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Antarctica Unfrozen

Antarctica Unfrozen

By Pride Conservation
The #1 Antarctic podcast series based on the passionate people that have dedicated their lives to understanding, working and living in Antarctica is back! Unfreezing some of the critical science, contemporary culture and adventure the icy continent is notorious for. Season 2 will focus on multi-perspective discussions about both micro and macro topics from the hidden but ever-connected continent, serving as a 'crash course' on the environment. Produced by Antarctic Ambassador Harry Seagar and Marine Ecology PhD candidate Shinae Montie, proudly brought to you by Pride Conservation.
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Ice 101
Shinae discusses all things ice-related with fascinating insights from two experts and adventurers in their respective fields! Dr. Dan Price (University of Canterbury) and Prof. Pat Langhorne (University of Otago) give clear explanations on a critical aspect of the Antarctic environment - ice. From Sea ice to Ice Sheets and everything in-between!
March 8, 2021
Antarctic Tech - Boxfish Research
Harry chats with Ben King, Co-Founder of Boxfish Research - a cutting edge underwater ROV technology company with some of the highest photography and film capabilities at depth on Earth. Ben is a driven mechanical engineer with a back story that will leave you stunned. As well as hearing about how Boxfish was founded, we discuss how science and technology interact, how tech can serve conservation and about his expedition to Antarctica in 2019! Recorded at Boxfish HQ in Orakei Auckland, Aotearoa NZ.
January 28, 2021
Today we are joined by two very special guests, Antarctica New Zealand's Chief Science Advisor, Professor John Cottle, and Data Curator, Rebecca McNeil. Together we delve into the conversation about guardianship of the Antarctic continent. Antarctica New Zealand is the government agency responsible for carrying out New Zealand activities in Antarctica, all whilst supporting world class science and environmental protection. Their vision is: Antarctica and the Southern Ocean - valued, protected, understood.
January 20, 2021
Antarctic Policy - How Can We Protect Antarctica?
Let’s take a break from some of the incredible Antarctic Science covered this season, and shine some light on the equally important implementation of policy in Antarctica! Today I am joined by Dr. Neil Gilbert and PhD student, Natasha Gardiner to have a chat about Antarctic Policy.
January 13, 2021
Remote Sensing - Antarctic Science from Space?
Ever thought about how scientists measure sea ice thickness without a giant drill and metre ruler or how to spy on Antarctic seals from space? Then you’ll particularly love this one because we are joined by two remote sensing specialists, Prof. Wolfgang Rack and Masters Student, Shanelle Dyer!
December 22, 2020
Science Under the Ice
Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to jump into the near-freezing Antarctica waters through an ice hole and spend the next 30 minutes to an hour surrounded by sea spiders, giant sponges and seals?! Well, tune in for an epic chat with Marine Ecologists, Dr. Drew Lohrer and Dr. Leigh Tait from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, otherwise known as NIWA. Drew is a principal scientist at NIWA who has made a massive contribution to the advancement of marine ecology. His main area of research focuses on the organisms that live on the seafloor and their contribution to ecosystem function in estuaries and along coastlines. His work in Antarctica has shown that these communities are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and ocean acidification as they respond to change more rapidly than initially thought. Leigh travelled down to the ice in 2019 with Drew for his first Antarctic expedition where he operated a BOXFish ROV, taking our knowledge of the under-ice environment to new depths, literally! Leigh is also a marine ecologist at NIWA, he specialises in ecophysiology ecological structure in the marine environment. Sit back and tune in as we discuss all things benthic ecology, kinds of communities exist under the ice in Antarctica, how sea ice influences them and how resilient they are to climate-related changes! We also touch on Science Under the Ice, an epic outreach project which takes you on real and virtual research expeditions to Antarctica where scientists like Drew and Leigh explore how climate change will affect the marine biodiversity in Antarctica.
November 30, 2020
Climate Crisis 101
Kia ora everyone, today we have one of the countries and in fact one of the world’s great Professors of Earth Sciences on the podcast, Tim Naish of Victoria University of Wellington (@naish_tim on Twitter). His career in science has already surpassed what many might hope to achieve in multiple lifetimes. His commitment to not just scientific progress but also education earned him the New Zealand Antarctic Medal. Awarded to those who’ve made outstanding contributions to exploration, scientific research, conservation, environmental protection, or knowledge of the Antarctic region. Research by Professor Naish focuses on past, present and future climate with specific emphasis on how the Antarctic ice sheets respond to climate change and influence global sea-levels. Safe to say, his voice has never been so vital to hear and broadcast. Tim is up there with one of the highest calibre and respected scientists we’ve been privileged enough to host on our platform and for that, I’d have to say on behalf of the Antarctica Unfrozen community, thank you! Please enjoy this intriguing, at times intense but ultimately informing episode.
November 30, 2020
Ocean Chemistry and Acidification
For the first episode of the new season, we have a very special guest for you, Dr Vonda Cummings, one of the Principal Scientists for Aotearoa’s New Zealand’s National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research, more commonly known as NIWA. Her list of academic achievements and commitment to the greater scientific community, especially in the Antarctic science sphere is comprehensive. Vonda’s research is focused on the implications of acidification, climate change and other anthropogenically-derived changes to our oceans. I felt incredibly lucky to catch up with Vonda and record at NIWA headquarters in the capital city of Wellington, where in a short amount of time we delved deep into some fascinating and critically important research. Together we demystified what usually come across as complex scientific ideas to the average citizen (like myself) around marine chemistry and condensed a lesson on ocean acidification into under 20 minutes. This is a model episode for our second season which hopes to serve as a crash course on the environment via the example of the last great natural science lab in the world - Antarctica.
