's book: Follow me on Instagram @annikisommerville Produced and Edited by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
October 28, 2020
Chatting Art and Everything with Sharon Walters
In this episode Anniki focuses on art and creativity. She interviews the up and coming artist Sharon Walters about how she became a full-time artist, the things that inspire her and how she plucked up the courage to make art her proper career. We also talk about the lack of diversity in art and how black women are under-represented. Anniki obviously isn’t an expert in this area and would never claim to be. She is trying to educate herself and learn as much as possible. At the end they discuss how we can all access our creative side and use it to help fight anxiety and more. Follow me on Instagram @annikisommerville Sharon Walters website: Sharon’s IG: Article about black female artists to follow on IG: Produced and Edited by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
October 21, 2020
Why Can’t I Wear Crocs with Socks? with Kate Hiscox
Do you get fed up being told what to wear and what's 'allowed' in your forties? Do you feel like the fashion industry can be tyrannical at times? How do you feel about clothes as you get older? In this episode Anniki interviews Kate Hiscox. Kate works in the music industry and is an influential fashion blogger (@wearsmymoney on IG). They discuss why there are no rules when you get into your forties (in fact there aren't really any rules anyway), the concept of feeling confident in your 'look' and why crocs are not tolerated in her household (well they are but she doesn't rate them highly). Follow me on Instagram @annikisommerville And, if you want to join the 'How to Be a Boss at Ageing' Facebook group which is full of tips, support and more information from the podcast series - search for 'How to Be a Boss at Ageing' on Facebook and the moderator will let you in! Edited and Produced by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
October 14, 2020
Major Hotness and the Menopause with Meg Mathews
In this episode of the new series Anniki talks to Meg Mathews about the extremely discombobulating experience that is THE MENOPAUSE. Whilst our mothers’ generation might have suffered with hot flushes and mood swings in silence, we are now at the stage where we’re talking about it more. Nonetheless there’s work to be done with many women being taken by surprise by the symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause and feeling anxious and alone because they’re unsure as to whether what they’re feeling is normal or not. There’s also a myriad of different vitamins and supplements targeting menopausal women and then there’s HRT with women scared to take it or unsure of what the benefits might be. So if you’re approaching menopause and want to be better prepared or simply a fan of Meg...this is episode is right up your street. Meg’s book here: Menopause advice: NHS advice: Follow me on Instagram - @annikisommerville Edited and Produced by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
October 07, 2020
Is There Such a Thing as Ageing Gracefully? With Grace Fodor
As we age mid-life women are judged on how we look and how we choose to age. Are we ‘ageing naturally’ (and in some way winning at life) or are we choosing to have tweakments or surgery and therefore ‘cheating’. We’re damned if we do stuff and damned if we don’t. We can either be labelled as ‘tired/haggard’ or we can be seen as vain and self-obsessed. There is so much chatter around how women age that we tend to miss any other things they may be doing i.e. work/creating/etc.  Things are changing but this week I interview Grace Fodor who owns the Studio 10 brand and is passionate about being pro-age rather than anti-age. We talk about how women are judged differently to men when it comes to how they look and how we can be feminists and enjoy good skincare and make up – the two things are not mutually exclusive. Produced and Edited by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
September 09, 2020
How to Get to Grips with Money with Clare Seal
Don’t you feel like women sometimes have their head in the sand when it comes to money? And this in turn impacts on the choices we make (or don’t make) and the culture of fear around checking our bank balances and taking control rather than letting money or a lack of it control us. In this episode Anniki interviews Clare Seal who is the creator of the My Frugal Year Instagram account and author of Real Life Money: An Honest Guide To Taking Control Of Your Finances. Clare found herself in a large amount of debt (27k) last year and has documented the challenges of getting to grips with money and re-paying some of that debt. They talk about how money is often not the real issue, the challenges of finding cheap things to do with kids and how to take the first few steps into understanding your finances and feeling more in control of what you spend. Resources: Clare’s book available here: Tips on things to do with kids: Citizen’s advice: Edited and Produced by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
September 02, 2020
Me and My Glorious Body with Helen Thorn
