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The Anti-Social Chat Show

The Anti-Social Chat Show

By Anti-Social Chat Show
The podcast that covers all things social media, digital marketing and copywriting related. If you want tips and strategies on how to grow your business...this is for you. However, be warned...your hosts Eleanor Goold and Tara-Tamiko don't hold back.
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EP27: Ego vs Profit
In the latest non-scripted episode of The Anti-Social Chat Show, we tackle the controversial subject of big egos in business (and even cover Hansel & Gretel). Yep - we've all got an ego - and without going all Freudian we discuss: ➥ The difference between self-confidence and hubris and how it can lose you clients ➥ How ego can affect your positioning, offer and pricing ➥ The role of ego in the route from a corporate career to entrepreneurship ➥ Why what you did that worked before may not have relevancy now ➥ Too much focus on the outcome and not processes. ➥ How control can kill a project and the importance of listening ➥ And much more. As per usual we don't hold back!   We are looking for your input on this one - so grab the beverage of your choice and have a listen... Links mentioned in the show: The Copywriter Facebook Group - The Copywriter Community & Directory - VIP Resource Library -
May 23, 2020
EP26: What’s up, Bro?
In the latest episode of The Anti-Social Chat Show, we discuss Bro Marketing. In the show we cover: ➥ Bro Marketing – what it is and how to identify it in the wild. ➥ Eleanor uses the F Word (fu….nnels) and talks about unrealistic promises. ➥ Tara talks big houses and fast cars and why at heart she is a rock-steady Eddie. ➥ Eleanor gets hot under the collar about Boiler Room Operations and high-pressure sales tactics. ➥ Tara tells us about ‘getting to the ick’ and why she does not discount. ➥ We discuss why we don’t like ‘valued at’ prices and inflated, unsustainable brand strategies. ➥ We uncover friction points that stop the sale at the ‘add to cart’ stage and who the real winners are when it comes to funnel software and bro marketing tactics. ➥ Eleanor talks about scarcity, why it works and its real purpose (it’s not what you think). ➥ Tara tells us about binge buying, relationship marketing and why she is anti-funnel. And lots more! Over to you: What are your thoughts about bro marketing’? Has it worked for you? Love it, hate it? Would love to know your thoughts. ----- Find Eleanor at Kreatív Copywriting Replace your funnels with MemberVault
October 27, 2019
EP25: Your ‘why’ or your 'how’?
We are all told that: ‘Your why is important’, but do people actually hire you based on it? In the latest episode of The Anti-Social Chat Show we lift the veil on ‘your why’ and discuss the other factors that go into the hiring and buying equation. In the show: ➥ Tara gets facetious over fluff and mentions the one main reason why people hire her (Hint: it begins with a T). ➥ Eleanor considers if ‘your why’ has been misinterpreted by some and brings the intellectual weight of Aristotle into the discussion. ➥ We discover why Tara’s value-driven signature solution gets prospects asking more relevant questions (regardless of their why). ➥ Eleanor discusses core values and branding and why the number of pre-sale touchpoints may be more than you think. ➥ We discuss how highlighting ‘a new mechanism’ can be powerful and the direct correlation to copywriting. ➥ We also cover the one thing most people want from you, plus greenwashing, profit and the impact on ‘your why’. And lots more! Over to you: What’s ‘your why’? Have you ever been hired based on ‘your why’? What about your how? Would love to know your thoughts.
September 16, 2019
EP24: Facebook groups and the power of community
Is running a FB group right for you? On the latest episode of The Anti-Social Chat Show we discuss all things Facebook (and also have an unlikely gate crasher on the show).  We cover: ➥ The reopening of The Copywriter Facebook Group ➥ Is building a community on Facebook a good idea? ➥ Tara’s love of video and how it can help with your messaging ➥ Relationship marketing vs sales funnels ➥ Tara’s fear of Facebook groups ➥ Things you need to be aware of when building a community on Facebook ➥ Facebook pages and retargeting – what you should know  ➥ Facebook's new delete history feature and what it means for users and advertisers alike ➥ Why there will always be people ‘pushing the envelope’ in groups and what you can do ➥ The power of community – is the future private? ➥ Why lifetime value beats quick wins And lots more! Mentioned in the show: Join The Copywriter Facebook Group and get involved in the copywriting conversations Sign up for a free MemberVault account to run your courses
May 19, 2019
EP23: Self-Promo for Introverts - Are you too shy shy?
In the latest episode of The Anti-Social Chat Show we discuss self-promotion for introverts. We cover: ➥ The Law of Visibility – If it ain't seen it won’t sell ➥ When self-promo can feel icky and what to do about it ➥ Eleanor explains why there is safety in numbers and how this can help introverts ➥ Tara puts things into context and explains why ‘helping’ helps ➥ What you can gain by moving away from pain ➥ Why ‘Show, don't tell’ works for wallflowers ➥ The flip side of being an extrovert ➥ Letting go of fear and getting out of your comfort zone ➥ Tara tells tales out of the shower...and why it’s important ➥ Eleanor explains why you should jump off the bandwagon and why video doesn't work for everyone (gasp!). And much more... 
