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ANSHISM: By Ansh Sachdeva

ANSHISM: By Ansh Sachdeva

By Ansh Sachdeva
IT’S OFFICIAL SEASON 3 - THIS 2022 “ANSHISM” is an independent podcast show by Ansh Sachdeva. It was started in early 2021 as a ‘Student Podcast’ & then the host turned the discussions into wider conversations in the society. The essence of ANSHISM is to create something that can inspire a generation, people to bring a positive change. Sachdeva quotes “When I invite guests on my podcast I look for the essence of a story and a human angle that I think people can relate or connect to . My aim is to educate myself through raw human interactions & maybe make a positive difference in this world.”
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EP.22 - Grenfell Fire Through My Eyes FT. Gill Kernick

ANSHISM: By Ansh Sachdeva

BONUS EPISODE: KICKSINTO:An insight into the mind of a “SneakerHead” FT. Manaye Sachdeva
While the popularity of athletic footwear or “sneakers” has been widely assessed within the social media and popular culture, few studies to date have examined the influence of a specific sneaker subculture called “Sneakerheads”. There has also been very limited research on the brand preferences and brand identities that may exist within the Sneakerhead subculture. During this podcast, I spoke to my elder brother Manaye Sachdeva, who is also the founder of the Canadian sneaker startup KICKSINTO ( During his talk, he dives into Sneakerhead culture, while discussing brand preferences, practices, and how they affect the youth. Among the topics discussed are his experiences growing up in India and sneaker culture worldwide. This podcast is also influenced by Matthews, D., Cryer-Coupet, Q. & Degirmencioglu, N. I wear, therefore I am: investigating sneakerhead culture, social identity, and brand preference among men. Fash Text 8, 1 (2021).
May 13, 2022
BONUS EPISODE: Wake me up when September Ends- Life After University FT. Holly Ellis
On this episode, I have got the always smiling, inspiring and honest Holly. She is a Employment and Training Consultant, In 2020/21 Welfare Officer at Sheffield Students' Union, Psychology graduate from The University of Sheffield. She talks all about life in University & after it.
April 22, 2022
A raw conversation & insight into the creator / producer of ‘ANSHISM’- Ansh Sachdeva through the eyes of his friends. Loads of banter, laughs and love shown to me by mates. Funnily I don’t feature in this podcast. Credit to the 3 musketeers for recording and surprising me. It did surely motivate me and it’s an episode. I will cherish this forever. Ansh
January 31, 2022
EP.36 - Season 2 Finale - Thankyou 2021!
In my 37th recording , this is my second podcast where I don’t have any guests. This episode is special because I have tried putting things into perspective as 2021 has come to an end. No better way to wrap up season 2. Thankyou for listening and supporting ANSHISM.
December 18, 2021
EP.35 - Questioning the Norms of Marriage FT. Dr.Alicia Danielsson
In this episode we have Dr Alicia Danielsson who is a lecturer in law, with particular interests and expertise in the areas of Human Rights Law, EU law, International Business and Trade Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Research Methods, International Criminal Justice and Comparative Law. She talks about how marriage is a societal norm & now it should be a private affair. Her subject-specific research interests lie in the fields of comparative and EU law, with a specific focus on the area of freedom, security and justice as well as EU labour law and human rights protection. She completed her PhD in 2021. The title of her thesis is ‘Economic Activity or Public Order Limitations: The Interplay of the Regulation of Prostitution between National Law, EU Law and Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking.’ In addition to this, Alicia's research interests and research focus also include exploring law teaching methods and inclusive practices within legal education, in particular in relation to experiences of law students with specific learning difficulties (SpLDs), in order to develop more inclusive teaching practices within law education.
November 25, 2021
EP.34 - Cancer Awareness for Teens & Twenties FT. Seren Hughes
In the episode we have Seren Hughes, a cancer survivor who currently works for CATTS (Cancer Awareness for Teens & Twenties). She talks about spotting signs and detecting cancer at the earliest stage possible. Seren also mentions the work CATTSd do, which includes various workshops & fundraisers in the community.
