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Blockchain Won't Save the World

Blockchain Won't Save the World

By Anthony Day
Cutting through the hype, telling inspiring stories from people and organisations who are creating real change in the world with Blockchain and Exponential technologies.
Listened to in over 110 countries worldwide.
Hosted by: Anthony Day, Blockchain Partner at IBM
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S1E19 Blockchain for Voting with Sheila Nix from Tusk Philanthropies and Jason Truppi from ShiftState Security

Blockchain Won't Save the World

S2E6 - The Roast of Non-Fungible Tokens (The Good and Very Bad of NFTs)
What do Blockchain, Banksy, concert tickets, sex tapes, baseball cards and Batman have in common?... It's the roast of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and I'm joined by 5 Blockchain superstars who bring different perspectives on the good to the very, very bad of how companies and individuals are looking to transform the world with NFTs and tokens. In this show we cover: - The basics of Blockchain and token technology - The established model for physical collectibles and what we need to consider in the digital world - Digital twins for real-world assets (crypto chips, stickers, wallets and custody) - Legal considerations for tokens, copyright and IP - And a VERY diverse set of NFT examples in the roast (virtual collectibles, ticketing, art, trash art, airlines, postage stamps, malicious calls, tweets, 'intimate' tapes, and more...) Shout to my amazing guests - please go give them a follow: Brendan Cooper, Irina Heaver, Keir Finlow-Bates, Anne Griffin and Sebastian Becker
April 24, 2021
S2E5 - Blockchain in India - The Biggest Episode of All Time!
A country the size of India deserves serious attention, and with 17 Blockchain veterans on this episode, we uncover the fascinating past and the bright future of Blockchain in India. We go all the way back to 2012 and discuss everything from crypto folklore to huge government interest to the army of Blockchain talent that is transforming the tech landscape in every sector in India today. In this episode we cover: - A brief history of Blockchain in India from 2012 to today - Use cases including telecoms, digital identity, life sciences, banking, payments, DeFi, agritech and much more - The Blockchain community from OGs like Matic to AgroTrust, Hyperledger and the Bosch Blockchain Centre of Excellence - The importance of Crypto to Indians, implications of the impending crypto ban, and government interest in CBDC - How huge state governments and the national Blockchain roadmap are shaping India's Blockchain future - How 4 Million software developers get access to Blockchain training from formal and informal settings - The importance of diversity in the India Blockchain community, some positive examples and where more work is needed - Important learnings for scaling Blockchain in terms of capability, leadership, language and regulation A huge shout to the amazing Indian Blockchain leaders who contributed to this episode: Swati Bhide (IBM), Sunil Sharma (SquadX), Gokul Alex (Gigamesh Garage Ventures), Prasanna Lohar (DCB Bank), Debajani Mohanty (My Earth ID), Rajesh Dhuddu (Tech Mahindra), Kamlesh Nagware (Snapper Future Tech), Richa Joshi (Ethereum Push Notification Service), Kalyan Kulkarni (AyanWorks), Gaurav Somwashni (AgroTrust), Krishnan Mohan (Bosch), Raj Kapoor (India Blockchain Alliance), Ishan Roy (Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency), Srinivas Mahankali (National Insitute for Smart Government), Gnana Lakshmi (WileyNXT), Vinod Kashyap (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India), and Sandeep Shukla (Indian Institute of Technology)
March 27, 2021
S2E4 Blockchain in Germany - Cars, Crypto & Contradictions
Germany is a fascinating example of how Blockchain technology can evolve and scale in unexpected ways. Driven by a mix of the cosmopolitan crypto community, engineering-focused start-ups and a national Blockchain strategy (and a few lawyers...) this is not the stereotypical German story you might be expecting. In this episode we cover: - The diverse Blockchain community from Berlin to Bavaria - Germany's little-know history in the emergence of Ethereum and DeFi - The national Blockchain strategy and what it means for enterprise and government - Deep dives into Blockchain at Daimler, The German Energy Authority and Bitwala - The role of academia in accelerating the Blockchain talent pool and research - The importance of the Blockchain Lawyer, and much more... Shout to all my guests on this episode (in order of appearance): Katharina Gehra (Immutable Insight), Florian Glatz (Bundesblock), Dennis Hillemann (KPMG Law), Christoph Iwaniez (Bitwala), Philip Sandner (Frankfurt School Blockchain Centre), Sebastian Becker (Riddle & Code), Philipp Richard (DENA), Harry Behrens (Daimler), Sven Hildebrandt (DLC), Nina Siedler (DWF and INATBA), Bruce Pon (Ocean Protocol), Thomas Jarzombek (German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy), Wolfgang Prinz (Fraunhofer Institute). Also a special shout out to Mr. Bojangles for the fresh beats - love you cuz...