April 06, 2019
EP22: Pivot, reset or transition
  This week on The Anti-Social Chat Show we cover: What does it mean to pivot, reset or transition in your business and when is the right time? ➥ Eleanor provides some funnel tips for testing before you rebrand ➥ Tara goes to the parts other people don’t like to reach with research ➥ Why pivots can be like stepping stones ➥ Tara tells a true intriguing story of a market testing move ➥ Eleanor talks about reset and run Have you changed direction in your business?  We would love to hear your story.
April 06, 2019
EP21: Original content and ideas
  This week on The Anti-Social Chat Show we talk about original content and ideas, copycats, and when to draw the line! We discuss: ➥ Is there such a thing as original content? ➥ The race to the first page of Google and when content marketers cross the line ➥ Tara’s bathtime reading where ideas bubble to the surface ➥ Eleanor’s thoughts on SEO ‘blind spots’ and her rule-breaking ways ➥The rapidly changing world and what it means for your content (even if you think it’s evergreen) ➥ Tara talks about opinion pieces and snowflakes ➥Eleanor waxes lyrical about Mark Twain And lots more. Links mentioned in this episode: Tara’s Resource Library: The Utterly Compelling Freelancer Online Course: Emma Holmes blog post:
April 06, 2019
EP20: Instagram Stories – Should you be using IG as a business tool?
  This week on The Anti-Social Chat Show Tara and Eleanor get down and dirty about Instagram Stories. We discuss: ➥ The one ‘story’ tactic people simply cannot resist  ➥ The Mind, Body and ‘Spirit’ of Instagram ➥ Tara reveals her clever experiment (hint: it involves shopping) ➥ Eleanor reveals the ‘secret’ furry appeal of her Instagram feed and how she gets picked up (by other stories) ➥ Tara reveals a unique way that stories can be effectively used for online courses ➥ Why ‘dead nosey’ and ‘dead authentic’ does it for Eleanor ➥ What Tara loves about stories and why she maintains her Facebook page ➥ Eleanor talks about her messy Grid while Tara prefers structure and discipline ➥ Tara talks Giphy Stickers, next level branding, ads, and clickable links Sound on, sound off? The people’s vote. ➥ Why Eleanor does ‘show, don’t tell’ and only occasionally posts copy tips ➥ Tara talks about her two-tier approach and how she helps her clients with live tips ➥ Why social media exists (oh yes…we cover the big stuff in this show) Plus lots more tips and strategies on how to use Instagram as an effective business tool. You can find Tara at IG: @taratamiko Resource Library and FB Ad Swipe file: You can find Eleanor at IG: @KreativCopywriting The Utterly Compelling Online Academy:
April 06, 2019
EP19: Free Calls - Do you offer them?
 Are you ‘hanging on the telephone?’   In this episode of The Anti-Social Chat Show, we are talking FREE calls!  Yep – Discovery Calls, Clarity Calls, Consultation Calls – whatever you want to call them. We’ve got your number!   We ask and answer these questions:   ➥ Should you be providing free calls or do they just encourage tyre kickers and price shoppers?  ➥ What are the pros and cons?  ➥ What are the alternatives?  ➥ Should you have something in place for no-shows?  ➥ What should you be doing instead if anything at all?   But we want to hear YOUR opinion!  Dial M to hear us murder it! Then let us know your thoughts in the comments.  
April 06, 2019
EP18: How to use effective storytelling in your marketing message
 This week on the Anti-Social Chat Show its all about storytelling. Are you sitting comfortably? ➥ We talk about the recent storytelling exercise in Eleanor's Compelling Copy Corner FB group and how you can effectively use this method in your sales pitches or About page. ➥ The new direction and longer posts in the FB group to help you with your copy. ➥ Networking and elevator pitches – why one is not enough and what to do instead ➥ How Tara's childhood grammar lessons with her Dad helped her with her business. ➥ Tara talks about cake analogies and Eleanor talks about substance... ➥ We discuss Tara's upcoming talk and how to leave your competitors behind with her winning signature solution...and how you can have one too. 
April 06, 2019
EP17: The truth about Upwork
 In this week’s episode of the ASCS it’s all about results PLUS a special announcement. We discuss: ➥ Upwork – does it? We cover the pros and cons from a freelancer and client perspective ➥ Eleanor eats some humble pie while Tara meets a ghost ➥ How a change in approach can equal cash in da bank ➥ Why it’s best to never assume prices and why value-based pricing does not work for newbies ➥ How to use Upwork to Upsell Plus THAT special announcement about a certain FB group that might be shocking for some! 