November 15, 2021
EP.33 - You’re Not a ‘Failure’ FT. Chris Delaney
Chris Delaney is a qualified NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Careers Advisor. With over 15 years experience supporting people to achieve their life and career goal’s, Chris has the experience and skills to help you achieve your dream’s. As an experienced Coach and the Founder of Employment King, Chris has years of experience to help you move forward in both your career and your life.
November 01, 2021
EP.32 - “What Life Should Be” By Pat Fleming FT. Ansh Sachdeva
Just sharing my favourite poem with my listeners, first time that I actually read a poem. To learn while still a child What this life is meant to be. To know it goes beyond myself It’s so much more than me. To overcome the tragedies, To survive the hardest times. To face those moments filled with pain, And still manage to be kind. To fight for those who can’t themselves, To always share my light. With those who wander in the dark, To love with all my might. To still stand up with courage, Though standing on my own. To still get up and face each day, Even when I feel alone. To try to understand the ones That no one cares to know. And make them feel some value When the world has let them go. To be an anchor, strong and true, That person loyal to the end. To be a constant source of hope To my family and my friends. To live a life of decency, To share my heart and soul. To always say I’m sorry When I’ve harmed both friend and foe. To be proud of whom I’ve tried to be, And this life I chose to live. To make the most of every day By giving all I have to give. To me that’s what this life should be, To me that’s what it’s for. To take what God has given me And make it so much more. To live a life that matters, To be someone of great worth. To love and to be loved in return And make my mark on Earth. By Pat A. Fleming
October 21, 2021
EP.31 - Men & Mental Health FT. Craig Henderson
If you’re worried about your mental health you can call the Samaritans free, at any time on 116 123 and if a life is in immediate danger call 999. Craig Henderson, 35 a hair professionals from Bolton, A prospect (Volunteer) for the Lions Barber collective. He has been a hair professional for over 15 years & believes that the power of the stylist chair should never be underestimated. In the UK, men are three times more likely to take their own lives than women. On average, 12 men in the British isles take their own lives every day. On this podcast he talks about Men’s Mental Health & the stigmas they face.

 Statistics show Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45. Yet, it’s not just young men that are at risk, as the highest suicide rate is for men aged 45-49 in the UK.

There are many factors that make men more vulnerable to suicide. Men are often under pressure to appear strong and not show signs of weakness. This means they are less likely to talk about any issues they are facing or seek help when they are struggling with their mental health. Sometimes pride comes into the equation and men may think they can handle their issues on their own or worry about being a burden to others. Men are also more likely to respond to stress with risky behaviour such as abusing alcohol which increases the risk of suicide by up to eight times. A relationship breakdown has a bigger impact on a man’s suicide risk, than a woman’s – divorced men are three times more likely to commit suicide than their married peers, whereas divorced women show no increased risk. Warning signs to look out for in your friends, family or co-workers include: * Talking about wanting to die * Withdrawing or feeling isolated * Talking about being a burden to others * Experiencing extreme mood swings * Drug or alcohol misuse * Feelings of anger, hopelessness or disconnection * Giving away possessions * Giving up previously loved activities * Writing goodbye letters.
October 19, 2021
EP.30 - Reflections on Culture & Religion FT. Samrah Zair
In this episode Samrah Zair,a third year fashion student,explains the difference between culture and religion.SZ shares her personal experiences & how she aims to break the stereotypes through final year project at the university.
October 12, 2021
EP.29 - Beyond these Borders| Being a Refugee FT. Nooshin Akrami
An advocate of Ecological Economics in support of environmental sustainability, Nooshin is a Chartered Architectural Technologist, a sustainability specialists and an ex-academic. To fight for her right over the care of her son, along with her little boy, she fled Iran and has migrated twice; to Turkey in 1996 and to the UK in 2000. She was accepted as a refugee in 2003 following a number of court hearings and Nooshin and her son are both British citizens now. She refers to her son as the love of her life, emphasising that being a mother is the most important achievement of her life.
