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Anthropology Stories

Anthropology Stories

By Anthropology Stories
Cultural Anthropology intertwined with literature=Literary Anthropology. Join us to learn about social anthropology and how it influences your fav books and tv shows and our world. You might be surprised to find out you've been an anthropologist and bookworm the entire time.
Email us at or find us on Anthopology Stories Podcast on FB. We also have a website:
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Episode 2-Salty Cinderella
Fairy-tales, what are they? Who are they for? Why are there countless versions of the same story? Join us for a creation story about why the sea is salty from a Norwegian folk tale. We also discuss Cinderella and her roots,  with an ever evolving story there were bound to be some changes to Cinderella's skipping over all the murder and bodily mutilation.
September 26, 2019
Episode 1 - Intro
Hey you guys. Mina and Roisin here. Welcome to the first ever Anthropology Stories! This is a quick intro for you guys to see what we are all about and what literary anthropology really is. Don't forget to subscribe! You can find us on Facebook: You can email us ideas for stories, questions, anecdotes anything at all @ 
September 3, 2019