March 4, 2021
S2E3 Blockchain in Israel - The Start-up Nation with Global Appeal
We take a closer look at Israel, known by many as 'Start-up Nation'... A country famous for its production line of entrepreneurs, military-inspired tech, cryptography and most recently Blockchain. Home to over 250 global R&D centres, 6,000 tech companies and 150 Blockchain businesses, Israel has a unique recipe for success in tech - and Blockchain is no exception.  In this episode we cover:  - The rapid adoption of Blockchain in Israel from Bitcoin to ICOs to creating leading global players - The story behind 'Start-up Nation' and why Israel's entrepreneurs are so successful - The diversity and make-up of the Israeli Blockchain community  - Country-specific use cases around Financial Services, Trade, Identity and Healthcare - Chutzpah: the secret, intangible ingredient behind all Israeli successes - And a rare cameo from the legendary Aviv Lichtigstein - Founder of 101 Blockchains Shout to the amazing guests who made this show possible: Yael Rozencwajg, Odelia Torteman, Rena Thomas, Igal Nevo, Kfir Nissan, Gabi Zodik, and Aviv Lichtigstein
January 30, 2021
S2E2 - Blockchain in Malta: The Rise and Pause of 'Blockchain Island'
In this episode we uncover the surprising ingredients behind Malta's rise as one of the 'go to' destinations for Blockchain businesses. It's a story of economics, politics, law, technology, a little bit of hype, and the critical issue of how to virtual world of protocols and digital assets co-exists with the physical world or national borders and regulation. This is one of the deepest episodes yet, and there are some fundamental Blockchain learnings in here that everyone needs to know! In this episode we cover: - Malta's constant struggle to find it's economic niche, and how its specialty in technology and law created advantage - The role Malta played in supporting Blockchain businesses during the emergence of Bitcoin, ICOs and virtual financial assets - The founding of the Maltese Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) and how it evaluates Blockchain companies against Maltese regulation - The rush of ICOs, crypto and Blockchain businesses to Malta, and the 'thinning of the heard' since 2016 - Blockchain use cases for the island of Malta, including Financial Services, Real Estate and Social Care - Examples of Blockchain businesses in Malta, and their experience of trying to become regulated - The role of the Blockchain community and academia in supporting further scaling of Blockchain in Malta - The future of Blockchain and Virtual Financial Assets, and how Malta's law and regulation may yet play a global enabling role Shout to all the amazing guests who were part of this episode: Max Ganado, Joshua Ellul, Dave Pulis, Beata Young, Kenneth Farugia, Jonathan Galea, Sandro Psaila and Jean-Michelle Azzopardi
December 26, 2020
S2E1 - Blockchain in Brazil: A Hidden Blockchain Powerhouse
Welcome to Season 2! New theme music, more guests, and a different way of looking at Blockchain technology, culture and community through the eyes of Blockchain experts in the less-publicised nations around the world - and we're starting with Brazil. There is more Blockchain activity happening in Brazil than almost anywhere in the world, and Brazil has produced some of the most talented minds in Blockchain. Adoption of the technology is tightly linked to the strengths and deficiencies of Brazil as a nation, and it's fascinating to observe. In this episode we cover: - Brazil's relationship with technology, and how Brazil is a Blockchain leader despite lagging behind tech adoption in other areas - Examples of national Blockchain use cases in Public and Private sector - from National Identity to Agri Business to Finance and Crypto Assets - How Blockchain is spoken about in society and the press - The make-up of Brazil's Blockchain community: Fintechs, Cypherpunks, Gov-techs and Enterprise Adopters - The main personalities in Brazilian Blockchain, and who you should be following - Case studies on start-ups in Agri-business and Renewable Energy, and Henkel's 'Reci-Chain' for Recycling - What more is needed to bring Blockchain initiatives to scale in Brazil, and key learnings for other countries Shout to my guests: Mauricio Magaldi, Rosine Kadamani, Gladstone Arantes, Tatiana Revoredo, Renato Lopes, Deborah Aguirre, Kiko Duarte, Isaque Eberhardt and Igor Ferreira
November 28, 2020
S1E23 10 [More] Things I've Learned About Blockchain - The Best of Season 1
After 22 episodes and 1 Roast, I've learned a lot more about Blockchain and DLT from those in the industry doing real work, running global platforms, and taking the technology into production. I've tried to summarise 10 new or updated observations about Blockchain in enterprise from Season 1. Some of the key topics include: - Strategies for scaling - Blockchain for social impact - UX challenges with Public Blockchains - Self-sovereign Identity - My favourite quote from Season 1 - How to think about Token business models - Scaling IoT and Blockchain - How to solve problems in your sleep Thanks to all my guests from Season 1, and thanks to all those listeners from around the world you provided feedback and ideas to help improve the series. See you all for Season 2!