September 22, 2021
EP.28 - The Cocoa Farmer Emergency|The Fairtrade Scam FT. Kwame Kwarteng
Kwame is a Ghanaian Cocoa Farmer's son and a cocoa sector expert with years of experience managing industrial ans research projects in the Cocoa-Chocolate value chain. He is also a Columnist with The Cocoa Post and the Business & Financial Times. Kwame was the 1st International students in 158-year history to be elected General Secretary/President of the University of Manchester students Union, the largest students Union in the UK. Twitter: LinkedIn: Link to my articles:
September 12, 2021
EP.27 - We don’t have a ‘Planet B’ The Climate Change Crisis FT.Georgia Rose
Georgia Rose was an elected member of the Students’ Union at Swansea University, where she worked part time alongside her studies and campaign to make the University and its students more sustainable and environmentally friendly. With her role she undertook regular beach cleans, attending Sustainability Conferences in Nottingham, banning single-use plastics and coffee cups across both campuses and raising over £300 for the Amazon Rainforest. Being an active member of the Students’ Union gave her the opportunity to increase her confidence and embrace the knowledge she gained during Geography undergraduate studies, in order to help the university and its students become more sustainable. In addition, she believes being Environmental Officer has also her vital experience which will help benefit her future career goals in Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change and Conservation. In addition to my different roles at University, She was the Charity Representative for the Swansea University Geography Society for an academic year and the Vice President of the society for 4 months. She organized fortnightly events for charity, large events such as the annual Geography Ball and Christmas Meal. During her time on committee, the Geography Society was voted 'highly commendable' for Society of the Year 2018/2019 and was the Students' Union's first official Society of The Month in October 2019. In this episode she talks about the importance of speaking about climate change and what steps we as young people can take.
September 03, 2021
EP.26 - Body Image & Social Media FT. Alejandra Zapata
*TRIGGER WARNING * This episode speaks about eating disorders . If you’re struggling please seek help ( contacts mentioned below ). Alejandra A.K.A Alex is a Neuroscience and Psychology graduate Internationally published model. In this podcast she talks about how Social media can negatively affect body image because users are typically exposed to thin, fit, and "idealized" body types and will often compare themselves to peers and celebrities. Pictures on social media, many of which are altered, play a role in how one seeks validation, often finding our worth by how many “likes” and comments we receive. I have worked with individuals that have used this to decide if they were going to eat that day or not. Selfies on social media can potentially send a message that our beauty determines our worth and our body, a message of which many with an eating disorder struggle. Helpline: 0808 801 0677 Studentline: 0808 801 0811 Youthline: 0808 801 0711 Email support Adult email support is open to anyone over 18: Studentline email support is open to all students: Youthline email support is open to anyone under 18:
July 30, 2021
EP.25 - Straight Outta South London & Back FT. Ryan Carty
Now an Academy Tutor at Carshalton Athletic Football Club. It would be fair to Ryan had a tough childhood & teenage years in and around South London. He was kicked out of sixth form,almost got in trouble with the law. This a journey of a man who changed his ways & put out work for the community & young people . He describes what home means to him & why taking young kids off the street is important. Also he briefly mentioned systemic cracks that lead to racism with the example of Euro 2020. He’s now back in South London but he touched upon on his time Bolton & Leicester.
July 29, 2021
EP.24-NOURISH WITH NISH:Your Guide to Veganism FT.Inês Teixeira-Dias
Inês is a 24 year old psychology graduate from Swansea University who went vegetarian almost 8 years ago, vegan 4 years ago. Like most students, During her time at uni she made things that were speedy and low budget. Upon graduating, She decided to gather recipes learnt over the years & share it with all to make it easier for those coming into university now, in particular those who are choosing to try a vegan diet whilst away from home. As the years have gone she runs her own vegan food blog and is launching her book on the 30th July “NOURISH WITH NISH”.
July 01, 2021
EP.23 - Conversations About Women Safety FT. Lyndsey Vaughton
The death of Sarah Everard sparked a rising movement in the UK seeking recognition that violence against women must be addressed at a societal level. We need answers, action, and a place to connect, reflect, share experiences and try to understand what everyone can do to support change. Sarah was reported missing at the start of March after walking home from a friend’s house in Clapham. She left her friend at around 9pm, on a route down well-lit streets, but never made it home. For Sarah, and all the other people who’ve faced violence, we wanted to have a conversation, Providing a forum to discuss what needs to be done. We want everyone to be able to walk the streets without fear and be at home without fear. Safety and protection is important, but we need to focus on the cause and preventing the violence and abuse. Today on the podcast we have Lyndsey Vaughton At 20 She joined Lancashire Constabulary where I served for 16yrs, in particular I spent 9yrs specialising in child protection as a Detective Constable. Her focus changed from wanting to bring offenders to justice, to wanting to work closely with victims of domestic abuse. In 2020 she finished her Psychology Psychotherapy and Counselling undergraduate degree at the University of Bolton where I finished with first class honours. She’s currently a PhD student at the University of Bolton.
