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Elephant in the Room with Anthony

Elephant in the Room with Anthony

By Anthony Pollitt
Fun, interesting, and informative info, tips etc on nutrition, overall health and wellness, and lifting the 'whole you'. Different topics in these areas will be covered in an engaging way that help you grasp all those terms that are often bandied about, misused, but never understood. This is for the layperson, based on science but not sciency, to help you make those decisions to Lift your Life.
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Vitals about Vitamins & Minerals
There's so much talk about needing this vitamin and that mineral that it's easy to lose the overall picture of what are they, where do we get them from, and what do they do. This podcast will just put you on the right track to see how vitamins and minerals fit into your health in a very important, integrated way.
August 31, 2021
Protein Parables - The Story of Protein
Protein is well known as one of the main building blocks for our bodies, but what it is, where to get it from, causes some confusion. Here we delve into some of the misconceptions and some fundamental steps to get the right amount of protein, and from good sources. It's also put in to the whole picture in relation to other nutrient items.
August 04, 2021
Fatty Fables
Let's have a quick look at fat. That rather distasteful subject that when we hear about it makes us cringe, look in the mirror, and many times not like what we see. Well, fat has a place. Here, concisely, we put fat in its right place and there are some good things about it.
July 07, 2021
Carb Conundrum
In this podcast I'm chatting about carbohydrates, that greatly misunderstood food item and what it means to you.
June 25, 2021
What's all this about The Elephant in the Room
Here you'll hear an introduction to me, Anthony, what I'm about and the sort of thing we'll go over in this series. You'll get an idea of my background, what led me into this field, and how you and I can work together to Lift Your Life.
June 16, 2021