September 3, 2020
S1E22 - Season 1 Finale - The Roast of Blockchain with 6 Blockchain All-stars
What do JP Morgan, Sex  Workers, Squirrels, Timestamping, Space Force and 'The Power of  Ethereum' have in common?... It's the Roast of Blockchain, and you're  about to find out... I'm joined by Keir Finlow-Bates (inventor), Irina Heaver (lawyer), Samson Williams (start-up / space cadet), Anne T. Griffin (product manager), Marta Piekarska-Geater (Hyperledger ecosystems) and Antonio Senatore (Deloitte CTO) to talk through Blockchain's most epic fails, and also where the experts see Blockchain technology is likely to succeed. In this roast we cover: - Which super heros do my guests think are most like them - Blockchain for Blockchain's sake - Tokens for tokens' sake - Not considering scaling and commercial models for Blockchain platforms - How Banks turned from hate to love on Blockchain and digital assets - KYC and Digital Identity for Sex Workers (and their customers) - The questionable use of private timestamping - Intermediaries using Blockchain to disintermediate themselves - Where Blockchain will have the most positive impact in the years to come Please take the time to check out and follow my guests, and we'll be back for Season 2: Keir: Irina: Samson: Anne: Antonio: Marta:
July 31, 2020
S1E21 Blockchain, Data Monetisation and Data Unions with Shiv Malik from Streamr
The potential for decentralised networks and using protocols to open the floodgates for transparent and fair data monetisation has been a promise made by many over the years.... Streamr are the latest to take on the challenge, focusing initially on Telecoms, Banking and IoT, and are making use of Blockchain within their platform, but possibly not the way you'd expect. Shiv Malik takes us through the opportunity for decentralised data monetisation and the unique concept of Data Unions that Streamr are trying to enable. In this episode we cover: - The opportunity for individuals and enterprises around data monetisation - The role of Blockchain in enabling large scale data monetisation - Definitions of Data Unions and Data Cooperatives - Case study examples of data monetisation in Telco and Banking, and scaling decentralised IoT networks for Smart Cities - Creating 'Monoplasma' side chains for micro payments  - Overcoming scaling and pricing issues with Ethereum  - Comparing Streamr's architecture with DAGs and DAOs - is it one, the other, or both? - How to form, price and scale your own enterprise Data Union Links to topics discussed in the show: Shiv's LinkedIn: Shiv's Twitter: @shivmalik Streamr:
July 25, 2020
S1E20 Blockchain for Recycling and Circular Economy with Rodolfo Quijano from Henkel
Henkel is a $35bn company and has one of the most diverse Blockchain portfolios in the enterprise space. Rodolfo, Head of Blockchain at Henkel, talks us through their investments in Sustainability, Supply Chain, Tax and Recycling, and notable collaborations with BASF, Siemens, GS1 and Plastic Bank. An essential episode for anyone looking to understand how Blockchain is being used in Consumer Goods today. In this episode we cover: - The role of internal Blockchain teams in a company like Henkel - Henkel's notable Blockchain platforms: Recichain (Recycled Plastic), Tax Chain (European Tax and Cross-border Exchange), Plastic Bank (Circular Economy and Social Impact), Anti-counterfeit for Specialty Products - How Blockchain is helping Henkel to achieve its sustainability goals - How to pitch use cases to internal stakeholders, prospective partners and crafting the business case - Future opportunities for Blockchain in CPG, notably data and loyalty - Rodolfo's key learnings from deploying Blockchain technology in an enterprise context (MVE, Focus, Expectations Management) Links for topics discussed on the show: Rodolfo's LinkedIn: Blockchain at Henkel: Plastic Bank: Good Chain Foundation: She256: Jeremy Waite:
July 18, 2020
S1E19 Blockchain for Voting with Sheila Nix from Tusk Philanthropies and Jason Truppi from ShiftState Security
Sheila (former Joe Biden campaign manager) and Jason (ex-FBI cyber security agent, focused on Bitcoin and nation state election fraud) give us a detailed view into how Blockchain is already being used in state and local elections in the US, what the key capabilities are for mobile voting platforms, and how they have overcome bias and challenges around security, UX and standards to drive transformation in the US and Europe. In this episode we discuss: - The issues with voting security and accountability today - How the FBI evaluates Blockchain, Bitcoin, and nation state attempts to influence elections - Blockchain voting pilots in West Virginia (military and ex-pats) and Denver (mayoral and municipal elections) - Key components of a mobile voting platform (voter authentication, ballot marking, data management, threat monitoring) - Which Blockchain platforms and node configurations are used to underpin mobile voting propositions - Would democratic and republic parties consider hosting election nodes and what voter data is actually stored on-chain - Common issues, challenges and misconceptions around Blockchain from stakeholders in the political sphere - What more is required in terms of functionality, security, standards, open sourcing etc. to scale use of mobile voting - Other applications outside political voting (corporate governance, universities, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) Links to topics discussed in the show: Sheila's LinkedIn: Tusk Philanthropies: Mobile Jason's LinkedIn: ShiftState Security: Voatz: West Virginia Case Study: Denver Case Study:
