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Anuna with Benj and Cha

Anuna with Benj and Cha

By Benj and Cha
Two friends from the opposite ends of the globe come together to figure out life, love, and faith in their thirties. What comes next after college, career, and complex relationships? Ang demanding ng adulting ha.
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Episode 20: Ask Benj and Cha 3.0
May biblical basis ba ang self-love sa dating? How do you know when to stop dating a person? In this episode, noobs Benj and Cha answer questions from listeners with the help of Shiens, the founder of the #KKWBS Movement and soon-to-be Mrs. Hunter. Kahit sabaw na dahil we are located in three different timezones, we try to address concerns ranging from dating to dealing with your mahaderang mga kamag-anak sa reunion to deciding to trust God even in the midst of "unanswered" prayers. Abangan ang kilig clip sa dulo. Nag-mask pa tayo, eh sa inggit lang pala tayo madadali. Charaught. Connect with Benj @bjygeronimo on all platforms Connect with Cha @chathepodcaster on IG Email us at Music by @prodbydarzal on IG + YT and @darzal on Spotify Art by @jissaletters on IG
November 09, 2021
Episode 19: The Tea on Purity
Narinig mo na ba ang Bible space? Nag-attend ka na ba ng LCM Seminar? Suki ka ba ng youth camps? In this back-to-back episode, laking 90s kids Benj and Cha spill the tea with Shiens on the origins of purity culture, the biblical take on purity, and the nuances of culture. In an attempt to create more safe spaces, they discuss the convenience of rules, the gendered view on modesty, and the normalized patterns of the ideal Christian love story. Minsan the best way to move forward is to go back to our First Love. Tara, unlearn with us. Connect with Benj @bjygeronimo on all platforms Connect with Cha @chathepodcaster on IG Email us at Music by @prodbydarzal on IG + YT and @darzal on Spotify Art by @jissaletters on IG
November 07, 2021
Episode 18: Like a Mustard Seed
Kung apostles nga humingi ng more faith, tayo pa kaya? In this episode, lifelong learners Benj and Cha find wisdom in the answer of Jesus in Luke 17, in an attempt to increase their faith in these desperate times. In the midst of a pandemic where nothing is certain, the life cycle of the mustard seed is comforting: When you submit to the process, the result is glorious. Totoo ang happy ending sa Panginoon. Kung hindi ka pa happy, malamang hindi pa yan ending, kaya go, grow, glow, ka-mustard seed! Connect with Benj @bjygeronimo on all platforms Connect with Cha @chathepodcaster on IG Email us at Music by @prodbydarzal on IG + YT and @darzal on Spotify Art by @jissaletters on IG
July 30, 2021
Episode 17: Sifting Season
Sa mundo ng mema, paano nga ba hahanash? In this episode, back-from-hiatus buddies Benj and Cha take a cue from Proverbs 15 on the power of a good and timely word, the need to read the times, and the danger of passive perspectives. Sifting season na, friends. Magkakaalaman na. Sa panahon kung saan ang karma at kuda ay digital na, kapag nagipit, sa wisdom tayo kumapit. Connect with Benj @bjygeronimo on all platforms Connect with Cha @chathepodcaster on IG Email us at Music by @prodbydarzal on IG + YT and @darzal on Spotify Art by @jissaletters on IG
July 23, 2021
Episode 16: True Love Dates
True love waits lang ba talaga? Is it possible to pursue a godly dating relationship? In this episode, college batchmates Benj and Cha talk with Shiens about the culturally nuanced concept of dating, purity culture, and God's healthy design in meeting people. In what may be our most freeing conversation yet, we challenge the formulas we apply to love stories, our tendency for legalism, and the crippling fear we associate with failure. We repeat: Hindi mas forsaken ang taong hindi agad nahanap ang forever niya sa first relationship. Oras na para lumabas ng kweba.Connect with Benj  @bjygeronimo on all platformsConnect with Cha  @chathepodcaster on IGEmail us at anunapodcast@gmail.comMusic by @prodbydarzal on IG + YT and @darzal on SpotifyArt by @jissaletters on IG
