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Flourishing and Floundering - by ANU Engagement and Success

Flourishing and Floundering - by ANU Engagement and Success

By ANU Engagement and Success
The “Flourishing and Floundering” podcast series aims to spotlight personal stories, shared experiences and increase the visibility of students, staff and alumni from underrepresented backgrounds at The Australian National University.

Through this series, we hope to inspire and connect with new, prospective and continuing students from underrepresented backgrounds and encourage their persistence in first year and facilitate a smoother to transition to their university life.
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From Wagga to ANU - Chloe Harpley
Chloe is originally from Wagga Wagga. Like many other country kids, Chloe has always wanted to leave home Wagga one day. She moved to Canberra as she received a Tuckwell Scholarship at ANU. Her first-year experience was not smooth sailing as she struggled with her newfound freedom. Chloe is now a successful independent woman who has contributed tremendously to her community. At the beginning of last year, Chloe started a crisis appeal in response to the bushfire that impacted regions in Australia, called Books for the Bush. 
June 22, 2021
Being Objectively Good - Professor Asmi Wood
Professor Asmi Wood is a lawyer, barrister and a lecturer at ANU. He is Torres Strait Islander man, raised by a foster family in Melbourne. Asmi has been an inspiration to many and his works are instrumental to making meaningful changes in the higher education system. He is also the 2020 ANU Indigenous Alumnus of the Year. 
May 25, 2021
First in Family
Professor Ian Anderson AO is Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student and University Experience) at the ANU, a role he took up in March 2020. He is a Palawa man from the northwest coast of Tasmania with traditional ties to country known as Tebrakunna. In this podcast, Professor Ian shared more about his university experience back when he was a student. Being first in family, he recognises gaps and difficulties that students from rural and regional parts of Australia may face when making decisions after finishing school. 
April 20, 2021
Max from Macksville
Max is an undergraduate student at ANU who is originally from Macksville, a small town in rural NSW. Neither of Max’s parents finished year 12, however, they are supportive of his decision to go to the university. They knew he’d go but they never thought that he’d go so far and making a big move to Canberra! University life in Canberra is very different for Max – it forced him to be more independent quicker than he thought he would have to be. There were a lot of hidden curricula that he didn’t know existed when he first started his university journey.  Starring Max Cleversley 
April 13, 2021
From Adversity to Prosperity with Liz Allen
Liz was kicked out of home when she was 16. Soon after, she fell pregnant and gave birth to her first daughter at 17. This was a moment of epiphany for her as she made a decision to battle through her economic disadvantage by returning to study again. She wanted to prove to her daughter that life was worthy of this life. Liz is now a very accomplished demographer and a social researcher at ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods. Listen to this podcast to hear more about Liz’ story of bravery and overcoming hardships in life that made her a successful woman she is today. Starring Dr Liz Allen 
April 13, 2021
The ANU Dream
Maddison is originally from a small farming town in central west of NSW called Blayney. There are more staff members at ANU than people in her town. Ever since she was in high school, she has always dreamed of going to ANU. However, life in the University was not as smooth sailing as she thought it would have been. Starring Maddison Perkins 
April 13, 2021