April 06, 2019
EP16: Compelling client solutions
 On this episode of the Anti-Social Chat Show, we cover compelling client solutions that work, IGTV and Facebook Group. ➥ Tara admits that she was around way before the internet and how she delivers solutions to her clients using a special framework ➥ Eleanor explains how her methodology has helped her to focus on the services she delivers and why, contrary to popular belief, copy alone DOESN'T sell ➥ Tara talks about her experience as a business performance coach and how she absolutely crushes it with her content crrrrusher ➥ Eleanor has a lapse of memory about Impostor Syndrome and admits she is secretly addicted to IGTV thanks to Amanda Webb’s Digital Coffee Show ➥ We discuss Facebook groups(again!) Plus lots more... 
April 06, 2019
EP15: Upwork - Can it be used to get well paid jobs?
 In this episode of the Anti-Social Chat Show we discuss online job sites - are they really a race to the bottom? ➥ Eleanor puts her money where her mouth is and tests out a 28-day ‘client capturing’ system ➥ A double strategy for winning quality clients that could be the ‘golden ticket’ ➥ Tara tells us her experience with hiring people on Upwork and Fiverr ➥ A good way to research what your potential clients are looking for… ➥ Why Eleanor is a business owner first, a copywriter second ➥ Tara’s gift that made all the difference. ➥ Why consistency wins. 
April 06, 2019
EP14: How to spark your creativity
 How to spark your creativity. That’s the topic we are discussing on this week’s Anti-Social Chat Show. We cover: ➥ Tips on how to get your creative juices ‘percolating’ ➥ Tara ‘talks’ a good shower and tells us about her content crusher ➥ Eleanor talks about sharpening saws and Zen meditation ➥ Tara says the P word and lets us know why you should dial M for mascara. And lots more. So, how do you get your creative juices flowing? Let us know in the comments. 
April 06, 2019
EP13: Getting social on social media
 This week on The Anti-Social Chat Show Tara-Tamiko Thompson and I talk about getting social on social media! We cover: ➥ Content – it’s not just about blogging don't cha know. How you can post relevant content to help build your personal brand and your business ➥ Engagement – what it is and why it is so important on social media ➥ Commenting – A useful LinkedIn strategy you can apply ➥ Tara talks about Sex & The City ➥ I talk about my 6 part email series chock full of LinkedIn tips and a 10 day challenge to further boost your engagement. You can subscribe to the show on SoundCloud: @anti-social-chat-show Follow us on LinkedIn and sign up to my email series and 10-day challenge at the links below: 
April 06, 2019
EP12: Transformation (with a capital T)
 This week on The Anti-Social Chat Show we discuss transformation with a capital T. Tara talks about how businesses can benefit by appealing to their audience by showing them what transformation actually looks like! We discuss: ➥ Weight Loss – Before & After Photos (not ours) ➥ How Method Acting can help you with your copy ➥ Robert De Niro gets a look in with Raging Bull ➥ Tara talks about lingering frustrations… ➥ Eleanor talks about emotional trigger points, objections in your copy, and getting into the conversation your readers are having in their heads. ➥ Tara tells us about Reddit and truly understanding your audience plus tells us about her value-packed freebie video which teaches you how to do it. ➥ Eleanor offers a FREE LinkedIn email course and fun challenge to help you win at LinkedIn. Sign up for Eleanor’s LinkedIn Tips: Automate your research: 
April 06, 2019
EP11: Value: Are you giving away too much?
 Are you giving away the farm – how much value is too much value? This week on the Anti-Social Chat Show we discuss: ➥ Value: What is it, how do you define it and is it quantifiable? ➥ Lead magnets: Is there an ideal size and what should they address? (Tara has some strong views on this) ➥ Freebie seekers: Is it an issue? What happens when people take your ideas and run? ➥ Eleanor talks about briefs (the copywriting kind) and Tara provides some top tips for client calls. Warning: Tara had not eaten before recording the show. Don't speak to Tara when she is 'hangry'  
April 06, 2019
EP10: Show, don't tell.
 This week on The Anti-Social Chat Show Eleanor Goold and Tara-Tamiko Thompson discuss: ➥ Showboating on social media - How your marketing (or lack of it) can send your rep down the swanny ➥ The social proof is in the pudding - What to do if you haven't got a meaty portfolio to woo your prospects ➥ Tasty Testimonials - How to get meaningful ones and cut the waffle ➥ When it's a case of the 'cobbler's children having no shoes' - why it's better to have some killer heels! Tara also talks about men on boats....and puts Eleanor on the spot (again). 