April 26, 2021
Episode 15: Ace of the Digital Space
How do we connect with a generation that lives and thrives online? In this episode, madaldal-turned-podcasters Benj and Cha chat with Ace about digital missions and taking a stand in the digital space, our felt needs versus our real needs, and the timeless message of the gospel in these trying times. Hashtag tuloy ang Great Commission!Connect with Benj  @bjygeronimo on all platformsConnect with Cha  @chathepodcaster on IGEmail us at anunapodcast@gmail.comMusic by @prodbydarzal on IG + YTArt by @jissaletters on IG
March 20, 2021
Episode 14: Balik Times
Sino ang unang naging crush mo? Ang lovelife mo ba ay isang de-susing diary o matatagpuan sa general reference section ng first floor ng main lib? In this episode, single-pero-sumusunod-sa-pandemic-protocols Benj and Cha take a trip down memory lane to talk about the crushes that broke them pero did not kill them naman. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, ika nga. We say, what doesn't kill you, is good podcast content. Happy balik-times mga ka-#HighHopes2021!Music by @prodbydarzal on IG + YTArt by @jissaletters on IG
February 18, 2021
Episode 13: The Bakit List
Bakit single ka pa rin sa 2021? Bakit hindi mo natapos ang reading list mo last year? At bakit nag-cheat day ka na sa workout plans mo this month? In this episode, habitual overthinkers Benj and Cha try to resolve the fault in our resolutions, revive the fun side of routine building, and restrategize from focusing on the self to being better for others. Madalas talaga, may mali lang sa sistema. Oh, alam niyo na.Music by @prodbydarzal on IG + YTArt by @jissaletters on IG
January 19, 2021
Episode 12: Hello 2021, Goodbye 2020
Wala pa rin kaming pero teka January na ulit? In this episode, pandemic survivors Benj and Cha reflect on the recent holidays and the year that turned them into podcasters. Wala kaming pake kung 11 episodes in palang kame, basta may evaluation na naganap dahil laking youth group kame, okay. We all don't know what 2021 holds, but here's to never losing the wonder in beholding Jesus, living out His extraordinary purpose for us, and normalizing Scriptural discourse in the digital world. It's time to whip out biblical truths like you whip out your hugots - dahil ang tunay na the one, ay ang the One who gave His life for you and me.Music by @prodbydarzal on IG  + YTArt by @jissaletters on IG
January 02, 2021
Episode 11: Ikaw nalang maging presidente and other ad hominems
Kung sawa ka na sa pulitika, pwede bang kami nalang maging presidente? Does our political leaning really reflect who we are? How do we reconcile our political stance with what Jesus stands for? In this episode, state scholars Benj and Cha engage in political discourse and negotiate their way to arrive at answers to your uncomfortable but necessary questions. Because guess what, kahit sawa ka na, walang pakialam ang pulitika sa feelings mo. It is here to stay, so we might as well put up a good fight. Sound arguments and Scriptural realignments? GAME.Music by @prodbydarzal on IG + YTArt by @jissaletters on IG
December 30, 2020
Episode 10: Loving the Unloveable
Bakit nga ba ang hilig natin mag-mahal ng mga taong hirap tayong mahalin, pero ayaw nating mag-mahal ng mga taong mahirap mahalin? At bakit ang hirap basahin nung tanong? In this episode, overthinkers Benj and Cha reflect on the story of Jonah and his mission to Nineveh, our tendencies to become Jonahs, and our personal Ninevehs. Let's dive into the depths of God's love, literally.  Isang matinding throwback to your Sunday School plays, at isang pagpupugay sa lahat ng gumanap bilang balyena. That's right. It's not about you, Jonah.Music by @prodbydarzal on IG + YTArt by @jissaletters on IG
November 30, 2020
Episode 9: Dekada Friends