July 11, 2020
S1E18 Blockchain for Smart Cities and Mobility with Tram Vo and Chris Ballinger from MOBI
We take a drive through the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative's (MOBI) work to-date on blockchain for automotive and mobility, and their imminent crossover into developing Smart Cities technology platforms. Chris and Tram talk about Citopia - an open Blockchain platform for multi-modal ticketing and with scope to expand into infrastructure monetisation and use of gamification to drive citizens' behaviour. We also hear about a top secret Citopia deal that could be coming to a country near you... This episode covers: - The origins of MOBI - from small gatherings to global automotive consortium - The ups and downs of being a couple in emerging tech - The 4 main benefits of Blockchain for Smart Cities - The BIG opportunity - optimising and monetising $26Tn of road infrastructure globally  - Citopia: the first Smart Cities mobility platform using Blockchain and open APIs - A sneak preview of a Top Secret national project where Citopia will be launched in the near future - The contrast of developing technology with the public and private sectors  - Example pain points in West Hollywood (Through traffic) and Manhattan (Deliveries and parking fines) - The importance of tokens, cryptocurrency, digital twins and verifiable ID for enabling Smart Cities use cases - Other innovations that Blockchain can help scale today: distributed electric charging, virtual battery storage, provision of city services and marginal cost pricing, incentivisation of citizen behaviour, drone deliveries and taxis Links to topics discussed in this episode: Tram's LinkedIn: Chris' LinkedIn: MOBI Website: MOBI YouTube Channel:
July 4, 2020
S1E17 Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and DeFi with Rune Christensen, Founder of MakerDAO
MakerDAO predates Ethereum and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are one of the least understood but potentially most disruptive implementations of Blockchain technology. Rune Christensen talks through the history of MakerDAO, the mechanics of the stablecoin, voting, lending and the potential move towards accepting tokenised real-work collateral. We also discuss why Central Banks are interested, how the crypto crash only strengthened the MakerDAO platform, and how DAOs could be applied in government and legal services.  *Apologies for the sound quality - Rune was recording in a very echoey room* In this episode we cover: - MakerDAO's history from the pre-Ethereum era up to the $250m capitalisation it has today - Why Argentina and Buenos Aires has become an early cluster for MakerDAO adoption - The mechanics of the DAI Stablecoin, Vaults, and MKR Governance Tokens - Examples uses of DAI loans: buying a car, mortgage refinancing or buying more crypto - How MakerDAO solves the principle agent problem by having MKR holders accountable for risk taking - How to manage the issue of voter turnout in a DAO, how votes are initiated, and how to cultivate a community - The upcoming vote on using real world, tokenised assets as collateral such as ConsolFreight (Trade Finance) & PaperChain (Music Royalties) - Launching just before a crash: how the worst possible market conditions actually proved MakerDAO's robustness - Feedback and interest from the US Federal Reserve and People's Bank of China in DAOs and DeFi  - How to look at DAOs from a legal and regulatory perspective - Other areas where DAOs can be disruptive: Global monetary policy, government, anti-corruption, legal services - The one thing that Blockchain does better than anything else Links to topics discussed on the episode: Rune's LinkedIn: MakerDAO: Maker Forum: ConsulFreight: PaperChain:
June 27, 2020
S1E16 Tax Matters for Blockchain and Digital Assets with Rob Massey from Deloitte