April 13, 2021
EP.22 - Grenfell Fire Through My Eyes FT. Gill Kernick
On 14 June 2017, a fire broke out in the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block of flats in North Kensington, West London, at 00:54 BST; it caused 72 deaths, including those of two victims who later died in hospital. More than 70 others were injured and 223 people escaped. It was the deadliest structural fire in the United Kingdom since the 1988 Piper Alpha disaster and the worst UK residential fire since the Second World War. On this episode we have Gill Kernick who works with senior executives in high hazard industries to develop the culture and leadership to prevent catastrophic events. She lived on the 21st floor of Grenfell Tower from 2011 to 2014. Seven of her former neighbours died. Gill writes and speaks to bring the thinking of major accident prevention to Grenfell. She edits  The Grenfell Enquirer  dedicated to learning and preventing such events. She is passionate about developing leadership capabilities and culture and believes that the voice and tacit knowledge of the front line are strategic cornerstones for the prevention of accidents.  A champion of diversity in all forms, Gill believes that, beyond a moral argument, it is critical to an organisation’s success in increasingly complex environments. Her work in high hazard industries focuses on enabling safety as a driver of broader organisational change and has a focus on the prevention of major accidents. Working across sectors including Oil and Gas, Project Management, Mining and Pharmaceuticals the scope of her work ranges from executive coaching, strategy and values roll outs to large scale strategic safety leadership and culture programmes.  Fascinated by different cultures Gill has worked across the globe including Algeria, Azerbaijan, Siberia, Qatar and Mozambique.
April 03, 2021
EP.21 - Disability & Me - FT. Amelia McLoughlan
Amelia McLoughlan, Network Director of Disabled Students UK talks about disability, disabled students and the impact of the pandemic on how disabled people are seen and how we can change that narrative. Disabled Students UK is a voluntary disabled student-led organisation who envision a world where disabled students have the same access to education as non-disabled students. They work collectively to make universities truly accountable to their disabled student and disability law. Amelia works as Network Director co-ordinating and faciliating spaces for disabled students, disabled students officers and activists in order to raise their collective voices. She holds a anthropology degree and postgraduate diploma in palaeopathology from Durham University, and was formerly Welfare & Liberation Officer at Durham SU (2019/20). Twitter: @hamsterxwheels / @ChangeDisabled Find out more at
April 03, 2021
EP.20 - BE THE BEST FT. Daniel Sukula
This is the story of Daniel Sukula, he's only 30 but he is a true local hero. 15 years ago he and his family were on their knees facing deportation back to the Congo and its civil war. However thanks to a spirited campaign by the family and many Boltonians the threat of deportation was lifted and the Sukulas were allowe stay in safety. Now with a young family of his own Daniel set up a community interest company to help disadvantaged young people in Bolton realise their potential. Daniel Sukula is the Founder and CEO of Be The Best Community C.I.C, a youth organisation based in Bolton. Daniel created the project in 2015 due to the tremendous support his family received when they were issued with a deportation notice. The sole reason his family were granted asylum was the campaigning and support of the Bolton community. The project has over 200 registered members and currently partners with organisations such as GMP, Bolton YOT, Bolton Council, Princes Trust, Kick It Out, Sports England, Greater Manchester Transport and many others. In 2020 Daniel was chosen by Bolton GMP to deliver knife crime inputs in local schools around Bolton due to the success of his knife crime workshop at the YOT. He is also a member of the IAG (Independent Advisory Group) which works to improve police services, and is currently a local authority Governor for a local school. He also the honorary member of England Football squad . His work was recently recognised by the Football Association .