November 30, 2020
Season 2 Preface
Continuing on from a successful first season, the #1 Antarctic podcast series based on the passionate people that have dedicated their lives to understanding, working and living in Antarctica is back! Unfreezing some of the critical science, contemporary culture and adventure the icy continent is notorious for. Season 2 will focus on multi-perspective discussions about both micro and macro topics from the hidden but ever-connected continent, serving as a 'crash course' on the environment. Produced by Antarctic Ambassador Harry Seagar and Marine Ecology PhD candidate Shinae Montie, proudly brought to you by Pride Conservation.
November 23, 2020
Season 1 Preface
Welcome to Antarctica Unfrozen! A podcast connecting you to Antarctica like never before. Created and hosted by Blake Antarctic Ambassador - Harry Seagar. Brought to you by The Sir Peter Blake Trust and Antarctica New Zealand.
March 24, 2019
Dr Daniel Price - Man On A Mission
Danny Price is a man of many talents. He's a climate researcher, Antarctic traverse expert, passionate climate campaigner, Edmund Hillary Fellow, he’s also the co-founder of Offcut Caps but mostly importantly just a really nice guy! Enjoy this fascinating episode, you may just be shocked, surprised and you may just be inspired. 
March 23, 2019
Dr Andrew J. Wright - Marine DJ
Andrew's excitement and passion shines through his voice, if anything this guy is just a rare kind of producer. So really it’s no wonder he’s found himself recording wildlife audio to see what secrets it holds! Lucky for us a podcast is also completely based on audio (ha how good) and now it’s his turn to reveal some of the secrets of his epic work.  See Andrew's science profile here. See Andrew's social feed @marinebrit on Twitter. The lovely Killer Whale Audio, mid podcast, was recorded under permit by K070 and Regina Eisert, thank you! Also thank you to Regina for this photograph of Andrew in the field. 
March 23, 2019
Dr Rochelle Constantine - Ocean Wonder Woman
An accomplished biologist, an inspirational lecturer, and a relentless champion for the marine environment. Rochelle is based out of the University of Auckland’s School of Biological Sciences and Institute of Marine Science. I really didn’t have to much of an idea on where my conversation with Rochelle would go! I was pleasantly surprised when we found ourselves chatting about subjects like humpback whale migrations, we also found out that Antarctica holds a what I consider one huge Summer food festival for ocean enjoying animals every year and some of Rochelle's precious moments with nature during her career. We need more people like Rochelle in this world. Enjoy! Thank you Paul Ensor of this gorgeous photo of Rochelle on the Antarctic Whale Expedition. 
March 23, 2019
Dr Michelle LaRue - Emperor Lifestyles
Michelle is a rather incredible scientist for many reasons. Why? Well, one of them is because she conducts much of her work partially from space... This episode is dedicated just about entirely to arguably the most famous Antarcticans, the Emperor Penguin. She is also a great communicator of science and is all for having a yarn about it! Thank you, Michelle, for your time. Catch Michelle on Twitter @drmichellelarue or check out her website for more of her work! 
March 23, 2019
Jonny Harrison - Winter Is Coming...
Jonny has a rather incredible 'job', he is the Winter Leader at Scott Base. We caught up and had a chat about what a Winter in Antarctica entails and how the team keeps grounded and stimulated through what I can consider, pretty much an out of this world experience!  Winter in the Antarctic may not be so dark at all… Thank you Jonny for the incredible Antarctic Aurora photographs and time-lapses.
March 23, 2019
Dr Regina Eisert - Killer Knowledge
Regina is a very knowledgeable lady. I'm amazed at how much we managed to cover in just under 20 minutes. Megafauna (Killer Whales mostly), how she founded the TPA (Top Predator Alliance), Marine Protected Areas, the Ross Sea Region and more...  You'll find Regina on social media (FB, Twitter & Instagram) @TPAonIce where you'll find amazing content of the science, adventures and animals in her life! Thank you Andrew J. Wright for this amazing photograph of Regina.
March 23, 2019
Robin Rawson - Antarctic Leadership
As the title might have suggested, in this episode we talked a little less about Antarctica and a little more about leadership, personal growth and all those things that make us feel like we can in fact always strive to become better people everyday. This is a chat I’ll listen back to over and over for the rest of my life. I think there's some real gold in it!
March 23, 2019
Bruce Stevenson - Sh*t Happens
Bruce is the kind of guy where the only place I can imagine meeting him is in fact at the bottom of the world in Antarctica. Bruce is the Water Engineer at Scott Base and while that may sound like quite a standard job description, he’s absolutely integral to ensuring the bases critical hydro systems stay running through both the Summer and Winter seasons! Was a pleasure talking sh*t with you Bruce, both literally and figuratively! Oh, Bruce also happens to be the only Base resident that jams the bag pipes in his spare time! You always need someone who can play the pipes around right?
March 23, 2019
Professor Gary Wilson - Change Catalyst
Gary is one of New Zealand's leading Climate scientists and legends. He has over 3 decades of Antarctic science experience and expeditions under his belt. Gary’s a climate legend around the world because of his work as a professor in the Marine Environment space. He’s focused on marine geology and the marine geological record of ocean and climate change. He tucked into some more big picture thinking in the episode which I couldn't be more stoked on to finish the series with. Enjoy this chat and Gary's wisdom!
March 23, 2019