It’s not unusual for women to feel crap about their bodies and this is especially true as we age and after we’ve had kids. In this week’s episode Anniki interviews Helen Thorn who is one half of the Scummy Mummies comedy duo and has the Instagram account @helenwearssize18. They talk about hairy chins, running, marriage break down, body confidence, shame, comedy and more. Hopefully it will inspire you to care less about your body as you age and realise that there’s more to life than worrying about whether your legs have too much cellulite or not. Resources: Produced and Edited by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
August 19, 2020
Why Older Female Whales Don’t Get Anxious with Dr Becky Quicke
In this weeks episode Anniki talks about anxiety and why heading into our forties and fifties can exacerbate difficult feelings. Past trauma, hormones and the way western society judges older women conspire to make women feel invisible, pessimistic and like they have nothing to bring to the table. Anniki interviews Dr Becky Quicke who is a clinical psychologist who runs both personal programmes and retreats for women. They talk about why perimenopause and menopause can be tricky times for women emotionally, how women can navigate through and why whales seem to have it sussed menopause wise. Resources: Dr Becky Quicke’s website for more information on support and retreats: For support from the NHS and ore information: For medical advice and more information on HRT and other treatments: Produced and Edited by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
August 12, 2020
Motherhood, Creativity and Messy Life with Clover Stroud
In this weeks episode Anniki talks about motherhood and creativity with Clover Stroud. Clover recently published a book called ‘Wild & Sleepless Nights’ and is mother to 5 children. They discuss how on earth you parent and write. And what’s the difference between being a mum in your twenties versus your forties? (are you actually more patient in your twenties and more tolerant of mess?) And how do you handle the domestic drudge and admin and stay inspired/awake enough to write or do anything creative? Whether you have kids or not this podcast explores female creativity, grief and the backdrop of mess that is everyday life. Resources: Clover’s website: Link to her latest book: d=448730002053&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9045939&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=826584111 6138466707&hvtargid=kwd-832248860614&hydadcr=4436_1795854&tag=googhydr- 21&ref=pd_sl_6kb9ok4y4h Edited and Produced by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
August 05, 2020
Talk About the Menopause and Then Talk Some More with Karen Arthur
In this weeks episode Anniki talks all things menopause. Whilst it’s becoming less of a taboo subject it can still catch us by surprise if we’re not prepared for the symptoms. It’s not just the physical side, it’s also the mental repercussions which can come as a slap in the face. Anniki interviews Karen Arthur who is a fashion designer and founder of Reddskin. She’s also a public speaker and all round top inspirational person who talks candidly about her experiences of going through menopause and how we need to open up more so we can be better prepared when the time comes. So if you’re peri-menopausal, menopausal or just want to hear some inspiring chat about what might greet you in the future, have a listen. The menopause doesn’t have to be a ball-ache if you research and inform yourself as much as possible – ultimately we have to face it so we might as well live, learn and move on. Resources for support: Read more of Karen Arthur’s blogs and learn about her work here: For more research and background: For more background and reading: Produced and Edited by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
July 29, 2020
How Overwhelmed Are You? with Hilda Burke
In this weeks episode Anniki talks about overwhelm and how women often feel under pressure to be productive and busy. It’s sometimes rare that we just sit down and stare at a wall for ten minutes. We’re often reading profiles of successful women – business leaders and actresses who get up super early to squeeze as much as possible into each days. Being busy is celebrated and we’re made to feel like a flop if we haven’t done very much. Social media amplifies this sense that we’ll fall behind unless we keep hustling and developing. Perhaps one of the positive things that has come out of lockdown, is the fact that we’ve had to stop rushing about for a while and are thinking more about what our priorities are and whether being busy all the time is really a positive thing. Anniki talks to Hilda Burke – a psychotherapist who has written a workbook on phone addiction and gives advice on how to break unhelpful patterns of behaviour, how to cope with overwhelm, the culture of comparison and the stress that we’re not good enough. Resources for support: Buy Hilda Burke’s book- The Phone Addiction Workbook: - Relationship/dp/1612439039/ref=sr_1_1?adgrpid=100975742133&dchild=1&hvadid=43559 6429220&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9045940&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=b&hvrand=2450546136733520 997&hvtargid=kwd-296280425694&hyd Try meditation/re-focusing apps such as: Clementine: Calm: For more meditations and talks try Tara Brach on: Produced and Edited by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
July 22, 2020
Headaches, Hedonism and Hangovers with Mandy Manners