March 29, 2021
EP.19 - Coping with Self Harm FT. Maddi Faith
Warning: it can be upsetting and potentially triggering to listen to this podcast about to self-harm. On this episode Maddi talks about her struggle , Faith graduated with a First Class in Psychology in the University of Bolton. She has came out and spoke about her Mental health problems which involve Self harm, leading to addiction & various other struggles during her time at the University. She also founded the Mood Matters society in the university to support student mental health. Maddi talks about how important it is to seek help. If anyone listening is struggling or anyone you know is struggling please signpost them to the following. distrACT App which provides information and advice about self-harm. Harmless User-led organisation that supports people who self-harm, and their friends and family. LifeSIGNS User-led self-harm guidance and support network. The Mix 0808 808 4994 85258 (crisis messenger service, text THEMIX) Support and advice for under 25s, including a helpline, crisis messenger service and webchat. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Produces guidelines on best practice in healthcare. National Self Harm Network (NSHN) Survivor-led online support forum for people who self-harm, their friends and families. Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) Offer confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters. You can find them by searching on NHS UK or asking a doctor or healthcare professional for their details. Samaritans 116 123 (freephone) Chris, Freepost RSRB-KKBY-CYJK PO Box 90 90 Stirling FK8 2SA Samaritans are open 24/7 for anyone who needs to talk. You can visit some Samaritans branches in person. Samaritans also have a Welsh Language Line on 0808 164 0123 (7pm–11pm every day). Sane Offers emotional support and information for anyone affected by mental health problems. Self-injury Support (formerly BCSW – Bristol Crisis Service for Women) 0808 800 8088 0780 047 2908 (text support) Information and support for women and girls affected by self-harm, trauma and abuse. UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Professional body for the education, training and accreditation of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors. Provides online register of psychotherapists offering different talking treatments privately. YoungMinds 0808 802 5544 (parents helpline) 85258 (crisis messenger service – text the letters YM) Committed to improving the mental health of babies, children and young people, including support for parents and carers.
March 27, 2021
EP.18 - Owning Autism FT. Victoria Ellen
Victoria Ellen is a Neurodivergent advocate, speaker, and blogger from the U.K. She blogs at Actually Aspling on topics related to autism acceptance. On this podcast she discussed her path to achieving an autism diagnosis and how she has since learned to accept and celebrate her differences. She is currently researching about adult diagnosis of autism at the University of Bolton.
March 26, 2021
EP.17 - The Fight Against Islamophobia FT. Laila Hassan
Over the last few years, the United Kingdom has seen Islamophobia rise at a disturbing rate. Laila Hassan is an activist from Stand Up To Racism based in Bolton,Greater Manchetser. She talks about the raising issues of hate crime specially towards Muslims in the UK and the world .She also talks about how politicians use the name of Islam defame it and spread hate and division for their own benefit. “The United Kingdom has more than 3.4 million Muslim residents, making up almost 5 percent of its overall population. Even decades later, British anti-racist legislation is inadequate for dealing with the targeting of Muslims by far-right groups using subtler forms of prejudice and discrimination. For example, prominent columnists at major platforms have written articles calling Islamophobia a fiction, arguing that there isn’t nearly enough Islamophobia within the Tory party, or ominously asking, “What will we do about the Muslim problem then?” They’ve faced negligible professional fallout or loss of respectability, something that is hard to imagine if the target were another group. Before he was prime minister, Boris Johnson even compared women in burqas to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers.” Despite Islamophobic incidents reportedly jumping by 375 percent in the week following his comments, an internal inquiry by the Conservatives found them to be “respectful and tolerant - Article By BY MOHAMMAD ZAHEER | Foreign Policy .
March 22, 2021
EP.16 - We don’t have Forever.