April 06, 2019
EP09: Research resolutions
 This week on the Anti-Social Chat Show we talk about Research Resolutions! Tara tells us about her survey woe and why she was flabbergasted about what she learned recently. Eleanor 'goes deep' on psychological drivers. We also cover: ➥ House - Everybody lies! ➥ Misleading surveys ➥ Amazon reviews ➥ Looking for the gap and minding your Ps ➥ AMAs ➥ Vacuum Cleaners ➥ Tara's dusty apartment (don't ask!) Would love to know your thoughts, let us know in the comments. 
April 06, 2019
EP08: What is an entrepreneur?
 Don’t call me an entrepreneur. I’m not one. This week on the Anti-Social Chat Show Eleanor and Tara discuss the meaning of being an entrepreneur. We also reveal what we refer to ourselves as. Here are some of the highlights: ➥ Lord Sugar and Richard Branson get an honourable mention—as they should. ➥ Nigella Lawson also gets a mention, but not because of her skills…well…actually, yes because of them! ➥ Eleanor talks about people in bright clothes smiling all day. ➥ Tara is baffled by titles but Eleanor reminds us of what is more important than what we call ourselves. What do you think, do titles matter? Have you seen any funny or ridiculous titles lately? Let us know in the comments! Want to take the poll? Check the first comment for the link! Oh, and just for fun: If you could give us new titles, what would they be? 
April 06, 2019
EP07: Be honest. Are you a groupie?
 In this week's Anti-Social Chat Show Eleanor and Tara talk about groups: Facebook AND LinkedIn. We discuss: ➥ Tara being on an information diet ➥ How Eleanor forgets who she is, admits to being a bit woo-woo and considers the benefits of crochet copywriting PLUS why she carries a big stick when it comes to Facebook groups. ➥Tara shares her pet peeves about groups, tagging and adding and also talks about lurkers, surreal LinkedIn posts and tells us about two must-have tools. (Eleanor even bought one after the show). 
April 06, 2019
EP06: The copy conundrum
 This week on the Anti-Social Chat Show: Tara is underwhelmed by bland email copywriting, especially when the products are fab Eleanor advises copywriters who are writing in their non-native language to do do this "one thing". What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 
April 06, 2019
EP05: Impostor syndrome & buzz Words
 In this week's episode of the Anti-Social Chat Show Tara and Eleanor manage to keep it together (ask about our blooper video) and discuss: ➥ Buzzwords that need to zzz-off ➥ Eleanor isn't too keen on Imposter Syndrome as being a thing ➥ Tara admits she needs labels ➥ Eleanor's favourite app (hint: it's grey matter!) Amanda Webb gets an honourable mention for her 'Tech Arghh' blog post about getting a secure certificate. Listen to the show and drop any comments or questions below! 
April 06, 2019
EP04: The F word (Fees!)
 This week on the Anti-Social Chat Show Tara and Eleanor tackle the F word that freelancers and business owners are always thinking about: FEES! We discuss: ➥ Hourly pricing ➥ Value based pricing ➥ Project fees ➥ Pricing variables ➥ The Beverly Hills Plumber Are you charging what you are really worth? What variables do YOU take into account in your pricing? Let us know in the comments 
April 06, 2019
EP03: Is content writing the same as copywriting?
 That's the question Tara-Tamiko asked in her recent poll. The results are in! 19% of respondents of my Content vs Copywriting think they're the same thing! Watch the latest episode of The Anti-Social Chat Show to find out our thoughts on the matter. ➥ I show no diplomacy ➥ Eleanor does What do you think? Is content writing the same as copywriting? If not, what's the difference, and does it really matter? What do you think? 
April 06, 2019
EP02: How much process is too much process?
This week on the Anti-Social Chat Show Eleanor and Tara discuss: ➥ Belly flops and taking on new clients (there is a link!) ➥ How much process is too much process ➥ Sending in the heavies ➥ Tara zapping people through her keyboard ➥ The man from the Pru
April 05, 2019
EP01: LinkedIn: How much is too much?
How much is 'too much' when it comes to sharing your personal story on Linkedin? Tara-Tamiko Thompson and Eleanor Goold discuss this and more in this week's episode of The Anti-Social Chat Show. We also cover: ➥ Why your LinkedIn headline and summary are important ➥ How a headline can make a powerful impact, and Tara gives a working example of a great one she's seen  ➥ Eleanor provides a simple formula you can use to enhance your own headline ➥ Why your summary needs to be compelling and why you shouldn't be afraid to change things up ➥ Why Eleanor's LI summary is actually a story and where to go if you need help ➥ We discuss 'broetry' posts and Tara talks about the more cryptic posts she's seen... ➥ Eleanor talks about posts that make her giggle, quotes a Hollywood superstar and reminds us 'this is YOUR LinkedIn' What do you think? How much you is too much 'you' when it comes to LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments.
April 05, 2019