In this episode Anniki focuses on booze and how women can feel like drinking is their main escape from ageing, work and motherhood. Drink is part and parcel of our culture and whilst there’s nothing wrong with it if we’re in control, our relationship can become problematic when it becomes the only means we have of relaxing. If you scroll through social media on a typical Friday night you’ll see a multitude of posts about how it’s ‘Gin o’ clock’ or ‘Time for Wine,’ and so it feels normalized and nothing to be scared of- if anything we’re encouraged to drink to escape our woes. What happens when we get older and our hangovers go on for days? Or spark off severe anxiety? Or we find ourselves being short-tempered parents (and then beating ourselves up because we’re being crap?) Anniki talks about these challenges with Mandy Manners who is a Life & Recovery Coach focused on helping women who have developed a problematic relationship with alcohol and want to create a life they love sober. She’s also co Founder of Love Sober CIC with fellow coach Kate Baily. Anniki and Mandy talk about how to tell if your relationship is problematic, how to become sober-curious and ultimately start thinking about a more mindful life when it comes to booze.  Mandy & Kate's first book Love Yourself Sober, A Self-Care Guide for Alcohol-Free Living for Busy Mothers will be published on the 3rd of September- available for preorder now Find out more about Mandy or at  For help and further resources - Produced and Edited by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
July 15, 2020
How to Live with Grief with Cariad Lloyd
In this weeks episode Anniki focuses on grief and how to survive it. Having lost her dad unexpectedly three months ago, it’s a subject dear to her. Unfortunately it’s also true that grief becomes something we’re more likely to have to face up to as we grow older (and as we continue through this corona crisis). Anniki talks to Cariad Lloyd who hosts the award winning podcast – ‘Griefcast’ – and they discuss how there’s no ‘right or wrong’ way to grieve, how grief never truly disappears and how every loss is different. If you’ve lost someone, there’s ultimately no set of rules in terms of how you have to behave or how you’ll feel on any given day and it’s all about being kind to yourself and taking each situation as it comes. Resources for support: Check out Cariad Lloyd’s podcast here: And bereavement support Cruse: Grief network: Grief encounter: Winston’s Wish: Widowed and young Podcast Edited and Produced by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
July 08, 2020
Infertility is a Real Ball-ache with Cat Strawbridge
In this episode Anniki (who struggled to conceive for many years) interviews Cat Strawbridge about how infertility impacts on our lives as we get older, how it's still taboo to talk about IVF, how nobody really tells you how tough it is, how it doesn't always work, and how we need to share our experiences so that women are better prepared for what lies ahead should they have to go down this route. Cat has had multiple rounds of fertility treatment and was finally successful last year. She has previously worked for the Fertility Network charity and has a podcast called 'Finally Pregnant.' She also runs events for women who are trying to conceive. Resources: Cat's Instagram is @tryingyears - for support if trying to conceive - friendship and support group for childless women events for women who are going through fertility treatment Podcast Edited and Produced by Alex Graham Music by Paul Wells
July 01, 2020
How To Be Less Grumpy At Work With Annie Auerbach
Our relationship with work is complicated. By the time we get to our forties we may have fallen slightly out of love with the meetings, politics, gossip, meaningless team building exercises, passwords that have to change every three days and young, fresh talent making us feel like we don't really matter anymore or have anything meaningful to offer. This week Anniki talks to author Annie Auerbach all about how to feel more confident in our day jobs, how work doesn't have to be the be all and end all and how to stop feeling threatened by millennials and learn great things from them instead. Annie is the author of 'Flex: The Modern Woman's Handbook' and a big advocate for flexible working (which in theory everyone should be getting used to now that many of us are working at home (if we're lucky enough to have jobs during these testing times). Resources: Annie's book available here: Other great books about work and confidence: Viv Groskop - How to Own the Room: Emma Gannon: The Multi-Hyphen Method: Ted Talk: The Career advice you Probably Didn't Get by Susan Colantuono: How To Overcome our Biases- Walk Boldly Toward Them by Verna Myers Produced and Edited by Alex Graham
June 24, 2020
How To Be A Boss At Ageing - Trailer
‘How to Be a Boss at Ageing’ is the irreverent and funny podcast by Anniki Sommerville which tackles the question- who the heck am I now that I’m an ‘older’ woman? Each episode tackles a different issue, interviewing different female experts and focusing on how to combat falling out of love with your work, dealing with grief, coping with menopause and look okay without people saying things behind your back. There'll be a new episode every week so make sure to subscribe for more!
June 19, 2020