This audio is someone else’s work, their YouTube channel is SLYFER 2812. .It’s a culmination of highly inspirational audio from movies such as Dead Poets Society, The Truman Show, Lost in Translation, To the Wonder, Blue Valentine, Third Star, Brooklyn, Beautiful Boy, The Master, Forrest Gump, Little Women, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Into The Wild, The Grand Budapest Hotel, After Life, At Eternity's Gate, Ferries Buellers Day Off, Chaplin, The Two Popes, Parasite, The Great Gatsby, Midsommar, The secret Life of Walter Mitty, Jojo Rabbit, Lady Bird, Demolition, Motherless Brooklyn, Lala Land, The Puirsuit of Happiness,1917, Dunkirk, The Great Dictator, Green Book, Bohemian Rhapsody, Judy, The Judge, Rushmore, Detachment, A beautiful day in the neighborhood, Ford v Ferrari, Her. The creator of this video credited the following people for making this video possible Zachary Tepe, Joel Mendoza, Justin Perry, Kerem Durdag, Krish Patel, Lucas Hotle, Maddy Winkel, Mark W Hall, Mark Wilson, Matthew Mohl, Michel Steiger, Miglė Stankevičiūtė, Mike Drum, Nicolas Alexander, Nnobody, Paul Coker, Phantom XOX, Sean Whitesides, SheVitus, Simon Sgroi, The Rusty Lion, themostlegitness, Tyler Lewis, Victor Hinz, Aidan King, Alexander Burns, Alexander Minster, Allen Elliott, amator95, Andrew7912, Anthony Gallego, Audrey Dalum, Bobby Sampson Jr, BreakFree, Cassie Douglas, ceren stoop, Chase Poulin, Chris Wayne, Christoph Gerecke, Chryghton, Devin Delaney, Elora Maxwell, Ernest Bethel, Eventhorizon, Freddy, Grace, Hollis Rhodes, Ira Patole, Jacob Forrester, Jei, Jesse Jr, Titan Edits, Jessie Valladares, Steve The Shark The Great.
March 21, 2021
EP.15 - Black Women in Sports FT. Anika Leslie Walker
Historically, black women in sports faced double discrimination due to their gender and race. A number of African American female athletes have emerged as trailblazers in their particular sports over the years, from track and field and tennis to figure skating and basketball. On this podcast we have Anika Leslie Walker who has been an academic over a decade. Through her expertise in ‘sports in the community ‘ she defines the struggles & barriers black women face. Briefly we also discuss the importance of role models which help pave the way for later generations & inspire them to join the sports. industry .She emphasises the important of investment @ grassroots levels & the changes needed to be made at highest level of the sporting government bodies, for a better future .
March 13, 2021
EP.14 - Let’s Talk about DISABILITY! FT. Emily Nicole Roberts
Emily Nicole Roberts is a 22 year Welsh girl from Swansea . She has a rare condition called cerebral palsy which makes her a wheel chair user. On this podcast she will be speaking about how important it is to de-stigmatise the conversations around disabilities. Emily inspires & talks us through her journey from when she was a 13 year old & had no confidence in herself & to her current self who is inspiring thousands of people. She recently met the Prime Minister & is actively working with the Welsh government to be an ambassador for disabled people. Emily also uses social media as a platform to spread positivity & educate people about her disability. Here’s the link to her Youtube Channel.
March 02, 2021
EP.13 - Representing Ethnic Minorities FT. Aminata Sow
On this episode we have Aminata, a theatre graduate who currently works as a graduate advisor for a government funded project . She will be speaking how The lack of representation has an impact on self-perception, self-esteem, and self-confidence can be negatively influenced. The purpose of this podcast the negative impacts that that the lack of minority representation in different sections of the society . Aminata mentions the importance of the BLM moment & discusses how ‘Black Lives Matter ‘is just the stepping stone in terms of an equal society. We need constant changes in the industry & a balanced representation on all different levels. Inclusivity and diversity should not be a temporary trend, but an integral value that guides the people towards greater changes.
February 27, 2021
EP.12 - Journey of A Youth Worker: Getting Young People off the streets FT. Tia Barnet
In this podcast we spoke to Tia Barnett ,who has been a youth worker for more than a decade. She holds the experience of working with the Youth in Schools, Colleges, Behavioural Intervention Teams & Youth Centres. During her career she has mentored & empowered several young people. She’s extremely passionate about being a positive role model to them. She states the rough experiences that young people deprived areas in Bolton face. Barnett also mentions the impact of the pandemic & how mentoring them has been a challenge during the various lockdowns.
February 25, 2021
EP.11 - An insight into the world of Motorsports FT. Simon Baker
Simon Baker is a motorsports enthusiast , In this podcast he will simplify the world of motorsports through his knowledge of the sports . He is a MSc Engineering student at the University of Bolton. He is not only a fan of the sport but has the experience of working on the race track. On this podcast he talks about his journey & the how he ended up in love with motorsports. His knowledge & memory of this sport is unmatchable.