Rob Massey may be one of the most influential people in Blockchain that you've never heard of. The man responsible for advising some of the largest ICOs, token issuances, exchanges, consortia and regulators gives us the lowdown on why tax is critical to consider in the digital asset space, and how it can be an agile and collaborative initiative, even where regulation or guidance is limited in a particular jurisdiction. In this episode we discuss: - Different digital asset structures and the various tax considerations - The process of engaging with regulators where guidance is thin on the ground - How enterprises are looking at digital assets and tokens to create liquidity, capital or new business models - An introduction to the implications of tax for security tokens, 'property' tokens and utility tokens - How to 'draw out' the tax implications of different digital asset models and business flows - Example tax engagements and the differences between enterprises, consortia and foundations - Tax implications for Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) - Different tax considerations for different geographies (the humans, tax treaties, network, and feeling 'natural') - The potential for digital assets in Financial Services and for IP rights management Links to topics discussed in this episode: Rob's LinkedIn: Deloitte's 2020 Blockchain Survey:
June 20, 2020
S1E15 Creating an NFT Crypto Collectable Business with Brendan Cooper from Panini
The fascinating story of how a $1bn company, famous for sticker books and trading cards, launched its own Blockchain business. Brendan is incredibly knowledgeable about Blockchain, DLT and Crypto, and he managed to convince a very traditional business to take the leap straight into Crypto Collectables - and he's got much more planned for the future. We talk about why they chose Hyperledger Sawtooth, how he helped Panini Executives to 'level up', and where wallets, mirror nodes and Zero Knowledge Proofs fit in his technology roadmap. In this episode, we discuss: - The history of the Panini collectables business - Brendan's early Blockchain inspiration from Crypto Pepe - Important adjacencies: Rare cars, artwork and fractional ownership - Why 'Panini Coin' (or CoopCoin) never made it into production and the problem with the 'Crypto' moniker - 'Levelling' up the Panini Executive Team to become Blockchain experts - The reaction of traditional customers and the crypto community - Why Panini's platform uses Hyperledger Sawtooth, Ethereum's UX and scaling challenges, and using mirror nodes for public verification - Collectables technologies to keep tabs on: public protocols, crypto collectables, privacy solutions, DeFi and ZDP - Future considerations - bearer instruments, custodial services, live sports feed oracles, full crypto, DAOs? - What Fortnite should have learned before launching digital collectables Links to topics mentioned in this episode: Brendan's LinkedIn - Panini Blockchain - OpenSea - Starkware - International Standard Content Code - Social Identity of Objects -
June 13, 2020
S1E14 Why Executives Struggle With Blockchain - an Alison McCauley Masterclass
Alison McCauley, trained organisational psychologist and Blockchain thought leader, explains why companies and executives find it so hard to understand and adopt Blockchain technology. We discuss the barriers to embracing emerging technology, why Blockchain's hype cycle has been uniquely unhelpful, and predict how and where Blockchain adoption will be most impactful. In this episode we cover: - How senior leaders think, and why emerging tech (and Blockchain specifically) doesn't fit their mental model - Where hype comes from, and why Blockchain hype isn't comparable to that of AI or Cloud - The psychology behind driving change and creating burning platforms - The external factors impacting demand and peoples' expectations for Blockchain technology - How Blockchain incentive models could be the missing ingredient for Contact Tracing apps - Alison's most impactful use cases: voting, credentials, carbon credits, digital identity, DAOs - What is the place for crytocurrencies in an enterprise context Links to topics discussed in the show: Alison's LinkedIn: Alison's Twitter: @unblockedfuture Edelman Trust Barometer:
June 6, 2020
S1E13 Blockchain Open Source Ecosystems with Marta Piekarska from Hyperledger Foundation
Getting the inside track on the Open Source movement and some of the Hyperledger Projects you may never have heard of... Marta is an Ecosystem Director for Hyperledger and is responsible for growing the community, progressing projects from ideas to Labs to Projects, and has worked with developers, enterprises and consortia worldwide. She also supports technical governance for Sovrin, and shares her views about the intersections between Sovrin, Hyperledger and Indy. In this episode we talk about: - The importance of open source technology for developers, enterprises and governments - The mission and goals of the Hyperledger Foundation - The process and governance for starting and progressing Hyperledger Projects  - The origins of Cactus, the latest project in the Hyperledger 'greenhouse' - A comparison between Sovrin and Hyperledger, and where they intersect with Hyperledger Indy - Encouraging diversity, growing a Blockchain community and how to keep the peace - Key learnings from Marta's past projects, including Caliper ('A Working Group that did real work'), Iroha ('Hyperledger's Greatest Hidden Secret') and Ursa ('Don't Implement Your Own Crypto') - What's Next: Why interoperability and on-chain governance are needed, but the importance of defining 'how' and 'where' Links to content discussed on the show: Marta's LinkedIn: Hyperledger YouTube: Hyperledger Website (for Developers): Hyperledger Website (for non-Developers): Marta's New Book:
May 30, 2020
S1E12: How to Patent Blockchain Inventions with Keir Finlow-Bates
This is one for the culture! Veteran inventor and holder of numerous Blockchain patents, Keir Finlow-Bates takes us through what it takes to innovate in the Blockchain space, why some of the world's largest companies are rushing to create Blockchain patents, and what it takes to get one. We also talk about Keir's approach to identifying where Blockchain can be disruptive, using the subconscious mind to create content, and why it's better to invent in a van than in a shed! In this episode we cover: - Why companies like Visa, GM, Baidu and Walmart are churning out Blockchain patents - Why Vitalik Buterin is wrong on patenting Blockchain innovations - The process for patenting Blockchain propositions - Why Keir became an inventor and how to generate new-to-world inventions - Some of Keir's most famous Blockchain inventions (Proof of Location, Alternative Mining Power) - How Blockchain could support the patent value chain (registration, licensing, transfer of ownership) - Where P2P Networks, Asymetric Key Cryptography, Hash-Linked Lists and Byzantine Fault Tolerance provide most value - The source material for Kier's legendary Blockchain vlogs - The power of subliminal processing (this one is really cool!) Links to topics discussed in this episode: Keir's Linkedin: ChainFrog: ThinkLair:
May 23, 2020
S1E11: Digital Cash: Rewiring Payments and Remittances with Jack Nikogosian, CEO of Aryze
What is Digital Cash, and how does it fit in a world with Libra, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Crypto? Jack Nikogosian has made the transition from Bitcoin to ICO to regulated digital bank, and explains the unique value of central bank-backed Digital Cash for enabling access to banking for all, and the goal of zero fee remittances worldwide. A truly transformative opportunity.   In this episode we discuss: - The challenge of bringing Bitcoin to traditional banking systems - The difference between Digital Cash, Stablecoins, CBDCs and Cryptocurrencies - The cost of cross-border payments and remittances for migrant workers - How digital cash could be a better underlying asset for Facebook's Libra - The technology architecture for a digital cash bank (core banking, Ethereum, cloud, compliance, data centres) - How to scale a digital cash ecosystem worldwide - Migrating from an ICO token model to a traditional shareholding and buyback model (this is really cool...) Links to topics discussed on the show: Aryze: Jack's LinkedIn: Coinify:
May 16, 2020
S1E10: Blockchain and The Internet of Things (IoT) with David Sønstebø, Founder of IOTA
Combining the exponential capability of both Blockchain and IoT is seen by many as the next major horizon for technology innovation, and few know more about this topic than David Sønstebø who takes us through everything you need to know in this space, from the use cases to the architecture, and when he expects the Blockchain+IoT fusion to reach the mainstream. In this episode we cover: - Why the Internal of Things needs its own network, and why traditional connectivity and payment rails will not work - The genesis of IOTA - from Internet Forums to International Foundation - Key domains where Blockchain and IoT can have the greatest impact: Automotive, Supply Chain, Smart Cities - A detailed comparison of Blockchain and Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture - Interoperability with Hyperledger, Ethereum and other Blockchain protocols - Unified Identity Protocol, IOTA Enterprise Edition and Distributed Identity for COVID-19 - Forecast for when IOTA and DAG infrastructure will be production ready and scaled Links to topics discussed on the show: IOTA: Unified Identity Protocol: David's LinkedIn: David's Twitter: @DavidSonstebo
May 9, 2020
S1E9: Blockchain and Self Sovereign Identity with Arwen Smit from Outlier Ventures
