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The Anthony Around Town Podcast

The Anthony Around Town Podcast

By Anthony
Set in the small, mining town of Elko, Nevada, the AAT Podcast is all about asking local people out there questions! Through our interviews, the people of Elko will learn about their neighbors and peers through fun and thought-provoking questions!
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The Relaxing Episode
Let's all just take a deep breath and exhale, Elko! This episode is all about how we can find relaxation in these crazy 2020 times, specifically in the Elko area!  How can we destress when there's just so much chaos all around? Anthony and Nicole share their thoughts and experiences! Also, we have a few teachers to shoutout at the end of the episode! One from a listener who wrote in, and two from a couple of adorable in-studio guests!  Check it out now! 
October 9, 2020
The Fry Pod!
In this episode, AAT's two-week odyssey exploring and discussing the best french fries in Elko County comes to an end! We mostly get to hear a lot of Nicole's points this time around, but she sure does bring some hot takes! We also get a little deep and chat about what it looks like to surround yourself with other points of view that may not always align with your own...and that's okay! And finally, we close the show by celebrating our local teachers! They are some real MVP's! Check it out!
September 30, 2020
Let's Talk About School, Elko!
In this episode, Anthony and Nichole are heading back to class (mentally speaking) to discuss all things school! With Elko County's first week of "distance learning" under its belt, what have been our hosts' experience with online education? They also share some tales from their childhood school experience, including a story from Anthony about love, heartbreak...and revenge! For all of this, and much more, hit that play button now, class!
September 16, 2020
New Season! New Co-host!
The AAT Podcast is officially back, and this season, we have some big changes to the show! 1. We're now a weekly podcast! 2. We have some exciting new segments we're going to be diving into! 3. Anthony now has a rad new co-host, Nicole!  Honestly, there's just so much new goodness that we can't even fit it all into one description, so hit PLAY and check it out for yourself! 
September 9, 2020
Mary Spealman
It's an AAT first! This rendition of the AAT podcast is actually the first of a two-part content party! This week, listen to an interview we did with Mary Spealman, owner and operator of the local mobile coffee shop, Boot Scoot'n Brew! You'll get to know Mary and go behind the scenes of her caffeine fun! Then, head back over to on May 21st because we'll be putting out a video of Anthony creating a brand new latte combination for Mary's menu! What will Anthony come up with? You'll have to wait and see what he has brewing in that head if his. In the meantime, check out this fun chat we had with Mary, now!
May 15, 2020
Ghost Stories with The Battleborn Ghostbusters
This week, we're inviting a group of local paranormal hunters back to AAT! However, this time, we're all about hearing the spooky stories they've experienced over the years! We'll hear six of their ghastly tales! Can ghosts get violent? What happens when you see deceased family members? One of the Ghostbusters had a knife thrown at their head?? You'll have to hear these stories to believe them! Check it out now!
May 1, 2020
Selisha Payne
This week, Anthony has a very special guest call into the studio! He's chatting with Ms. Selisha Payne. Selisha is a mom of two boys who recently stepped out of her position at Elko's Smith's Food & Drug store after working there for three years. We discuss why and how she's been dealing with living in quarantine with her two young sons.  Selisha has a great perspective from both the grocery store employee-side and the parent-side of this whole pandemic, and she shares many interesting points.  Anthony also puts her shopping knowledge to the test! After working at the store for three years, we'll see how well she is at playing the Smith's edition of The Price is Right! You won't want to miss this because something happens in this game that has never happened in the history of AAT! 
April 17, 2020
Laramie Lake
In this episode, we're joined by the super cool, Laramie Lake! Laramie is a gifted musician who has played for several Elko area bands in the past; however, he's stopping by the studio this week to talk to us about his latest group, Sky DRFTR! Not only are we going to spend some time getting to know Laramie, his new band, and some cool things that have coming up, we're also going to put his creative talents to the test. Yes, that's right; this week, we will be playing a little game called "Song on the Spot!" Laramie has to come up with a song, off the top of his head, using three random sentences provided by Anthony? Will Laramie hit the right notes, or will he come off as flat? You'll have to tune in to find out!
April 3, 2020
Elaine Cassell
In this episode, we talk with someone heavily involved with the community of Elko, Elaine Cassell! She leads a non-profit organization and has a heavy influence in Elko's local music scene. She's also always willing to help out her town when it needs it the most!  Elaine is a rock star! And speaking of rock stars, on top of getting to know Elaine a little bit, we're also going to be asking her some music trivia! Do you know how much the world's most expensive instrument sold for? Do you know which artist's music the British Navy uses to scare off Somali Pirates? You will after listening to this podcast!  Check it out, now!
March 20, 2020
Elizabeth Arzola
This week, we're joined by Ms. Elizabeth Arzola! Not only is she a hard-working local pharmacy technician, but she's also the girlfriend of AAT's very own Camerman Mathew. So, you know we're going to have to lean into that! We'll spend some time getting to her know who she is, a little bit about her work, and her input on whether or not the Coronavirus is going to wipe us all out! However, that's not all! We're bringing her boyfriend on the podcast to put their love to the test. Will the couple "nail or fail" answering four questions about each other? We'll they leave this podcast stronger than ever or is the honeymoon over? You'll have to listen to find out!
March 6, 2020
Mathew Raum
This week, Anthony sits down with AAT favorite, Cameraman Mathew! Yes, we couldn't put it off any longer; the man who helps make all of our content happen every week is getting the spotlight this time! In this episode- we get to hear Mathew discuss if he would trust Anthony with a half a million dollars, what new phone app he would make if he had the ability, solve a Rubix Cube trivia question,  and figure out if there really is an anime out there about...talking poop fairies. You'll just have to hear this one for yourself! 
February 28, 2020
Aleece O'Brien
This week, we're asking Aleece O'Brien, of Heartwood Wellness, to complete a monumental task! She will be ranking the twelve astrological signs from twelfth to first! That's right; we'll be going through them all, one-by-one, from Aquarius to Capricorn, and hearing Aleece's facts and opinions on them all! Who will be ranked first? Who will be ranked last? There's only one way to find out!
February 14, 2020
Katie Wiebe
Party with, marry, kill: Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen, Austin Powers, Peter Parker (Spider-Man). This is just one of the tough decisions this week's guest, Katie Wiebe has to navigate. In this episode, you'll not only find out her answers to a few random questions, but you'll get to know her as the awesome mom, wife, photographer, and stand-up comic she is! 
January 31, 2020
Austin Whitney
This week, Anthony is sitting down with his longtime friend, Austin, Whitney for an interesting chat! The old pals reminisce on their days as teenagers, discuss Elko living, and work through some very random questions! Horsehead or fish head; what's a better look to rock? Find out what the guys have to say on that subject and more, in this episode! 
January 24, 2020
"Alicia Chaves"
The pilot episode of the AAT Podcast is here! This week, we're sitting down with Alicia Chaves from Academy Mortgage to discuss family, dream houses, sushi, and life on the streets. We even get to hear a little bit of Alicia's singing voice in action! 
January 10, 2020