More than a decade after meeting and graduating from the country's premier university, anuna? In this episode, millennials Benj and Cha allow you to eavesdrop on a conversation with their friends (Dan, Jen, Lai, Yam, and Dyt) on what they would tell their younger selves, their views on dating then and now, and how they are coping with the pandemic. Ilabas ang existential questions dahil well, well, well. Isa na namang taon ang lilipas na single kaming lahat, opo. Music by @prodbydarzal on IG + YTArt by @jissaletters on IG
November 27, 2020
Episode 8: Boat Wisely
Sa gitna ng sakuna, may pake ba ang Diyos? In this episode, waterproof-kung-tratuhin-ng-gobyerno Peyups alumni Benj and Cha take on a classic delubyo teaching from Mark 4, the storm outside our boat and the storm within, and the God who suddenly stopped performing miracles for the crowd. He wanted disciples instead. Oo, ikaw. Ikaw ang milagrong kailangan ng mundo. Kaya sa 2022, alam na.Music by @prodbydarzal on IG + YTArt by @jissaletters on IG
November 16, 2020
Episode 7: Ask Benj and Cha
Ang lason ba pag nag-expire, nakaka-lason pa rin? Bakit may mga manloloko? What does it mean for a Christian to have a career? In this episode, law school-trained Benj and doctor-in-training Cha address questions from their listeners, from the classic kumusta ka, to the pilosopong eroplano versus bentilador argument, to the Christ-centered design of the workplace. Wala kaming uurungan. Lahat gagawan ng teorya. Utak at puso, activated.Music by @prodbydarzal on YT + IGArt by @jissaletters on IG
November 01, 2020
Episode 6: Strength in Battle
Sa laban ng buhay, kaya pa ba? In this episode, Campus Crusade orgmates Benj and Cha engage in spiritual warfare as they take a deep dive into the tender battle cry of Psalm 18, the God who defeated death, and what real strength looks like. In this war, it is those who surrender that win. Tandaan, hindi lahat ng pag-ibig nakakarupok. Minsan ang tunay na malakas, nagmamahal.Music by @prodbydarzal on YT + IGArt by @jissaletters on IG
October 29, 2020
Episode 5: Dealing with Feelings
Anong feeling mo sa feelings mo? In this episode, feeling-pro podcasters Benj and Cha attempt to deconstruct the feels that come with feelings, how to validate feelings without invalidating faith, and even argue about dealing with people na hindi mo lang talaga feel. Sobrang raw. Sobrang vulnerable. Galit, tawa, iyak, lungkot, inis. Lahat ng pinasan ni Kristo. Lahat lahat na. Damay-damay na 'to.Music by @prodbydarzal on IG and YTArt by @jissaletters  on IG
October 19, 2020
Episode 4: Your Timeline
Sa timeline ng buhay, mukha bang on time ka? O tila nalipasan ka na ng panahon? In this episode, early bird Benj and night owl Cha begin by talking about the life of an anonymous paralytic, his friends who intervened, and how they ended up as the conclusion of Jesus' powerful preaching. Devo, pero let's make it kanto. Sa may bandang Capernaum. Sabay-sabay nating kantahin ang Lord, I offer my life to You.Music by @prodbydarzal on YTArt by @jissaletters on IG
October 10, 2020
Episode 3: Your Best Self
Paano nga ba talaga tayo magiging the best version of ourselves? In this episode, a very caffeinated Benj and a very puyat Cha attempt to unpack the standards we put on ourselves, the standards we impose on others, and the reality that ultimately, Christ is THE standard. Worship Team, pasok.Music by @prodbydarzal on YTArt by @jissaletters on IG
October 04, 2020
Episode 2: The Struggling Christian
Okay lang ba na may moments of unbelief as a Christian? Pinagpala ka nga ba talaga kung Top 20 ka lang? In this episode, resident pastor's kid Benj and musician's kid Cha talk about the life of Abraham, how to deal with our struggles, and the God who is not surprised by any of our failures. Ikaw na, Abraham. Sana talaga all.Music by @prodbydarzal - Subscribe and see his work on his youtube channel!
September 26, 2020
Episode 1: The One
May "The One" ba talaga? In this pilot episode, college friends Benj and Cha take you back to their former checklist-obsessed selves, look into what could potentially be a generational catastrophe in the making, and talk about what to look forward to instead. All marupoks are welcome.
September 20, 2020