As the entire world is looking to Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) as a potential solution to COVID-19, Arwen Smit gives us some home truths about the complexity of identity management, what is required to develop SSI networks, and potential business models for private sector enterprises. Arwen is hugely knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to - essential for anyone who wants to learn more about the digital identity space. In this episode we cover: - An overarching framework for identity and trust (human trust, cryptographic trust) - The major problems that SSI aims to address (and some that is should not) - How SSI could be applied to the COVID-19 Pandemic - Critical challenges to consider (governance, ethics, fraud, commercial models) - The relevance of Blockchain as an enabler for SSI - Case studies including Estonia, MOBI, Sovrin, the UN and more - Arwen view on 'If data is the new oil, is SSI the electric motor?' and, - Her most valuable, most impactful, and favourite SSI use cases for the future Links to topics discussed: - Arwen's LinkedIn: - Arwen's Website: - Identity Reboot:
May 2, 2020
S1E8: Blockchain in the Danish Construction Industry with Niels Falk from HD Lab
A uniquely Danish view on construction, design and the disruptive impact of Blockchain. Niels has been working with the Danish Industry Foundation to explore technologies and use cases that can bring transparency, efficiency and solve age-old problems within the sector, and he explains why he thinks Blockchain offers something very different to what has gone before. In this episode we discuss: - Why the Construction industry has a data and transparency problem - Ideation and prioritisation of the 150+ Blockchain uses cases that Niels and the team developed  - Deep dives on the team's priority use cases: Material traceability, IoT devices, Client decision making, Component tracing, and 'Proof of Work'  - Working with Stellar, Azure, Hyperledger, Quorum - The future of BIM, 3D models, reality capture, generative design and exoskeletons - Key challenges of working with Blockchain in the Construction industry - Niels' prediction for when we'll see true digital transformation in the sector How to find Niels: Niels' LinkedIn: HD Lab: *Apologies for some glitches in Niels' audio in this episode - Zoom was not having a good day...
April 25, 2020
S1E7: Stablecoins, CBDCs and Libra with Gorazd Ocvirk and Gavin Pacini from Sygnum
Everything you wanted to know about Stablecoins in one podcast. The boys from Sygnum talk through how they created their own Swiss Franc Stablecoin under Swiss banking regulation, the different classifications of Stablecoin, and how the future may unfold in terms of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and Facebook's Libra. A must for anyone wanting to understand Stablecoins in more detail. In this episode we cover: - Stablecoin classification: Centralised crypto-collateralised, Decentralised crypto-collateralised, FIAT collateralised and CBCDs - How to develop a Stablecoin using Ethereum ERC20 tokens - Integrating Public Blockchain and HSMs with traditional core banking platforms - The differences between permissionless cryptocurrencies and regulated stablecoins (KYC, Whitelists, Pauses and Confiscation) - How many Stablecoins does the world need? Will there be one to rule them all, or multiple domain or country-specific coins? - The value and potential impact of Libra and Central Bank Digital Currencies References made in the show: Sygnum: Gorazd's LinkedIn: Gavin's LinkedIn:
April 18, 2020
S1:E6 Blockchain in Supply Chain Management with Martijn Thijsen from the Port of Rotterdam
A great introduction to how Blockchain is being applied in the business of international supply chains and logistics. Martijn talks through how the Port of Rotterdam began exploring Blockchain business networks, creating partnership ecosystems and developing its own Deliver platform with ABN-AMRO and Samsung, along with a number of other topics, including: - The role of a port in the wider technology innovation landscape - Benefits of Blockchain in trade, logistics and trade finance - How to form and govern a global business network - Details about PoR's Deliver platform and its learnings and challenges to-date - Interoperability between Blockchain networks (Hyperledger and Ethereum) - The role of other exponential technologies in supply chains, including AI, Drones, Quantum and Digital Twins References to topics mentioned on the podcast: Port of Rotterdam: Blocklab: Deliver platform: Martijn's LinkedIn:
April 11, 2020
S1E5: Blockchain Technology Maturity with Antonio Senatore, Deloitte Global CTO
A Blockchain technology Master Class with Antonio Senatore, Deloitte's Global CTO for Blockchain. We discuss what he sees as the 'core' Blockchain technologies for enterprise, his key learnings from taking both Public and Private Blockchain platforms into production, and his forecast for when we will see emerging domains like Zero Knowledge Proofs, Interoperability and Blockchain-enabled AI being ready for prime time. On this episode we discuss: - What it takes to be considered a 'mature' Blockchain platform - Relative maturity of Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, VeChain and others - Key challenges for implementing Public and Private Blockchains in enterprise - The importance and time horizon for Interoperability between Blockchain networks - Why we should be excited about Blockchain and AI, and what can they bring together - What are Zero Knowledge Proofs, and what is required for broader adoption - What questions to ask of emerging Blockchain technology vendors looking for partnerships - Where Antonio gets his reading list References mentioned during the show: Antonio's LinkedIn Profile: Andreas Antonopoulos: QEDIT: Polkadot: Constellation Network:
April 4, 2020
S1E4: Blockchain Business Case and Network Design with Krystal Webber from IBM
Krystal is a global expert in designing and forming consortia and business networks using Blockchain technology. She shares critical thinking and experience in the areas of network design, business case and governance models, with a number of real-world examples. Crucial topics for anyone looking to scale Blockchain networks and initiatives. In this episode we discuss: - Network intent - rationale and objectives for forming Blockchain networks - Building the business case - Business value, incentive structures and return on investment - The implementation challenge of creating new digital businesses with non-digital participants - Comparing market utility, founder-led and for-profit network models - Governance design using BOLT: Business, Operations, Legal and Technology - Member management - onboarding, offboarding and ‘the rules to change the rules’ - A lot of ‘cake talk’: Scaling by Cupcake, Birthday Cake and Wedding Cake Krystal’s LinkedIn profile: Krystal Webber on Twitter: @krwebber1 Initiatives mentioned by Krystal in the podcast: Tradelens: FoodTrust:
March 28, 2020
S1E3: Tokenising Social & Climate Impact with Kevin Pettit from Proof of Impact
Meet Proof of Impact who are using Blockchain, complex algorithms and a Micro Services approach to verify environmental, social and health impact at a granular, unit level. Kevin discusses the unique process of digitally verifying impact projects, unitising and creating impact securitisation models, and creating customised portfolios for enterprises. A fascinating and scalable approach to driving social and climate impact. In this episode we discuss: - How securitisation (the financial mechanism behind mortgages) can be applied to social impact projects - Defining what is a 'unit' of impact, the required digital verification models, and creating immutable proofs - Dynamic impact 'pricing' based on differing levels of verification - Using the Ethereum blockchain for tokenisation, and which is the best protocol for tokenising a Rhino - How to scale a global Blockchain impact platform  - Proof of Impact's involvement in the COVID19 response, and a call for support You can find more about Proof of Impact here: Proof of Impact Twitter: @proofofimpact And Kevin's LinkedIn profile:
March 21, 2020
S1E2: Blockchain Architecture with Kris Bennett (Blockchain Beard Guy)
“Not the Podcast we want, but the Podcast we need right now”... The legendary Blockchain Beard Guy, Kris Bennett, talks through his Blockchain Origin story, the basics of Blockchain Architecture, his favourite use cases and key learnings for developing and scaling  enterprise platforms. On this show we cover: - The emergence from Bitcoin to Blockchain Beard Guy - Use cases in cable TV networks, automotive, aviation, the corona virus and more… - Introduction to Blockchain architecture (Hyperledger, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Corda, Multichain) - Challenges while going into production and scaling networks - How to discuss Blockchain with senior stakeholders - Resources for learning core Blockchain skills Shout to Blockchain Training Alliance ( and Chad and Melissa for lending me Kris for an hour! Kris’ LinkedIn profile can be found here:
March 18, 2020
S1E1: The 'Set Up' - 10 Things I've Learned About Blockchain
Welcome to the first ever edition of Blockchain Won't Save the World. This episode covers why I believe Blockchain has a marketing problem and how I plan to set the record straight. I'll share the topics that you, the community, most want me to cover in future episodes, such as: - Myth busting - How to ‘sell’ Blockchain - Blockchain architecture - Scaling platforms - Forming ecosystems - Blockchain commercial models - Digital & self-sovereign identity - Supply chain management - Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) - Climate action & social impact - Stablecoins - Open source & ecosystem governance - Government & public initiatives - Blockchain legal matters - Regulation And also walk through my Top 10 learnings and observations from 5 years working in Blockchain. Thanks for tuning in, and looking forward to your feedback for future episodes. Links to those mentioned in the Podcast: Peter Diamandis: Singularity University: Rutger van Zuidam: Odyssey Hackathon:
March 12, 2020