Baker has experience in assisting the FIA with the teams competing in the FIA World Rallycross Championship round at Silverstone in May 2018.
In 2018 he provided assistance to the Rallycross team Albatec Racing, Ultimately, by the end of the 2018, that contribution culminated in a championship success.

February 20, 2021
EP.10 - Pressures of being a Pro Athlete & A Uni Student FT. Anastasios Traianos
Anastasios Traianos had 15 long year career as a professional basketball Player . With experience of playing in Greek 1st and 2nd division also being a the Swingman for Manchester Giants in British basketball league. On this podcast he talks about the pressures of being a professional athlete & a university student at the same time . His current role involves working in sport and leisure as sport activities supervisor, He has hung up his boots & doing a Masters in Sports business, management and policy at the same time. Seems like it’s a habit for him now to juggle two things at a time. Traianos Discusses the impact of sport on mental health & wellbeing & highlights the importance of mentoring young people & students to lead a better life style.
February 20, 2021
EP.9 - The Reality of Fast Fashion FT. Sophie Scott
Today on the Podcast we have Sophie Scott, She is a 3rd year Fashion Student at the University of Bolton & Extremely passionate about advocating sustainable fashion through social media & her blog . Through this podcast she talks about the affects of textile factories on natural resources & environment. She also discusses how minimum wage workers in big companies have been exploited & how there need to be better regulations to safeguard them. Sophie aspires to start her own fashion brand in the future .(
February 16, 2021
EP.8 - Young Organ Donors FT. Shivam Nagpal
According to the World Health Organization, only around 0.01 percent of people in India donate their organs after death. On this podcast we have Shivam Nagpal who’s NGO ‘Organ For Life’ works to spread awareness in the India & hopes to go global. Shivam has been featured in the Guardian, Vice, Times of India and NDTV for his work on environment and organ donation. He is working towards a creating a better society for patients suffering from organ ailments throughout the South-Asian region. He is an aspiring Lawyer and has been working for the cause of organ and blood donation from the past 2.5 Years. He lauds the United Kingdom’s opt out system means that all adults agree to become organ donors when they die, unless they have made it known that they do not wish to donate. He believes his biggest motivation for working for the cause is saving lives. If you have not recorded an organ donation decision and you are not in one of the excluded groups, it will be considered that you agree to donate your organs when you die.
February 15, 2021
EP.7 - Toxic culture of Social Media FT. Blessed Pepple
In today’s world, many of us rely on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram to find and connect with each other. While each has its benefits, it’s important to remember that social media can never be a replacement for real-world human connection.(HelpGuide.Org). On this podcast we have Blessed Pepple , he has been named Coventry University’s Student of the Year. After graduating, he was elected as the Vice President of Coventry University’s Student Union. Here, he worked on various projects locally and internationally to support various student groups. He championed peer-to-peer mentoring programmes to support the development of young people and students in higher education.  He talks about social media spending an excessive amount of time on social media can increase feelings of sadness, dissatisfaction, frustration, or loneliness are impacting your life. He urges the youth to re-examine your online habits and find a healthier balance.
February 15, 2021
EP.6 - Society® Is this app the future of Student Engagement? FT.Matthew Billington
Matthew Billington recalled when he entered the 4th year as a dental student at King's College London, He soon discovered that being elected President of the KCL Dental Society came with its fair share of problems. After engaging with Presidents from other dental schools ,He soon discovered that nearly every new President of a university society is in the same boat, re-creating the wheel, each and every year." The Society® app made its debut at King's College London with the President of KCL Dental Society deciding to revolutionize the way that its society was run. He originally came up with the idea of an app to have a profound and positive impact on committees and society members. Helping committees to save time through automating event management, certificates, ticketing/e- tickets for events, whilst having the committee displayed and available for all members to directly contact through the chat. A great way to interconnect all the societies in a university. Matthew explained, “As years go by, we are finding Facebook is becoming increasingly outdated, seeing a progressive decline in engagement with university students. Society® is a fresh new app available for all of us to use, evolving new levels of engagement.” With popular event booking platforms such as Eventbrite and Fatsoma, having high transaction fees, Matthew also wanted to create a platform with the lowest possible ticket transaction fees for students, whilst remaining free for free events. Matthew continues, “We now have a university society platform which allows everyone to engage in multiple societies and events are all in one place. No more lost links on WhatsApp chat groups!” That's why he decided to create a free, all-in-one app, to increase engagement and productivity for all Presidents and Committees of student societies. The idea: to save time for committees while connecting students on a whole new level. His vision is to automate, digitize and revolutionize university societies and college clubs, groups is definitely the Future to more students engagement & a greater student experience.
February 13, 2021
EP.5 - Art & Mental Health FT. Shana Khatir
Shana Khatir is a practicing artist who runs her own portrait business . She is a 3rd year Fine Art student at the University of Bolton. She talks about struggles that artists face during lockdown with lack of accessibility to studios. She also talks about her beautiful journey as an artist & how intense practicing art can be. The atmosphere at University of Bolton has contributed to growth as artist. Shana also mentions the significance of Art in improving mental health. She quotes through her journey “Art is everything”
February 13, 2021
EP.4 - Life of a SU President FT. Eleanor Lewis
It is a privilege to know her professionally & to know about her mental health journey. She has worked relentlessly for the students at Chester University. She is someone who has encouraged everyone to get involved in the SU & always greets everyone with a smile . Today we speak to Eleanor Lewis the president of Chester Students’ Union. She talks about her journey as a student 3 years ago where she first entered the SU & wanted her picture on the wall with other Student Union Presidents over the years. In her final year, She ran for SU President & won despite being an underdog. She also spoke about being a second year president and discussed the pressures of the job & difference roles one has to take while working with the University. She has given more than a hundred percent every-time she has fought for student rights & definitely would be difficult for anyone to replace her . She also encourages the students to participate in the elections & contest them . It is a life changing experience for everyone involved.
February 12, 2021
EP.3 - Dr.Hollins decodes the challenges for Creative Arts Students
Professor of Cultural Research Development. He is responsible for supporting collaborative research activities across the School of Arts. Paul is an experienced academic and has published extensively across a diverse range of subjects in the Arts, Education, Business and Technology domains. Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, creative organisations involved in advertising, fashion, film and graphic design were thriving - discover what areas you could enter as the sector looks to get back on its feet The UK's creative industries contributed £115.9billion to the economy in 2019, according to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. This is a 43.6% increase since 2010 and means the sector makes up just under 6% of the economy as a whole. He is currently engaged by the university in the EU Horizon 2020 project RAGE (Realising an Applied Gaming Ecosystem Europe), in chairing the Whitman 200 conference and in supporting the School of Arts collaborative research projects Professor Hollins will answer the following questions : 1.Who are the main graduate employers? 2.What's it like working in the sector? 3.What are the key issues in the creative industries? 4.Your advise to students who want to pursue creative arts ? * Do you think there are enough jobs * It’s the only idustry that boomed during the lockdown Paul has a strong and diverse background from business and academia to draw on when challenging the current state of educational technology. It would be an interesting talk and discussion on what the future for creative art students should look like.
February 11, 2021
EP.2 - International Student Life in the UK during the Pandemic FT. Omkar Singh
On this podcast we will be speaking to Omkar Singh,The Vice President of ARU students’ Union.Omkar is an international student from India.He will talk about his journey as Student Activist to India to also-successfully working with the Angila Ruskin University to invest in a million pound project for helping students in various issues like Employment,Mentorship & Looking after their mental wellbeing. Omkar describes the various challenges students have to face when they arrive in the UK. Which include homesickness,cultural shock & how the pandemic has had affected them specifically.
February 10, 2021
EP.1 - Are aspiring music students given enough Respect ? FT. Alice Flannery
Today we will be speaking to Alice Flannery, The former Students Union’ President of Royal Northern College of Music .Talking about how the pandemic has affected the music industry overall and what it means to aspiring artists. One-third of professional British musicians are considering giving up their careers amid the coronavirus pandemic. We will also discuss the affect of music on our mental health & round of up the chat with few advices for Aspiring Artists & how to cope with the Lockdown 3.0.
February 08, 2021
An excerpt from ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’
The following is an inspiration for me to start this podcast. I do not own this audio .
February 06, 2021